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Episode 12 - Google My Business

Google My Business has always been one of those things that you have probably always had for your business but you've never actually taken much notice of it. It's been set up and left. However, in 2018, Google has been doing a lot of work on Google My Business platform and we are already seeing that it is now a more powerful local SEO tool than it was in previous years. So, now that under-appreciated tool should be one of your priorities moving into 2019. In this episode of the Digital...


Episode 11 - Angry Digital Marketing with Sarah Jo Crawford

Sarah Jo Crawford from Sparkworth joins me this episode and we talk about all the things that essentially get us angry in the digital world. We discuss all about video marketing and how it should be done properly. Don't be overly perfect when it comes to your videos, if you make a mistake then who cares! and please, oh please! Stop taking videos in cars! It's not cool! Sarah works with speakers who want to gain more bookings and she's really, really good at it. Want to so more of what...


Episode 10 - Wonderful World of SEO with Ric Rodriguez

SEO is NOT Digital Voodoo. I invited Ric Rodriguez onto the podcast this week to talk about the wonderful world of SEO. I was very excited to bring Ric onto the podcast this week, who is the superhero of the SEO world. His job title actually is DIRECTOR OF SEO. How much more proof do you need?! We discuss; If you want to find out more about Ric and his work...


Episode 9 - Sourcing Ideas for Good Content That People Want to Read with Adam Bennett

Content is often the backbone of all digital marketing strategies, without content you're not adding value, but merely advertising. Which is more like yelling at people to buy your product. Content rolls into your SEO, social media and user experience efforts so creating good content is somewhat important task for any business to do. However, it can be a right royal pain! Finding ideas for content can be really tricky. More so, when you are trying to find ideas for content that people...


Episode 8 - Google Algorithm Update

You may have heard that a huge algorithm update hit us at the start of August 2018. These update often mean a massive shake up in Google Ranking for websites just like yours... However, there is a lot of confusion about what this all means and what a Google Algorithm update actually is. So I took some time to discuss what an algorithm update actually means and what it is, including how they are different from the past to now. I know, a lot of non-reputable agencies talk of algorithm...


Episode 7 - Shopify with Josh Decaire

Selling your products online can probably sound like a huge daunting task. Building a website with the products on, shipping costs, payment gateways, it goes on and on. In the old days you had one major platform to use if you wanted a online store, Magento. It's big, it's cumbersome and quite frankly it's expensive to get. So it's not a viable option for small business owners, or even medium business owners who already have a bricks and mortar store. Now however, a new-ish platform has...


Episode 6 - Wordpress with Ben Furfie - Part 2

This time me and Ben talk more about the technicalities of Wordpress as a website content management system. Is it still up to the task of delivering fully functional websites whilst still being based on a blogging platform? In this world of speed and the importance of speed to search engines, mostly Google, does this have repercussions on SEO efforts? Is there an alternative to Wordpress? Or will there be an alternative to Wordpress? Ben seems to know that one might possibility be...


Episode 5 - Wordpress with Ben Furfie - Part 1

Wordpress is now a widely used content management systems to create a build websites from. But why is it so popular and where did it come from? I speak to Ben Furfie a friend of the show and web developer who was able to tell me why Wordpress is so widely used, it's strengths and it's pitfalls. We go off on some crazy tangents so this interview is a bit here, there and everywhere, but it's hugely interesting for anyone looking to build a website on Wordpress. We try and uncover the truth...


Episode 4 - Web Based Website Builders with Kaz Laljee

It's one of the first things that a business will consider once they get their branding sorted (see previous podcast). Creating a website and starting to get a digital presence. A new website from an agency can have costs that go into the thousands, so what about a small businesses or a startup that might not have the revenue yet to warrant a cost like that. There is an alternative however, web based website builders can allow you for a low monthly cost to build a website on the...


Episode 3 - Branding with Josh Jackson from eJigsaw

On episode 3 of the Digital Marketing Punkcast I have special guest of Josh Jackson, who is the Lead Designer at eJigsaw a digital agency in Chester. We discuss a topic very close to his heart, Branding. We discuss the important of branding for a business. What value should businesses be holding their branding? Should branding be done by yourself or by a professional? What should business owners be thinking about when creating their branding? What should you expect to come out with when...


Episode 2 - Google I/O 2018 Reaction

I break down what happened at Google I/O 2018 this year. I explain what on earth Google I/O is and why you should care if you are marketing your business. I explain what was announced that was important for digital marketing such as;


Episode 1 - Introduction

A quick introduction to the Digital Marketing Podcast. I talk about who I am, why I'm doing this podcast and what you can expect in the future from this digital marketing podcast with a difference.