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FKA The Helpdesk. Our business is other people's business – literally. Intermix with Integris dives into the organizations that impact their local communities on a daily basis and what we can learn from them. Hosted by members of the Integris team with unique specialties of their own, Intermix is celebrating over a hundred episodes of insightful interviews.


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FKA The Helpdesk. Our business is other people's business – literally. Intermix with Integris dives into the organizations that impact their local communities on a daily basis and what we can learn from them. Hosted by members of the Integris team with unique specialties of their own, Intermix is celebrating over a hundred episodes of insightful interviews.








6 Stones

Join us as we learn about 6 Stones community efforts in Texas, their achivements, and goals for the future!


The Hennepin Theatre Trust

Welcome to Intermix with Integris! In this episode, our host Scott Pruim sits down with Ari Koehnen Sweeney, Director of Creative Arts Partnerships at Hennepin Theatre Trust. Annually, the Trust serves more than 8,000 high school students statewide and brings nearly 600,000 people to the Hennepin Theatre District to experience art on the street and stage. Ari gives insight into the theatre, her history there, and what their goals are going forward as an organization.


"Knowledge, You Can Teach"

Scott sits down (in person!) with George Hall. George is the President of LINQ, a managed mobility services provider, and There Goes My Hero, a nonprofit dedicated to those impacted by blood cancer, both headquartered in Baltimore. George talks about his very eventful first day in Maryland, what he looks for in new hires, the easy way you could save a life, and more.


“Anything We Can Do to Make It Right Is Our Thing”

Scott sits down with Jared Nolan, CEO of Norman & Young, a full service media company serving real estate agents. Jared talks about the highs and lows the pandemic has brought the industry, the new technology and standards raising the bar in the industry, and how he's handled his rise from photographer to CEO.


What IT Leaders Are Facing, and How to Fix It

Anthony sits down with Stephen Hanson, Regional Director of Sales for Integris in the midwestern region, for a discussion on the problems and opportunities that IT leaders across the country are facing, and the possible methods of resolving these issues in the short and longterm.

Cybersecurity Policies: What Businesses Miss

Susan sits down with Nick McCourt, Lead vCISO at Integris, to discuss all things cybersecurity policy: what they are, why they're important, and what businesses often miss when they create them (if they create them at all). See our article, as mentioned in the episode, for more info:

Helping Small Businesses Now and in the Future

Sylvia Brookshire, Account Executive at Integris, sits down with Anthony to talk about how her background as an immigrant and experience with small businesses from childhood influenced her career path, and how Integris can help small businesses now and in the future.

Microsoft 365 Defender: A Good XDR Solution?

Susan and Nick talk through Microsoft 365 Defender, Microsoft's take on an Extended Detection & Response (XDR) solution.

Empowering Healthy Families: Any Baby Can

Anthony sits down with Isabel Cobo, an Early Intervention Specialist and the Early Childhood Intervention Program Coordinator for Any Baby Can, an Austin-based nonprofit that offers parent education, family health, and child development programs. Partner shoutouts: El Buen Samaritano Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics at Dell Children's


"Let's Create A Company To Fill This Void"

Scott sits down with Noah Berk, Co-Founder of obo., a digital transformation agency. Noah delves into the reasoning behind the agency's creation, its foundational approach to training in this new sphere, and how clients get the best out of digital transformation.


"Show You Care About More Than Just The Bottom Line"

Scott sits down with Erik Crown, a marketing expert with over 20 years of experience in fields like law and healthcare. Erik talks about ways that organizations can create an authentic mission to give back and engage employees.


Not Just Cookies & Camp: Embracing Inclusion & STEM in Girl Scouts

Anthony sits down with Sara Shaw Meyer, Director of Development at the Girl Scouts River Valleys (GSRV), which serves over 20,000 girls annually throughout Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Sara talks through recent and evolving DEI initiatives, ways that GSRV is engaging STEM interest in girls at a young age, and their upcoming Celebrate Changemakers event – both virtual and in-person – on May 11th.


MSPs & Georgian History

Anthony sits down with Jay Brackman, a Solution Advisor at Integris who has a very interesting career story and a very interesting podcast, Georgia History Guy.


Advancing Cybersecurity with CAMI

Scott sits down with Tasha Cornish, Executive Director for the Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc (CAMI). Tasha discusses CAMI's mission, recent trends in cybersecurity, and more.


Best Practices to Implement in IT

Anthony sits down with Jed to run through some best practices that, when properly implemented, can improve an organization's technology experience.


“See Technology as an Advantage and Powerful Tool”

Anthony sits down with Gene Dunn, Director of Support and Professional Services out of Integris' Atlanta office, for a chat about Gene's career, a typical day in his life, and where he sees technology going.


Shields Up: Everything You Need to Know About Russian Cybersecurity Defense

Susan Gosselin, a Senior Writer at Integris, sits down with Nick McCourt, a vCISO at Integris, to take an in-depth look into Shields Up. With reports of the Russian government looking into opportunities for increased cyberattacks, what should businesses be focusing on when it comes to their own cybersecurity?


Finding Purpose in Adversity: Hearts 4 Henry

Anthony sits down with Hailey Witzel, President of Hearts 4 Henry. At 20 weeks, Hailey and her husband Barret, a Service Supervisor at Integris, learned their son Henry would be born with a complex and rare congenital heart defect (CHD). Following Henry’s successful heart transplant at 10 months old, Hailey found purpose in raising awareness of CHD and helping other families. The First Annual Hearts 4 Henry Golf Tournament is sold out, but tickets for the Silent Auction and dinner are still available! H4H also has a wide range of branded apparel for all ages.


“Caring is Not Enough”

Anthony talks with Kevin Vitale, Director of Managed Services Concierge for Integris. Kevin walks through starting, maintaining, and scaling a program for client relationships at the organization, along with its potential pitfalls and benefits.


Russia Cyberwarfare & the Security Culture Maturity Model

Anthony & Jed discuss the cybersecurity implications of the situation in Ukraine, and a Security Culture Maturity Model as described by KnowBe4.