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For #CSR professionals looking at social purpose. Tom & Steph interview Businesses, Charities and thought leaders about those who are refusing to make social purpose just a box to tick.

For #CSR professionals looking at social purpose. Tom & Steph interview Businesses, Charities and thought leaders about those who are refusing to make social purpose just a box to tick.
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For #CSR professionals looking at social purpose. Tom & Steph interview Businesses, Charities and thought leaders about those who are refusing to make social purpose just a box to tick.






4: Claire Bavister - Variety in Fundraising - Views are my own

Claire isn't one to follow the norms as a fundraiser, looking for different sources of information and ideas to inspire her next big push in fundraising. An absolute delight to chat with, and someone who really knows her stuff, we hope you enjoy!


3: Lydia Scott - Chug Life - Views are my own

Lydia works in community fundraising, but has a rich past of face to face fundraising, and knows her stuff when it comes to interacting with "jo public" - some interesting insights from Lydia - Enjoy!!


2: Catriona Sinclair - Chats on Stats - Views are my own

We met with Catriona Sinclair from Breast Cancer Care: Fundraiser extraordinaire, statistics wiz, and all-round wonderful human. our intention was to chat about philanthropy, but once we got on to statistics - Well listen for yourself! it was a great chat, and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it!


1: Gabi Field - Donor Love - Views are my own

VIEW ARE MY OWN: welcome to a hijacking of disrupting purpose podcast in the first of 4 charity interviews about fundraising. In this episode, we chat with Gabi Field - fundraising and loving your supporters. In this podcast, all views are our own and don't necessarily represent the views of any specific charities or indeed the sector - it's designed to give you something to think about while thinking about fundraising. tickets available at www.charityslam.com


17: PwC - Disrupting Purpose with David Adair

How to get your purpose driven ideas forward, starting a restaurant when you're a consultancy firm and changing the supply chain to support more Social Enterprises. PwC have 20,000 employees, and they actively encourage staff and teams to get involved in the best way possible. It was a delight to interview David, and we hope you enjoy listening to it, and maybe learn a thing or two!


16: BWB LLP and Kin & Co. - Disrupting Purpose with Becci Gould and Martin Bunch

Law firms are often making sure they are seen to be doing good, but how many of them really are? Martin Bunch, Managing Partner at BWB LLP law firm, and Becci Gould Senior Account Director at Kin & Co meet with Tom and Steph to discuss more. BWB and Kin & Co. have been working together for a while now on building a purpose piece at BWB LLP. We talk about what they have done to get it from concept to daily routine, bringing fun into the serious elements of what they do, and we discuss ideas...


15: Champing - Disrupting Purpose with Chana James

How do you repurpose something? Champing is "camping in churches" an initiative launched by the Churches Conservation Trust to get more people visiting their churches, and raising funds. This works on the mentality of "what do you think about when you think differently" and that's where this idea came from. stepping back, looking at what they had, and reappropriating the purpose of their estate. a lot to learn - and also, you should 100% try it. [www.champing.co.uk](www.champing.co.uk)


14: Forster Communications - Disrupting #MentalHealth Purpose with Harry Day

In this episode we meet Harry Day from Forster Communications to talk about Mental Health and the workplace, the toolkits they worked on for Business in the Community and Public Health England, and some of the hidden taboos that exist not just in the workplace, but society as a whole. We also learn a bit about what Forster is like as “Britain’s healthiest workplace” #mentalhealth #csr #mentalhealthawarenessweek #wellbeing


13: Lily's Kitchen - Disrupting Purpose with Henrietta

On this episode, Disrupting Purpose interviews Henrietta Morrison, CEO and founder of Lily’s Kitchen about the reasons for starting something new, embedding purpose in a business from the start, other businesses which Henrietta has started, and the importance of being able to have an opinion in the workplace. Most recently, Henrietta has popped the pet food bubble, and has created a business which is shaking hearts and minds of businesses and consumers alike on what we feed our pets.


