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How To Feel Less Stuck in Your Job - Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

Don’t forget to enter our competition (below) to win a free coaching session with Claire and Greta. This week we explore what you can do when you have that horrible feeling you’re trapped in your job… for whatever reason. Maybe you’ve been meaning to change what you do for a while but just find the whole prospect scary or overwhelming; or maybe you’re in a job that pays really well or gives you lots of status that others envy, but you feel miserable; or, perhaps, the job you took just isn’t...


Caroline Issa – Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway! - Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

Our guest this week has a habit of saying “yes” to things she doesn’t know how to do... such as designing women's wear collections for Nordstrom when she’d never designed clothes before! We’re talking about the unbelievably stylish entrepreneur, Caroline Issa, the CEO of the Tank group which includes the revered global fashion and culture magazine, Tank Magazine. Despite her quiet humility she’s also a fashion influencer and paparazzi favourite. Caroline started her career as a management...


Mia Freedman – Is the Real Deal - Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

We don’t think we’ve ever had a guest who is prepared to be as open and honest about her life and career as Mia Freedman is. Whether it’s in our conversation for this episode, or her Insta posts or in the 3 books she’s written, Mia is determined to show her life, warts and all, because she really cares about shattering the ‘women should look and be perfect’ myth. She’s all about making women feel better about themselves. Mia is a household name in Australia. She's the co founder and creative...


Katie Vanneck-Smith – Work Hard, Have Fun, Make History - Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

This week’s guest has serious grit. Katie Vanneck-Smith is a media industry veteran and for anyone who’s not familiar with that industry, let’s just say it’s a pretty male dominated and blokey world. Katie has spent more than 20 years in the commercial side of publishing on both sides of the Atlantic. Katie’s grit really came to the fore when she spent nine years - yes nine years - trying to persuade her bosses at The Times newspaper in London to get readers to pay for online news content....


Gaby Dalkin – How Her Food Side Hustle Took Off! - Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

We’re so impressed by how this week’s guest has grown her business and her brand from pre side-hustle stage, to become the entrepreneurial ‘foodie’ success it is today. We think you’ll love getting to know Gaby Dalkin, the California based chef, author and influencer. Gaby is the CEO of ‘What’s Gaby Cooking’. She and her team are a content and recipe creating machine! She has more than 450,000 Instagram followers, she’s published 2 cookbooks with another on the way, she’s appeared on some of...


Ann Sherry – The Positive Change Agent - Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

Ann Sherry is a change maker who’s notched up so many extraordinary achievements during her decades long and inspiring career to date that it’s hard to know where to start. Suffice to say Australian women have a lot to thank her for as one of the many things she’s responsible for is introducing paid maternity leave to corporate Australia. She also transformed the cruise industry in Australia as CEO of Carnival Australia, notching up double digit growth every year despite having to deal with...


How to Make Time Your Friend - Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” William Penn, Founder of Pennsylvania We know you’re probably a very busy person but you won’t want to miss this episode all about maximising your time. It’s precisely because we all are so busy that pausing to think about how we’re using our time can be so worthwhile. William Penn may have lived in the late 1600’s and early 1700’s but he was spot on with his quote above about how we humans can use our time. In this latest episode in our...


Dr Emma Camp – On a Quest to Save the World’s Coral Reefs - Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

This week’s inspiring guest is Dr Emma Camp, a British marine bio-geochemist who searches out and then studies corals that can naturally survive in extreme conditions such as mangroves. This might sound simple but it leads to Emma listing crocodiles as one of the greatest risks of a day in the office! She’s passionate about saving the world’s coral reefs and has made it her mission that we all should be too. (Emma, we’re convinced!) Emma is a National Geographic Explorer and a current United...


Kat Dunn – Making Tough Career Decisions to be True to Yourself - Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

If we had to summarise what our guest this week is all about, we’d say she’s about reinvention and being true to herself. And for 35 year old Kat Dunn, that meant abandoning a successful corporate career. Born in the Philippines, Kat had been climbing the corporate ladder at an impressive rate in Australia, first of all as a lawyer and then in a variety of roles in financial services. But she was deeply unhappy. One day she said “Enough” and took radical action. In this episode we explore...


Marie Johnson – Breaking Digital Boundaries and Challenging Stereotypes - Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

On the show this week is Marie Johnson, an Australian entrepreneur with a passion for digital and AI. Marie’s cutting edge work today is all the more incredible when you hear her story…. She was married as a teenager, then soon found herself pregnant and living in a caravan! Despite not having the chance to take her studies further immediately after school, Marie went on to juggle motherhood and study, and earnt several degrees. One thing led to another and Marie took on CIO and other senior...


