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Equity Bank Series: Scott Redler - COO of Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

A restaurant operator to the core, Scott loves the sights, sounds and smells of a well-run restaurant. Growing up in St. Louis, he got his start in the restaurant business at age 15 catering events for groups of two to 6000. Paying his way through college by managing a steakhouse, he earned a degree in restaurant and hotel management. Redler moved to Minneapolis and then Washington, DC, to manage a 5-star restaurant. Back in St. Louis, he launched his first restaurant as a sole proprietor—a...


Equity Bank Series: Julie Huber - Executive VP of Strategic Initiatives at Equity Bank

Julie Huber joined Equity Bank in January 2003 and currently oversees mergers and acquisition integration and major projects for the $4.0-billion bank in her role as Executive Vice President of Strategic Initiatives. Julie began her banking career with Peoples Bank and Trust in McPherson, Kansas, and soon supervised retail, operations, compliance, training and security functions for Sunflower Bank over 8 years. She has been a member of Equity Bank's senior leadership team since the bank's...


Equity Bank Series: Clint Whitney - CEO & President of Superior Tool Services

Clint Whitney is CEO and President of Superior Tool Service (STS) headquartered in Wichita, Kansas. STS began operations in 1987 and, today, serves more than 400 machine shops worldwide utilizing state-of-the-art CNC tool grinding machines to manufacture precision quality cutting tools. Clint, from Clearwater, Kansas, began grinding tools for STS in 1998 and owns the company with his wife, Christie, and Buddy Harrison. All three work inside the company. Clint has used his background of...


Equity Bank Series: Scott Schwindaman - President & CEO of Lubrication Engineers

Scott Schwindaman has been president and CEO at Lubrication Engineers since 2007, having started as a laboratory technician in 1981 while he was still in college and working his way up through the ranks. Today, he oversees a company that has more than 100 employees in the U.S. and a large network of independent consultants and distributors who sell LE products and services worldwide. Since 1951, Lubrication Engineers has manufactured and distributed high-performance lubricants made of...


Equity Bank Series: Steve Werner - CEO & Founder of Lawn Buddy, LLC

Steve Werner is the CEO & Founder of Lawn Buddy, an on-demand lawn care service, that connects lawn care providers, "lawntrepreneurs", to homeowners, via a user-friendly app and website Werner says the technology has evolved into an operating system for lawn and snow-removal services, and it's starting to be used in other industries. Werner describes his company and his leadership/entrepreneurship journey in this episode. We explore how his time in the United States Marines has helped and...


Solo Episode: Putting the Pin Back in the Grenade

Download Episode Here Business is chaotic. Even in organizations that fully embrace decentralized decision making, the figurative "grenade" is thrown by good intentioned leaders. How we respond to these perceived "grenades" being thrown is worthy of intentional focus. What do you do when these figurative grenades are thrown? Do you run for your life? Do you deflect and give it to somebody else because you don't want to deal with it exploding in your face? Or are you a hero that jumps on...


Equity Bank Series - Dr. Sheree Utash: President of WSU Tech

Dr. Sheree Utash has served as president of Wichita Area Technical College (WATC) since 2015 and has overseen the transition of the college to the WSU Campus of Applied Sciences and Technology (WSU Tech). Prior to that she served eight years at the college as vice president of academic affairs. With 6,500 students, WSU Tech is the largest technical college in Kansas and acts as managing partner for the National Center for Aviation Training. Dr. Utash offers a unique blend of teaching,...


Equity Bank Series – Jeff Lange: Entrepreneur & Founder of Lange Real Estate & RedGuard

Jeff Lange embodies the spirit of the Kansas Entrepreneur. A native Kansan, Jeff first learned the excitement and perils of owning a business by growing up with a family farm business. Jeff’s next experience came when he pursued a career in real estate and eventually opened Lange Real Estate. In 1998, he and a partner entered the storage business. A ... Read More


Equity Bank Series – Allen Fee: President, Fee Insurance Group

Allen Fee serves as President of Fee Insurance Group. Mr. Fee also serves as Director at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center, Inc. He has served as chairman for several organizations including the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, United Way, Rotary and the Chamber of Commerce. He began his career with the family business upon graduating from KU in 1984. Fee Insurance ... Read More


Patty McCord: Former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix

Patty McCord brings the Silicon Valley concepts of fresh ideas and innovation and applies them to rethink the way we work. She challenges norms and invites us to reconsider the idea of “best practices.” From her many years working with companies that range from very large global tech companies to small very small innovative start-ups, Patty saw first-hand how companies ... Read More


Equity Bank Series – Michelle Becker: Founder & CEO of Profit Builders Inc.

