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The Dental Leaders podcast takes you on a behind the scenes journey with emerging leaders in dentistry. Success leaves clues, and these conversations uncover the depth, detail, and backstory behind our guests. The show is hosted by dental entrepreneurs Payman Langroudi & Prav Solanki. Let the conversation flow. Find out more at

The Dental Leaders podcast takes you on a behind the scenes journey with emerging leaders in dentistry. Success leaves clues, and these conversations uncover the depth, detail, and backstory behind our guests. The show is hosted by dental entrepreneurs Payman Langroudi & Prav Solanki. Let the conversation flow. Find out more at


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The Dental Leaders podcast takes you on a behind the scenes journey with emerging leaders in dentistry. Success leaves clues, and these conversations uncover the depth, detail, and backstory behind our guests. The show is hosted by dental entrepreneurs Payman Langroudi & Prav Solanki. Let the conversation flow. Find out more at




#147- Líder Dental! Sandra Garcia Martin

Since landing in London via Madrid and New York, Sandra Garcia Martin has made a name as one of cosmetic dentistry’s leading lights. Sandra chats with Prav about the challenges of learning a new language to study dentistry, training with some of dentistry’s greatest in New York and why engaging with good causes should be on the curriculum for every clinician. Enjoy! In This Episode 02.05 - Technics and artistry 11.50 - Cosmetics, composites and kudos 18.48 - Deciding on...


#146- Return of La Sape - Shiraz Khan

This week sees the return of dentist, educator and breakdancer extraordinaire Shiraz Khan. Shiraz reveals how he almost chose a career in medicine before setting on dentistry. He describes starting on the first rung of the ladder as a receptionist and the joy of discovering he’d been accepted at dental school. He also chats about family life, overcoming career challenges, and the inspiration behind his trademark sartorial elegance. Enjoy! In This Episode 01.11 - Backstory 09.32 -...


#145- Alfonso Rao - Why Not?

Alfonso Rao has never let the lack of a big plan get in the way of success. He’s the owner of a succsesful chain of clinics and Delta training academy—one of the UK’s leading implant training facilities. Alfonso sits down for a chat with Prav about moving to the UK from his native Italy, his journey from associate to entrepreneur and how he is passing on his family’s medical heritage to the next generation. In This Episode 01.00 - Background 06.33 - Coming to the UK 13.03 - First...


#144- What Katie Blake Did

Implantologist Katie Blake couldn’t have picked a better time to purchase her first practice. Shortly after buying Cairn Brae dental practice in Witham, Essex, Katie and her husband Alex had their first child just in time for the COVID pandemic. She sits down to chat with Payman about her implant journey, training with Malo in Portugal, life as a new mum and practice owner, and much more. Enjoy! In This Episode 01.51 - Backstory 09.59 - Women in dentistry 14.05 - Surgery and...


#143- Impact! Loven Ganeswaran

This week, dentist and entrepreneur Loven Ganeswaran talks to Prav and Payman about his Chairsyde patient communication app. But it’s his impromptu hip-hop performance that really impresses! Loven talks about the challenges of building teams, raising funds and balancing time between clinical work and running a successful start. Plus, he reveals why his busy schedule will never get in the way of making music. Enjoy! In This Episode 01.42 - Chairside and visual learning 16.19 -...


#142- Both Sides of the Coin - Neil Gerrard

Neil Gerrard got an early start in dentistry, helping out at his dad’s lab, where he first started making models aged just 13. But after spending some time as a clinical dental technician, Neil enrolled in dental school to scratch his itch to work more closely with patients and see the fruits of his labour pay off first-hand. And dentistry is still very much a family affair for Neil. He now practices alongside his wife and brother, who continues their dad’s CDT legacy. Neil chats...


#141- Goodfella - Louis Mackenzie

If you’ve ever had the good luck of hearing one of Louis Mackenzie’s lectures, you’ll know you’re in for a treat: He’s one of the most engaging, entertaining and witty speakers on the circuit. Louis sits down with Prav and Payman to talk about what it takes to spot and nurture exceptional talent. They also discuss the secrets behind treatment longevity and Louis’ role at Denplan, sharing plenty of groan-inducing dad jokes along the way! Enjoy! In This Episode 02.29 - Being an...


#140- The Swan - Rajiv Ruwala

You wouldn’t know from it his calm demeanour, but Rajiv Ruwala is a busy guy. Things have always been that way for Rajiv, who purchased his first practice with his sister Aneeka before starting his VT year and quickly grew the ailing three-chair practice into a successful seven-surgery clinic. He’s since opened a second practice under the 2 Green Dental brand and is poised to open a third, just weeks after the arrival of his first child. Rajiv talks about the ups and downs of his...


#139- Odd Tyke - Dominic O’Hooley

Listeners who heard Dominic O’Hooley’s last appearance on the podcast may remember that Dominic doesn’t do small talk. And he didn’t break the habit when sitting down to chat with Prav at the Association of Dental Implantology Congress in Manchester. In what turned out to be one of the most candid and searching episodes yet, the pair talk about Dominic’s difficult upbringing, his fraught relationship with his father and the challenges of caring for a son with non-verbal...


