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The Culture of Business "The Culture of Business..." The daily show at the intersection of culture + business + media + tech. Hosted by Geoffrey Colon. Enable the Disruptive FM Daily Flash Briefing Skill on your AMAZON ECHO http://amzn.to/2oAIJjq Sponsored by Microsoft, Branding Strategy Insider and Nimbly Insights. #DisruptiveFM #DFMDaily

The Culture of Business "The Culture of Business..." The daily show at the intersection of culture + business + media + tech. Hosted by Geoffrey Colon. Enable the Disruptive FM Daily Flash Briefing Skill on your AMAZON ECHO http://amzn.to/2oAIJjq Sponsored by Microsoft, Branding Strategy Insider and Nimbly Insights. #DisruptiveFM #DFMDaily
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The Culture of Business "The Culture of Business..." The daily show at the intersection of culture + business + media + tech. Hosted by Geoffrey Colon. Enable the Disruptive FM Daily Flash Briefing Skill on your AMAZON ECHO http://amzn.to/2oAIJjq Sponsored by Microsoft, Branding Strategy Insider and Nimbly Insights. #DisruptiveFM #DFMDaily




Dfm 26: Kill The Retweet | Bull Economy | Cash Only

On episode 26 we speak with Taylor Lorenz, tech and culture writer at The Atlantic about the need for Twitter to possibly remove some of its oldest features to fit the post-truth times. Also why is the Bull Economy, aka, BS economy so popular with talking heads who don't really know anything? And finally, with digital systems being constantly hacked, is old fashioned cash and a physical safe with physical documents the privilege of the future? Also new music from Rhye and another from...


Dfm 25: Nerd Herd | Snap Flex | Fortnite FTW

In episode 25, our silver anniversary edition we speak with author Christine Lagorio-Chafkin about what the future of the web could look like based on her book We Are The Nerds: The Birth and Tumultuous Life of Reddit, the Internet's Culture Laboratory. Also Snap is in trouble. Could it be bailed out by Netflix? And Fortnite. Is it the next big media empire? Plus music From Glenn Astro and Seamus Haji. Check out Christine's book at https://amzn.to/2OphH9z #DisruptiveFM #dfm


Dfm 24: Hold The Line | Soundagram | App Fraud

On episode 24 we speak with our contributor at large Cheryl Barbee about retro phones making a return to the scene. What happens when Instagram and SoundCloud merge? And is there more ad fraud than ever before in apps? Plus a book review of Temp: How American Work, American Business and the American Dream Became Temporary. New music from Wizard of Chill and Soul Speech & Todd Terry. #DisruptiveFM #dfm


Dfm 23: Future Forward | Soundtrack Reboot | Food Futures

In the latest episode we talk about strategic planning. Why do most companies do such a poor job of forecasting? Felicia Gardner, Agency Lead at Microsoft Advertising explains. Plus the second coming of the Soundtrack album and the future of food. Also music from Stereocalypse and Da Capo ft. Tshepo King & Louie Vega. #DisruptiveFM #dfm


Dfm 22: Marketer’s Re-Education | Techmedia | Machine Bias

In episode 22 of the audio guide at the intersection of tech, media, business and popular culture we speak with Assistant Professor of Digital Marketing Joanne Tombrakos of New York University about the need to re-educate marketers. What is big tech? Media or tech? And many think machines don't have bias. The issue? They're programmed by humans who do. Plus new music from Vi Mode Inc. Project and Seamus Haji & Mekkah. Connect with us on socials @DisruptiveFM #DisruptiveFM #dfm #Microsoft...


Dfm 21: Gen Z Replaces Gen Me | Bet On Beto | Music Moods

On episode #21 of the culture of business show. We speak to Gregg Witt, author of the book "The Gen Z Frequency. What can brands learn from politicians like Beto O'Rourke? And AI isn't just being used to archive music, but understand what type of mood it evokes. Plus music from Carter and JPhelpz. Follow us on socials @DisruptiveFM on Instagram and Twitter. #DisruptiveFM #Dfm


Dfm 20: Warped Reality | The Adults Are NOT Alright | Internet Points

On the latest episode we talk Augmented Reality with Look Mister's Josh Hassin. The kids are alright, but are the adults? And why do we tear down other people on social for Internet points? Are we using the web all wrong? Plus new music this week from Sharam Jey featuring Little Boots and Reset Preset. #DisruptiveFM #Dfm


Dfm 19: Customers Are The New Competition | Technology vs Humanity | Algorithmic Art

In the latest episode at the intersection of marketing, tech, media and popular culture we discuss customers as the new competition. Is it hurting some businesses who don't incorporate this into their strategy? Tech vs. Humanity. Should we be afraid of robots, or people acting like robots? And algorithmic art. The last frontier for the battle of creativity. Plus our segment "Geargasm" reviews the new iPhones. Plus select tunes from Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee, as well as Sergio D'Angelo &...


