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Candyspace are experts in designing, building and optimising digital products. We create websites, mobile apps and commerce solutions for ambitious organisations investing in growth and digital transformation. In our CX Conversations series, we invite guests in the digital industry to discuss how we can create the sweet spot between business and customer needs in apps and websites loved by everyone.


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Candyspace are experts in designing, building and optimising digital products. We create websites, mobile apps and commerce solutions for ambitious organisations investing in growth and digital transformation. In our CX Conversations series, we invite guests in the digital industry to discuss how we can create the sweet spot between business and customer needs in apps and websites loved by everyone.






CX Conversations: Can Procurement and Agencies be Allies?

In this CX Conversations, Candyspace Managing Director, Matt Simpson, sits down with Stuart Dunk, Founder and Managing Director of Don't Forget to Look, to discuss everything that agencies and procurement professionals need to know to ensure success in the pitch process.


You Can't Make This Sh*p Up, With Paul Rutter

Paul Rutter, Cruise & Entertainment Director, tells adventurous stories about his lifelong experience in the cruise industry. Having been working in CX for almost 40 years, Paul teaches business leaders how to deliver More Than Perfect service and explains why perfect experience is only the starting point. Valentina guides her listeners through Paul's stories with an engaging commentary and euphonious sound effects. Visit Paul's official website: Contact...


Who Comes First, the Employee or the Customer? With Salman Sharif

Salman Sharif, a senior CX advisor from Forrester, talks to Valentina about employee experience and its relationship with customer experience. He explains why EX plays an integral part in delivering great CX and predicts post-pandemic challenges which are likely to affect your business. Check out Salman's LinkedIn profile - 01:49 - Salman's background I 04:14 - definition of CX Maturity I 06:49 - Does every company needs...


Stop Asking Your Customers to Call You, With Brian Kale

This week's episode is entirely focused on the Banking industry. Brian Kale, Director of Customer Success at Bank NOVO, defines customer success and discusses how banks should innovate their services. Valentina asks Brian about the evolution of customer success, and Adam leads a conversation on the security of personal data. Brian also addresses the fact that soon, customers can expect to talk to robots without even realising it. Brian's LinkedIn:...


Evaluating CX: Mystery Shopping or Crowdsourcing? With Antonio Maiorano

Antonio Maiorano talks to Valentina and Adam about the best practices to measure and evaluate customer experience using mystery shopping. He explains how mystery shopping and crowdsourcing can help you achieve different objectives. Antonio also mentions one of the biggest challenges CX leaders face: evaluating objective feedback. Antonio's LinkedIn: Bare International: 03:19 - Antonio's background I 05:03 -...


Customer-Centricity in the Property Sector, With John King

John King, a property specialist, shares his views on the shift towards customer-centricity in the property market over the past decades. Is customer experience the same in every industry? John's ideas show an entirely different perspective on CX as you know it. He also talks about emotions and conflict resolution in fragile situations. Connect with John King on LinkedIn 02:12 - John's career milestones I 05:18 - unique CX challenges I 09:27 - the...


Why Planning to Fail Really Means Planning to Win, With Katie Stabler

Katie Stabler, a customer service recovery specialist, explains why companies should normalise failure and plan to fail in order to succeed. Greg speaks to Katie about the adoption of CX in the not-for-profit sector, and Valentina talks about her unfortunate attempt to return clothes via home pick-up service. Start planning for failure using Katie's 6-step framework which you will find in the episode. Visit Katie Stabler's LinkedIn profile:...


The 3 Pillars of Effective Customer Experience, With Ján Uriga

Jan Uriga says the three most important aspects leaders need to focus on are the corporate culture, technology innovation and the customer. Without these, no business strategy can deliver CX excellence. Valentina and Greg ask Jan to elaborate on the interplay of these key areas and what to do when companies fall into the trap of the technology paradox. Visit Jan's LinkedIn profile - Find Jan's Customer Journey template on the CX Insider LinkedIn...


Breaking Down Misconceptions About Customer Experience With Gustavo Imhof

Gustavo Imhof, a CX consultant, talks to Valentina and Greg about the most common CX misconceptions he has come across during his career. Gustavo comes with thought-provoking statements, seemingly paradoxical at first glance. For example, advising CX strategists not to be customer-centric. To find out more about what Gustavo does, visit his profile: Check out Gustavo's recently published book - Customer Experience 3:...


