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Episode 59: Resistance In Life and Business

In the first new episode of the year, I dive into resistance. The thing that stops us in our tracks when we want to make a change or do something new. This has been something recently brought to my attention in multiple ways so I felt like I had to share. In this episode:


My Year of Focus

This week it’s a mix of looking back and moving forward on Creatives Crushing Anxiety. I share the good, the bad and the ugly of 2018 and what I’m planning for 2019. It’s one of my favorite types of episodes it allows me to go behind the scenes, reflect and plan. In this episode I dive into: My 2018 word of the year and what it meant to me.How I faired trying to work in the 90-day year format.Goals I dropped.Goals I crushed.The networking game changer.How batching worked out for me in...


Episode 57: The Distraction Keeping You From Your Dreams

Have you ever wondered what the biggest distraction is facing business owners? I dive into that on this episode for the Imperfect Audio archives. I also dive into 5 ways this thing may be showing up for you.


How To Survive Your Hometown Holiday

In this episode of Creatives Crushing Anxiety, I share tips for keeping your anxiety at bay during your family visits. It is the most wonderful time of the year but it's also the time where depression, anxiety and stress are at a all time high. Here are a few tips to survive going to your hometown during the holidays.


Standing Out As An Online Business Owner With Rosemary Richings

This week I talk with Rosemary from Rosemary is a content writer, copy editor and content strategist. We discuss how she got into business, how she handles negative feedback and her tips for keeping yourself and your clients happy. In this episode:


Tips For Working From Home

In this episode, I share my tips for working from home. As someone who has been doing it for 5 ½ months now I’m basically a veteran. JK But I do feel like I started recently enough that the pain points and lessons I’ve learned are recent enough that they are fresh in my mind.


Episode 53: Writing Like A Pro With Liz Theresa

This week on Creatives Crushing Anxiety I have Liz Theresa. Liz is a website developer, copywriter and business consultant. This was by far one of the most fun interviews I’ve ever done. Liz and I laughed the entire time we go there on dealing with stressful client situations, debating giving up entrepreneurship, making connections and so much more. In this episode:


Episode 52: Lessons I've Learned From 1 Year of Podcasting

Welcome to this week’s episode aka the season one finale of Creative’s Crushing Anxiety. In the 52nd episode, I dive into some of the lessons I’ve learned since starting the podcast and what I’m excited about for seasons 2 (I also share the launch date for season 2). Lessons I’ve learned in a year of podcasting:


Episode 51: Capturing History With Mira Whiting

This week I interview Mira Whiting the owner and photographer behind Mira Whiting Photographer. I had such a great time doing this interview and even got to geek out about history a little. This was such a fun episode and I hope you enjoy it. In this episode we talk about:


Episode 50: Above Average With Amy Demone

Meet Amy virtual assistant and coach to the virtual assistants. From the first email Amy sent me I knew she was a kindred spirit. This was such a fun chat. She shares the story of how she became a business owner and how she deals with anxiety in her business.


Episode 49: Hustle Is Not A Dirty Word

In this episode of Creatives Crushing Anxiety, I dive into the world of hustling. Partly inspired by the recent media attention given to Geoffery Owens I discuss:


Episode 48: Managing Multiple Businesses With Kate Ziegler

Based in Boston Realtor Kate Ziegler is a property management, realtor, real estate investor and owner of a design firm. In this episode of Creatives Crushing Anxiety we talk about how she balances her full-time job and her businesses, how she and her husband make running a business together work and how she keeps things into focus.


Episode 47: My Biggest Productivity Killer

In this episode of Creatives Crushing Anxiety- Behind The Anxiety, I talk about:


Episode 46: Chronically Rocking With Keisha Greaves

In this episode of Creative Crushing Anxiety, I talk with Keisha Greaves, founder of Girls Chronically Rock. We discuss how she leaned into her chronic illness to create a brand and make her dreams of being a business owner and working in fashion possible. In this episode:


Episode 45: 7 Ways to Stay on Top Of Your Hustle

In this episode, I share 7 tips for staying on top of your business, no matter the format, and avoiding burnout. - Be Focused - Plan Breaks -Plan Work - Practice Gratitude - Have a Support System - Nurture All of You - Ask For Help


Episode 44: Behind The Anxiety: My 29th Birthday

This week I am taking you behind the anxiety. Its my birthday and as always that is a time of reflection. In this episode I discuss some of the anxiety that has come up for me lately and how I’m dealing. I also talk about: My journaling practices Changing Paths in Life How life has been since leaving my 9-5 and more.


Episode 43: How to Find Your Support Community Online

When you’re starting your business online, there is a lot to do and a lot to learn. Regardless of the type of business you’re operating chances are you’ll need a tribe to keep you strong. I know, I know, you have a fantastic partner, a beautiful and supportive best friend and a puppy that licks your face when you cry but hard truth, it probably isn’t enough. I have a wonderful circle of family and friends in my life, but the truth is they don’t totally understand what I do. That is why it...


Episode 42: How I Make Big Decisions in Life & Business

In episode 42 of Creatives Crushing Anxiety, I talk about the questions I ask myself before making big decisions. These simple questions help me feel more grounded and snap me back into reality when I'm going down the rabbit hole of analysis paralysis and self-doubt. They really just help with keeping yourself centered and not overthinking or freaking out.


Episode 41: Publicity The Right Way With Susan Young

In this episode of Creatives Crushing Anxiety I interview Susan Young founder of Get In Front Communications. We dive into so many wonderful things in this episode. If you have been struggling with your elevator pitch, struggling to make connections when networking or going in circles on how to get your messaging right then this episode is for you. In this episode:


Episode 40: 5 Ways To Deal With Stress

I don’t need to list out things that cause stress for me or in modern society as a whole. I mean dismay and anxiety are just part of the American way nowadays. With changing politics, personal stressors, bills, personal relationships (or relationshits depending on your situation), stress is all around us. While I haven’t managed to find a way around entirely avoiding stress, I have worked on the search for ways to cope with it and prevent it from turning into crippling anxiety.