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The DealMakers show features entrepreneurs that have been very successful at raising capital or getting their company acquired.

The DealMakers show features entrepreneurs that have been very successful at raising capital or getting their company acquired.


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The DealMakers show features entrepreneurs that have been very successful at raising capital or getting their company acquired.








Alexey Dubov On Raising $70 Million To 3D Print Your Next House

Alexey Dubov is a global entrepreneur who has started several companies. His latest venture, Mighty Buildings, has already raised tens of millions of dollars in capital and has been establishing new construction standards. Alexey has attracted funding from top-tier investors like AltaIR Capital, Foundamental, Abies Ventures, and Khosla Ventures.


Sridhar Ramaswamy On Becoming Google Ads Boss And Then Raising $77 Million To Create An Ad-Free Search Engine

If anyone could realistically hope to replace Google, it is probably Sridhar Ramaswamy and his team of talented engineers and advisors. Some of the best-known investors have already backed him with tens of millions of dollars too. His venture, Neeva has attracted funding from top-tier investors like Inovia Capital, Sequoia Capital, and Greylock.


Stefan Lederer On Raising $68 Million To Power The Future Of Streaming Video

Stefan Lederer has built a tech startup that has been used to create the future of streaming online video by some pretty well respected international brands. His company Bitmovin has raised funding from top-tier investors like Swisscom Ventures, Atomico, Highland Europe, and Constantia New Business.


Amin Shokrollahi On Raising $130 Million To Revolutionize Wired Connectivity

Amin Shokrollahi has raised some serious startup capital for his tech company, Kandou Bus. Amin has raised $130M in funding from top-tier investors like Raging Capital, Digital Transformation Fund, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Kreos Capital.


Jake Soberal On Raising $100 Million To Diversify The Workforce

Jake Soberal has raised close to $100M for his own startup which is spawning a new tech ecosystem. His company, Bitwise Industries has attracted funding from top-tier investors like Owens Corning, GingerBread Capital, JP Morgan Chase, and Plum Alley Investments.


Charlie Lee Raised $90 Million To Serve 1 Billion Underbanked Users In India

Charlie Lee is now on his second startup. With a mission of reaching one billion unserved people with fintech solutions, his venture has already raised $90M. Charlie has raised financing from top-tier investors like Northern Arc, Bon Angels Venture Partners, Daesung Private Equity, and Softbank Ventures Asia. His venture True Balance also goes by Balance Hero and Balancehero India.


Sudheer Koneru On Building A $1 Billion Business By Creating An All-In-One Software For The Beauty Service Industry

Sudheer Koneru has raised over $200M for his latest startup, Zenoti. A big software company that powers brands in the health and wellness space. Sudheer has acquired funding from top-tier investors like Advent International, Steadview Capital, Tiger Global Management, and Accel.


Chris Gladwin On Selling His Business To IBM For $1.3 Billion And Raising $65 Million To Analyze Data Sets

Chris Gladwin is a true business builder. It is his craft. He has now launched four startups, including one which raised $100M and sold for over $1B to IBM. His current venture is Ocient, operating out of Great Lakes. It has raised more than $65M from top-tier investors like Gaingels, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, PSP Capital Partners, and Northwestern University.


Patrick Quigley On Raising $175 Million To Make Health Insurance Affordable

After helping others achieve great exits for their own businesses Patrick Quigley set out to fix some of the biggest problems in the health insurance industry. He has already raised $175M for the mission and is revolutionizing how it works with his own health tech startup. His company has raised $175M from top-tier investors like Tiger Global Management, Alpha Edison, GreatPoint Ventures, and Drive Capital.


Gustaf Agartson On Raising $130 Million To Protect Your Family From Financial And Health Risks

Gustaf Agartson is an international entrepreneur who set off to prove his business idea in a new emerging market. His venture has already raised over $100M in capital while attracting tens of millions of new customers. He has attracted funding from top-tier investors like CreditEase Fintech Investment Fund, LeapFrog Investments, Allianz X, and Kinnevik AB.


Cyriac Roeding On Selling His Company For $250 Million And Raising $60 Million To Detect Cancer Earlier

Cyriac Roeding is a full-cycle entrepreneur who has been launching his own ventures since he was a teenager. He sold one of his companies for $250M and has since helped lead two new health tech startups which have raised tens of millions of dollars.


Jordan Silbert And Ben Karlin On Raising $50 Million To Make Your Cocktail Spectacular

Jordan Silbert and Ben Karlin have raised tens of millions of dollars to improve your drinking experience with a premium mixer that is proving to be a big hit. Their startup, Q Mixers has attracted interest from top-tier investors like Eurazeo and First Beverage Group.


Hossein Azari On Selling His First Company For $100 Million And Now Building Your Gateway To Crypto

Hossein Azari sold his first startup to Goldman Sachs for nine figures. He has already raised funding for his second fintech venture that you may describe as the Google of finance. His startup, Cmorg has raised funding from top-tier investors.


Miguel Fernandez On Raising $90 Million To Help You Accelerate Growth In Your Business

Miguel Fernandez’s fintech startup has already raised at least $90M in debt and equity to help more SaaS companies supersize their growth rates. His startup Capchase has raised $90M from top-tier investors like i80 | Group, Ben Orthlieb, ONEVC, and Amara Venture Partners.


Ruairi Kelleher On Building With His Team A $575 Million Business By Helping Other Companies Scale Their Teams Globally

Ruairi Kelleher spun off his fast-growing fintech startup with $80M in funding to help global companies manage taxes and payroll around the world. His company, Immedis has raised $80M from top-tier investors like Lead Edge Capital and Scottish Equity Partners.


Jason Boehmig On Raising $183 Million To Make All Business Contracts Easier

Jason Boehmig is the cofounder and CEO of Ironclad which is one of the nation’s top makers of enterprise software for managing contracts. The company has raised $183 million from top tier investors including Accel, Sequoia, Greylock, and Bond to name a few.


Asesh Sarkar On Raising $100 Million To Help You Move From Debt To Savings

Asesh Sarkar has built a big finance business with an emphasis on blending social good and lending. His startup has already raised more than $100M in equity and $500M in debt financing. During our interview on the Dealmakers Podcast, Sarkar talked about finding the idea for a good business, the triangle needed for a great startup idea, and the truth about leadership. Plus, working your way through funding rounds with progressing investor expectations, and raising debt versus equity.


Vishal Marria On Raising $100 Million To Close The Gap Between Data And Mission Critical Decisions

Vishal Marria has raised around $100M for his big data analytics startup, offering more powerful insights to all large and small businesses. His startup, Quantexa has raised $100M from top-tier investors like HSBC, British Patient Capital, Dawn Capital, and AlbionVC.


Richie Serna On Raising $102 Million To Enable Every Business To Become A Fintech Company

Richie Serna learned the value of hustling early on in life. That has certainly paid off in raising over $100M for his own startup that is fueling the future of financial services with billions of transactions. Finix has raised $102M in financing from top-tier investors like Lightspeed Venture Partners, American Express Ventures, PSP Growth, and Inspired Capital Partners.


Simon Taylor On Raising $87 Million To Simplify Your Data Protection

Simon Taylor is one of the rising numbers of highly successful startup entrepreneurs to be coming out of the UK’s growing startup scene. His startup, HYCU has raised $89M in funding from top-tier investors like Acrew Capital and Bain Capital Ventures.