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Digital marketing strategies, tactics and practical advice for lawyers in SEO, content marketing, social media and more

Digital marketing strategies, tactics and practical advice for lawyers in SEO, content marketing, social media and more
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Digital marketing strategies, tactics and practical advice for lawyers in SEO, content marketing, social media and more






2019 Awaits – Are you Ready?

The final episode of 2018 is a bit different - let's take a look at 3 big areas that you need to be thinking about in your 2019 digital marketing efforts. Are you ready?


Realistic Expectations of Digital Marketing

So it would be nice to have a $5m ad spend each year, to kickstart our efforts and drive the necessary attention our way. But most of us don't have that. So what do we need to keep in mind in terms of expectations in our digital marketing? It's something I mentioned right at the start of this series...


Does the World Need Another LinkedIn Comment?

I regularly recommend that people "get amongst it" on social media by commenting more on other people's posts. This isn't always received with enormous support, with some wondering how a little comment here and there could possibly make any difference to their marketing strategy. That's a fair topic for discussion... so let's discuss it!


How to Start Improving your Copywriting

I bang on regularly about how poorly written some legal articles are. Despite this, as lawyers we convince ourselves that we're good writers, which is only a partial truth at best. We might be (although rarely are) good at writing a particular type of legal document. But that doesn't mean we're good at copywriting for marketing purposes. So what's the first thing we can do to start on the road to recovery?


What is Newsjacking and Why Should you Care?

One of the most powerful ways of getting yourself in front of a wider audience and positioning yourself as an expert is through newsjacking. Not heard the term before? No problem - let's chat about what it is and how it can help you.


What to Email your Database?

Building a database is one thing, but deciding what to actually send it is a completely different decision. Most law firms send out newsletters or links to their latest articles. That's fine (if you go for that kind of thing) but what else are you going to send people to mix it up a bit and offer them real value for being your best fans? Here are three ideas you can use easily and often.


A Simple Way to Improve your Legal Updates

It's true - I rant and rave about how much I dislike the stock standard "timely reminder" case law, legislative or academic legal updates. They stink, and they're boring. But I'm not against legal updates entirely - just ones that are done poorly. So let's see how we might be able to sharpen our attention on making this fundamental content type a bit better.


An Easy Start in Video Marketing

Lots of lawyers know (or at least, think perhaps) that video marketing could be a powerful tool in their arsenal. But despite having the fleeting thought, most do very little about it. All sorts of barriers might prevent you from getting started, so in this episode I'm trying to remove a few of them.


Gotta Turn Up if you Want to Play

Image for a second if you joined an association, said hello to one person at the start of the year, and then missed 29 consecutive events. How do you think it would go if on event number 30 you showed up an asked to give a speech about your product or service? Asking people to hire you as their lawyer? It would go badly. And there's a good reason for that.


Still Trying to Game the Algorithm?

Should you obsess over the best time of day, the best day of the week, the best content type, the precise word count that achieves the best results? While I love a good algorithm chat now and again, we have to be a bit cautious about going nuts over the whole thing. Let's chat about an approach that won't result in you wearing aluminium on your head, but won't totally ignore the process completely.


Facebook Must Hate Me

Something's wrong - I post and post and post, I share and share and share, and every day my reach on social media gets smaller and smaller. What's going on? Does Facebook simply hate me? Am I doing something wrong? Are the coding the algorithm to frustrate my efforts entirely? Or is it that Facebook just "doesn't work"?


Should You Start a Podcast?

There's a good chance you're about to listen to a podcast about podcasting, which I accept is a little odd. And given that I have a few podcasts going, you might think that my answer to this is predictable. But perhaps it isn't going to be what you think...


Hi Ho, Hi Ho… to SEO I go…

Yes I said it - SEO matters. But far from the domain of the ultra-nerdy, or perhaps the super-technical lawyer, SEO is a necessary skill for any legal business owner. But why? Why can you not simply delegate everything to an SEO agency and hope that they're going to do a bang up job? Here's why...


Basing your Opinions About Marketing on Fact… or Fiction?

Lawyers have lots of opinions about lots of stuff. But when it comes to your opinion on social media, digital marketing, blogging or anything else that might be a little outside your comfort zone... what are you basing those opinions on? Are you going with the people who have experience and success in the area? Or are you going with Joe, the guy you spoke with yesterday who has strong opinions but no actual experience?


Should you Send an Email Newsletter?

You probably get a few email newsletters yourself, right? They come in packed with promise, articles, links, quotes and much more. So the question of the day is... should YOU produce an email newsletter. Will it WOW your readers, build your audience and work wonders for your firm? Or is it just a waste of time...


The Warm Cuddle of Vanity Metrics

Vanity, vanity, everything is vanity... Including the metrics that many marketing teams tell their firms mean they're doing well on social media. But then, not everything is always as doom and gloom as all that - sometimes vanity metrics actually mean something. But does that make them not vanity metrics anymore? It's all very confusing - just listen to the episode and it'll make more sense.


Duh Alert! You’re Wasting Time on Social Media

It's not because social media is bad, and it's not because the platforms are hard to use. It's because you don't have a plan. Spending enormous amounts of time on social media, scrolling through news feeds, clicking random buttons, and hoping that something good will happen. This is the social media "strategy" of many lawyers. And it's a terrible one.


Will a DIY Website Wreck your Firm?

Lawyers love to overspend on website design. We get custom bells and whistles, hard coded solutions to non-existent problems, and complicated sites that we don't understand how to use. Or, we could go for a DIY website where we understand the nuts and bolts, how to use it and what to do with it. But is that really the best idea? After all, you don't really want the home-made look when it comes to your website design. So what's the deal?


Content Combat – Should you Only Share your Own Stuff?

Many lawyers I speak to are reluctant (read: totally unwilling) to share anything at all created by another lawyer. The concern is, of course, that when they do so everyone who sees it will think "ah-huh! Lawyer A is clearly inferior to lawyer B, because they shared lawyer B's content. Therefore all our business in the future shall go to lawyer B". In short, it's the mentality of someone living in competition land. So let's think about this for a minute - is that concern justified, or...


Overpaying for Websites that Achieve Nothing

Lawyers were pretty late to the party when it comes to getting a website up and running. Now, in an effort to catch up with our past laggard status, we've embraced the concept... by finding the most expensive custom website designers we can possibly find and paying them enormous amounts of money. For very little benefit. Find out what I mean, and what you can do about it at a threshold level before you even start sketching out a wireframe for your next website, or talking with a designer.