The Vaccine Passport Dilemma

Countries around the world have started using COVID-19 passports for international travel. Some of them use it domestically. What does it mean for businesses? Will pubs require vaccine passports from their customers? Valentina, Simon and Lawrence discuss the pros and cons of this certificate.


An Introduction to AI in Customer Feedback (Part 2)

Fabrice Martin joined the second episode dedicated to artificial intelligence in customer feedback analysis. Valentina and Simon speculate why the traditional methodologies of collecting customer feedback sometimes fail to bring actionable insights. They also address the big question: Will AI make humans redundant? Connect with Fabrice Martin on LinkedIn - Find out more about Clarabridge - I 01:20 - Introduction of...


An Introduction to AI in Customer Feedback (Part 1)

Valentina, Greg and Chhavi Singh discuss various methodologies of collecting and analysing customer feedback data. We also speak about the current technological advancements creating actionable insights to improve your customer experience strategy. For more information, connect with Chhavi Singh on LinkedIn - or visit his company website - 01:42 - Organisations fail to create actionable customer feedback insights I 04:06 -...


How to Personalise the In-Store Experience, with Richard Kelly

In the last episode of our retail miniseries, we focus on the shopfitting industry and its current technology trends enhancing in-store CX. Valentina, Adam and Richard Kelly, an account manager from ARNO Group, touch on the benefit of negative customer feedback and later dive into the shoppers' changing habits during the pandemic. Connect with Richard Kelly on LinkedIn - Find out more information about ARNO Group -...


Applying behavioural science to understand shopper habits, with Iona Carter

Iona Carter, a retail insight consultant, explains the underlying factors which forced consumers to change their shopping habits during the COVID-19 pandemic. Adam, Louis and Iona discuss the value of social proof and the emergence of the new phygital customer experience. For more information, visit or contact Iona Carter on LinkedIn 01:24 - Iona Carter's background as a consumer insight consultant I 09:02...


ACF Exclusive: Delivery of UK's COVID-19 Booking System

Valentina interviews Simon, Andy and Laurence, directors of ACF Technologies, who talk about the delivery of the UK's COVID-19 testing and vaccination booking system. The directors share exclusive information about the technical specifications and operational challenges they have been facing. The episode covers details from the initial concept development to the final integration of a system that can handle more than half a million bookings per hour. For more information visit...


Neuromarketing: the new way to enhance customer experience, with Terry Wu

Terry Wu, a neuromarketing specialist and neuroscientist, gives us a brief introduction to the science of neuromarketing and tells us how brands use neuromarketing insights to improve customer experience. Connect with Terry Wu on Linkedin - For more information about his work, visit Watch Terry Wu's TED Talk on Neuromarketing...


Using retail events to save the high street, with Jason Sit

Jason Sit - a specialist CX researcher from the University of Portsmouth, talks to us about his findings on how retailers can increase footfall using experiential and educational events. We also discuss how organisations can improve their customers in store experience using omnichannel technology. 01:00 - Is bricks & mortar retail dead? | 04:20 - What can retailers do increase footfall | 09:00 - Risks from retail events | 13:00 - Using NFC and geolocation | 15:20 - Community/educational...


Damien Davis on mental health and working remote

We speak to Damien Davis, A Director from ServiceNow about his experiences surrounding mental and physical health during lockdown, and the subsequent challenges and opportunities for organisations when it comes to tackling these issues alongside their employees. Damiens LinkedIn - 00:45 - Mental health's importance to Damien | 03:00 - Traveling with business | 05:50 - Staying mentally and physically strong when remote | 09:30 - Working smart vs...


Branch transformation part 3 Q&A (RBR BT20)

Today, we close up our RBR branch transformation mini series with our Q&A presentation, on the future of branch banking. We discuss channel shifting, complaints handling and much more. 00:36 - introduction to panel | 02:25 - Channel shifting and consumer behaviour | 04:54 - How are banks responding to COVID and what can be done better? | 07:31 - Recommendations for open banking | 11:25 - How not to do complaints handling | 14:35 - How to equip branch staff with better tools for CX | 17:40 -...


The next gen banking experience part 2 (RBR BT20)

We talk about the true omnichannel experience, and putting a friendly face on virtual customer service with existing technologies. 01:00 - Bad CX stories | 05:30 - New channels being adopted | 07:40 - Banking CX for the elderly | 12:21 - Identifying customer channel preferences | 15:10 - Putting a friendly face on your CX | 18:00 - Implementing a more personal experience | 23:13 - RBR Branch transformation 2020