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The Dear 26 Year Old Me team are back! You are going to love these stories of perseverance, personal growth, risk taking and how some incredible individuals have developed as leaders. Expect laughter, tears, and a whole lot of inspiration with Ben, Tom, Gareth and this season’s new team member….Olivia!

The Dear 26 Year Old Me team are back! You are going to love these stories of perseverance, personal growth, risk taking and how some incredible individuals have developed as leaders. Expect laughter, tears, and a whole lot of inspiration with Ben, Tom, Gareth and this season’s new team member….Olivia!


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The Dear 26 Year Old Me team are back! You are going to love these stories of perseverance, personal growth, risk taking and how some incredible individuals have developed as leaders. Expect laughter, tears, and a whole lot of inspiration with Ben, Tom, Gareth and this season’s new team member….Olivia!




Keep Fun Alive 3

We are really enjoying Season 3 of our Keep Fun Alive podcast – a feel-good, upbeat end to your week. In this session we discuss the professional vs the personal, and why it’s important for people to develop AUTHENTICITY and cultivate integrity... We talk about the importance of holding onto your core values, building trust, being transparent... In this ‘quacking’ thought for the day, we also ask you to think about the things in your life that you might have accepted simply because you...


S3 E3 Chris Morris Interview

The next episode of Dear 26 Year Old Me is out now! In this episode we are joined by our great friend Chris Morris – business mentor, leader and CEO of UK firm Citation. In just six years, Chris helped grow HR and employment law organization Citation into a £65million business. In his previous role @laterooms he was integral to the company becoming a successful part of @tuiuk We talk with him about creating the right culture, building a positive environment, people management and how to...


Keep Fun Alive 2

The latest Dear 26 Year Old Me podcast is OUT NOW! In our Friday Keep Fun Alive session we talk about the POWER of community. COVID-19 has forced us all into lockdown. The changes brought upon us have impacted the way that we operate, the things we do, who we see, where we can and can’t go... It can feel so out of place – almost rude – to step off the pavement and create physical space between yourself and the person walking by. The virus has also changed the way that people connect with...


S3 E2 Dr Robi Interview

In this episode we hear from special guest and Aussie, Dr Robi, who has trained the likes of Prince Charles and Prince Harry to snowboard, and captivated audiences across the world with his messages about science, scripture, mental and emotional health, and trauma rehabilitation, to name a few. Tens of thousands of people have heard Dr Robi speak on these topics, gaining insight and wisdom to equip and empower them. In this interview, the husband and father-of-five shares his expertise on...


Keep Fun Alive 1

Hey friends! My next podcast release is a thought-provoking one....Hopefully it’ll prompt you to think about potential changes you can make for the better post-Covid-19. This is a time of IMMENSE CHANGE. So much is changing, in our own worlds and spheres of influence, as well as on a bigger scale, in terms of global changes. In this podcast, we discuss what life will look like when the lockdown is FINALLY lifted. How will the changes and new circumstances you are going through at the...


S3 E1 Steve McClaren Interview

Ben interviews legendary professional football and former England manager Steve McClaren. During Steve's career he has played for many high-profile football clubs and managed teams such as Middlesborough and Newcastle United. One of his own personal career highlights was during his time in the role of assistant manager at Manchester United, where he worked alongside former manager Sir Alex Ferguson. In the interview Steve discusses what lessons he learnt about successful leadership from...


Covid-19 Special

A leader doesn't just navigate the ship, but navigates the course. It's important for us to think about the world we are living in right now and understand the implications for us as leaders moving forward. In this Covid19 Special, I sat down for a chat with Matt Friedman who shared some incredible insights about our current situation, as well what we can expect to see in future, as a result of this pandemic. Matt Friedman is an award-winning speaker, offering technical advice to...


S2 E8 Lulu Interview

Well, friends….I promised we would be introducing you to some INCREDIBLE people….I can’t quite believe I am saying this, but this week for our last episode in season two, we introduce you to Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie….or as you may know her….LULU!!! Hear how this girl from Glasgow first found fame at the age of 14 and she has since sold thousands of records around the world, was awarded an OBE by Queen Elizabeth II and the time she was asked on a date by Eric Clapton! Sit back, relax,...


S2 E7 Sir Peter Fahy Interview

What an utter privilege to welcome the former Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police and CEO of Retrak, Sir Peter Fahy who shares what it is like to manage one of the country’s largest police forces, how to maintain personal integrity and what it was like to experience two of his officers being executed. A powerful and challenging interview, this is one you will not want to miss.


