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Empowering lady bosses to make money on their terms

Empowering lady bosses to make money on their terms


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Empowering lady bosses to make money on their terms




8 Ways To Market With No Money

Learn the eight proven ways to market without spending any money! I know this topic seems a little taboo for the owner of a marketing company to be talking about, but not everyone can afford to market day one. Test the market with these proven steps and then blow it out with marketing!


There’s No Such Thing as Luck in Business

Do you ever look at successful people and think, “they must have gotten lucky or they just had perfect timing with their business so it took off?” I hate to tell you this, but there’s no such thing as luck in business! Yes, the market conditions could have been perfect for their launch and maybe there was a huge need for their product or service that wasn’t being fulfilled in the market, so the opportunity was there. BUT THEY HAD TO WORK and GRIND and SWEAT and LOSE SLEEP and take a RISK to...


More Money More Problems? No Way! Selling Your Way to Success!

In today’s episode, we are going to talk about the most important part of your business...sales! If you have no sales, you have no business! Learn the 5 keys to closing the sale and you'll be on your way to more money in your pocket!


My 10 Life Rules

These are the non-negotiable things you do every day and the rules you live by! If you need to make a decision in life, you refer to your 10 Life Rules. Ask yourself if the decision aligns with your life rules? If not, move on! We all have those days we don’t feel like doing anything. We are tired, stressed and things seem to not be going our way. Those are the days when I pull out my 10 life rules and remember why I do what I do!


Discipline: Just Do It!

In this podcast episode, you will learn the importance that discipline plays in every successful entrepreneur's life! Doing things in life even when you don’t feel like it! The small disciplined things you do daily will turn into massive momentum over time! Learn 3 ways to create discipline in your life today!


Finding Your Tribe

One of the first things you need to do in marketing is to define who your avatar is - your customer, your audience, your TRIBE! You can’t be all things to everyone! If you market to everyone you will have no one respond! There are riches in niches! Niche down in marketing and you will start to see success!


Why You Need to Create a Powerful Personal Brand

In today’s episode, we are going to talk about personal branding and the importance of creating a personal brand in your business. Maybe you are a woman CEO or business owner who has had success, made the money, but you want more. You are ready to give your greatest contribution to the world by teaching others what you already know. Or maybe you have overcome something incredible in life and are on the other side and want to help others who struggle in this area as well.


Commanding Your Own Happiness

We want to share our words of the year with you!! 2020 is gone, 2021 is ready for you!!!


My Story

Deedra shares her story of becoming an entrepreneur and what Do It My Way means in episode #1! Once she finally started to do business "her way" she started to see success!