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Internal comms served straight up. Culture, Comms & Cocktails is a brand new podcast from SocialChorus and Chuck Gose.

Internal comms served straight up. Culture, Comms & Cocktails is a brand new podcast from SocialChorus and Chuck Gose.
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Internal comms served straight up. Culture, Comms & Cocktails is a brand new podcast from SocialChorus and Chuck Gose.




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Episode #09 - Joey Nord, Ciox Health

I thought it would be a good idea to interview communicators who were at this year's FutureComms event in New York City. And while it might have a been a good idea, I only had time to interview one. Listen to Joey Nord, director of corporate communications, at Ciox Health share her experiences in year 1 of using a new internal communications platform and what she wants to have happen in year 2.


Episode #08 - Lindsay Williams, AccentCare

How does your company communicate during acquisitions? Listen to Lindsay Williams, the director of digital communications at AccentCare, talk about how their internal communications platform is critical to bringing in these new employees. She also has great advice for internal communicators who get hung up on things being "perfect."


Episode #07 - Jaycee Breese, Evergy

I have long thought that communicating to employees in the utility industry is perhaps a bit trickier than other industries. In this episode, I talk to Jaycee Breese, internal communications manager at Evergy. The company recently went through a merger and so we talked about how that has impacted the culture there. But perhaps most insightful is Jaycee's take on how data has changed how and when they communicate with employees.


Episode #06 - Front line managers and internal communications

Host Chuck Gose appeared on an episode of IC Unplugged and talked about the relationship between front line managers and internal communicators. The conversation was centered around results from this year's State of the Sector survey produced by Gatehouse.


Episode #05 - Shiv Singh, co-author of Savvy

Pleased to be joined on this episode of Culture, Comms & Cocktails with Shiv Singh, co-author of "Savvy: Navigating Fake Companies, Fake Leaders and Fake News in the Post-Trust Era." On this episode, we talk about what the world of fake news has done to corporate communications and what internal communicators can do about it. Shiv shares what communicators should find as very inspiring advice for how they can lead communications at companies in the post-trust era.


Episode #4 - Kyla Turner, Love's Travel Stops

If you've traveled practically anywhere throughout the US, you've seen a Love's Travel Stops. Kyla Turner, communications manager, shares how her background at Southwest Airlines has made an impact on the culture at Love's, along with the success of employee-generated content for Love's Now, their internal communications platform. And you won't want to miss her cocktail recommendation at the end.


Episode #3 - Susan Gerock, Washington REIT

They said it wouldn't be easy getting a CIO on the podcast, but not every CIO is Susan Gerock from Washington REIT. She has a vision on what the role of CIO should be that communicators will love. Listen to her stories on why WashREIT made the investment in a new internal comms platform and her advice on why other CIOs should play an active role in internal communications.


Episode #2 - Kelley Tucky, MGM Resorts

The story about MGM Resorts and LEO was too big for just one podcast episode so I invited Kelley Tucky, Corporate VP of Events and Communication, to talk a bit more about leadership's involvement with LEO and what's the new internal comms platform has meant to the cultural evolution at MGM Resorts. Culture, Comms and Cocktails is supported by SocialChorus.


Episode #1 - Rey Bouknight, MGM Resorts

In the very first episode of Culture, Comms and Cocktails, listen to Rey Bouknight, executive director of internal brand and engagement at MGM Resorts, talk about the launch of LEO, a brand new internal communication program for the company. You'll also get a glimpse into the culture and branding efforts at MGM Resorts. Rey is a fantastic communicator and you'll enjoy hearing how he's helped to lead the team on this journey. © SocialChorus


What's to come in 2019

Culture, Comms and Cocktails is a brand new podcast from SocialChorus that launches in 2019 and is hosted by experienced podcaster and interviewer Chuck Gose. He'll be interviewing communicators from around the world to talk about three things: culture, communications and (you guessed it) cocktails.