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19 - Small Robot Company (Part 2) - Not just any old Tom, Dick and Harry!

In part two of Andrew's interview with Sam Watson Jones of the Small Robot Company, Sam paints a picture of the future where farmers use the small precision robots on their farm as a service, allowing them to get on with other elements of farming and diversification better suited to their skills. He explains in more detail the potential he sees in these robots even potentially harvesting crops eventually and encourages Andrew not to see the farm in fields any more but down to square cms...


18 - Small Robot Company (Part 1) - Not just any old Tom, Dick and Harry!

This week Andrew is in London interviewing Sam Watson Jones from the Small Robot Company - an agri-tech start-up focused on revolutionising the way that technology is used to farm. Sam is a fourth generation farmer, inspired by the work of Simon Blackmore in the National Centre for Precision Farming at Harper Adams and his vision for replacing much of the work done by tractors in fields with a series of high accurate, smart, lightweight robots. Following interviews with farmers the small...


17 - Lisa Kalal & Erin Burns - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

In our Christmas Bumper Special and last show before Christmas, Andrew is down in the big smoke meeting with Lisa Kalal, who looks after clients at CME group mainly looking after hedgers, and Erin Burns, who heads up the commodity risk team at Tesco. They can't help but talk about agriculture post-Brexit and, with Erin and Lisa being Australian and American respectively, we get a slightly different perspective on deals, no-deals and referendums. We also get their take on women in agriculture...


16 – Dr Brande Wulff (Science Series) – The Need For Speed

In this week's feature, Claire goes back to The John Innes Centre to meet Dr Brande Wulff. Dr Wulff sheds light on how he's achieving speed breeding by using exactly the right kind of light and for prolonged periods in green houses there - achieving much faster breeding of wheat. He also talks about GM crops as he believes wheat is being left behind and that could be big mistake in the race to produce enough food. The Dewing Grain market report for week commencing 10/12/18 gives you...


15 - Ivan Bishop (Legend Series) - Summer Of ‘69

This week Andrew meets up with his mentor, Ivan Bishop, with whom he has worked at a number of different grain trading businesses over the years. They discuss the changes in grain trading since the '60s - from small two-man-band traders to the bigger companies - and reminisce about some of their funnier moments dealing with clients. The weekly Dewing Grain market report for week commencing 3/12/2018 includes the latest information and Andrew's insights into the markets. In Farmchat Webby...


14 - Kit Papworth - Nothing Compares To EU

This week Andrew meets up with Kit Papworth to hear about how he juggles his farming business and other businesses he is involved with. Kit talks about informing the public through social media about what he is doing on the farm, Andrew wonders if young people are being taught about marketing at agriculture college and they both agree Brexit is an opportunity although there may be fewer farmers about in five years. The weekly Dewing Grain market report for week commencing 26/11/2018...


13 - Dr Paul Everden - Let’s Get Physical

This week Andrew is joined by his morning training partner Dr Paul Everden. With over 30 years' experience as a local GP, Dr Everden is keen to encourage us all to take simple steps to feel better and live longer. The weekly Dewing Grain market report for week commencing 17/11/18 includes the latest information and Andrew's insights into the markets. In Farmchat Andrew and Webby meet Libby Masters from East Coast Production to talk all things social media and attempt to answer the question...


12 - Dr Chris Ridout (Science Series) - Grain That Gives Good Head

This week we return to our science series. Our producer Claire Mutimer meets Dr Chris Ridout from the John Innes Centre to find out about heritage barley, how it’s helping to breed resistance into modern crops and finding an unexpected new lease of life through craft breweries. Andrew’s back in the hot seat to give the market report for week commencing 12/11/2018 and in Farmchat Andrew and Webby talk about Ian’s mastery of the French language during his recent trip to Rouen, as well as the...


11 - Paul Munt (Legend Series) - Back to the Futures

This week Andrew talks to retired futures broker Paul Munt about hedging, options and all the factors that influence the futures market. Andrew and Paul demystify the futures market and explain how it has the potential to offer huge benefits to farmers. The Dewing Grain market report for week commencing 5/11/2018 is presented by Dewing trader Josh and gives our latest insights into the markets. In Farmchat Andrew is joined by podcast producer Claire Mutimer to reflect on the learning curve...


10 - Ben Turner - Keeping The Wheels Turning

This week Andrew is joined by Ben Turner of Ben Burgess to talk about the amazing advances in technology that allow for problems to be identified and fixed before they even happen, helping to ensure that vital equipment is always working and always productive. They also talk Brexit and big tractors, and discuss retaining staff - how to do it and why it matters. The Dewing Grain market report for week commencing 29/10/2018 is presented this week by Josh Dewing and includes our usual insights...


