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Digital Marketing Masters, brought to you by Hook SEO Digital Marketing of Hillsboro, Oregon. We cover topics about marketing

Digital Marketing Masters, brought to you by Hook SEO Digital Marketing of Hillsboro, Oregon. We cover topics about marketing
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Digital Marketing Masters, brought to you by Hook SEO Digital Marketing of Hillsboro, Oregon. We cover topics about marketing




041 - Increase the Value of Your Time with Nathan Cook

There are a lot of ways we can limit our potential. From not charging enough for our services to undervaluing ourselves, there is a lot of self-sabotage. Many times these problems can be subconscious or need a shift in mindset. Nathan Cook helps us unpack the things that are holding back many business professionals.


040 - Small Brand Marketing for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming in the USA and there are similar sale days in other countries, such as Boxing Day sales in Canada. We discuss ideas and tactics that small businesses and online businesses can do more to combat big businesses spending a furtune on ads.


039 - Halloween Scare: A Dozen Habits of People Going Nowhere

There are more than enough articles about what successful entrepreneurs and business leaders do. But what about the habits of people who are stuck and never seem to be able to get out of the rut they are in? This Halloween we discuss the scary side of growing as a person... people who aren't and why.


038 - Next Level Map Rankings with Matt Rouse

Jeremy and Matt chat about some next-level SEO tactics to crush the local rankings for your business. Most SEO companies aren't even using these tactics yet, so you can break away from the pack in the map-pack.


037 - Marketing in an Industry Banned by Google

Join us with Brandon Svoboda from A Plus Bail Bonds in Washington State, talking about the world of getting people out of jail. We talk about artificial intelligence use in the world of bail bonds and the court system and what to do when your industry gets banned from advertising on google.


036 - Getting Started With Systems and CRMs with Amanda Marcott

Being a business owner means you wear a lot of hats. If you want to save time and work on your business, you need systems. Join us as we talk with Amanda Marcott about how to get started putting together a proper system and some of the tools she uses.


035 - Financial Freedom in Investment Real Estate with Dan Hayes and Ben Ficker (part 2)

Do you understand the real estate cycles? There's no "set-it and forget-it" in investment real estate, with problems such as changes in legislation, tenant issues, maintenance, etc., so how do you determine what type of investment property is right for you and your needs? Ben Ficker and Dan Hayes talk with us about building wealth and financial freedom with investment real estate. There's a lot more involved than most people think. Do you understand the total economic benefit that comes with...


034 - How Legislation Can Affect Investment Real Estate with Dan Hayes (part 1)

The investment real estate market has never been hotter, but increasing legislation like rent control and tenant landlord law is making it more complex all the time. How can you manage risk but still get the rewards? In part 1 of our two part series on investment real estate and legislation, we talk with property management company owner, Dan Hayes.


033 - Updating the Art of Teaching Music with Morgan Roe

Join Matt, Jeremy, and special guest Morgan Roe who manages Bach to Rock Music School in Hillsboro, Oregon, where we record this podcast. We talk about a new approach to teaching music and marketing through demonstrative events.


032 - LinkedIn Marketing Tips with Elizabeth Borelli

LinkedIn has a pulse again and is turning into a huge source for driving new business. Elizabeth Borelli joins us to talk about promoting your service offering on LinkedIn by optimizing your profile and then using referral networking strategies to connect with decision-makers and prospective clients.


031 - Better Than Fine

This episode is way better than "just fine." Find out how to take your business out of the friend-zone and into a full-blown love affair with your customers. Stop leaving people with the feeling that their experience with your brand was "fine" and get them raving.


Problem Solvers 003 - How Far Down Does the Facebook Ads Rabbit Hole Go?

Most business owners understand boosting posts on Facebook but how far down the rabbit hole can you go with Facebook Ad Manager?


030 - Chocolate, Kickstarter, and Food Entrepreneurship with David Gadlin

Join David, Matt, and Jeremy as they discuss launching a food business, Kickstarter, and the retail apocalypse. We also talk about how to leverage the non-scalable to help you scale later, and finding your place in the market. Kickstarter is live now:


029 - Short Term Rental Management with Corey Tigner

There is a new kind of property management for investment properties and it's short term rentals. This isn't just throwing an ad on Airbnb anymore. Cory with iTrip Vacations is in the house to discuss long term management with short term rentals.


028 - Travel Agents Still Exist with Julie Golzarian

In the age of online travel websites, it turns out Travel Agents haven't all disappeared and they have some unique value to offer you and your business. We are joined by Julie from All Planned Travel and she has some great travel hacks, time savers, and ways to avoid travel frustrations.


027 - Getting Your Business Unstuck with Executive Coach Kerry Walls

We are joined by Business and Executive Coach Kerry Walls from Portland, Maine to talk about the biggest mistakes business owners run into when they are trying to grow their business. we chat about getting your business unstuck, opportunity costs, hiring staff for a growth mindset and running your business from a higher level.


026 - Going All-In With Your Personal Brand with Realtor Lauren Goché

I know we tell everyone to not talk about politics or religion for your business unless it is your business, but our guest Lauren Goché is joining us to talk about going "all-in" on your personal brand and talking passionately about the things you believe in.


Problem Solvers 002 - SEO Ranking Basics

With so much bad advice on the Internet and companies spamming you from all over the world about how they can, "get number 1 for you on page 1 of google," how do you figure out what to do? Jeremy and Matt chat about SEO basics for business both local and online. Matt has been doing SEO since the 90's and is the author of the Crush SEO book series.


025 - Professional Organizing with Anne Blumer

Get your business and your life organized with Anne Blumer who runs the Institute for Professional Organizers and is herself, a professional organizer, author, and speaker. We also dig into some ideas for self-publishing your book.


024 - Break Past Your Impostor Syndrome with Kara Radecki

Put some seat-belts on your insecurities, because this episode is going to help you break through those self-imposed barriers. Also, find out how counseling can help your staff or management employees make your workplace more positive and productive. An enlightening conversation with Kara Radecki from Ancora Counselling about what Impostor Syndrome is, how to overcome it, and the state of mental health in the entrepreneur, business, and remote worker world we live in.