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Dr. Holmes has discovered that the most effective way to get massive results is to first have a Vision. She provides actionable steps to help you to develop your business culture, systems, and brand as well as shares strategies which can help you to fast-tract your success.

Dr. Holmes has discovered that the most effective way to get massive results is to first have a Vision. She provides actionable steps to help you to develop your business culture, systems, and brand as well as shares strategies which can help you to fast-tract your success.
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Fort Lauderdale, FL


Dr. Holmes has discovered that the most effective way to get massive results is to first have a Vision. She provides actionable steps to help you to develop your business culture, systems, and brand as well as shares strategies which can help you to fast-tract your success.




117 - How To Profitably Scale Your Practice With Dr. Scott Leune

I’m delighted to welcome Dr. Scott Leune onto this week’s podcast to discuss how you can build a profitable business. Dr. Scott Leune is the founder of Breakaway Practice, a practice management company which has consulted and helped develop 90 de novos. It has also helped to operate 500 practices through scheduling, insurance, billing, marketing, and IT services. More recently, Dr. Leune co-founded Dental Whale, an innovative dental company which is carving a new category of group private...


116 - How To Use Social Media to Bring Over 100 Patients a Month with Dr. Shaina Holman

On this podcast episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Shaina Holman from Holman Family Dental Care about the power of social media and how you can use it to bring more patients to your practice each month. Shaina is from Chapel Hill, NC and graduated from East Chapel Hill High School. She always had a passion for science, teaching, and art and knew she wanted to choose a profession that would allow her to have a significant impact on the community. While still in high school,...


115 - How to Add Multiple Doctors, Locations and Streams of Income with Dr. Brady Frank

I’m excited to introduce you to my special guest for this podcast episode, Dr. Brady Frank. Brady has owned and managed multiple practices over the last decade, and so I wanted to invite him onto the show to talk about his experience with managing multiple doctors, locations and streams of income. Brady is a highly sought-after speaker and Continuing Education trainer. He has addressed thousands of dentists at popular seminars across the country including Excellence in Dentistry,...


114 - How to Use Solutionreach To Improve Practice Efficiency with Amber Day

On this podcast episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Amber Day about how dentists like you can use Solutionreach to improve your practice’s efficiency. Amber is a registered dental hygienist with over a decade in the dental industry and has helped dental practices grow to reach their revenue targets resulting in fast expansion. Amber helps dental practices and consultants with the solutions to drive a better patient experience, streamline communications and improve daily workflow....


113 - HIPAA Compliance the Fast and Easy Way With Dr. Jeff Brown

Join me in episode 113 of the Delivering WOW podcast for my interesting discussion with Dr. Jeff Brown about making HIPAA compliance fast and easy for dentists. Dr. Jeff Brown is obsessed with creating easy to use software to end the frustration of HIPAA compliance. Dr. Brown’s career spans private chiropractic practice, compliance consulting, and software product management for three healthcare technology companies. He is a co-founder of HIPAAmate, a compliance software designed and...


112 - How To Get Your TEAM to Crush Your Production Goals with Dr. Anissa Holmes

In this week’s podcast episode, I talk about how you can get your team to crush your production goals. Have you ever thought about the life cycle of growing a business? In the beginning, production levels are through the roof. However, if you’re the business owner, it’s likely that you’re doing most (if not all) of the work. It’s your practice, after all, so you are the one creating the systems, seeing patients and leading the team. You do everything you can to get your practice off to a...


111 - How to use Facebook The Right Way to Grow Your Practice with Dr. Anissa Holmes

Facebook marketing is the BEST way to grow your practice, but many dentists fail to target the right users with their marketing strategy. If you’re investing a lot of time and money into Facebook marketing and not getting the engagement you were hoping for, this podcast episode is for you! I’m no stranger to marketing on Facebook. After all, I used Facebook to grow my second dental start-up to a multi-million-dollar practice and there’s no reason why you can’t do the same. In this podcast...


110 - How To Increase Patient Satisfaction With Drew Sparks

I’m thrilled to introduce Drew Sparks to this week’s podcast to discuss whether or not your patients are truly happy and how you can increase patient satisfaction. Drew Sparks is the co-founder and CEO of Swell CX, an innovative company that specializes in improving the customer experience by allowing business owners to collect real-time customer feedback and reviews to help them gain valuable insights that will enable them to develop and grow their business. In his time with Swell CX,...


109 - The Power of Storytelling in Case Acceptance

This week on the Delivering WOW podcast, I explore the power of storytelling in case acceptance. Many dentists and team members struggle to get a patient to accept a treatment plan. The main reason for this is because dentists tend to get super technical and formal with patients and they ultimately lose interest because they don’t understand what’s going on. In this week’s podcast, I share the concept of storytelling in case acceptance. Storytelling is a powerful thing. Humans have told...


108 - How To Integrate Online Scheduling With LocalMed

This week on the podcast I interviewed Tom Brown from LocalMed and we talked about how online scheduling can be used to grow your practice. Tom works in the Sales and Marketing department for LocalMed in Chicago. Growing up with nine siblings has helped strengthen his team-leading abilities, and he has always understood the value of being part of a team, whether that’s in the form of leadership or as a valuable team member. LocalMed is the only real-time online scheduling platform in the...


