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Dental industry experts join Reese Harper, CFP® to share insights dentists can use to make smart financial decisions. Visit for a complete list of episodes

Dental industry experts join Reese Harper, CFP® to share insights dentists can use to make smart financial decisions. Visit for a complete list of episodes
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Dental industry experts join Reese Harper, CFP® to share insights dentists can use to make smart financial decisions. Visit for a complete list of episodes




#157: Award Winning CEO of Cotopaxi Shares the Rule of 3's

On this episode of Dentist Money™, Reese interviews Davis Smith, CEO, and Founder of Cotopaxi, one of the world’s fastest-growing outdoor gear brands. Davis shares his experiences and advice on what it takes to build a fulfilling and profitable business - and how to improve your hiring process. Plus, you’ll hear how to set clear core business values, which can unite your team and cultivate a more productive office culture. To find greater practice success, view your business through the eyes...


#156: 3 Critical Ingredients for Your Decision Making Recipe

Learn how to take your decision making beyond pros and cons. You hear it at the beginning of every show: "We help dentists make smart financial decisions." In this episode of Dentist Money, Reese and Ryan (with a shout out to Benjamin Franklin), dive into the decision-making process. You'll learn how a combination of information, well-defined processes, and personal accountability lead to more confidence and better outcomes. Plus, you'll hear them discuss if and when it makes sense to trust...


#155: What Dentists Want to Know — Listener Q&A #8

Individual stocks, do they have a place inside your investment portfolio? What’s on the mind of the Dentist Money™ Show listeners? You're about to find out! With tax season around the corner, discover how to best utilize pre-tax savings accounts like 401(k)'s and IRAs vs after-tax options like Roth IRAs. Listen as Reese and Ryan talk about individual stocks and where they might fit in your overall approach to investing--and what growth strategy will actually have the biggest effect on your...


#154: Reducing Year End Taxes Could Be as Easy as 1-7-9

Reese’s guest on this Dentist Money™ Show is Jonathan VanHorn, owner of DentistMetrics, a national CPA and accounting firm that helps dentists reduce their tax burden. With 2018 almost in the books, taxes may be on your mind. On this episode, Reese and Jonathan talk about the best money-saving uses of the Section 179 tax code when it comes to equipment depreciation. It’s a timely discussion that includes why trying to move into a lower tax bracket can be significant. Get ready for some...


#153: What are the Hidden Costs of Timing the Market?

The actual cost of market timing could be higher than you’re willing to pay. On this episode of Dentist Money™, Reese and Ryan discuss the difference between thinking you’re in control—and actually being in control. They examine, how acting on that impulse can lead to poor financial performance and the emotional cost of market timing. They tie it all together with some suggestions on how to rethink your approach to market fluctuations and why a long-term, globally-diversified approach to...


#152: The Top 10% of Dentists Have This in Common

Dr. Justin Short, founder and creator of "The Lifestyle Practice," and co-author of the new book "The Titans of Dentistry: How the Top Performers Think and Act Differently," is Reese's guest on this episode of Dentist Money™. Reese and Justin discuss the top traits and skills it takes to move into the top 10% of dentists - and Justin shares the good, bad, and ugly moments that shaped his career path and led him to both personal and professional success.


#151: How Fast Should Your Net Worth Grow?

One simple formula can bring your entire financial picture into focus. Do you know what it is? On this episode of Dentist Money™, Reese and Ryan discuss an English Friar, the Principle of Parsimony, why Reese hates peacocks—and why tracking your net worth is a critical part of understanding your financial health. They break down the net worth formula and explain the pace at which yours should grow. It’s a back-to-basics conversation to help you spend your energy on the fundamentals that...


#150: How to Avoid Becoming a "Drive By" Dental Practice

On this episode of Dentist Money™, Reese and Ryan discuss how dentists can successfully position practices to “know what they are not” - and how to avoid becoming a “drive-by” dental practice. Plus, they discuss ways to build a thriving team, celebrate success with patients and - and why dentists could learn a thing or two from the Foo Fighters.


#149: Are Uninsured Patients the Key to Boosting Profitability?

On this episode of Dentist Money™, Reese interviews Dave Monahan, CEO of Kleer. Dave offers his expert take on why uninsured patients are avoiding the dentist because they overestimate the cost of treatment, and how implementing subscription pricing can help overcome that concern. Plus, you’ll hear some surprising statistics on dental insurers' profit margin, and why cutting them out—when you can—will increase your bottom line.


#148: What the Heck Does “Financial Planning” Even Mean?

You need financial advice, but how can you judge whether you’re getting real value from your “advisor?” In this episode of Dentist Money™ Reese and Ryan discuss how financial planning services are still in their infancy, and why so many advisors misuse the word “planning.” They also discuss the building blocks of a comprehensive plan. And, since financial planning isn’t a term either of them care for, you’ll finally hear why every Dentist Advisors podcast opens with “helping dentists make...


