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Digital Powers Flexible: Consumer Products is a podcast brought to you by Siemens Digital Industry Software.


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Digital Powers Flexible: Consumer Products is a podcast brought to you by Siemens Digital Industry Software.




Digital Solutions for Flexible Manufacturing

How are companies today appeasing the ever-growing needs of consumers? As customers are increasingly wanting a greater depth of information before making purchasing decisions, manufacturers must find ways to increase transparency in their products and their processes. It’s no longer only about the item, but also where it came from, who made it, and how it got into your hands. Knowledge about the process, paired with the desire to customize and personalize each product, means that...


The Digital Threads Simplifying the Manufacturing Adaptation Process

We’re living in a time where change happens fast. Whether it’s directed by the needs of consumers, changes in regulation or worldwide events like a pandemic, industries of every persuasion require the ability to adapt swiftly. When a single change to a product translates to hundreds, even thousands, of alterations in manufacturing specifications and procedures, how does an organization make those changes without significant financial consequences? This is where product lifecycle intelligence...


Digital Solutions and Sustainability in Consumer Product Manufacturing

In our last episode, we talked about some of the challenges facing the consumer goods market, particularly within manufacturing. Harnessing the power of social media, consumers are now the drivers of change. In order to meet those ever changing needs, the manufacturing industry must find innovative ways to keep up if they want to remain relevant to the consumer. To achieve this, we need solutions and technologies which cater towards the needs of each unique market. Today we’re talking to...


Planning for Flexibility in a Consumer-Driven Product Market

When it comes to driving product innovation, the consumer is king. Millennials today recognize a desired change in a product or brand, and in no time they’re using the power of social media, creating momentum to drive that change. This consumer behavior is changing the dynamics of the industry, making the need for flexibility increasingly important. Meeting the demands of consumers by having the ability to customize products on a mass scale can catapult a business to the forefront of the...


Digital Powers Flexible

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