Dfm 18: Nike Does it | Jack & Sheryl | Bye-bye, Bad Blood

On the latest #DisruptiveFM. We speak to contributor at large Cheryl Barbee about Nike's Just Do It campaign featuring Colin Kaepernik. The Senate of the United States called Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook to testify on security. And Theranos implodes. Plus music from Danny Byrd and Mar+Mel. All this and a new book review on our feature, "Do You Even Read, Bro?" #DisruptiveFM #Dfm


Dfm 17: Purpose Is The New Digital | Fall Into The Gap | Lou Dobbs and SEO

On Episode 17: we speak with Afdhel Aziz the author of Good is the New Cool about Corporate Social Responsibility being the new Digital. Gap, the fashion retailer, it's been struggling quarter after quarter. Has it been unable to adapt to a world of fast fashion? And Search Engine Optimization. What did Lou Dobbs get wrong when he noted Google is biased? Plus a What C'mon segment on Warren Buffet plus music from Azteka and Stacy Kidd. #DisruptiveFM #Dfm


Dfm 16: Real-Life Wonder Woman | Password Puzzle | Zee Future Is Now

The Culture of Business ... "Real-Life Wonder Woman" With the news of Gal Gadot signing on to play Hollywood legend and genius inventor Hedy Lamarr, we talk to Yulia Laricheva, CEO of Dream Nation, about the continuing struggles for female startups in the VC world. /// "Password Puzzle" Streaming services like Netflix have a dilemma brewing. /// "Zee Future Is Now" Suck it, millennials! You have just been surpassed in the population by Generation Z. What does this mean for marketers? ///...


Dfm 15: Doing It Live | Twitter Rules | Not For Sale

In this week's show we look at the growth of live events in an all digital world. Alex Jones and Twitter. What is going on there? Does Twitter just need a total revamp? And Smart speakers. Strategists think they will disrupt e-commerce but are they looking at that all wrong? Plus - music from Ross From Friends and Vick Lavender with Angel-A. #DisruptiveFM #Dfm


Dfm Mixtape Vol. 001: BK Block Party Summer 2018

Dfm Mixtape Volume 1. Summer 2018. Inspired by Brooklyn Sunday Summer Afternoons. Curated and Mixed by Geoffrey Colon, Host of Disruptive FM: The Culture of Business weekly audio guide at the intersection of tech, media, marketing and popular culture. Follow, rate, subscribe, listen and review us on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, YouTube and Spotify! Check us out on socials @DisruptiveFM #DisruptiveFM #Dfm Tracklist: (For Promotional Use Only) 1. DJ Cam Quartet - New York New...


Dfm 14: Millennial 37 | Dis-Info Wars | Shedding Your Skin

On episode #14 of the Culture of Business, we speak with Matt Britton, CEO and founder of Ask Suzy about Millennials now being 37 years old and the business decision makers of today /// Alex Jones and Info Wars have been banned by Apple, Facebook and Google. What's next? /// and luxury fashion brands are increasingly not using fur or leather anymore. How come??? /// All that and our segment "Everything is a Remix", and music from Pigeondust on Cold Busted Records out of Los Angeles....


Dfm 13: Big Cheesy Media | Instagram Flop | Mom & Pop-Up

On lucky #13 episode of the Culture of Business, we speak with Melissa Rosenthal, EVP of Cheddar, about their inversion from digital platform to cable TV news outlet. /// The latest craze, Instagram "flop" pages /// and how Mom and Pop-Up shops in retail are making physical the experience after a decade of digital overload. /// All that and a new book review segment, “Do You Even Read, Bro?”, and music from Rocket Empire and Black Stereo Faith. #DisruptiveFM #Dfm


Dfm 12: Cord-Cutting Army | Work Is Killing Us | Oligopoly Welfare

Where Business and Culture Collide /// "Cord-Cutting Army" Pay TV continues its free-fall. Our guest Mark Sperling, CEO of Group Y, discusses what this means for brands trying to connect with younger viewers. /// "Work Is Killing Us" Stressful work environments are literally making us sick. Important insights from a new book from Stanford Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer, "Dying for a Paycheck" /// "Oligopoly Welfare" The big corps get tax cuts while stifling innovation. Now is the best time to...


Dfm 11: Smash Your Screen | JOMO Is The New FOMO | Lo-Fi Cool

"Where Business and Culture Collide" /// "Smash Your Screen" Voice assistants are rapidly changing the way we interact with technology. Microsoft's Ashley Walls gives insight into where this is headed. /// "JOMO Is The New FOMO" The business world is starting to come to grips with the need to disconnect and tune out. /// "Lo-Fi Cool" Curators and tastemakers rule the day on YouTube's lo-fi hip-hop channels. /// Plus music from Shinji and Housego.


Dfm SPECIAL EDITION: Cannes Lyons Recap

We launched a new Web TV show, "Future Boutique," at the 2018 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. In this Special Episode of Disruptive FM, we feature audio excerpts from key interviews we conducted there. Doug Gould (AI), Danielle Trivisonno-Hawley (Diversity & Inclusion), Abigail Posner (Machine Learning in Fashion Marketing), and Jon Bond (The Future of the Agency Business).


DFM Episode 10: Good Is The New Cool | Tech and Tariffs | Charts Matter

"Where Business and Culture Collide" /// "Good Is The New Cool" We look into the marketing trend of social good. Why are so many companies moving in this direction? /// "Tech and Tariffs" Are we about to be hit by a tariff missile in tech? How come no one is talking about it? /// "Charts Matter" Curators and gatekeepers still matter no matter what the big “gatekeepers” say. /// Plus, a review of the new Surface Go ... and featured tunes from The Deli and C. Da Afro.


DFM Episode 09: Youtube Killer | Frenemies and Froes | For Creators, By Creators

"Where Business and Culture Collide" ... " "Youtube Killer" Can Instagram's new video features make it a premier content destination? Orli LeWinter weighs in. /// "Frenemies and Froes" A look at some of the themes in Ken Auletta's new book, "Frenemies". /// "For Creators, By Creators" Photo share app VSCO defies odds and carves out a niche /// Plus featured music from Living Room and Digitalism.