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DSO Connect is a group of 6 dance studio owners committed to helping other studio owners run successful businesses and live balanced lives.

DSO Connect is a group of 6 dance studio owners committed to helping other studio owners run successful businesses and live balanced lives.


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DSO Connect is a group of 6 dance studio owners committed to helping other studio owners run successful businesses and live balanced lives.






65. Finding your accountability buddy!

This week Amanda & Heather do a Podcast takeover to talk about the importance of finding an accountability buddy. They will take us on the journey of how they began to hold each other accountable and how that has helped their friendship and businesses grow. Find your own accountability buddy in the DSO Connect Community group on Facebook! If you're not already a member, click here and make sure you answer the questions to join.


64. Dealing with self-doubt, impostor syndrome, and negative reviews

Do you sometimes feel like you're just a big ol' hot mess, and eventually everyone around you will discover you're a fraud? You're not alone! It's called Impostor Syndrome, and SO MANY OTHER DSOs FEEL THIS WAY! This week, Casey and Robin chat about how to banish self-doubt, win over impostor syndrome, and how to gracefully handle negative customer reviews.


63. Purposeful social media strategy with Sheina Raskin

This week Casey chats with social media strategist Sheina Raskin about how you can save time and energy on social media by being purposeful with your posts. Follow Sheina on all Instagram and Youtube at @sheinaraskin. Download out a FREE engagement checklist from Sheina here.


62. Preparing our students for college dance programs with Jeffrey Gunshol

Award-winning Professor of Dance at Tulane University Jeffrey Gunshol joins us this week to talk about how to prepare our students for college dance programs. Plus he shares some great ideas of how to help our dancers develop their creativity.


61. A new kind of dance competition with Carrie Millikin Euker

Feeling a little dissatisfied with the dance competition scene? Want to find a way to showcase your Ballet or Modern performers? Check out this week's episode with Carrie Millikin Euker, Artistic Director of Etoile Competition. Carrie's vision is to create an inclusive ballet and concert dance focused competition for all abilities to promote artistry through empowerment and education while providing opportunities for exposure. Listen in to learn all about what makes Etoile different!


60. The five branches of a successful dance studio business

Ever feel like there's just SO MUCH that goes into running your business? Like it's too much and you're overwhelmed? This week Casey talks about the idea of categorizing everything about your studio business into five areas or branches to more easily systematize your tasks, projects, and events. Create a dashboard or road map for your studio so you can see the big picture so nothing gets lost, forgotten about, or neglected, and you can create a healthy, thriving, growing business. We'll be...


59. All about the DSO Connect Retreat with Trish & Chan'tele

In preparation for this year's DSO Connect Retreat, this week Robin and Casey chat with DSO Connect Community members Trish Moulton and Chan'tele Rountree all about their experiences at our past Retreats. This year's DSO Connect Retreat is July 23rd-25th in Cape Coral, Florida (there's a virtual option, too!). Space is EXTREMELY limited, so don't wait to sign up! Click here for more info and to save your spot.


58. All things organization

From your daily calendar to digital and paper files, this week Casey and Robin chat about how they organize their lives and their businesses. Join the conversation! This Friday, March 5th, 2021 at 11am eastern we're having our monthly Coffee Chat in the DSO Connect Community group. Bring your own ideas and questions about organization!


57.Academic preschool magic with Hillary Howard

DSO Connect Community member Hillary Howard joins us this week to chat all about the academic and movement based preschool she runs at her dance studio.


56. Email List Building Lab Parts 3 & 4

This week, Holly brings us Parts 3 & 4 of the Email List Building Lab, and takes us through the process of creating our opt-in page, free content, and follow-up emails. If you haven't listened to last week's episode, go back to episode 55 to catch parts 1 & 2 of the Email List Building Lab. For the FULL Email List Building Lab course with videos and downloadable content, click here.


