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A collection of podcasts from the most experienced HubSpot partner in the UK. All shows are there to help everyone Grow, Learn and Enjoy. Together. Shows include INBOUND INFLUENCERS, INBOUND AFTER HOURS, talks from various events, and more to come.

A collection of podcasts from the most experienced HubSpot partner in the UK. All shows are there to help everyone Grow, Learn and Enjoy. Together. Shows include INBOUND INFLUENCERS, INBOUND AFTER HOURS, talks from various events, and more to come.


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A collection of podcasts from the most experienced HubSpot partner in the UK. All shows are there to help everyone Grow, Learn and Enjoy. Together. Shows include INBOUND INFLUENCERS, INBOUND AFTER HOURS, talks from various events, and more to come.




Inbound After Hours- The Ins And Outs Of launching a new product or service

Mark is joined by Emily to talk through all things product launches. Is an idea any good? What are the challenges? but more importantly, how can you add value to your customers by launching new products?


HubSpot Reporting and how to get the Figures Your Boss Needs with Sam Banks - Manchester HUG

Digital 22's very own, Sam Banks shares his ideas on data reporting to make you a hero in your business.


How Marketers can use Sales Tools to Support their Sales Teams with Andrew Munnelly - Manchester HUG

This year's event takes the form of webinar as Andrew Munnelly talks us through how you can improve sales team support by using HubSpot's sales tools.


INBOUND AFTER HOURS: Connecting with prospects when we can't meet F2F

How are you finding making connections with prospects under social distancing and worldwide lockdown? We look at how to do more than just webinars when it comes to engaging people remotely.


LOVE INBOUND 2020: Yaniv Siegel - Humanising the sales process using video

We know that video is making waves in the marketing industry, and more and more businesses are reaping the benefits. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out, captivate prospects and most importantly - convert leads to deals. More emails won’t work. Consistent phone calls are obsolete. So, are you ready for your closeup? Strategic Partner Manager at Vidyard, Yaniv Siegel, told us a simple way we can get involved with the video hype during his talk at our LOVE INBOUND event this year.


LOVE INBOUND 2020: Paul Mortimer - Blog length vs User experience

LOVE INBOUND 2019 provided so much insight and it’s no surprise some of our lot wanted to be in the spotlight the following year. Our very own Head of Creative, Paul Mortimer, took to the stage and asked the all-important question, “How long should a blog be?” Starting off with a lovely little trip down memory lane, he reminisced about D22’s infancy and the challenge he was set early on to get the word out. Blog. Every. Single. Day. You could say he knows a thing or two about content.


LOVE INBOUND 2020: Rikki Lear & special guests - Inbound success stories

We wanted to do something a little different at LOVE INBOUND this year. Rather than just telling you that inbound works, we thought we’d give you some insider information. Who better to talk about the wonders of inbound than some of our clients that have experienced the initial hesitation, the challenges and the successes first-hand? Our Founder and Director at Digital 22, Rikki, welcomed Jude Browne (Marketing Director at Newcastle University), Tom Larkin (Marketing Controller at Shoes For...


LOVE INBOUND 2020: Luke Staton

The enthusiastic motivational speaker Luke Staton empowered the audience with inspiring anecdotes and encouraged the collaboration of like-minded individuals with fun icebreakers.


INBOUND AFTER HOURS: Innovative products and marketing during lockdown, HubSpot CMS and Mark’s dog

Rikki, Mark and Paul look at how businesses are getting innovative during lockdown and Mark’s dog makes an appearance. Plus the HubSpot CMS.


LOVE INBOUND 2020: Luke Summerfield - Building a peak performing website

Growth-Driven Design (GDD) is a methodology we’re pioneering here at Digital 22. Even though we’ve been trained by Luke Summerfield himself, it was pretty cool to hear him talk about it at our LOVE INBOUND event. With his progressive approach to website building and infectious passion for a customer-focused design, you can’t help but want to reevaluate your own website strategy.


LOVE INBOUND 2020: Kirsty Hulse - Super charge your ideas to get better results

“What is creativity? Why is it so important, now and in the future?” asked Kirsty Hulse, the Founder and Managing Director of Roar! Training and Manyminds, at our LOVE INBOUND event. In her talk, Kirsty focused on the science of creativity and how we as marketers and business leaders can really capitalise upon it, becoming even more creative in the process.


INBOUND INFLUENCERS with Luke Summerfield: BTS on the HubSpot CMS Hub Launch (BUMPER EPISODE!)

Ever wondered what it's like to build and launch something as big and game changing as a CMS that plans to take on Wordpress? Luke Summerfield, HubSpot Go-To-Market Lead and GDD inventor, shares a behind the scenes look at the huge launch of the HubSpot CMS Hub.


LOVE INBOUND 2020: Luke Carthy - How to smash Google Analytics for eCommerce

Luke Carthy is an eCommerce Consultant, which is another way of saying online shopping God. He came down to Digital 22’s LOVE INBOUND event to talk about eCommerce, some of the common problems people face and how to get the most out of Google Analytics (GA).


LOVE INBOUND 2020: Meghan Keaney Anderson - Evolving your content strategy.

“Breakthroughs only happen when you are completely and utterly blocked.” This was the beginning of Meghan Keaney Anderson’s talk at LOVE INBOUND 2020. Anderson is the VP of Marketing at HubSpot, so as you can imagine, she knows her stuff. During her first five years at HubSpot, Keaney enjoyed an ever-increasing amount of views on their content. But then, in 2011 - disaster. Those views started plateauing, in what Keaney calls “The Great Flattening.” Her talk at LOVE INBOUND covers how the...


INBOUND INFLUENCERS with Luke Staton: 3 steps to getting through uncertain times.

Luke Staton, motivational speaker and business coach who works with global companies and elite sports team, shares 3 steps to getting through testing and uncertain times. Subscribe to get the latest episodes every week.


INBOUND AFTER HOURS: Is hosting free events worth it? Plus; pies, takeaways and a LOVE INBOUND recap

We ask, 'Is hosting a free event really worth it?' We also recap on LOVE INBOUND 2020, our favourite speakers from that event, our thoughts on the catering and why we host it.


INBOUND AFTER HOURS: Why and how to leverage episodic video content.

We’re discussing the rise of episodic video content and how to make it work for your business


INBOUND AFTER HOURS: LOVE INBOUND 2020, YouTube and HubSpot Enterprise.

The team talk about their upcoming training event, HubSpot being fully suitable for the Enterprise market and some big news about YouTube.


INBOUND INFLUENCERS with Luke Carthy: How to grow your business with eCommerce

In this episode, Rikki sits down with eCommerce and growth consultant Luke Carthy to talk about how you can grow your business with eCommerce. He also offers some tips, touches on analytics, reporting and much more.


INBOUND AFTER HOURS: The importance of a people-driven culture code

In this episode, Mark and Paul sit down with Digital 22's Talent and Culture Manager, Mel, to discuss the creation of our culture code. They reveal the process of how it started, how they got the team involved, what's featured in our culture and loads more.