#147: Profitability Advice from a Dental-Specific CPA

When’s the last time you gave your practice a financial x-ray? Would an expert accountant find any hidden problems? Morgan Hamon, founder of HDA Accounting Group, is Reese’s guest on this episode of Dentist Money™. By focusing his firm’s tax, accounting, and consulting services solely on dentists, Morgan has gathered valuable benchmarking data to measure key performance indicators of a dental practice. During this interview, he shares his thoughts on profitability improvement and overhead...


#146: Can NBA Analytics Revolutionize Your Personal Spending Plan

Are you ignoring the most effective shot in your financial planning arsenal? In this episode of Dentist Money™ Reese and Ryan discuss how to rethink your approach to personal spending by using the money-ball analytics behind the NBA’s recent 3-point shooting revolution. And this is no boring, painful discussion about “budgeting.” Reese and Ryan deliver hope-inspiring advice on how to use effective financial planning to live a more enjoyable life both now, and in the future.


#145: 6 Secrets to Hearing “Yes” from Your Patients More Often

More referrals, fewer no-shows and higher case acceptance? It’s not too good to be true. Dr. Chris Phelps, a best-selling author and the only dentist with Cialdini Method Certified Trainer credentials, is Reese’s special guest on this episode of Dentist Money™. In this show he and Reese explore six ways to positively persuade people when they’re making decisions. As a practice owner, knowing these techniques can help you create a more productive office environment—and build your practice as...


#144: What Dentists Want to Know — Listener Q&A #7

You’ve seen the headlines: “Bull Market!” Or, “A Bear is lurking!” What do these two terms really mean for your investments? It’s time for another round of listener questions on this episode of Dentist Money™. Are we in a Bull market? How do you know it’s a Bear market? Reese and Ryan help define these overused terms, and show how a long- or short-term investment attitude really shapes the definition. And since they’re defining terms, they also discuss net worth, how it’s measured, and where...


#143: Are You Addicted to “The New Patient Fix?”

Learn how to maximize profit for each patient who comes through your door. In this episode of Dentist Money™ Reese interviews Dr. Rich Madow, co-founder of The Madow Center for Dental Practice Success, host of TBSE (The Best Seminar Ever), successful author, highly-entertaining speaker, and award-winning composer. Reese and Rich offer practical solutions to many of the issues you face as a practice owner, from how to increase profits to how to ensure your team works well together. We promise...


#142: The Naked Truth About Being Afraid

What do sharks, snakes, surfing, and mosquitoes have in common? In this episode of Dentist Money™ you’ll find out as Reese and Ryan talk about scary things that make you worry at the expense of other things you should be more concerned about. Of course the focus is on investing and how your fears might affect your future, but there’s nothing like a great analogy to get a good discussion rolling. Take a closer look at your financial fears, you may be obsessing about the wrong thing.


#141: Could Increasing Speed and Patient Count Hurt Your Production?

What’s the relationship between patient volume and practice growth? In this episode of Dentist Money™ Reese interviews Dr. Bruce Baird, practicing dentist and Founder and President of the Productive Dentist Academy. If you think being more productive means increasing your speed and adding more patients, you need to hear Dr. Baird’s practical advice. He’s helped thousands of dentists improve their productivity—and they’ve done it while working fewer hours. Listen as Reese gets Dr. Baird to...


#140: The Top Financial Concerns from a Poll of Top Dentists

Are you struggling with the same financial challenges as other dentists? Reese recently posted a survey in a popular online dental forum asking dentists what they were most concerned about when it came to their finances. In this episode of Dentist Money™ Reese and Ryan share the results of the poll and shed light on the two most popular responses. Take a second to think about the source of your financial stress, and then listen to see if you’re in good company. The results might surprise you.


#139: How the Editor of Dental Economics Manages His Practice

In this episode of Dentist Money™ Reese interviews Dr. Chris Salierno, chief editor of Dental Economics magazine and international lecturer. You’ll hear why the days of passive practice ownership are over. You’ll also learn about resources that can help you think more strategically and improve your business model. Plus, Reese and Chris have fun covering a few typical dentist issues in a fast paced lightning round.


#138: Do Big Pension Fund Investors Know Something You Don’t

Does it make sense for you to invest like big pension fund managers? The answer may surprise you. In this episode of Dentist Money™ Reese and Ryan take a close look at how investments for large endowments are managed. You’ll hear about the mix of assets in these portfolios, and you’ll learn how “alternative” investments have played into their strategies. Most importantly, you’ll discover if it makes sense for you to follow suit with your own investments.