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The House of Love: Repurposing purpose

Sandra Schembri is the big cheese at the House of St Barnabus in Soho, this is a Member's Club with a big old difference. Every bit of profit goes to fight homelessness, goes to help people back into work. The club is amazing. The people are more amazing. Sandra is an inspiration. She runs a great team who in teurn run a great employment academy. I'm a member and it has become sanctuary for me in the heart of Soho but it also provides sanctuary for others in a different way. I talk to...


How cooking can define you, refine you and nourish you.

Anna Jones places vegetables at the heart of every meal. She also places cooking at her own heart. We talk about how cooking helped define her as a kid and then redefine her as an adult. We talk about vegetables. And i bravely give her advice on how to poach an egg.


No matter how small you are you can make a difference. How two Uni mates are taking on ocean plastic

This is a lovely conversation with Jemma and Ella who are launching a plastic-free toolkit on kickstarter. We cover a load of stuff: why this generation care more; why science matters but you need heart to get going; why mental health is everyone's concern; why these two amazing and busy women stopped what they were doing to start something that matters. Their intentions are pure, their idea simple, the problem is complex. Find out more about their kickstarter here:...


My Nan's Biscuit Tin

I'd forgotten that I'd recorded this. It is a conversation with my Nan a few months before she died. Ostensibly it is about her biscuit barrel, but it is about so much more. I was collecting her biscuit tin to repair it. It is at least 65 years old and should last another 65 years. I miss my Nan but i did get the biscuit barrel.


How and why Seedlip are changing drinks and so much more

Ben from Seedlip wants to change drinks forever. He also wants to change the way we do business. "Being a nature company is the fucking best recruitment tool ever". This episode stretches from peas to alzheimer's, from soil to soul. A fantastic discussion with someone who is fired up and yet still learning what he's good at.