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Episode 136 - Buy It, Rent It, Profit! With Bryan Chavis

On October 29 & 30, 2018, I have the honor of speaking at the Buy It, Rent It, Profit! Multi Family Summit at the Holiday Inn Westshore. In this week's episode of the Crushing Debt Podcast, I speak to the host of the event, best-selling author, real estate investor, and thought leader in property management and multifamily housing, Bryan Chavis. While this month's event is at the end of October, 2018, Bryan's intent is to promote this seminar throughout Florida, and later across areas of...


Episode 135 - Creating A Revenue Breakthrough with Monica Shah

In this week's episode of The Crushing Debt Podcast, we interview Monica Shah, MBA, Money and Marketing Coach. Monica was $25,000 in debt until she changed her money mindset. She now helps her clients eliminate debt through her Money Making Marketing Calendar In this week's episode, I talk to Monica about her steps to get out of debt: 1. Review your numbers 2. Track you numbers 3. Do Revenue Generating Activities: (a) speaking, (b) sponsorships, and (c) webinars. 4. What is your...


Episode 134 - Become A Better Agent 28

This week's episode was recorded when I presented to a group of Realtors at Become a Better Agent 28 ("BABA") which is an educational seminar hosted by Insured Title Agency and Synergy Title here in Tampa Bay. BABA’s purpose is to identify the needs of an ever-changing market and meet those needs more effectively through disruption, innovation and creativity. If you're in the Tampa Bay Area, definitely check out the next BABA. The first part of the episode is my description to the crowd of...


Episode 133 - Networking at FinCon

When this episode is first released, I will be attending FinCon 2018 in Orlando, so I thought I would do an episode about how I network at a large event. I talk about tips, tricks and strategies to maximize your attendance at an event. What are your goals? What do you want to accomplish? How will you know that the conference was a success? Who do want to meet with? What attendees? What speakers? In addition, I have an exciting announcement - the Crushing Debt Book is out on Amazon! If...


Episode 132 - Coming Off of the Freddie Mac Exclusionary List

I've often talked and blogged about the Freddie Mac Exclusionary List. This week's episode of The Crushing Debt Podcast focuses, again, on tips, techniques and strategies to come off of the List. A real estate professional (Realtor, Mortgage, Buyer, Seller, Investor, Title Company, Attorney, Inspector, Appraiser, etc.) who finds themselves on the Exclusionary List cannot participate in a real estate transaction where Freddie Mac (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp or FHLMC) is a party. We...


Episode 131 - Crypto Currency & Blockchain with Lannister Holdings

In this week's episode of The Crushing Debt Podcast, we make our first venture into the topic of Blockchain technology and crypto currency with Joseph Snyder and Chris Brown. Joseph is the CEO of Lannister Holdings and Chris is the CTO (Chief Technology Officer). You can find out more about them at Lannister Holdings is a fiscally conservative, publicly traded holding company listed on the OTC market (OTC: NBDR). On this week's episode, I talk to Joseph and Chris...


Episode 130 - Vision Board Your Success with Claudia Mitchell-McLeod

This week's guest on the Crushing Debt Podcast is Claudia Mitchell-McLeod with Next Level Financial Partners. We met Claudia through our friend Robin Lavitch of Surpass Your Goals (you can hear Robin on Episodes 92 and 98 - or follow us on Facebook where we will post links to those episodes). Claudia has been in Financial Services since 2000, starting as a benefits administrator and then moving into human resources. Her passion is working with women. Claudia's next Vision Board seminar is...


Episode 129 - Foreclosure Mediations are a Waste of Time!

Unsure what to say about this week's episode. I fired up the mic after a particularly troublesome "mediation" I had with Ocwen. I put "mediation" in quotes because the bank was clearly not mediating in good faith - and they rarely do. In a typical mediation, one party starts with one perception of the case, and the other party starts with a competing perception of the case. The role of the mediator is to assist both parties in some middle-ground compromise unless, of course, we're talking...


Episode 128 - Bankruptcy Means Test

The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (BAPCPA) made major revisions to the Bankruptcy Code. In this week's episode of The Crushing Debt Podcast, we talk about one of the more sweeping changes - the Means Test. The means test is complicated and there is an art and a science to completing the information. The means test is important because it helps determine whether someone can file Chapter 7 (Liquidation) or Chapter 13 (reorganization). If you have questions...


Episode 127 - Timeshare Exiting with Gordon Newton

In this week's episode of the Crushing Debt Podcast, we interview Gordon Newton, President and Co-Founder of the Newton Group. Do you have a timeshare that you don't want anymore? Were you "oversold" on your timeshare? Are you interested in buying a timeshare? If so, check out "The Consumer Guide to Timeshare Exit" written by Gordon, which is available on his website at Although he's not an attorney, I first heard Gordon on The Cash Flow Guys podcast,...


