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The Digital Hospitality podcast helps business owners develop a mobile-first Internet strategy by sharing stories of innovative brands and personalities who are outranking the competition in search results. No one said running a business was easy. Let Digital Hospitality be your guide.

The Digital Hospitality podcast helps business owners develop a mobile-first Internet strategy by sharing stories of innovative brands and personalities who are outranking the competition in search results. No one said running a business was easy. Let Digital Hospitality be your guide.


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The Digital Hospitality podcast helps business owners develop a mobile-first Internet strategy by sharing stories of innovative brands and personalities who are outranking the competition in search results. No one said running a business was easy. Let Digital Hospitality be your guide.




The Art of Disruption for the Serial Entrepreneur | John Royce Lynch (PCMA Private Client Lending) | DH090

John Royce Lynch, CEO of PCMA Private Client Lending, is not just a serial entrepreneur, but a case study for success. But how do you become a serial entrepreneur? Is it by birth, by circumstance or by hunger? “I come from very humble beginnings,” admits our guest John Royce Lynch on this episode of the Digital Hospitality podcast recorded from his office in Orange County. “I think life is as a proclamation of what you make of it, your circumstances and your surroundings are not a byproduct...


Your Restaurant Sucks! | Donald Burns (The Restaurant Coach) | DH089

The Restaurant Coach Donald Burns wants to be a little voice in the back of your brain to remind you: "you can do it" — if you try. Donald Burns (@therealrestaurantcoach) wants to help your restaurant not suck. The restaurant industry veteran, speaker, author, and coach, was a guest on our Digital Hospitality podcast where he discussed business coaching, mentorship, creating a good work culture, and more. The Restaurant Coach Online | More Digital...


Pizza Empire State of Mind | Mike Bausch (Andolini’s Pizzeria) | DH088

Mike Bausch has a Pizza Empire State of Mind. To build an empire it takes an Empire State of Mind. Our Digital Hospitality podcast guest Mike Bausch is a Tulsa, OK restaurateur, world pizza champion, author, and thought-leader in the hospitality and pizza industries. He has spent more than 15 years building his pizza empire into much more than a multi-unit pizzeria chain. Like all good leaders, Mike wants to help others succeed, too. This summer Mike Bausch will be a keynote speaker at the...


Inside the Business Coaching Call – 2 Minute Drill | Mentor David Meltzer | DH087

Sit in on a 2021 business coaching call with Cali BBQ Media Founder Shawn Walchef and his mentor David Meltzer. *** On this special episode of the Digital Hospitality podcast, the mentor/mentee talk shop about season 1 of David Meltzer’s competition reality show, 2 Minute Drill and our $5,000,001 Cali BBQ Media pitch on episode 8. Making the television show was a memorable learning experience for both contestant and host. "I think the nicest thing is that we were able to create something...


Get Over Your Fears and Just Do It | Rev Ciancio (Digital Media and Marketing Strategist) | DH086

The first time marketing maven David "Rev" Ciancio married a couple was on stage at a GWAR concert, the iconic heavy metal band known for their outrageously obscene stage show. "As part of the finale, I pronounced them "Scum and Maggot," they then took the bride and the groom and fed them to the meat grinder underneath the drummer and then fed me to it," recounted Rev Ciancio, a branding and marketing expert (who was ordained online by the Universal Life Church), about his fascinating career...


Visualize The Dreams You Want to Manifest into Reality | Nabeel Alamgir (Lunchbox Technologies) | DH085

When Lunchbox Technologies CEO Nabeel Alamgir wants something to happen, he visualizes it. Before Lunchbox became a multi-million-dollar valued restaurant tech startup, Nabeel worked his way up the rungs of the hospitality ladder. To accomplish his dreams, he manifests his reality with visualizations to see each step. "I'm a visual thinker, a visual person," said the Lunchbox cofounder and chief executive officer on the Digital Hospitality podcast in his 2021 interview. Visualizing a goal —...


Sam the Cooking Guy Makes 5 Epic and Easy Recipes for Toast Live at Home | Chris Comparato (Toast Inc) interviews Sam Zien and Shawn Walchef | DH084

Watch Sam the Cooking Guy show how to make 5 epic and easy recipes for toast LIVE for the company Toast from his home in San Diego. *** Toast Inc CEO Chris Comparato interviewed Sam Zien and Shawn Walchef for this Toast company call in February 2021 about owning and operating restaurants, operating a business during the pandemic, digital marketing, creating online media, and, of course, some tasty toast recipes. As The Cooking Guy cooked up...


Uplifter of Underdogs | Nelson Tressler (The Unlucky Sperm Club author) | DH083

Nelson Tressler wants to teach you how to create your own luck and become the best version of yourself with resourcefulness and rejecting a victim mindset. *** Got excuses? Sure, you do. We all do. But how do your excuses stack up to that of entrepreneur and author Nelson Tressler? “My mom became pregnant with me when she was 15 years old,” said Nelson Tressler on the Digital Hospitality podcast. "While she was pregnant, her father murdered a police officer." “He was facing the death penalty...


Serving Restaurant Owners with Numbers, Systems, and Culture | Jim Laube ( | DH082

From Auditor to Editor, and many significant stops in-between, Jim Laube's journey has focused on serving those who serve others: restaurant owners and operators. *** Some of the biggest successes in business come from unlikely career pivots. For Jim Laube, founder and president of, a winding road of working in restaurants and working with numbers took him from auditor to editor. Looking back, Jim’s hospitality career journey began as a kid working at a corn dog stand....


