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Grow your business! Listen to Dentists Secret Weapon Podcast!

Grow your business! Listen to Dentists Secret Weapon Podcast!




Grow your business! Listen to Dentists Secret Weapon Podcast!




#7 - Improve your sales with Gulliver Giles

In this episode we’re talking with Gulliver Giles. He is the director of sales with Strategic Anarchy and has been described as the best sales trainer on this planet. He has worked with some of the best people around the world. Josh has worked with him too, and says that Gulliver knows everything that there is to know about sales.


#6 - Health and fitness solution with Chad Molyneux

Our guest today is Chad Molyneux, a fitness coach and founder of The Health & Wealth Blueprint. This program is designed to provide busy entrepreneurs with time-efficient health and exercise solutions. Chad talks about the program that he uses with his clients, gives tips for anyone who wants to become more fit, and shares the common mistakes that he sees people make.


#5 - Quality content and excellent copywriting with Macushla Collins

In this episode, we interview Macushla Collins of Incommz. Macushla is an expert in helping people get their story out through content and copywriting. Today, she talks about why professionals need to get their story across the web and their audience, what copy and content are, and her tips when doing copywriting and content creation for your business.


#4 - Optimize your brand with Mike Young

In this episode, we hear from Mike Young, The Makeover Master who runs Your Branding Spot.


#3 - Get your peak performance with Rachel Korevaar

In this episode, we hear from Rachel Korevaar, a peak performance coach. Rachel runs RK Coaching and works with individuals and group to help them reach success in their business. Today’s topic is about peak performance and Rachel talks us through how coaches help you in reaching your goals. She also shares her own coaching method and how this method helped a client achieve the success she wanted.


#2 - Video Marketing with Wally Chiang

Today we hear from Wally Chiang. He runs 2080 Solutions, a marketing company that caters specifically to the medical field. The main topic is video marketing in the dental industry, which Wally has found lots of success in. He shares his knowledge about what dentists should do to get started, what videos should offer to clients, and what to avoid when making videos.


#1 - Chatbots with Kim Barrett

This episode’s guest is Kim Barrett. He is the founder of Your Social Voice as well as an international best-selling author, speaker, and trainer. Kim has taught marketers all over the world how to grow their business using social media. He shares his knowledge with us today by talking about the emergence of chatbots on Facebook Messenger and what messages dentists should be sending out on their social media.