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Amy White from Daily Successful Living takes you on a journey to discover how the experts manage their money and increase their wealth. Successful living is a result of constant attention to detail when it comes to personal finance. Learn tips from the pros to help you save money, reduce debt and plan for retirement. As a successful entrepreneur Amy is dedicated to showing you how it is done and will help you increase your wealth by increasing your income. Learn how to start and succeed at your first side hustle so you can begin earning more passive income.


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Amy White from Daily Successful Living takes you on a journey to discover how the experts manage their money and increase their wealth. Successful living is a result of constant attention to detail when it comes to personal finance. Learn tips from the pros to help you save money, reduce debt and plan for retirement. As a successful entrepreneur Amy is dedicated to showing you how it is done and will help you increase your wealth by increasing your income. Learn how to start and succeed at your first side hustle so you can begin earning more passive income.






How To Change Your Money Mindset

Learn How To Change Your Money Mindset With Kassandra Dasent Your money mindset is what will make or break your personal financial success. Creating an abundant view of money is the goal of Kassandra Dasent our podcast guest today. Join us as we talk about how to channel your energy towards changing how you view money so that you can actually achieve financial success. This podcast is seriously amazing. Kassandra really understands why we choose to make poor financial decisions even when we know better and her ideas on how to shape the way you view money will blow your mind away. If you are struggling to control your money and need a shot in the arm to get your reenergized please take a few minutes to listen to this podcast - you won't be disappointed. Kassandra is a firm believer in taking accountability for your money choices. She was a successful commercial credit analyst managing multiple million-dollar accounts but felt like a fraud because she had $55,000 in debt and was continually making poor money choices. In order to be successful at money management, you have to open your mind to an abundant mindset. In order to do this, you need to give a strong voice to your why. It needs to be more than just saying I want to pay off debt. You need to be able to look at the big picture and give yourself a reason that will give you the incentive to make the sacrifices you need. For Kassandra, this breakthrough came when she met a man she hoped to marry and realized that her financial situation was holding her back. After paying off her debt and completely changing her money mindset Kassandra realized that she wanted to do more with her life. She was in a high-stress job that was causing her anxiety and depression and went through her own midlife crisis. She eventually decided to quit her job and has become a money mindset coach and speaker. One of her biggest passions is to help people identify their emotional connection with money so that they can begin to control their money rather than having their emotions control their management of money. How to become successful with money To be successful with money you have to realize that most of your financial habits tie back to your own feelings of self-worth and self-respect. If you look back at the financial patterns in your life most of the time they are caused by specific events. For example, in Kassandra’s case, she was born in Trinidad and migrated to Canada when she was six with her single mother. There was never enough money and as a result, most of her spending occurred as a result of a need to feel and look like she was successful. For her spending money meant that she was successful and had moved beyond the poverty of her childhood. In order to change your money mindset you need to follow these three steps: 1. Take responsibility for your financial choices and own your decisions. 2. Learn how to identify your financial triggers. 3. Create process and systems that will help you shift your focus and gain control of your money. One of the ways she does this successfully is by constantly setting financial (and personal) goals. If you want to avoid recidivism with your money then you have to realize that every financial goal you achieve is just a plateau that will help you achieve an even bigger goal. If you want to learn how to change your money mindset from a scarcity mentality to an abundant mindset mentality you really, really need to listen to this podcast. One of the biggest nuggets I got from this podcast was the concept of capturing money from both ends of the spectrum. I’m a huge believer in always paying myself first. Every single time I get paid I put 10% of my income towards my saving goals (check out my retirement plan here). Paying yourself first is a great way to begin taking control of your money, but according to Kassandra, you also need to focus on paying yourself last. What this means is that you should put all of your focus on...


