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100: Celebrating 100 Episodes and 11 Years of Marriage

Hooray! The podcast hits triple digits with episode 100! Sharon is joined by her husband and Design Yourself audio engineer, Colin, to reflect on 100 episodes and 11 years of marriage. You'll hear about everything from why their 17 month old makes a guest appearance in today's show, to what Colin and Sharon have learned as individuals and a couple over the last 2+ years and 100 episodes, to what's next for the podcast. ( least 100 more episodes!) Plus Colin and Sharon record like...


99: Settle Down Without Settling

An ability to manage each detail beautifully, a drive to get things finished on time, a desire to put forth your best effort are all great gifts - with a shadow side. Perfectionism, overdrive and an expectation that you can all try a little harder can leave us feeling like we are just never finished. It could be better or faster or simply more. If any of these sentiments sound familiar than this week’s episode is for you. Hear as Sharon describes the tension between settling and settling...


97: Moving On

Goodbyes can be really hard. Sometimes because the situation is so emotionally fraught - a job you feel trapped in; a toxic relationship; a commitment that has you moving toward burn out. Sometimes because the situation is really wonderful - you are in love but have a plane to catch; your partner's fantastic new promotion means a cross country move; your dreams that once led you here are now leading you elsewhere. That last one is the position Sharon finds herself contemplating this week....


96: Trust and a Mid-Year Update

Drum roll please. The Design Myself theme for July is....Trust. We are officially over half way through 2018 (!) and in this week's episode Sharon reflects on what she has noticed and learned through her month-by-month commitment to a particular theme. Hear how April's theme of Magic catapulted her onto a new life path and how February's theme of Focus triggered some old habits that weren't really working for her. Sharon shares what's been really working and also places where she notices...


95: Design Your Own Retreat

It’s officially summertime, which means sunshine, pool parties and no excuses on taking time for yourself! That’s why this week, Sharon is giving you a lo-fi and high-impact way to create a space for yourself to bring inspiration, purpose and reflection together. Learn about why Sharon still loves the term retreat (when others worry it feels like they are hiding out with their heads in the sand), what questions to ask yourself to put a structure in place to design your own retreat, and...


94: Choiceful

One of the things that can get in the way of leading from a place of power and intention is really feeling like we have a choice in the matter. To be choiceful is to lead from a place of power and personal accountability. It’s about seeing that you are stuck - whether in a bad situation, mindset, habit - and then choosing a new path forward. This week Sharon uses a decision she’s making as she prepares for her move to the Hudson Valley to describe the difference between leading choicefully...


93: Truth (& Personal Update)

The Philovsky Family is following a dream and moving to the Hudson Valley (NY)! Hear from Sharon about what is inspiring this move to Ulster County, how this move ties into the vision she and her husband dreamed up years ago and what new work opportunities this opens up. (Psst - you can come stay on the property in a gorgeous cottage for your own personal Design Yourself retreat!) This personal update is shared within the context of this month’s theme of Truth. Sharon shares a few simple...


92: How to Say What You Want

It’s one thing to see what you want, but it’s quite another thing to be able to communicate that vision to others. When we know how to say what we want, others can help support us on that path and we can more clearly direct ourselves to the future we desire. This weeks episode looks at common roadblocks to saying what you want like fear, lack of clarity, wordiness and concern for what others think. Sharon then shares ways to overcome that resistance like being direct, getting specific...


Design Yourself Encore: Ask For Help

Today Sharon explores the topic of asking for help. You will learn about why flexing this skill is a critical component of successful leadership and sane living, what holds us back from asking for help, and why we’ve got to push forth and ask anyway. Finally, Sharon offers 5 Rules of the Road for how to get past your own discomfort or habit of not asking for help and move into the practice of doing it anyway. Ideas Shared Why Don’t We Ask For Help: We don’t know what to ask forThe...


91: Vision

Vision, if we’re lucky, is what propels us forward. We set our sights on what we want and then choose to move in that direction. It’s rare that our visionary paths are linear but the sightline helps keep our actions aligned with our values, our choice. This month’s “Design Myself” theme is vision. You will hear about how vision fits into Sharon’s larger 2018 path, receive a few questions to prompt your own visionary reflection, learn about the connection between vision and seasonal...


