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in 2010 I was doing a job I hated wanted to do something else and needed a guide. This show is the Guide I need oin 2010 to start my business

in 2010 I was doing a job I hated wanted to do something else and needed a guide. This show is the Guide I need oin 2010 to start my business


United Kingdom


in 2010 I was doing a job I hated wanted to do something else and needed a guide. This show is the Guide I need oin 2010 to start my business








The One With "Terry Coldwell" - East17

So it happened we managed to get Terry Coldwell from East17 on the show he Rang into the Breakfast show and we chatted about the current line up, what they been up to , their track Strip (5&dime remix) and upcoming releases They are big deal across Europe and recently played at the Berlin Wall which was outstanding Hes a good sport I had played 3 Take That tracks at the start of the show as they were big rivals in the 90s , however, East17 outsold Albums and achieved 18m Album sales...


Jessica Fleischer - Founder Of Fighting Fit

So I saw a post from Jessica basically saying What would you do if someone came to your door with a big bag of sex toys" so I had to interview her and I knew it was nothing to do with sex toys but a great post She was on the breakfast show and this is the 3 sections we did (had to remove the music due to copy write) keep it www.duggystoneradio.com Alexa Open Internet radio


Gordie Russ - Music Producer

I caught up with Music Producer and Writer Gordie Russ About his up and coming track with former 7 Mile band member Deion Lucas Detroit 90's R&B band Check the track Miss Than out HERE Gordie is passionate about what he does and we discussed whats influenced him, no surprise its the Motown sound that's part of the Detroit DNA He always looking for artist to produce and promote so feel free to drop him an email at gordieruss@gmail.com dont forget to check us out...


Von Francis - The Interview

So when your Dad is a famous Football Star you have a lot to live up to Mark discussed what it's like being the son of a world-famous footballer A great Excerpt Brimmo "what was it like growing up the son of a football legend Gerry Francis" Von "He was just my Dad" Von was also a footballer and decided to turn his back on that career and focus on his music career. His track is out now "Cry For Help" Links below Cry For Help - Youtube Cry For Help - Spotify We don't...


Keesha - AKA "Wanda" Off of "Soputh Beach Tow"

So I caught up with the star of 3 seasons of the reality Tv show SouthBeach Tow Keesha played Wanda in the show, She married J money one of the drivers who also had a stalker. It's a full-on TV show fo real. Shes also started in various movies and shows and has now set up her own production company - Check her out here https://www.keeshajproductions.com/ We chatted about loads of projects shes working on as well as her struggles last year following a near death complication. She...


Hattie Mae - The Gone Get Ya Some

The Amazing Patrice Lovely AKA Hattie Mae Star of Stage, Screen & TV (Hit The Image To Watch The Video Interview) We caught up and chatted to her about who she is whats she's been in and where she is going. an amazing lady and extremely funny, she came in character which I was not expecting hey "Gone Get Ya Some" Watch The Vidoe Interview HERE Who is Hattie May Hattie Mae Love is a cranky sexually active 75 years old African - American woman who currently works at the...


Beth Railton - The Interview

Emerging Artist from Perth Australia, at only 17 Beth is pretty talented We talked about her music and the new Ep "Hands On Me" which is an accomplished trio of tracks, the second track on the Ep has a James Bond feel to it and could easily be the score for the next Movie She also nominated for the Duggystone Radio track of the month for aug 2020 and voting up to the end of July - go to our landing page to vote Duggystone Radio We're Freakin Global


Bubye - The Interview

https://www.instagram.com/bubye.20/ A fantastic emerging band and what's behind their first track that's been released A three-piece that play different instruments to realise the depth of music they want to create. The interview is done for Duggystone Radio as part of the interview series Check us out HERE


Wilde - The Interview

Had the pleasure of seeing Wilde perform in early 2020 when they supported one of the station's bands, Chasing Deer who won the o2 Soundwave awards in 2019. you never know what you are getting with support acts but have to say these had real stage presence, a great sound and performance We've featured them before on the station and on the Indie Disco show as part of my interview series, I had to get them on for a chat. the Quote of the interview "We are the fast food of rock...