107 - How to 10X Overdue Recall Conversions with Cory Pinegar

In this week’s podcast episode, I interview Cory Pinegar about how to 10X your overdue recall conversions. Cory is the CEO of CallForce, a dental solutions company dedicated to helping dentists across the country succeed in their practices by helping them improve their overdue hygiene recall. He offers a variety of excellent services from scheduling appointments with your overdue patients to set up reminders for your patients. When he’s not helping dentists out, he enjoys keeping active...


106 - How To Build A Website That Tells Your Story With Joshua Scott

I’m thrilled to welcome Joshua Scott, a marketing genius and good friend of mine, to this week’s podcast episode. Joshua is not only a marketing consultant in the dental industry, but he has also been speaking to audiences for over 20 years. Josh has spent the last 15 years in the dental industry, working with practices and organizations to establish and deliver confident marketing strategies. He leads Studio 8E8 (pronounced 88), a creative marketing firm specializing in brand creation...


105 - Getting Your Patients to Optimal Health With Dan O'Rourke

This week on the podcast I had the pleasure of talking to Dan O’Rourke all about getting your patients to optimal health. Dan is extremely passionate about dentistry and the importance of balancing your professional and personal life. He has written many articles, lectured both nationally and internationally and worked with many of the industry leaders. Owning O'Rourke Dental Studio has allowed Dan to travel all across the Country continually elevating his own knowledge. He has enjoyed...


104 - How To Find Practice Growth Opportunities with Weston Lunsford

I am excited and honored to introduce you to my guest for this podcast, Weston Lunsford. Educated at Utah Valley University, Weston studied business and accounting and has over twenty years of industry experience. Weston is the CEO of Dental Intelligence, a company who can help innovate businesses and streamline office processes in order to deliver economical solutions that will make an immediate impact on practice growth. An industry leader and a good friend, I am happy to have him on...


103 - How to Integrate Sleep Apnea Treatment Into Your Practice With Dr. Meghna Dassani

I’m excited to welcome Dr. Meghna Dassani to this week’s podcast. Dr. Meghna Dassani is an internationally educated dentist located in Houston, TX. She received her dental training from University of Mumbai in India and ran a successful practice there for 6 years before moving to the U.S. A 2005 graduate of Boston University School of Dental Medicine, Meghna now practices full time in Houston, TX. She has a passion for providing patients with high quality oral healthcare that will benefit...


102 - How To Grow and Scale Your Practice With Dr. Jesse Green

I’m delighted to introduce the amazing Dr. Jesse Green to this week’s podcast episode to discuss many innovative ways to grow and scale your practice. Dr Jesse Green is a dentist, entrepreneur, coach and thought leader who specializes in working with established high-performing dentists and industry young guns hungry for success. In an increasingly over-competitive market, he has made an art of helping his elite clients play bigger, better and smarter. He is the founder of Practice Max,...


101 - How to Build a a Solid Online Reputation with Dr. Leonard Tau

I’m delighted to welcome Dr. Leonard Tau to this week’s podcast episode to discuss the importance of a solid reputation to increase patient numbers. Dr. Leonard Tau is passionate about internet marketing, social media, reputation marketing and its ability to help grow your practice. In his content-rich energizing seminars, Dr. Tau shares his firsthand experience and the tools used to achieve 100% growth in his practice since 2009 in a down economy. He maintains a full-time...


100 - How Dental Women Can Find Their Freedom With Dr. Fern White

I’m delighted to welcome Dr. Fern White onto this week’s podcast to talk about how Dental Women can find their freedom by breaking through stress to work less, earn more and take back control of their days and create a life they love. Dr. Fern White is a principal dentist, yoga and embodiment teacher, entrepreneur, coach and growth aficionado. She came as a refugee ‘by boat’ to Australia, and now is making waves around the world for founding the first online empire for Dental Women that...


099 - How To Fit Dentistry Into Any Patient's Budget With Dr. Bruce Baird

I’m delighted to introduce Dr Bruce Baird to this week’s podcast and talk about how dentists can grow their personal wealth and fit dentistry into any patient’s budget. Bruce B. Baird, DDS, has been named as one of the nation’s most productive dentists. Comprehensive treatment planning, and full-mouth restorative care has set him apart in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area. Recognizing his ability to help other dentists to achieve success, Dr. Baird partnered with Vicki McManus, RDH in 2004...


098 - Growing Your Practice Through In- House Membership Programs with Jordon Comstock

It’s great to introduce Jordon Comstock from BoomCloud on this week’s podcast to talk about how to boost your practice’s revenue through membership programs. Jordon has been in the dental industry for over 10 Years. He started out managing his family’s dental lab in Salt lake City, Utah and studied Business, Marketing, UX/UI design at The Art Institute of Salt Lake City. As he was managing the lab, he built a sales and marketing department from scratch and helped grow the lab from local...