Why You Should Never Limit Your Business Ideas

When you start a small business you literally become a jack of all trades. You have to learn just a little bit about everything to become successful. Maribeth Sublette and Cody Waltz have taken this to the extreme and completely pivoted their businesses multiple times. Learn more about their amazing business ability to optimize their network and marketing skills to completely break the limits of what they thought was possible. Both of them started out as small shop vendors, Maribeth sold Mom and baby matching t-shirts and Cody organic baby clothing. They loved what they were doing, but saw a need for small local markets for themselves and other vendors to sell their products. Rather than just hope someone created a place for them to sell their products they went out and started their own market called The Made With Love Market. As their market grew and expanded, they began to realize that many of the small business woman they were working with needed additional support and direction to build their businesses to the next level. They wanted other businesses owners to dream big as well. As a result, they decided to host a 1-day conference, called Built With Love to help women who want to start a small business or small business owners who need some specialized training in various business-related fields. The podcast is full of insight for Cody and Maribeth on how they founded each of their businesses and the thought and strategy behind each business step. We talk extensively about overcoming obstacles, how to market yourself and how they used networking to quickly grow their vendor list for the Made With Love Market and then find speakers for the Built With Love Conference. On the other end, they had to completely shift their marketing to drive traffic to the Made With Love Market and then find small business owners to attend their conference. The marketing and thought behind what they have built is amazing and I think it will really give you guys some insight into how you can build and grow your own audiences. Resources to Check out: Instagram FeedBuilt With Love Conference


Retiring Early by Achieving Financial Freedom With Cody Berman

Have you dreamed of retiring early, but are not sure how to accomplish this goal? If so, you need to listen to Cody Berman from Fly To Fi who is on his first round of retirement at 23! Join us as we talk to Cody about how he planned out his business and income streams so that he could reach this goal. After reading the book the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris (a book I highly recommend) Cody decided that he was going to change his life and begun by dislodging the time money narrative. In order to be successful you can't trade your time for money, you need to find ways to think outside the box and creating multiple revenue streams. He believes that by front loading your work and creating processes within your businesses that you can easily set up business that will gradually take care of themselves and produce a steady income stream. While building up his business Cody also realized that he needed to drastically cut his expenses in order to have the financial freedom he craved. Cody got to the point where he was able to cut his expenses to $1,000 per month. Some of his frugal living tips are a bit extreme (you’ll get a kick out of some of them), but they are effective! After saving $35,000 Cody had a lightbulb moment and realized that he had 35 months to try out his entrepreneurial dreams. Cody is currently on a 3 month RV tour with Grant Sabatier promoting his latest book – Financial Freedom – A Proven Path to all the Money You’ll Ever Need. I haven’t had a chance to read this book yet, but have it cued up on my audible account for my next road trip. It has great reviews though, so I recommend checking it out. If you want a podcast that will help you think outside the box I highly recommend listening to Cody Berman. One of Cody’s greatest strengths is in his ability to just start. He is a firm believer in the power of failure, and I can guarantee that his story will inspire you to get out and try something new.


How To Find The Perfect Work From Home Job

How To Find the Perfect Work From Home Job For Moms With Kids! Today on the show we were joined by Ashleigh Allman from Smart Cents Mom. Ashleigh is an amazing woman, she is a former teacher who is currently raising three young boys – talk about a crazy house! After ten years as a teacher, she wanted to be able to stay at home with her kids, but were stuck on the “how”. After a lot of trial and error (mostly error), she finally found online jobs that worked for her. During her journey, she realized that there wasn’t a lot of useful information available to women in her shoes and she created the website Smart Cents Mom to help women find ways to earn money from home. Ashleigh laid out the five steps she thinks women need to follow to get started in the online world. Check out the podcast to learn more! Since she is the Mom of three busy kids, we also talked about how to incorporate online jobs into your regular life. She gave some great suggestions on finding little pockets of time to get work done and how to organize your work so that you can be more productive. Resources to Check Out From The Podcast: Work At Home Workbook (Free Download)30+ Amazing Stay At Home Mom Jobs48+ Side Jobs Anyone Can Do To Earn Extra MoneyHow To Start Your First Side Hustle