55. The Email List Building Lab: Parts 1 & 2

This week and next week we're bringing you some extra special content! Holly created a FREE four-part course, The Email List Building Lab, and we wanted to share it with you via the podcast, too! This week Holly shares parts one and two, and tune in next week for parts 3 & 4. To sign up for the full course and get access to the videos and downloadable PDFs, visit us online here.


54. Building strong leaders with Tracey Wozny

Tracey Wozny is this week's guest, and she tells us all about her leadership program Taking Shape. She's got some exciting ideas to share about how to empower the next generation of leaders! For our listeners only, use coupon code DSO50 to get $50 off your membership in Tracey's program if you buy in the month of February 2021. Go to takingshape.care for more info and to sign up! The DSO Connect Member Vault is open! This month only, join to get access to amazing, actionable content every...


53. Making Memories with Brenda Bennett

We just love chatting with our amazing community members! This week we sit down with Brenda Bennet, who has owned her baton and dance school for 38 years! She's got tons of wisdom to share, so you won't want to miss this one! We've got some retreat details to share! Mark your calendars for July 23rd-25th and book your tickets, we're going to Cape Coral, Florida for this year's DSO Connect retreat! More info will be out soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, grab a replay of last year's...


52. Second round PPP loans and happy anniversary to our podcast!

This week we're celebrating one whole year of podcasting! It's been a great ride so far and we're excited to keep it going. In this episode, Robin and Casey chat about what's going on in their lives and their studios, plus the new round of PPP loans coming out now. Are you a member of the DSO Connect Community? Join us! We are a FREE group on Facebook for dance studio owners to connect, share ideas, inspire one another, and provide support. We help troubleshoot each other’s problems and...


51. Danielle McKee Part 2: Getting everybody involved

This week's episode is Part 2 of our conversation with Danielle McKee. If you haven't listened to Part 1 yet, go back and check out Episode 50 before listening to this week's episode. In Part 2, Danielle tells us all about how she gets her families involved in the Recital process, plus community sponsorships, and more!


50. Danielle McKee Part 1: It's going to be great and it's going to have rhinestones

DSO Connect Community member Danielle McKee joins us this week AND next week to talk about all things Recital. In Part 1 she discusses her journey as a young future-lawyer-turned-DSO, how to produce amazing story-telling Recitals, pictures and programs, and what it takes to create magical performance experiences that families want to be a part of. Have YOU joined the community yet? DSO Connect Community is a FREE group on Facebook just for dance studio owners to share ideas, support one...


49. REPLAY: DSO Husbands with Robin & Wally

To close out 2020, we're sharing our favorite podcast episodes from the year! This week we're featuring Robin's favorite, from back in March (Pre-COVID times!), a conversation between Robin and her husband Wally. Together they discuss their journey as a couple, the evolution of Robin's studio, and Wally's role in the business. Start the New Year out right with a FREE month of the DSO Connect Member Vault for January 2021! Just write us a review on apple podcasts by December 31st, and you're...


48. REPLAY: A conversation with Darby Pack

To close out 2020, we're sharing our favorite podcast episodes from the year! First up is Casey's favorite, from back in June, a conversation with Darby Pack. Casey and Darby had a great conversation about race in the dance industry, from what white studio owners need to know about their students of color, to advocating for a wider variety of "flesh" colors in dancewear, to discrimination in casting, and then some! This is definitely a conversation worth revisiting! Start the new year out...


47. All things HR with Jaime Ferguson

This week we take another peek behind the scenes of Robin's studio by sitting down with Jaime Ferguson, Robin's Human Resources Director. Jaime tells us all about what DSOs need to know to keep their staff ship sailing smoothly. Leave us a review on Apple itunes by December 31st and be entered to win a FREE month of the DSO Connect Member Vault for January 2021!


46. Mastering admin systems with Kathy Jones

In this week's episode! We sit down with Kathy Jones, Robin's Office Manager at her studio, who is a WEALTH of great ideas! If you're considering bringing on an admin staff, or aren't sure how to fill your current admin staff's time, this is the episode for you!