#138- Coming to America - Upen Patel

Payman takes a trip across the pond this week to chat with UK-born Upen Patel, who practices in Sacramento, California. They explore the differences between UK and US healthcare, education and culture, and Upen chats about his experiences at some of the US’ top training academies. Payman and Upen also talk about the challenges of funding dental school, Upen’s love of squash, and much more. Enjoy! In This Episode 01.24 - Moving to the US 05.58 - UK Vs US schooling 08.39 - Funds...


#137- Dreams in Moments - Mudasser Hussain

After Mudasser Hussain discovered the transformational power of executive coaching, Mudasser Hussain decided to slim down his clinical hours to divide his time between dentistry and coaching. In this week’s episode, Mudasser chats with Payman about his motivation for helping others through coaching and how his love of football is bringing the dental profession together on social media. Mudasser and Payman also discuss the stresses and mental health challenges of being a practising...


#136- Recipe for Success - Rishi Nanavati

Foodies are in for a treat this week as we sit down to chat with dentist and Masterchef contestant Rishi Nanavati. It’s not just Masterchef judges who were impressed with Rishi’s fusion dishes—they also struck a culinary chord with fellow vegetarian and Indian food lover, Prav. Rishi takes us through his Masterchef appearance dish-by-dish, revealing how it felt to go head-to-head with eight other hopefuls. Rishi also talks about his favourite dishes, plans for the future and why...


#135- El Presidente - Amit Patel

In this week’s extended episode, Prav sits down to chat with one of the profession’s larger than life characters, Amit Patel. In a wide-ranging conversation recorded shortly before the Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) Team Congress in Manchester, ADI president Amit reveals how and why a specialist periodontist now leads the association. Amit also chats about real-life Vs online networking, imposter syndrome and why skydiving is now his preferred method of...


#134- Tasting Notes - Niall Hutchinson

Niall Hutchinson’s red wine social media posts are designed to provoke discussion on some of dentistry’s thorniest topics. So get ready for a robust and full-bodied discussion as Payman chats with one of dentistry’s most outspoken and engaging characters. Niall and Payman take crack open a red to take on everything from the saturated dental courses market to NHS dentistry, the role of corporates, and much more. Cheers! In This Episode 01.44 - Red wine 07.31 - CPD and...


#133- The Architect - Martina Hodgson

Fresh from the opening of her brand new squat practice, Martina Hodgson chats with Prav and Payman about the rationale behind opening a squat after years of successful ownership with Wakefield’s The Dental Studio. Martina also talks about her insatiable drive and ambition, being an Invisalign Diamond provider and why she teamed up with Andrea Ubhi to start the Inspiring Women in Dentistry event. In This Episode 02.04 - Backstory 05.42 - The squat and practice ownership 13.03 -...


#132- Birthday Boy - Kailesh Solanki

Things have come a long way for Kailesh Solanki since he last joined his brother Prav for a chat on the podcast and talked about winding down his clinical hours to focus on business. So how are things going? Kailesh has been busy since his last podcast appearance, finalising an exit deal for his Manchester-based Kiss clinics that will see him staying on with the brand to open and develop ten new practices. Kailesh talks about his ambitions for Kiss, discusses the challenges of exit...


#131- Persons of Note - Hannah Burrow and Jay Shah

In 2017, Hannah Burrows and Jay Shah set out to solve a problem that takes up hours of dentists’ time and designed a platform to automate clinical note-taking. Some five years on and Kiroku is going from strength to strength. Jay and Hannah chat to Payman about the challenges of starting out and their vision for Kiroku’s for the future. Enjoy! In This Episode 01.20 - Kiroku 07.20 - Meeting and incubation 11.56 - Early days and getting feedback 17.07 - Dentistry Vs changing the...


#130- Citizen Ken - Ken Finlayson

This week’s guest is the closest thing in dentistry to a media mogul. Ken Finlayson launched his first dental magazine in 1995, which quickly expanded to more than 20 digital and print titles under the FMC umbrella. Ken chats to Payman about how it all started, discusses the challenges of hosting and judging awards, Dentistry’s Top 50 List and much more. Enjoy! In This Episode 01.39 - Starting in publishing 04.00 - Backstory 08.36 - Dentistry Magazine 14.44 - Ruffling...


#129- Boy Interrupted - Adam Naughton

Adam Naughton is one of the thousands of dental students whose academic life was rudely interrupted by the COVID pandemic. In his fourth year of study, he’s yet to get hands-on with impressions, crowns, root canal and other treatments. But that hasn’t stopped Andrew from putting his name out there and finding his niche on social media early on. His Positive Smile Club Instagram channel pitches five questions on dentistry, mindset and self-development to both new and established names...


#128- Tenfold Ambition - Martin Wanendeya

We have the unpleasant smell of the farmyard to thank that Martin Wanendeya didn’t follow his early dream of becoming a vet. But the animals’ loss is dentistry’s gain: Since graduating from Bristol in 1995, Martin’s gone on to found one of the most recognised brands in dentistry and build a name as one of the most skilled implantologists in practice today. This week, Martin chats to Payman and Prav about his early days in Uganda, the shift in mindset it takes to become a leader in the...