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When Economies Sour, The Hedgers Stand Tall

Cambridge Global Payments' Karl Schamotta talks about how planning, mindset and technology that can turn opportunity into profit.


Why Digital Marketplaces Still Struggle To Make Digital Payments To Gig Workers

Gig workers, increasingly, are embracing project work by choice -- and it's not because they have to. Hyperwallet's Michael Ting tells PYMNTS' Karen Webster that a sea of change is underway in a world where 58 percent of gig workers do not want full time jobs - proving the model is becoming a critical part of the labor force.


Jumio On The Laws Of Big (Scary) Data Breach Numbers

There’s 1.4 billion records on the Dark Web. Is anything or anyone safe? In this episode of Data Drivers, Jumio CPO Philip Pointner and Karen Webster chat about what FIs can do to digitally identity-proof the consumer’s chain of trust with their bank.


Who Has The Balance Of Power In B2B Payments?

A podcast that began as a chat about the adoption of Same Day ACH in the middle market turned into a thoughtful - and at times - spirited debate about who really holds the power in the B2B payments world.


Mobile Apps And Gas: The Brand/Aggregator Brand Conundrum

The rising cost of fuel isn’t keep drivers off the road this summer, GasBuddy CEO Sarah McCrary tells Karen Webster in this episode of Data Drivers - but it has made them more driven to find the best deal per gallon than ever. But while price is a powerful lever, McCrary noted, there’s only so low operators can go. Which means when thinking about mobile and how to leverage it, the question operators need to answer is how they can create more real touch-points with their buyers - and use...


For eCommerce, The Magic Button (Almost) In Sight

In this episode of Data Drivers, Wirecard’s General Counsel and VP of Compliance and Governmental Affairs muses to Karen Webster that one button to rule them all may be no mere fantasy — it’s just a ways off.


As Fraudsters Adapt to CNP, Adapting Behavioral Analytics to Stop Them

EMV has done wonders to stop fraud via cards at the physical point of sale. The bad buys have moved off the premises and onto the web in due course, which means separating the good transactions for the ill-intentioned ones has gotten a whole lot harder. Featurespace Chief Strategy Officer Matt Mills says in this episode of Data Drivers that real time machine learning can take guesswork out of the equation.


Grabbing Hold Of The Gig Economy's Long Tail

Beyond Uber and Lyft, the gig economy is evolving, with a long tail that places value on plugging gaps in firms' skill sets, boosting gig workers' discretionary spend, too. Hyperwallet SVP of Digital Markets Michael Ting tells Karen Webster in this episode of Data Drivers that the value of the online marketplace lies in matching services and the firms that need them -- and making sure payment is seamless.


Organizational Strategy, Driven by the CFO

Data makes the world go round and CFOs are inundated with all different types of information. The key to making sense of all the data points that stream in from myriad sources, Coupa CFO Todd Ford tells Karen Webster in this episode of Data Drivers, is collaboration across far-flung units within the firm. No easy task when 66 percent of finance professionals do not have visibility into transactions.


For Top Performing FIs, Infrastructure Matters, But So Does Mindset

Top performing FIs foster a culture of innovation that helps them lead the way in customer relationships – the sticky kind, as noted this episode of Data Drivers. Technology is part of the equation (and so are sandboxes), i2c’s Lisa Fugate, VP of Product Management tells Karen Webster, but mindset matters. The time is right for laggards to take a look at what they do beyond the obvious arenas of P2P, digital and mobile.


The $300B Employee Financial Stress Tax On Employers: David Kilby, FinFit President

Financial stress costs employers $300 billion in lost employee productivity. And in the case of one desperate employee, her job when not having the money to buy her daughters medicine drove her to steal money from the company. That story built a company, FinFit, and President David Kilby and Karen Webster use three other data points to explain how 100,000 employers are using financial wellness platforms - including short term loans - to help employees get financially fit.


Building A More Ethical Workplace Culture: Pat Harned, ECI CEO

After 18 months of depressing headlines on this subject, it would be easy to give up on workplace ethics. But Pat Harned, Ethics and Compliance Initiative CEO, thinks there is some room for some (qualified) optimism. And a lot of work left to do.


Why Every Retailer Needs To Act Like A Software Company: Geoff Watts, EDITED CEO

Fleet of foot and fickle of mind, consumers are flocking to retailers -- online, and to buy direct. In the latest Data Drivers, EDITED CEO, Geoff Watts, tells Karen Webster retailers must learn to act like software companies and brands become retailers as data-driven direct consumer interaction emerges as a macro trend. Three data points tell the story.


Searching For The Seven(ty) Percent Solution: Patrick Brown, IntraNext CEO

By the time consumers are transfered to a call center agent, things have escalated to the point where chatbots have the answers - and a helping human hand is needed. Yet friction abounds where 70 percent of call centers require consumers to read off the same data multiple times, putting information (and frayed tempers) at risk. IntraNext CEO Patrick Brown says there's no magic bullet in the tradeoff between security and consumer experience, but technology (such as biometrics) helps, a bit....


Speed Thrills, Fees Chill In The Gig Economy: Michael Ting, SVP, Digital Markets at Hyperwallet

Hyperwallet SVP Michael Ting weighs in on the evolving landscape for gig workers – and the fact that when it comes to getting paid, employees want faster payments, but not added fees.


Digital Breadcrumb Trail To Verified IDs: Johnny Ayers, Co-Founder & SVP, Socure

Welcome to the age of machine learning, where, as Socure co-founder Johnny Ayers tells Karen Webster in the latest Data Drivers, data drives intelligent ID verification.


Battling Identity Fraud: David Barnhardt, GIACT EVP

Millions of people are victims of identity theft each year. Post Equifax breach, the numbers will swell. The fraudsters are ever resourceful, picking and choosing data to fashion synthetic IDs. GIACT EVP of Product David Barnhardt tells PYMNTS' Karen Webster that for firms seeking to find out who's really who, the truth is in the details.


Priming The NearPrime Credit Pump: Houman Motaharian, LendingPoint CRO

As many as 50 million Americans pass through the 600 to 700 score rang at some point in their financial lives. And in this episode of Data Drivers, Houman Motaharian, Chief Revenue Officer at LendingPoint, tells PYMNTS’ Karen Webster that all credit is not created equal in an era of low savings.