10 Deadly Mistakes of Entrepreneurship

10 Deadly Mistakes Many New Entrepreneurs Make Let's get real for a minute, being an entrepreneur is hard, and making a ton of mistakes is the name of the game. However, if you can avoid even a few of the deadly mistakes of entrepreneurship then your startup has a much higher chance of success. In this podcast, I'm going to discuss 10 deadly entrepreneurial mistakes that I've made in the past that caused me to lose $55,000. It was a very costly lesson for me! This podcast is modified from a blog post I wrote called 10 Steps for Starting a Small Business if you would prefer to read the story.


How Jackie Beck Paid Off Her $100,000 Mortgage In 3 Years

Jackie Beck was able to pay off a total of $147,000 in debt. After paying off all of her consumer debt she decided to tackle her home. She started with a simple goal to pay an extra $35 each month. She quickly got carried away (in part because of her amazing Debt Free App by Jackie Beck) and ended up paying off just under $100,000 in three years. The last year, she and her husband paid just under $50,000. It is amazing how much impact starting with a simple goal can have on your future. During my interview with Jackie we’ll discuss her multiple unemployment episodes during her entire journey and how this experience shaped her desire to become debt free. If you want a ton of helpful hints on how to get out of debt, particularly when you are unemployed you need to listen to this interview with Jackie Beck. Resources: Debt Free App by Jackie Beck - https://go.onelink.me/1276588729?pid=dailysuccessfulliving


How To Use The Envelope System To Pay Off Debt With Kristin Stones

How To Use The Envelope System To Pay Off Debt With Kristin Stones From Cents and Purpose If you need budgeting help you need to listen to this podcast with Kristin Stone from Cents and Purpose. Today we will be talking about Budgeting, getting out of debt and side hustles. Kristin and her husband were yo-yo debtors who were constantly using credit cards to bridge the gap until payday. They would find themselves in debt and then dig themselves out short term only to end up back in debt again. After 10 years of this cycle, they realized that if they wanted their marriage to survive they needed to do something different. They were super motived and able to pay off $55,000 worth of debt in 22 months - impressive huh! Paying off their debt completely changed their life and their marriage. Kristin attributes the vast majority of their success to budgeting and finding ways to earn extra money. They drastically reduced their spending, used the envelope system and earned extra money through side hustling. If you are struggling to get your spending under control I highly recommend listening to this interview with Kristin Stones from Cents and Purpose. Resources Mentioned: Begin to Budget 5 Day Email CourseEnvelope systemHow to Budget using Dave Ramsey’s Cash Envelope System on a Debt Free Journey.list of budget categoriescheck out these budgeting worksheets48+ ideas to earn extra income. 6 Steps To Starting your First Side Hustle Call To Action: Start Budgeting today!!! If you want to change your financial future, the first step is to begin budgeting.


How Medicare Work With Danielle Roberts From Boomer Benefits

Today we are joined by Danielle Robert from Boomer Benefits and are taking Medicare. I know, Medicare isn’t high on your list of topics to discuss, but trust me when I say you need to hear this episode even if you are still in your 20’s or 30’s, and you really need to listen if you are in the older age range. Most people assume that when you retire and begin using Medicare all of your medical needs are taken care of by the government at little to no additional cost for you. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You need to be putting money aside for medical expenses, particularly if you are in a higher income bracket. Join Danielle and I as we break down some of the myths associated with Medicare and learn the basics of how Medicare works. Time Stamps: 79% of middle-income boomersaverage couple needs almost $300,000 for medical care during retirement. Key Takeaways: Call To Action If you are getting close to retirement age reach out to Boomer Benefits! If you are younger and haven’t started saving for retirement, start today!!! And I really do mean today. If you need help getting started drop me an email or give me a call and I’ll help you. Be Sure to Subscribe to the Show!