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This podcast features the best sessions from Digiday events. Hear leading executives from publishers and brands discuss the modernization of media and marketing.

This podcast features the best sessions from Digiday events. Hear leading executives from publishers and brands discuss the modernization of media and marketing.
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This podcast features the best sessions from Digiday events. Hear leading executives from publishers and brands discuss the modernization of media and marketing.




How Kendra Scott offers the the right customer experience at the right time

Kendra Scott is using data to better serve the brand’s customers, who want the best experience no matter where they’re shopping. By using the information the brand has gathered on customer behavior, Kendra Scott has built a multichannel strategy in stores and online that offers the right experience at the right time. In this session, hear from Kendra Scott’s vp of e-commerce discuss why listening to customers fuels the most powerful retail strategies.


How Allbirds grew from pop-ups to a global footprint

Online-born brands are harnessing the power of in-store retail to different degrees. After launching with a series of temporary pop-ups, Allbirds is now building a global store network, with stores in the U.S., the U.K. and China. Travis Boyce, the footwear brand's head of global retail operations, will break down the steps Allbirds has taken to get to establish a mindfully made fleet of international stores.


How Wayfair leverages new tech to create a unique shopping experience

How do you elevate the online shopping experience for customers? That’s what Matt Zisow, Wayfair’s head of product, is focused on. In this session, hear about the tech that powers Wayfair, from personalized product recommendations based on customers’ home décor styles, to helping customers figure out how a piece of furniture will look and fit in their homes.


The marketers' guide to making genuine branded TV

Marketers need to think of ways of going beyond the 30-second spot in TV. And with an increasing number of ad-free options for consumers, brands need to get more creative in how they reach the masses. In this conversation with David Lang at Mindshare, we breakdown the opportunities for agencies and marketers to make true, branded TV.


The Defining Role of Challenger Brands in OTT

OTT services, including a growing crop of virtual MVPDs, are clamoring for your ad dollars, and they have the eyeballs to warrant them. But this will not replace linear TV so fast. The content might look the same, but the dynamics of advertising on OTT are dramatically different and suggest this growing medium is going to evolve in interesting and unique ways. Kait Boulous of Varick discusses the role that challenger brands will play in shaping the future of OTT advertising.


The Evolution of Data and Technology in the OTT Space

As technology improves and as data strategies strengthen, what does that mean for the advertising wold of traditional TV and OTT platforms? Join Michael Piner from MullenLowe's Mediahub as he details advancements in targeting audiences and evaulating ads on TV screens.


How Bonnier News makes engagement count

Incredible sums of money are spent on creating engaging content how do we make sure that the audience really does engage? This session from the Digiday Publishing Summit Europe will consider how you act on insights and in an environment that is driven by campaign budgets, how you can act on engagement.


News UK's Ben Walmsley unpacks the path to a sustainable media brand

With media companies in a constant state of evolution, is there a path to sustainable media? Looking at News UK’s varied portfolio of media brands, hear what Dominic Carter thinks about the state of media and where we should be focusing efforts in order to be sustainable in the long run.


How Schibsted created a new app for their younger Norwegian audience

Younger generations are notoriously hard to reach and connect with for traditional media houses. This case study illustrates the process of how Schibsted identified and shaped a new digital news product for exactly this audience. Their User researcher, Ane Sharma will discuss how they identified the specific needs of this target group through iterative research and insights gathering, including how iteratively testing was done on the content, which was a crucial step to ensure that the...


How Business Insider monetizes international audiences

Hear from Julian Childs, SVP of International and managing director, at Business Insider UK. He will talk about the ways in which Business Insider has succeeded in building an audience and business that keeps on growing, relying on a strategic approach built on shared revenue model, single tech platform and efficiency and scalable global advertising programs for clients.


Barstool's Deirdre Lester on how they started a subscription program

A session from Digiday Publishing Summit, where Barstool CRO Deirdre Lester talks about how the strategized their subscription program.


How New York Media's dynamic paywall works

At the Digiday Publishing Summit held in Vail, Colorado, Daniel Hallac, chief product officer at New York Media, talked about how their dynamic paywall came about.


Dotdash's Neil Vogel on the state of digital media

In this fun session from the Digiday Publishing Summit, Neil Vogel, CEO of Dotdash, will dissect narratives about the digital media industry and give us his candid thoughts.


PopSugar's Geoff Schiller on creating a range of revenue products beyond advertising

The debate over paywalls and merchandise has turned to a more nuanced discussion over how to supplement advertising revenue with new income sources, ranging from membership opportunities to e-commerce. Join Geoff Schiller of PopSugar as he discusses how publishers are going beyond advertising. This session is from the Digiday Publishing Summit held in Vail, Colorado.


Talking revenue diversification with Atlantic Media's Mike Finnegan

Join Michael Finnegan, President of Atlantic Media, Inc as he discusses the ongoing evolution of the media business. Starting with looking at how its portfolio of legacy brands including The Atlantic and National Journal continue to innovate and diversify revenue sources to include a juggernaut events business, fast growing digital consultancy and other advisory services and pioneering branded content studios.


New York Magazine's Jason Sylva on the promises and perils of a flexible paywall

At the Digiday Hot Topic event in New York City, Jason Sylva talked about the flexible paywall at New York Magazine.


McClatchy's Grant Belaire: Selling slices of a bigger product

For local news, the chief selling point of a subscription is a broad range of coverage and content. But what if you started selling digital subscriptions to a small slice of content? Hear from Grant Belaire, vp, digital audience development at McClatchy, on how they've done it and what they've learned along the way.


Gizmodo's approach to Commerce

At the Digiday Hot Top event on subscriptions and commerce in New York City, Ryan Brown, svp business development at Gizmodo, talks about how he is building a community around commerce content and the lessons his team has learned along the way.


Wall Street Journal’s Jim Piercy: Brands taking content marketing in-house doesn’t threaten publishers

In diversifying their revenue streams, many publishers are trying their hand at content studios. Jim Piercy, creative director for EMEA and Asia at The Wall Street Journal discussed the opportunities and challenges for being an in-house ad agency for the Journal’s clients at the Digiday Publishing Summit Japan.


What's in and out in the media buying world?

At the Digiday Media Buying Summit, we quiz some agency executives on the tired and wired phrases in the industry today.