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Emerging Markets, D2C Brands & Evolving The CMO Role // Hassan Yassine, Co-Founder, GAIA

Full show notes: https://www.creatorlab.fm/hassan-yassine-gaia-interview/ Landing In Mexico City There’s an energy that radiates through Mexico City that is unique to this part of the world. Colorful buildings paint the streets next to food carts full of locals trading stories from their day. Innovative design, delicious food & a rich culture is at the heart of this mega-city. “Emerging Mexico” as I would learn, is alive and well. I could see why The New York Times named it the #1...


Deep Dive Into Finding Product Market Fit // Rahul Vohra, Founder & CEO, Superhuman

“Silicon Valley’s buzziest start-up” - The New York Times Rahul Vohra is no novice to the startup world. He previously built and sold Rapportive to Linkedin before setting out to build “the fastest email ever made” for the power users who fell out of love with Gmail, Outlook, and others. You can’t argue with their results. Superhuman have 220k+ people on their waitlist, which costs $30/month and they’ve raised north of $50mil at a $260mil valuation from elite investors like First Round...


The Future Of Remote Work // Hiten Shah, Co-Founder FYI, KISSmetrics & Crazy Egg

Hiten Shah has built multiple SaaS companies including Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics & FYI. In this conversation, we discuss the future of remote work and lessons learned from building, investing and advising 120+ companies. 63% of US companies now have remote workers and 96% of remote workers would recommend working remotely to a friend. But what does “remote work” actually mean? Many people think of digital nomads galavanting around tropical islands while fitting in some Wifi work time. Or...


The entrepreneurial story you never get to hear // Christophe Garnier, Co-Founder of Upflex, Totsy + Spark Labs

I met Christophe when I first moved to New York. I was drawn in by his infectious energy, French charm and distinct sense of humor. He had started multiple companies and our friendship grew over chats about life in America & the world of entrepreneurship. One evening after an epic meandering night out, we landed in Koreatown to chow down on plates of bibimbap & bulgogi. It was a few days before his life was about to change with the birth of his daughter and I asked Christophe about any...


Steve Schlafman, Partner at Primary // Personal + Professional Growth

Full video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/KCjMwDpDm7g Steve Schlafman is a Partner at Primary Venture Partners. He’s been an investor in the NYC startup ecosystem for the last decade. Prior to his roles in VC, he was the Director of New Ventures at The Kraft Group, owners of the New England Patriots. He’s worked at startups like Turntable FM & began his career at Microsoft. Steve has worked on investments in companies like TheSkimm, Bowery Farming, Breather, Giphy, Percolate & SmartThings...


Emmy-Winning Mentalist Oz Pearlman // Human Psychology + Side Hustles

Oz Pearlman is an Emmy award-winning mentalist & magician. He captivated millions across the world as the runner up & finalist on America’s Got Talent. In this episode, listen carefully as Oz baffles the senses by performing mentalist tricks live on air. From reading Bilal’s mind, to elaborate tricks that you have to see with your own eyes to believe (youtube.com/creatorlabfm) & an epic conversation discussing human psychology, non-verbal communication & turning your side-hustle into a...


Building A Unicorn Startup // Nigel Eccles, FanDuel + Flick, Co-Founder

Nigel Eccles is best known for being the co-founder of FanDuel, a company that pioneered the daily fantasy sports market in the US. You may have seen their high impact commercials on TV, heard of them becoming one of the few unicorn $1bil startups to come out of Europe or their eventual sale to Paddypower/Betfair for $465mil. You may have even seen him featured in the infamous John Oliver “This Week Tonight” episode covering the industry he helped to create! It’s safe to say – there are...


What Is Bitcoin + Blockchain In Simple Terms? // Ali Hassan (Crescent Crypto Asset Management)

Watch the full episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/muxEUNAaLTE How many times have you heard bitcoin, crypto, blockchain and thought to yourself – “what the hell are they talking about?” Well, you’re not the only one. This is a topic that has a lot of value but too often you’ll find so-called “experts” using complicated jargon to make things sound more complicated than it is. In this conversation with Ali Hassan, an ex-Goldman Sachs banker & venture capitalist, turned entrepreneur –...


Fabrice Grinda, #1 Angel Investor In The World // Future Of Marketplaces

Watch the full episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/SGPMfHxFmgo Fabrice Grinda has been called the most prolific angel investor in the world, even being ranked #1 in Forbes based on investment volume + number of exits. He’s exited hundreds of millions of dollars from 500+ investments in companies like Alibaba, Viagogo, Tencent, Airbnb, Betterment, Uber, Fanduel & Palantir. Before setting up his “startup studio” & investment fund, he started and sold multiple companies including...


How To Be A Capitalist // Nathan Latka's Story + Bestselling Book

Watch the full episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Lc07mxx3CII Nathan Latka is making more than $100k/month from 30+ revenue streams. We go into all of the details documented in his book: “How To Be A Capitalist Without Any Capital” From his approach to building systems that scale beyond himself, growing his podcast to 10+mil downloads, investing in real estate, food trucks, buying software companies, building teams around the world and even landing a TV show – there’s so much...


