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Crypto dying, facebook payments, and the future

Despite recent price action there is no doubt crypto is alive and well. Let's talk about today and the future of crypto Visit CupOfCrypto to hear more


Youtubers accepting cryptocurrency

Successful youtubers have built their career on technology. They are in an excellent position to take advantage of the benefits of cryptocurrency. Listen to learn why you should accept cryptocurrency for your youtube channel. Follow me @cryptocup


Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and the reason for Cup of Crypto

I first want to thank PimpMastaFunk for the review below. Honestly, I really do appreciate constructive criticism and the time that was taken to write this. I'd like to and address each point and make it clear who I am, how the podcast is evolving, and what you can and should expect from it. Positive pieces. Honestly, I can't say anything more than thank you. How the podcast started and how it has evolved. When I started learning about blockchain and crypto I found lots of people talking...


Zcash – privacy using zero knowledge cryptography

This is part two of privacy coins and this time I'll talk about Zcash, however the founders prefer not using the term privacy. Would you call your paycheck a privacy check? Purpose of privacy coin Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies expose your entire payment history on the public blockchain. Coins like zcash pickup an important part of where bitcoin left off and that is to protect the information between receipients. What is Zcash? Zcash is the first open, permissionless...


CloakCoin (CLOAK) – Private, Secure, and untraceable

A listener recently asked to have some episodes about privacy coins. I decided to kick off this series with the focus on one of the lesser known privacy coins called CloakCoin. Before diving into CLOAK let's talk about why privacy coins exist in the first place Why would you want a privacy coin? When most people first hear about privacy coins their minds automatically think it's for criminals. Well, it's not. Why would you want to hide anything? Ask yourself the following questions. Do you...


How many blockchains do we really need?

How many blockchains is enough? Do we really need all of these new projects that keep popping up? I believe the answer is yes and I'll tell you why. First things first. Blockchain is not cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency is not blockchain. You can have a cryptocurrency not based on blockchain and a blockchain without a currency attached. Having said that the most common applications of blockchain technology are cryptocurrencies. It's just a use case that makes sense. As of today there are...


Groestlecoin coming soon to restaurants in Montreal

Show Notes Nic from Montreal is taking a grass roots effort to push Crypto adoption in Montreal restaurants. We chat about crypto adoption, Litecoin, and Groestlcoin Groestlcoin Binance listing GRS Bithumb launching crypto kiosks in restaurant


Like Ethereum? You might just love EOS

Ethereum is by far the most popular blockchain platform for developing applications. EOS is another up and coming platform providing many of the same features and filling some voids where Ethereum fell short. What is EOS? is an open source platform for building blockchain apps or Dapps that aims to resolve a few shortcomings of Ethereum. Cost, Scalability, and ease of use. They want to solve the scalability issues commercial customers need and provide an easy to develop platform for...


Looking for career in cryptocurrency or blockchain? Here are some jobs for you

Current state of the cryptocurrency market Are you a short term trader or a long term believer in crypto? People are making money on the market while it is going up and when it is going down When someone sells others buy and vice versa Never invest more than you can afford to lose Have a plan rather than trading with emotions Circle Jobs Recently acquired by Goldman Sachs and they have more than 50 jobs available right now. Everything from blockchain engineers, mobile developers, project...


Smart Contracts

The idea of Smart contracts was first proposed back in 1994 b y Nick Szabo. Smart Contracts are also known as Crypto Contracts. The term contract might be confusing because it doesn't need to be a legal document. Contract is just an agreement to do something if specific criteria is met. Smart Contract are self-executing contracts using a If then concept If you are a developer this concept is very familiar. If not then you probably don't know what that means. See what I did there? There is...


Micropayments – Can cryptocurrency make this idea a success?

Micro Payments are very small transactions. How small? Nobody really agrees on a standard definition of a micro payment. Some companies claim anything under $20, others say it's $5, and some even as low as 1 cent. We already pay for small amounts on our mobile devices for games, music, and movies for less than $1. The concept of Micropayments or micro transactions was coined far before cryptocurrency and even before the world wide web was invented. According to Wikipedia the idea of a...