Michelle Becker is the Founder & CEO of Profit Builders Inc. Founded in 1994, Profit Builders is an industry leader in Outsource Accounting specializing in a full platform of accounting services. Profit Builders is proud to support leading Small to Mid-Size businesses across 40 states. Their areas of specialty include Restaurant, Health Care, Construction and Agriculture. Profit Builders is known for working closing with business ... Read More


Equity Bank Series – Trevor Crotts: President & Founder of Buddy Brands

Trevor is a proven, results-oriented entrepreneur with a passion for innovation & empowering others. His extensive background in sales and marketing provideshim with the experience to develop products and implement his strategic vision in innovative ways. Trevor is currently President of Buddy Brands, a vertically integrated pet products company he founded in 2011. Buddy Brands makes solution based products under ... Read More


Equity Bank Series – Karyn Page: President & CEO of Kansas Global Trade Services

Karyn Page is recognized at the local, state, and national level for her expertise on export promotion and export ecosystem development in both private and public sectors. She consults small businesses and communities across multiple industries on trade strategy, advocacy, compliance, market entry, and identifying global opportunities. Ms. Page currently serves as President and CEO of Kansas Global Trade Services, ... Read More


Dan Schawbel: New York Times Bestselling Author, Fortune 500 Consultant, Serial Entrepreneur

Dan Schawbel is a New York Times bestselling author, Partner and Research Director at Future Workplace, and the Founder of both Millennial Branding and He is the bestselling author of two career books: Promote Yourselfand Me 2.0. His third book, Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation, was released by Hachette on November 13th, 2018. Through ... Read More


Equity Bank Series – Dan McKenzie: CEO of Ensignal Inc.

Dan McKenzie is the CEO of Ensignal Inc as well as CFO of Golden Wheat Inc. Ensignal began in 2000, with an acquisition of a 14 store operation headquartered in Steamboat Springs Colorado. Over the ensuing time frame, Ensignal has grown into sizeable regional Verizon Premium agent, with 94 locations in eight states. The company’s primary market focus has always ... Read More


Equity Bank Series – Ronnie Leonard: President & CEO of Balco, Inc.

Ronnie Leonard is the President and CEO of Balco, Inc., a local manufacturing company. She has been with Balco for 22 years-16 years as the CFO and the past 6 years as CEO. Ronnie graduated from Wichita State University in 1987 and worked for Baird, Kurtz & Dobson as a CPA for 5 years and as a controller for NPC, ... Read More


Equity Bank Series – Teresa Lovelady: President & CEO of HealthCore Clinic

Teresa Lovelady joined the HealthCore Clinic (formerly Center for Health and Wellness) as President and Chief Executive Officer in March 2011. Teresa has been a medical patient at the Center since 2003 and served as a consumer board member since May 2009. She brought a wealth of experience to the board as a patient and as a professional in the ... Read More


RSM Marketing: Simplifying Marketing Tactics Through Outsourced Expertise

RSM Marketing provides an Outsourced Marketing Department where clients receive a marketing director and all the resources they need under a flat fee monthly subscription. RSM employs dozens of specialists and experienced marketing directors to assist entrepreneurially-minded companies ranging from startups to market leaders with thousands of employees. Companies across the country from all categories are choosing this model to ... Read More


Equity Bank Series – Jon Rolph: President of Sasnak Management, Co-Chair Greater Wichita Partnership

Jon Rolph was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. After graduating from Baylor University, he worked for the National Student Leadership Forum in Washington D.C. In 2002, he moved back to Wichita to work in his family’s business, Sasnak Management, where he is now the President. Sasnak owns and operates over 60 Carlos O’Kelly’s and Applebee’s across 10 states, along ... Read More


Equity Bank Series – Bud Gates: Entrepreneur, CEO, Executive, & Franchisee

Bud Gates has served as Chairman and CEO of Easygates, LLC, from March 2007 to present. In addition, he serves as President and CEO of Gates Enterprises, Inc., 1985 to present. Gates was owner and operator of Rent-A-Center and ColorTyme franchises from 1996 to 2006 and Pizza Hut franchises from 1985 to 2007. The company owned and operated Heroes Sports ... Read More