S2 E6 Yardena Grifhorst Interview

When you think of the Netherlands, you might think of bicycles, clogs and tulips…but in this week’s episode we introduce you to one of the country’s most exciting exports, founder of Onshus, Yardena Grifhorst! Onshus now supply INCREDIBLE home furnishing all over the world and Yardena talks about starting the business, balancing being a mother and an entrepreneur, and learning to let go of control on the business she founded. You'll LOVE the incredible business, leadership and life lessons...


S2 E5 Simon Ward Interview

Simon Ward was formerly the Chief Operating Officer for the British Fashion Council and was responsible for London Fashion Week, the highlight of the British fashion industry calendar. He talks openly about the challenges of working in the fashion industry, the ethics of working practice, and how he developed a career after training as an opera singer. Join Ben, Tom, Ellie, and Gareth as they explore the inspirational journey of one of British fashion’s great influencers!


S2 E4 Rachel Ray Interview

Rachel Ray founded “Bright and Beautiful" after she decided she wanted to change the balance of her life. She identified a need among many working families to provide support, and make family life better. That business has since gone national and is now generating millions of pounds of turnover across hundreds of franchises. Hear Rachel’s incredible story of how she built a culture, recruited the right people and eventually sold the business to the right buyer.


S2 E3 Ram Gidoomal Interview

Ram Gidoomal CBE arrived in the UK as a refugee. Since then he has gone on to build a huge business, retire at 37 years old, be awarded a CBE by Her Majesty The Queen, and run for London Mayor. He has quite simply one of THE most extraordinary stories and we CANNOT WAIT for you to hear it.


S2 E2 Donalda MacKinnon Interview

From her roots on the remote Scottish island of Harris to becoming Director of BBC Scotland, Donalda MacKinnon has experienced an incredible career in media. In this wide-ranging interview, Donalda shares how she rose through the ranks, what she sees are the priorities for the BBC and how she is attempting to tackle issues of gender imbalance, pay inequality and corporate culture as part of her role. Join Ben, Gareth, Tom and Ellie as they explore what Donalda MacKinnon would say to her...


S2 E1 Kriss Akabusi Interview

Season two starts with a BOOM as we welcome former Olympian, TV personality, and all round legend Kriss Akabusi. Kriss joins the D26YOM team as he shares his incredible story from struggling with identity following a childhood in care homes, finding value in discipline through his time in the army, and how THAT ’91 World Championships relay gold shaped his thinking on strategy, taking risks and recognising what it takes to be a champion at whatever you do.


S1 E8 Vincent Vieugue Interview

Vincent Vieugue is a geophysicist who has worked for 25 years in the oil and gas industry. Despite being French, he has never worked in France but instead everywhere from Norway to Africa to New York and London. In this fascinating episode, Vincent shares how to maintain integrity in an industry that pushes the boundaries, how to start a new business and how to get the most out of the people around you. Also, Gareth talks about Vanessa Feltz. You won’t want to miss this one!


S1 E7 Andrew Burton Interview

Andrew Burton started the Thrifty Car Hire franchise in the UK, growing it to multiple locations across the country. Andrew has since bought and and sold the company TWICE before moving into a new industry. Find out about Andrew’s journey and the one piece of advice he gave Ben that transformed his thinking on leadership.


S1 E6 Gary Grant Interview

Gary Grant founded his first toy store with his wife Catherine in 1981. Little did they know, in the space of just over 30 years The Entertainer would grow to over 140 UK stores and 13 international locations. Gary’s life has been marked by risk, opportunity and learning what it means to lead in business. Join Ben and the team as they explore the fascinating journey of one the country's most talked about businessmen.


S1 E5 David Kinnaman Interview

David Kinnaman is the author of the bestselling books Good Faith, You Lost Me and unChristian. He is president of Barna Group, a leading research and communications company that works with churches, nonprofits, and businesses ranging from film studios to financial services. Since 1995, David has directed interviews with nearly one million individuals and overseen hundreds of global research studies. Join Ben and the team as they hear more of David’s story and the lessons he has learned about...


S1 E4 Allan Gibson Interview

Having progressed through the ranks to become Commander and Assistant Commissioner at the Metropolitan Police (the UK’s largest police force), Allan Gibson holds a unique perspective on leadership and career development. Join Ben Cooley, Tom Lister and Gareth Russell as they explore Allan’s story and discuss trends from the world of business.