Episode 126 - How to Complete Schedule I & J of the Bankruptcy Petition

In this week's episode, I go over Schedules I & J of the Bankruptcy Petition. Schedule I describes the debtor's income - all sources of the debtor's income: wages, income from operating a business, interest and dividends, family support (like alimony and child support), unemployment, social security, pension, government assistance, and "other." Basically any and every source of income must be disclosed on Schedule I. Conversely, Schedule J describes all of the debtor's expenses - rent,...


Episode 125 - Parents' Responsibility for their Kids with Attorney Dale Appell

We interviewed personal injury attorney Dale Appell in Episode 123 of The Crushing Debt Podcast. Dale is back for this week's episode. I talk to Dale about different topics like: - Can a Parent be Responsible for their Kids bad driving habits; - What to do before calling your insurance company; - Giving a statement to your insurance company; - What happens if you're injured at the Hard Rock Casino (or other Native American property); and - Where can a personal injury lawsuit be filed?...


Episode 124 - Taxes Tampa and Tax Myths with Stephanie Heredia

I met Stephanie Heredia from an email she sent me describing the Entrepreneur Center Program on Campus at the University of Tampa (something she is involved with for her business). Immediately, Stephanie struck me as an entrepreneur on the rise. Her company is where she helps individuals and business owners with bookkeeping and tax preparation services. You can reach Stephanie at From its website: The John P. Lowth Entrepreneurship Center in the...


Episode 123 - Protect Yourself from Multi-Million Dollar Verdict Injury Attorney Dale Appell

This week's guest on the Crushing Debt Podcast is going to take two episodes to fully cover all of the great content. However, if you want some behind-the-scenes topics we didn't cover on either show, please visit my YouTube Channel to see some bonus content. My guest is my friend, Dale Appell of the Dale Appell Law Group, and You can contact Dale by email at Dale is a 1989 graduate of Duke Law School, and a member of the Multi-Million...


Episode 122 - Crushing Debt Update & 1031 Exchanges

In this week's episode, I talk about an exciting new project from Crushing Debt (you'll have to listen, although I've dropped a few social media hints). However, I do make an offer for you (my listeners) to be involved in this new project by shooting me an email to To continue to provide additional content, I give you my take on 1031 Exchanges and how those can impact real estate closings. I am not a qualified intermediary, nor are we tax attorneys or CPA's, but I have...


Episode 121 - Mortgage Originator Jeannine Smith, Fairway Independent Mortgage

Last week's episode was about reverse mortgages. This week's episode of the podcast features Jeannine Smith, loan officer with Fairway Independent Mortgage, and we discuss mortgages in general. Jeannine's email address is and her website is Jeannine has been in the mortgage industry for about 12 years, since 2006. Buying a house is easier than you might think. Jeannine and I dispel myths, like how much you may need in a downpayment, and...


Episode 120 - Safely Using a Reverse Mortgage with Michael Banner

On this week's episode of The Crushing Debt Podcast, we talk with Reverse Mortgage expert Michael Banner, You can also email Michael at Michael and I discuss the myths and truths of a Reverse Mortgage. Michael is a frequent speaker on the use of home equity during retirement. If you have questions, or know someone who may need help with a reverse mortgage, contact us at or


Episode 119 - Jimmy Murray, Debt and Jokes

I have a very special guest on this week's episode. Jimmy Murray is a friend and fellow Podcaster, also part of the Florida Podcaster's association. If you have young kids, check out his podcast, The Kid Friendly Joke of the Day! Jimmy has done Stand-Up Comedy, Improv, Blogging and Podcasting, but for our show, his biggest accomplishment has been paying off over $80,000 of debt comprised of Medical Bills, Credit Cards, Student Loans, and a few Judgments. We talk to Jimmy about his journey...


Episode 118 - Garage Sale Lessons III

Twice a year my homeowner association hosts a community garage sale. Previously (episodes 68 and 86) I discussed lessons that I've learned selling my sh ... tuff at the community garage sale. This week's episode describes another lesson learned, this time at the Spring 2018 garage sale. If you have questions, please visit my website, or email me at


Episode 117 - Physical & Mental Coaching with Patty & Marleta

In this week's episode, I interview Patty Durell and Marleta Black. Patty owns Rock Solid Fitness since 2012 and has been a physical therapist since 1994. Each year, Rock Solid has achieved over 40% growth and now has 10 staff. Patty is on the show to discuss how your physical health impacts your ability to handle debt and stress. The growth of Patty's company can be attributed to her work with Marleta Black, who has 31 years of small business and leadership consulting, running teams of 5...