12: Oath: Disrupting Purpose with Akama Davies

In this episode, we meet Akama from Oath, Global lead of the Employee Resource Group United and Co-Founder of “Stripes” created to empower BAME employees. We discuss the importance and value of inclusion and diversity in the workplace, the power of language, and keeping a cool head when put in an uncomfortable situation


11: The LEGO® Group - Disrupting Purpose with David Pallash

David from the LEGO® Group joins us, discussing the value of play in work, in meetings, and in society. We chat about the LEGO® foundation, the value of community inside and out! And we live play six bricks! (You should Google six bricks)


10: Legal & General - Disrupting Purpose with Graham Precey

Graham tells us about what Legal and General are up to, gives us some insight into why charity of the year is dead, and some of his favourite incentives and thoughts on the future of social purpose.


9: Easter Special with Tom & Steph

This was the pilot, for Disrupting Purpose - Recorded in Tom's front room... it's only short, and we recorded it WAY before we did any recordings with anyone else, but it gives an insight into why we wanted to do the podcast, and we share a bit about who we are, in case you're interested. - and what qualifies us to wander off interviewing people; which is, in honesty, just curiosity above all else. Sharing it this week, just to keep up the "one a week" but knowing full it's ok to have a...


8: The Good Agency - Disrupting purpose with Christina and Pete

Taking a client briefing, and working out how to make it work. And all in the remit of "being good" - the good agency is an agency with a difference. They only work with businesses dedicated to making a positive impact in the world. hear some case studies, thoughts on business, and how things are going on in the world.


7: Lotus Awards - Disrupting Purpose with James Murphy

We're back! - in this episode we chat to James Murphy founder of the Lotus awards and a new project called "culture innovation and sustainability project"


6: Vanquis Bank - Disrupting Purpose with Annette Saunders

Steph and Tom head in to investigate the goings on at Vanquis bank! We met with Annette, the CSR manager at Vanquis Bank - She's been building change into the business and is a solid disrupter. She's bringing Social Purpose to the business; the awesome work they've been funding with Mencap, the shaking up of the building they're based in! and how they're helping their staff and customers along the way - We're big fans of the work Annette's doing, and she's got some great opinions on the...


5: The Big Issue Foundation - Disrupting Purpose with Stephen Robertson

This episode we met with Stephen Robertson, CEO of The Big Issue Foundation. Stephen talks us through some of the intricacies of the Big Issues foundation, some of the cool stuff he's been working on with businesses, and some ways to personally, and professionally think about supporting those who have fallen on hard times. - A very insightful and entertaining listen. Also - Stephen is fundraising for the Big Issue walk - don't forget after listening you can [Sponsor Stephen...


4: Turner Broadcasting - Disrupting Purpose with Nick Hart

Tom & Steph talk with Nick Hart, Head of CSR at Turner Broadcasting: We discuss some of their interesting ways of looking at CSR, and the systemic change the business has been making in over the decades; with campaigning characters in cartoons, to introducing media roles to those who would never have considered them - Make sure you subscribe and sign up to the mailing list!


3: B Corp - Disrupting Purpose with Kate Sandle

This week on Disrupting Purpose in Bcorp month, Steph and Tom met with Kate Sandle from Bcorp! What do Unilever, Danone, and other massive conglomerates have in common? Well, they're all interested in the bcorp movement. We decided to find out more about how bcorps are disrupting social purpose in business, and what you can do to have a think about it yourself - After listening, don't forget to register for their thunderclap!


2: Child.org - Disrupting Purpose with Ellie and Ami

The corporate world often has a "charity of the year" partnership, or do some great fundraising activities, but what if getting the foot in the door is too much work for too little reward? Child.org thought about this, and have come up with products which businesses can buy, which directly help businesses, and in turn support the charity. - they're bringing entrepreneurship to the field of CSR. visit www.treatyourteam.org to find out more