Debbie Wosskow, OBE – What It Takes To Be A Successful Female Entrepreneur - Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

On the show this week is Debbie Wosskow, a dynamic serial entrepreneur who sold her third business, LoveHomeSwap, for US$53m. Debbie recently co-founded The AllBright, Britain’s first members-only club specifically for business women. The AllBright named after Madeleine Albright, also offers a an online academy and a community that aims to create opportunities for women to thrive and flourish. We love the idea and mission behind AllBright and think you will too. In addition to successfully...


What is Artificial Intelligence? - Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

Welcome to our first ‘What Is. . .’ episode. And, drumroll please ... the topic of our first in this series is Artificial Intelligence (AI). We’re quite sure you’ll be hearing a lot more about AI this year and so why not start 2019 one step ahead and enjoy this super useful primer on all things AI, all explained simply with some fascinating examples. In this episode we’re thrilled to feature two world-class AI experts: UK-based Kriti Sharma (see also Episode 19) as well as Australian-based...


How to Switch Off - Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

We’re excited to bring you the latest in our ‘How To’ series. This is our last episode before the Holidays and 2019! Thanks to those of you who sent your requests for what ‘How To’ topic to cover next. We thought this topic of ‘switching off’ was just perfect for this time of year, so thank you Felicity and Sophia! Here at Don’t Stop Us Now! we’re passionate about how important it is for our health and our performance at work to take a break and genuinely switch off. This episode shares...


Nathalie Nahai – Web Psychology and How to Juggle Life - Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

This week’s guest is the one and only Nathalie Nahai, The Web Psychologist. She’s an author and in-demand globetrotting speaker on how to apply behavioural science to all things digital to make them more effective and ethical. Nathalie’s been a musician and recording artist, she has a psychology degree and used to be a web designer. Right now, she’s studying art in Barcelona as well as doing her day job! In this episode you’ll hear: How Nathalie juggles life and the unique way she...


Kriti Sharma – Robots, AI and the Future - Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

We’re excited to bring you this week’s guest, Kriti Sharma; a leading global expert in AI and its impact on society and the future. Kriti grew up in Rajasthan in India. She didn’t have access to a computer at home so she built one herself. She followed that with her first robot when she was 15. Today Kriti applies her AI and tech expertise to solve global issues from productivity to education to domestic violence. And she’s part-time VP of AI and Ethics at Sage. She’s recently been named a...


Dr Fiona Wood – The Inspiring Optimist - Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

Our guest today is Dr Fiona Wood, a world-leading burns specialist and innovative surgeon and researcher. She’s a former Australian of the Year for her pioneering burns research and treatments. Incredibly, she was also voted Australia’s most-trusted-person for six successive years. Fiona and her groundbreaking ‘Spray-on-skin’ burns treatment came into the public eye in 2002 when 28 victims of the Bali bombings were flown to Perth in Western Australia to receive life-saving burns treatment...


Navyn Salem – Because She Can’t Wait . . . - Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

Navyn Salem was told over and over that with no previous relevant experience she’d never succeed. Her vision was to build a factory to manufacture a food supplement called “Plumpy Nut” that could save the lives of children with malnutrition in the developing world. Fortunately for the world, she chose to ignore all the pessimistic advice and forged ahead to set up her not for profit, Edesia Nutrition. In the past 11 years and a state-of-the-art factory later, Navyn and her team at Edesia...


How To Negotiate Your Pay - Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

Few of us enjoy the prospect of having to negotiate on behalf of ourselves. We typically find it much easier if we’re negotiating a business matter or something on behalf of others. When the time comes for us to speak up for ourselves it can feel a whole lot more confronting. Add to that the fact that money and salary amounts are often taboo subjects, it’s no wonder many of us sell ourselves short at the negotiating table. And it’s not surprising that a number of you have been in touch...


Cindy Gallop – Blowing Shit Up! - Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

This week’s guest describes herself as someone who likes to blow shit up. They are her words not ours. Cindy Gallop is a globe-trotting consultant, speaker and entrepreneur who was a former North American head of the famed advertising agency, Bartle Bogle & Hegarty (BBH). As you’ll hear in this conversation, Cindy is a strong, edgy character with clear views about many topics including diversity and sex, to name just two. She’s not one of those people who just say things, she’s out there...


Aya Aso – The Savvy, Luxury Entrepreneur - Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

Our guest this week is Japanese luxury hotel and hospitality entrepreneur, Aya Aso. Until last year, Aya ran the hotel chain she founded a decade ago, the Agora Hotel Group, a multi award-winning chain of resort and luxury hotels in Japan. Aya spent most of her childhood living in Brazil and in her 20’s studied to become a concert pianist in Los Angeles. However, that idea was put on the back burner when a part time job at the Sheraton led to the discovery that she loved the hospitality...