Rewriting the Rules of Online Reviews | Zack Oates (Ovation Up) | DH081

Your biggest critics are often your biggest fans. But try telling that to a restaurant owner with a Yelp page. Serving as the founder and CEO of Ovation, Zack Oates is helping rewrite the rules of online reviews by making them easier and more valuable for restaurant owners, operators, and customers alike. Zack Oates Is Ovation Founder And Ceo. He Grew Up In The Restaurant And Retail World. He Went On More Than 1,000 Dates Before He Met His Wife. He Learned About Relationships From Both. In...


Building a Better Food System with Digital Tools | Chelsea van Hooven (Choco App) | DH080

Chelsea van Hooven and Choco are here to change the world by helping build a better food system with technology. Chelsea van Hooven is Global Industry Advisor for Choco, a digital ordering tool for restaurants and suppliers of all sizes. The Choco team is looking to digitize the food system so that less food is wasted, and more people are fed. This makes a major mark on global hunger and helps the food industry long plagued by razor-thin margins. The goal of Choco is to help food businesses:...


A Maestro of Meat and Marketing | Jason Ganahl (GQue BBQ) | DH079

Jason Ganahl is a Maestro of Meat and Marketing. The GQue BBQ founder's love for barbecue, people, and sports has allowed him to flourish. To do so, he’s had to network not only to thrive but also to survive. Being outside of the major traditional barbecue markets has made Jason Ganahl hustle hard not just in his food service area but also online. Jason Ganahl is our guest on the Digital Hospitality podcast, where he talked about running a successful BBQ and catering business in Colorado,...


In-House Delivery vs Third-Party Delivery | Roger Avats and Josh Kopel (Inhouse Delivery Company) | DH078

2021 is here, but the pandemic and the pivots pioneered because of it are still very much at hand. While the restaurant industry has been forced to suffer, adapt and evolve in 2020 more than most, the shift to takeout and delivery has allowed many doors (like at Cali BBQ) to stay open. Still, it hasn’t been easy. Though savvy restaurant owners and operators have been able to master the marketplaces that allow them to get their food to the customers that can’t dine in, it still proves...


2020 Stories and Lessons from Cali BBQ Media – Part 5 | Sam the Cooking Guy and Cali BBQ Sauce | DH077

2020 was full of Lessons and Stories we will always remember. One is the story of how Sam the Cooking Guy pushed us to start selling BBQ sauce online after his YouTube channel featuring our Jalapeno BBQ Sauce in one of his Sam the Cooking Guy recipes in late 2020. Out of pure love and friendship Sam The Cooking Guy Zien and his son Max Zien integrated our Cali BBQ Sauce into the YouTube recipe for his Best BBQ Chicken Sliders. We are now selling more BBQ Sauce...


2020 Stories and Lessons from Cali BBQ Media – Part 4 | Toast POS Unboxing and Digital Content | DH076

If you're looking for digital content to help tell your businesses story, turn the cell phone camera yourself. That's what we did when made an Unboxing Video when we first received our new Toast POS system. It was fun to record us opening up our new restaurant technology toys, but the biggest impact came after we published the video online. The response was huge — from our community and the Toast company itself. You don't need a professional media team to plan,...


2020 Stories and Lessons from Cali BBQ Media – Part 3 | Sunrise Gratitude and Spreading Kindness | DH075

We strive to bring you behind the scenes of running a BBQ Media company. We do that by publishing digital content (video, blogs, audio podcasts just like this) that explains the Stories and Lessons surrounding what we do and how we do it. The Digital Hospitality challenge for you is simple: try every day to change your life for the better. Every time the sun comes up or goes down you should feel grateful for another day. Each new day is another day to be your best. Digital Hospitality Stay...


2020 Stories and Lessons from Cali BBQ Media – Part 2 | More Publishing Content is Better | DH074

It's better to be done, then perfect. When it comes to digital content creation, sometimes you just have to press publish before you think your work is perfect. Speed is important when it comes to publishing online, as is frequency. The more content you can put out online, the more attention you will receive. In the modern era, we're in an attention economy and you should be an attention merchant. Remember A.B.P. Always Be Planning Always Be Producing Always Be Publishing Always Be Promoting...


2020 Stories and Lessons from Cali BBQ Media – Part 1 | Tiger King and the Pandemic | DH073

There were many stories and lessons that we at Cali BBQ Media will always remember from 2020, a year when so much changed. We wanted to do something a little bit different for our first five Digital Hospitality podcast episodes of 2021. To celebrate the end of 2020 and to kick off the new year, we will be joined by Stover Harger III, the executive producer of Cali BBQ Media and this Digital Hospitality podcast. Over the next five episodes, we will run through some moments we learned from in...


World’s Fastest and Most Accurate Knife Thrower | The Great Throwdini David Adamovich | DH072

Find your talent, not your title. The term 'multi-hyphenate’ gets thrown around a lot these days. However, David Adamovich, an ordained minister, doctor, entertainer, and author, doesn’t throw his titles around. David throws knives instead. The Great Throwdini David Adamovich was a guest on the Digital Hospitality podcast where the impalement artist talked about transforming himself into the "World's Fastest and Most Accurate Knife Thrower." What did you learn from this podcast episode...


Digital Resources and Help to Inspire Restaurant Owners | Shawn Walchef on Corner Booth Podcast | DH071

There's a reason we recommend every restaurateur read Restaurant Startup and Growth and join Having up-to-date information aggregated from experts in the industry is vital to staying current in any business, especially for restaurant owners and operators. As we built up Cali BBQ and evolved the restaurant over the years, a vital and inspiring resource for us has always been the articles and industry data found on The Corner Booth Podcast, hosted...