09 - Emily Norton - It’s A Family Affair

This week Andrew is joined by Emily Norton, Head of Rural Research at Savills, to talk about her experience of building a family brand with Nortons Dairy, diversification in farming and how the next generation of farmers need to engage with city-dwelling Instagrammers who love to photograph their food so that they understand and appreciate the food chain. The Dewing Grain market report for week commencing 22/10/2018 gives Andrew's latest insights into the market. In Farmchat Andrew explains...


08 - Rob Mutimer - And the Award Goes To...

This week Andrew is joined by Rob Mutimer fresh from him and his wife Helen winning Pig Farmer of the Year at the Farmer's Weekly Awards. Rob talks about his parents campaigning for people to eat British pork, how he has grown his butchery business Farm to Fork supplying restaurants and pubs across East Anglia alongside supplying Waitrose and his thoughts on Brexit, supermarkets and what he will do next. The Dewing Grain market report for the week commencing 15/10/2018 gives Andrew’s latest...


07 - Professor Christobel Uauy (Science Series) - Gene Genie

This week Claire heads down to the John Innes Centre, our local world-renowned agricultural science centre, to meet Professor Cristobal Uauy to find out all about the wheat genome which after 13 years of work by scientists across the globe was finally published this summer. Professor Uauy tells Claire all about how this incredible detailed mapping of all the genes in wheat will impact farmers and what a beautiful genetically adaptable plant wheat is - which is one of the reasons why it...


06 - Jimmy Grey - King Of The Road

This week Andrew meets with Jimmy Grey, Norfolk’s favourite haulier who established his company in 1980, to talk about the reality of delays and their impact on deliveries. Jimmy gives his thoughts on multi-tasking, the future for hauliers post Brexit and the challenges of technology. The Dewing Grain market report for week commencing 01/10/2018 gives Andrew’s latest insights into the markets and in Farmchat Andrew talks to Dewing Grain trader and ex-rugby professional Joseph Beardshaw....


05 - Charles Bracey - A Different Set Of Eyes

In this week’s podcast Andrew talks to Charles Bracey, a Norfolk farmer turned developer who realised there were more hours in the day than farming required and turned his strategic approach to house renovation and subsequently development. He has a fascinating take on diversification and spending your time wisely as well as seeing things with a different set of eyes from the blinkered approach that he believes he previously had. The Dewing Grain market report for the week commencing...


04 - Jamie Lockhart - My Shed Is Bigger Than Yours

This week Andrew meets with Jamie Lockhart, Farm Manager of Honingham Thorpe Farms. They discuss what it's like to market as a farm manager, Jamie's slightly unusual approach of factoring options into his budget and how he runs his successful on-farm storage. The Dewing Grain market report for the week commencing 17/09/2018 gives Andrew’s latest insights into the markets and in Farmchat Andrew is joined by son Josh to talk about seed varieties. It's the day after the harvest supper so this...


03 - Poul Hoveson - The Lay Of The Land

This week Andrew meets with Poul Hoveson, Farm and Estate Manager at Salle Farms and Farming Director of Holkham Estate, to talk about Brexit, subsidies and the opportunities available to British farmers. The Dewing Grain market report for the week commencing 10/09/2018 gives Andrew’s latest insights into the markets and in Farmchat Andrew is joined again by his wheat trader Ian Webster. They round things off by talking about the weather, an ever popular subject, and how access to what’s...


02 - David Eudall - Risky Business

Fresh from our launch at the Aylsham Show, join us for episode 2 of the Dewing Grain Podcast. Andrew's guest this week is David Eudall, Market Intelligence Partnerships Manager at AHDB. This week, following his market report for the week commencing 03/09/2018, Andrew talks to David Eudall about volatility and risk management tools. In Farmchat this week, Andrew shares a pint of Woodfordes Reedlighter with his wheat trader Ian Webster where they give slightly concerning opinions on how to...


01 - Jack Watts - Now The Dust Has Settled

Join Andrew Dewing for episode 1 of the Dewing Grain Podcast. This weeks interview is with Jack Watts, Chief Combinable Crops Advisor for the NFU, who regularly has the ear of Michael Gove. This week Andrew offers insight in his market report for the week commencing 27/08/18, and we round things off with the key question: Just what is a podcast and why are Dewing Grain making one? A free beer smooths things along as Andrew and producer Claire chat and sample Barsham Brewery's Norfolk...


Dewing Grain Podcast - Introduction and Trailer

Welcome to the trailer for the Dewing Grain Podcast - the independent grain trader for farmers. This new and informative programme will air weekly on a Monday morning and will feature Andrew Dewing of Dewing Grain, well known for his thorough research and keen insights, informing farmers about the latest market news and demystifying the process of grain trading. Each episode will include a market report on fundamentals such as the weather and international affairs as well as an in depth...