Steve Bonham & The Long Road

This week I spoke to Steve Bonham & The Long Road Country band but not the country as you know it, they are Vagabonds doing it their way. A varied background with Kev playing with bands such as Saxon, Steve brings the lyrical expertise and Chris his musical training, but all too often they cast that aside to free flow with passion Bio Wide-brimmed hat. Long dark coat. Guitar slung on back. 31 years on the road. A hundred thousand miles and half a thousand hotel rooms. From the Berlin...


Vast Aire - The Interview

Check his Wiki out HERE Check him out on Apple Music https://music.apple.com/us/artist/vast-aire/1356157342 Also on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/00fUxTsDQ3TMlro9Abk6bG?si=Z6IDZYBdSsSbdhzvU9YdKg Check the station out www.duggystoneradio.com Also Alexa Open Internet Radio Please sub to the podcast


I Witness Interview Special

I was Gripped when I heard the Background behind how Martin (The Big Boss) met and collaborated with an amazing Poet Jason The interview could have gone on for hours and that's when you know its special we also listened to three-track that were amazing Below is the Press Pack release from Them please check them out and investigate their sound it's like faithless meets the Streets I Witness are award-winning poet Jason N Smith and Electronic artist Martin Byrne. Based in Stoke...


Interview special with 11:11

In this show, I caught up with A band called 11:11 from the North West of the Uk They have already been on some good stages in Manchester "Pre Lockdown" these are ones to watch for sure The Bands Facebook Page below https://www.facebook.com/1111-380434582692192/ Don't forget to check the station at www.duggystoneradio.com or Alexa open internet radio


Interview Special Mr Matt Hoy

Reggae Star Matt Hoy chats with Dan Evans on the Reggae Show about his new Charity Song just released. The Reggae Show airs Thursday. live 18:00 Uk TIme on www,duggystoneradio.com or Alexa Open Internet Radio Check The Reggae Page out Here Tune In here on a Thursday www.duggystoneradio.com Turning Ideas Into Audio also try this Alexa Open Internet Radio Matt Hoy Facebook please subscribe


Bitty Maclean - Reggae Show Interview

So the reggae show host Daniel Evans on an Easter Saturday Special Had Bitty McClean Live on the Phone, a fantastic interview with an amazing artist and friend of the Station keep it Duggystone Radio and check out the Reggae show on a Thursday 18:00 Uk Time www.duggystoneradio.com or say Alexa Open Internet Radio https://www.facebook.com/OfficialBittyMclean/ Duggsytone Radio Turning Ideas Into Audio Join the Movement


Ep92 The One With Unmanned Air Veterans

So when you leave the Military after using Drones as part of your role, tuning this into a business is pretty logical. However, like all small and emerging business, they have had their share of setbacks. We discuss these and the business and how the Corona Virus has further stopped some major projects and developments. However, they have offered their services to the Police if needed Check out Unmanned Air Veterans Here Want to know more about us go to duggystone...


Business Show Special Drones

After leaving the forces Stu Logan decided to use his expertise in Drones and set up a company that uses drones in its daily activity. A great interview about the transition from the forces to Civilian life. check him out on facebook here show recorded for Duggystone Radio Business show check us out at www.duggystoneradio.com


Ep91 The One With John

So if you are in business unless your a natural sales person, selling your product or service does not come easy. So why not speak to an expert in the file, he's done a lot of door knocking which is tough. we had a blast recording this show and know it will help you as it has me my business show airs Tuesday and Thursday on Duggystone Radio show sponsored by SageGreenHr find John HERE You can get our free apps just search Duggystone Radio on you app store Please subscribe...


Franny & Kirk SE01E1

This is the first in the new series of the podcast with Franny Treymaine and Kirk Pickstone. Discussing topics and our views of them. This show we thought we start with "What's Sexy To Me" \WQe are bombarded on a daily basis in the media, Advertising and even Porn to what a "Perfect Sexy" body is. We think it's damaging to society and especially the younger peeps! frankly it's crazy. So that's what we covered. we love to get your topics so mail kirk on...


Franny Treymaine Interview

This show I had the pleasure of speaking to a very inspiring person Franny Treymaine who is following her dream in acting and already been in a number of projects from reality TV to a film that is due for release check her out HERE She's on all social media Facebook HERE Instagram here Show recorded for Duggystone and Duggystoneradio Podcast the station runs 24/7 Duggystone Radio We're Freakin Global