Building a Global Fashion Brand From Scratch // Faraz Zaidi, Founder of Profound Co

Watch the full episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/qpA2CEoDg-M Faraz Zaidi, is the founder & creative director of Profound Co, a multi-million dollar fashion brand that sits at the intersection of streetwear and high fashion. Profound has built a loyal following over 10yrs+, with celebrity fans like Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar and Justin Bieber wearing their clothes. They’ve been featured in Time, Fast Company & Forbes and have collaborated with leading musicians & major brands like...


Where Do Good Stories Come From? // Tyler Riewer, Head of Creative at charity: water

Subscribe and watch the full video interview on YouTube: https://youtu.be/GZAgTCFPxxk Tyler Riewer (head of creative at charity: water) shares 5 principles that can make you a better storyteller. We discuss the concept of the "hero's journey" and how the best brands, writers & politicians use this idea to tell effective stories. Five Things To Listen Out For: Role of storytellingThe Hero’s Journey5 PrinciplesFrom Concept to CampaignStories from his...


Jane Lu, founder of Showpo // The story behind her fashion e-commerce empire

Watch the full video interview & subscribe on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgDgNfvm4qY Jane Lu has been named “Cosmopolitan’s Girl Boss of the Year”, “Forbes 30 under 30” and her company, Showpo, was crowned Australia’s “Online Retailer of the Year” in 2018. But rewind a few years and Jane was struggling for motivation in her accountancy career. We discuss what it took to take a risk to go all in on her business while having to hide it from her parents while living in...


1OAK nightclub, Ronnie Madra, co-founder // on a mission to stop people from losing their hearing

Watch full interview on video: https://youtu.be/3BHdnOiYym4 Full show notes & timestamps: https://www.creatorlab.fm/ronnie-madra-1oak-earos/ Ronnie Madra is the co-founder of the Butter Group which has an extensive portfolio of brands including legendary nightclubs 1OAK and Up and Down. They’ve hosted after-parties for events like the Oscars, Met Gala & Cannes Film Festival attracting A-List celebrities along the way. Alongside business partner, Richie Akiva, they’ve developed...


Erika Alexander, Get Out & Cosby Show actress // reinventing herself, representation in film + mental health

Erika Alexander is an actress, writer & co-founder of Color Farm Media. She’s well known for her role as the iconic character Maxine Shaw, Attorney-at-Law in the 90s sitcom Living Single. She was a regular as Cousin Pam in The Cosby Show & appeared in the Oscar-winning film Get Out (2017). Full show notes & timestamps: https://www.creatorlab.fm/erika-alexander-actress-get-out-cosby-show/ Here are five things to listen out for: Childhood – Being the “other” – Importance of...


From an ice cream truck to 44 states // Ben Van Leeuwen, Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

I visited Ben Van Leeuwen at his Brooklyn-based ice cream factory! They have a truly remarkable story, starting from a single ice cream truck 10yrs ago, to building an epic brand with a cult following. They’ve since grown to a $20mil business, going from 15 stores to 25 in the next few months after taking investment for the first time. They’ve also grown their wholesale business where they now sell their ice cream in over 1000 stores across 44 states. We discuss their...


Activism Through Art // Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez

Edgardo embodies the word creator. He’s a writer at Marvel Entertainment, Editor-in-Chief at Darryl Makes Comics working with the legendary hip-hop icon: DMC from RUN DMC, Art Director & founder at Somos Arte production studio, and the creator of La Borinqueña, an original comic book character that has grown into a cultural phenomenon and a nationally recognized symbol of Puerto Rican patriotism, social justice, and equality for all. His work has been featured on CNN, The New York Times, The...


Detecting patterns // Julien Smith, Breather, Founder & CEO

Julien Smith is the co-founder & CEO of Breather. They provide an on-demand network of private meeting rooms designed for work, meetings and focus. They’ve raised over $80m to date and are on a strong trajectory of growth. Before that, Julien was a best selling author, speaker & podcaster. In this conversation, Julien and Bilal discuss how he thinks about pattern detection, how he used these frameworks to develop the idea for Breather & how you can apply this to your own work. Full show...


Gary Vee // luck, depression and legacy

WHO IS GARY? Just out of college, Gary grew his family wine business from a $4M to a $45M business in five years. Now, he runs VaynerMedia, one of the world’s hottest digital agencies with more than 800 employees and $100m in annual revenue. Along the way, Gary became a prolific investor. He’s investing in companies like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Uber and Venmo. He’s a 4x NY Times best-selling author & recently starred in Apple’s original series: “Planet of the Apps”, with Gwyneth...


The $800 Million Man // Jos White, Notion Capital

Jos White is a serial entrepreneur and investor at Notion Capital. In this interview, he shares his life story from growing up in England, to getting expelled from school, starting businesses with his brother & how they managed to sell 3 different companies for more than $800 million. 5 THINGS TO LISTEN OUT FOR: (1) Growing up in England – going to the same school as Richard Branson and getting expelled from school. (2) Starting a business with his brother – early signs of...