Design Yourself Encore: To Do Lists

This week’s episode is all about the simplest of tools for getting stuff done: The To Do List. This week Sharon geeks out on the best times to tap into this tool, her favorite 4 variations on the To Do List, and 4 tactics to make sure that you leverage this resource to best effect. Here’s the basic theory, one size fit all solutions simply don’t work. But that doesn’t mean you have to begin every solution from scratch. Sharon offers these templates and strategies to arm you with some best...


90: Getting Sh*t Done

It feels good to step out of winter hibernation and embrace the energy of spring. This week’s podcast episode is all about shifting into a space of action to get stuff done. But not just any things - the things that matter. Sharon frames this week’s conversation around how to know that you are ready to move to action by highlighting both potential red flags and readiness signals. She then offers up her tried and true resources for shifting from being ready for action to being in the...


89: Stop Worrying About Money & Try This

When we are on the midst of realizing something close to our heart, money worries often show up. It might be about fear of change or a concern about being vulnerable. No matter the circumstances, when we are on the cusp of a transition money worries are a common road block. This week’s episode highlights some of the reasons the two are so linked up and then shares strategies for how to buck this unhelpful trend. You’ll hear about how you less the fear and move into inspired action. You’ll...


88: Empowerment and Personal Style with Natalie Tincher of BU Style

Do you have one of those friends who you freaking love to hang out with and who kind of blows your mind when it comes to what she has created professionally? Natalie Tincher is just like that. She’s about as down to earth as they come and super impressive. Time Out Magazine named her business one of New York’s top personal shopping services. In today’s episode we learn all about Natalie’s journey from freelance copy editor to thriving entrepreneur. We discuss everything from fast fashion...


87: Magic

Have you ever had the feeling that things just seemed to fall into place without any effort at all? The feeling that just by wishing for something that of course it would be so? April’s “Design Myself” theme is inspired by just such a feeling – the feeling of magic. In this week’s episode, Sharon shares some of her resistance to the idea of magic and the 5 spaces she’s exploring this month to play with the wild possibility of making things happen – with ease. From getting out into her own...


86: Mindfulness and Meditation

What if I told you that you could actually increase your brain function in just 8 weeks and all you have to do is meditate? Scientific studies have shown the meditating can improve things like your memory, compassion and sense of self relevance. At the same time it can decrease your anxiety, fear and stress. In this week’s episode, Sharon shares her own journey into mindfulness and meditation and how she has come to understand these two practices. She then offers up 5 simple ways for how...


85: Things I'm Afraid To Tell You with Bethany Dufour

What are you afraid to say out loud? What places do you feel stuck? Sharon is joined by her dear friend and fellow executive coach Bethany Dufour in this week’s episode to explore these questions and more. You’ll get an honest and unfiltered look into the places where Sharon gets stuck and also get to observe a coaching conversation in action. Sharon talks about getting her chakras read, being in the middle of a transition but also feeling stuck, her fear of disappointing people and her...


84: Solving A Wicked Problem & Other Things I Learned at Alt Summit

Altitude Summit is a conference for creative entrepreneurs and social media influencers. It’s bright colors, fashionable attire, gorgeous location and - best of all - a fantastic community gathered to learn and grow together. Sharon attended this year for the first time and was blown away by the experience. She gets why 85% of attendees have come back more than once. In today’s episode, Sharon shares a glimpse into the experience of Alt Summit 2018 with headlines from talks that inspired...


83: Center

This week’s episode introduces our March theme, Center. After a hard-driving February, Sharon was ready to return to her own center. If you’ve ever found yourself working hard to achieve a goal that your own sense of wellbeing takes a backseat, perhaps you can relate. Learn how the Altitude Summit, a conference for creatives in Palm Springs, helped kickstart Sharon’s own centering practice and 5 simple ways that you can find your own center every day. Sharon shares her favorite meditations...