Abra digital wallet app – cryptocurrency investing

What is Abra digital wallet? Underlying wallet is a bitcoin wallet Once you have your wallet has cash or bitcoin you can exchange for other currencies If you choose to purchase another crypto Abra keeps Bitcoin in your wallet with a contract on the blockchain keeping the price of bitcoin and the currency selected the same ratio If your chosen currency rises you'll increase your bitcoin holdings, and if it decreases you'll reduce your holdings How to invest in 20 different cryptocurrencies...


Dapps – Ethereum decentralized apps

Decentralized applications otherwise known as dApps are one of the key reasons the Ethereum blockchain was built What are dApps? Traditional applications are hosted on a server and owned by the person or people that created them. If the server crashes the application doesn't work. The owner has full control of the application, the data, and if they want to make changes they can. Distributed apps on the other hand are hosted on the blockchain. Ethereum is the most popular blockchain hosting...


Cryptocurrency predictions and patience

Learn from Crypto history and use it as context for the present Crypto Predictions There are people all over claiming to be crypto fortune tellers. They predict prices as if they can see the future. Don't get me wrong. I'm a huge fan of crypto, however I will not predict. Nov 23, 2011 “The Rise and Fall of Bitcoin” – Wired | $2.37 Nov 27, 2013 “A Prediction: Bitcoin Is Doomed to Fail” – The New York Times | $955.67 Dec 16, 2014 “Bitcoin’s financial network is doomed” – The Washington Post...


DragonChain – A Turnkey Blockchain Platform for Business

DragonChain is #59 postion coinmarket cap as of March 1st, 2018 A Turnkey Blockchain Platform for Business Strong team and advisory board Joe Roets Dragonchain was originally developed at Disney’s Seattle office in 2015 and 2016 as the Disney Private Blockchain Platform. Over 20 use cases and applications were explored and documented 1 publicly via the W3C Blockchain Community Group . The platform was later released as open 2 source software under the Apache 2 license in October of 2016....


Accepting Cryptocurrency – eCommerce, Physical, and more

Latest Crypto News Georgia is the 2nd state to propose Crypto as a tax payment method LitePay - Launching the 26th @ 9pm Pacific time. No card, but will launch the Merchant payment processing account Why would a business eCommerce store, Physical location or others want to accept cryptocurrency? It's a new form of digital payment that is faster, cheaper, and there are millions that have it and ready to use it. Adoption doesn't happen overnight Rewind back 20 years ago and try to convince...


CryptoCurrency Adoption – Early adopter or too late?

The real growth of cryptocurrency will come with the adoption of cryptocurrency in real world transactions. You are an early adopter and it's your best interest to help grow the community. The more of us that do that the bigger the impact we will have. Even if we don't, I believe it will happen naturally. It takes years to change the culture of a company if there is an intentional focus to do so. Technology such as cryptocurrencies and blockchain are revolutionary changes, but it doesn't...


Crypto tracker app – Blockfolio & Bit Worth

Why do you need a tracking app? Why not just coinbase? If you have several alts across different exchanges or have crypto in wallets instead of on a single exchange then you need a crypto tracker app. There are several free options available Most have IOS and Android version available Bit worth & Blockfolio Coin Cap - Since 2016 Crypto Pro - Since 2016 HODL real-time cryptocurrency Coin stats - If you have more than 5,000 in crypto they charge for using it Blockfolio tracer app includes...



Litecoin introduction Full disclosure, my first cryptocurrency purchase was litecoin and I’ve been an advocate ever since. There is a possibility that I have a bit of a bias towards litecoin. I’ll do my best to provide you with unbiased info I’m the type of person that always roots for the underdog. They always carry more passion and determination that anyone that has already made it. That raw and uncut grit makes underdogs have the potential to bring down the big dogs. When I started...


Crypto News – A new Crypto scam, Credit Cards ban Crypto, Bitgrail exchange hack, Coinbase launched new commerce plugin

Show Notes CryptoCurrency Phishing Scam - Another cryptocurrency scam where phishing sites are setup to imitate real sites and steal users crypto. Senate hearing - overall positive outlook for cryptocurrency. BitGrail exchange owner report hack of almost 17 Million Nano being lost. BitGrail is an Italian based exchange that was the first exchange for RaiBlocks now know as Nano. There were several strange incidents that raised questions about the reliability of the exchange such as users...