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Matthew Bagwell. Always running. Towards enoughness.

I love that Gil Scott Heron track “Running”. The one that says “I always feel like running, never away because there’s no such place”. All the way through this talk with Matt of Seven feet apart that track was running through my head. This is a lovely conversation about shoes, making stuff to last, and the benefits of running. Never away, but towards enoughness.


Meet Mills. An eclectic and energetic conversation with Mills from Ustwo.

Mills set up Ustwo with his best mate. It's boomed. Mills is a beautiful man. The way he expresses himself, the way he talks, the love that shines from him is unique. This conversation oscillates from weight-loss and strength, to hyperactivity, to yoga, to dyslexia, to shame, to identity, to extremes. This is a lovely conversation that ebbs and flows from subject to subject. It is very honest, from both of us. I hope you enjoy it. Any comments please get in touch.


Never turn your back on the ocean: Sophie Thomas on the power of design.

Sophie Thomas is a designer with a business brain or a business person with a designer's brain - i'm not sure which but it really doesn't matter. She pioneered thinking on circular economy and how designers are the solution to so many things. We also talked about what defines us, how school can lift us or bury us, and how good will always float to the top.


40 years early: Conversations with one of the original eco-warriors.

I met Jonathon 20 years ago this year. At about this time. At an incredible building in Austria where the Sound of Music was filmed. Jonathon has lead on sustainability from the beginning. From when the first roots of the "green" movement began to poke through. This shows extraordinary foresight and bravery. He has both. This bravery was supremely evident when he went on anachronistic buffoon Jeremy Clarkson's TV chat show and not only held his own but destroyed Clarkson's arguments. A joy...


Graham Rowntree: A humble giant.

I went to school with Graham (or Wiggy as we called him). He was two years younger than me but we usually played in the same rugby team. We both played county rugby and both got trials for Leicester Tigers youth team. One of us got in and the other is me. 12 years on from those trials I played a game of Rugby League for Yorkshire Water against Yorkshire Electricity. My opposite number was the Featherstone Rovers first team centre. I got marmalised. I split my lip in a friendly "cuffing"...


Rob Ryan: It's not where you're from, it's where you're at.

How do you know when to clap? Rob Ryan is an artist, a poet, a Northern Soul aficionado, and a totally human being. He's also one of my best mates. I loved this conversation that lists and lurches from why punk was dead before it was dead, getting late night buses to Wigan for soul all-nighters, why scarcity isn't a good thing, why the thing that keeps him going is the thought that there is something else out there that he hasn't seen or heard yet. This appetite and drive is about curiosity....


Feck Perfuction: why the thing that made you weird as a kid makes you brilliant today.

Recording this podcast was an absolute joy. James is one of my mentors, a great friend and a massive inspiration to me. I utterly loved this conversation. James is an artist, a teacher, an author, a fighter, a lover. He teaches you how to think for yourselves and how to find who you are. This conversation starts in Wales, rushes through the 70s, praises solitude and loneliness, reflects on the use of the word "creative" as a criticism, and ultimately what sets us apart from other. A rich and...


Sex and chat in the Chapel. Sam is a revolutionary, a pirate entrepreneur, and totally human.

A lovely and funny conversation about so many things. From the challenges of running a company single-handedly, designing sex toys, growing up a hippy, measuring up to herself, how dyslexia has shaped her and how we can create a better world. Sam is a joy to be with and this was a fab conversation. My boots squeak a bit - sorry.


How to effervesce well: How Dalston Sodas are changing the market.

Duncan runs Dalston Sodas. They make great soft drinks, they make great soft drinks with no and low added sugar. They make the best cherryade I have ever had. They are on a mission. Duncan set the business up in a nightclub in 2012 and they have gone from strength to strength. They use the best natural ingredients and this focus on provenance comes from Duncan's time working as a chef. He is utterly charming and driven to do things better. It's a great listen.


Andrew Paynter: Why not quite fitting in makes for a great photographer.

Andrew Paynter is an incredible photographer. One of the best. He sees inside the subject. There are ancient peoples who fear having their photograph "taken" as they feel it steals their soul. I don't know about that but I do know that the best photographers see inside the soul. Andrew is one of those. He describes the camera as giving him the chance to meet people and talk about their lives. He grew up looking West to California (for skateboarding), and East to the UK for music. I grew up...


Soulfood is political: How food & health became a racial issue, & how fixing it will rebuild a city

Devita is one of the most powerful people i have ever met. Her parents were part of the Great Migration, the mass movement of the black population in the USA from the south to the industrial north looking for a future. The Great Migration built Detroit and Detroit built cars and music. Then Detroit collapsed. Devita is at the heart of its rebirth. She is leading a food and health revolution. She is quite simply extraordinary. We cover everything from the civil rights rebellion, to...


The rise of the outsider. How self doubt is the most effective employee retention tool

Steve Chapman is an artist. He's also many more things. This is a beautiful conversation about the value of the outsider, about art and why it matters, about how school sometimes isn't good for you. About hope. One of my favourites. So good that i'm planning a second with him soon.


Changing how we produce food: How London's GreenLab can lead the way.

Ande Gregson is a pioneer in the way we produce food. He runs Greenlab which incubates, grows, educates, and stimulates new food organisations. Ande's journey is not linear. He got here via 3D printing and the Marathon des Sables.


The House of Love: Repurposing purpose

Sandra Schembri is the big cheese at the House of St Barnabus in Soho, this is a Member's Club with a big old difference. Every bit of profit goes to fight homelessness, goes to help people back into work. The club is amazing. The people are more amazing. Sandra is an inspiration. She runs a great team who in teurn run a great employment academy. I'm a member and it has become sanctuary for me in the heart of Soho but it also provides sanctuary for others in a different way. I talk to Sandra...


How cooking can define you, refine you and nourish you.

Anna Jones places vegetables at the heart of every meal. She also places cooking at her own heart. We talk about how cooking helped define her as a kid and then redefine her as an adult. We talk about vegetables. And i bravely give her advice on how to poach an egg.


No matter how small you are you can make a difference. How two Uni mates are taking on ocean plastic

This is a lovely conversation with Jemma and Ella who are launching a plastic-free toolkit on kickstarter. We cover a load of stuff: why this generation care more; why science matters but you need heart to get going; why mental health is everyone's concern; why these two amazing and busy women stopped what they were doing to start something that matters. Their intentions are pure, their idea simple, the problem is complex. Find out more about their kickstarter here:...


My Nan's Biscuit Tin

I'd forgotten that I'd recorded this. It is a conversation with my Nan a few months before she died. Ostensibly it is about her biscuit barrel, but it is about so much more. I was collecting her biscuit tin to repair it. It is at least 65 years old and should last another 65 years. I miss my Nan but i did get the biscuit barrel.


How and why Seedlip are changing drinks and so much more

Ben from Seedlip wants to change drinks forever. He also wants to change the way we do business. "Being a nature company is the fucking best recruitment tool ever". This episode stretches from peas to alzheimer's, from soil to soul. A fantastic discussion with someone who is fired up and yet still learning what he's good at.


Making television that makes a difference.

Sundog make astonishing TV in an era when what we watch, how we watch it and why we watch it is changing. They are brave and honest in a sector that is not famous for either. This conversation explores why Sundog do what they do, how they do it and what the future of broadcast/narrowcast/media is. A great conversation with a great company.


Warrior Woman Natalie Lee.

Natalie is better known as stylemesunday on Instagram. She started her career as a midwife then became a blogger, then a blogger with a mission. Her mission is important. The work she does is essential. Natalie's journey and her story is beautiful and incredible. She's one to watch, she's going places and doing great work.