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When things go your way

Sharr Singh is the first female Punjabi artist from the Netherlands. We can we tell you a story that singing was always her passion etc., but we will rather tell u what u can expect from her. She is working hard on her next projects with and her team and we can expect sounds with influences around the world. Her genre is urban Punjabi and she loves to make music that has been influenced from around the globe. Although she is very proud of her roots and listens to Punjabi music, she has a...


Dream becomes reality

SUAGEE ( EARNEST T. COOLEY ) cousin of the late DOE B , was born in Montgomery Ala. At the age of 15 he signed with a local label, FLAME ENT. where he was featured on the compilation " HERE COMES THE FLAME ' wit his hit song " BAMA BOUNCE " and an lp titled " GET LIVE ". He has performed with a wide range of artist such as RAHEEM THE DREAM and KILO ALI to many current artist . Suagee has now started his his record label " PERSONIFIED HUSTLE ENTERTAINMENT LLC " where he will begin to release...


When you know that you know it's going to work

Danii, 22 year old creative from the islands of Trinidad & Tobago who now lives in Brampton, ON. However the young creative didn’t start off as a musician he was a student athlete who found his love for the music back in high school when he meet a producer by the name Caleb McLean, these two have worked together for the last 5 years growing and building with each other over the years, Danii also rebranded in the second half of 2017 by changing his name from “Yung Danii” to simply “danii”...


This is what I was born to do

Isobella Caroline Boucher is a music artist from New York City. She is a composer, songwriter and vocalist. isobellacarolinemusic.strikingly.com/ Internationally-Known Canine Behaviorist, Amber L. Drake, has been featured in numerous publications including magazines, newsletters, newspaper articles, websites, bookstores and many other organizations. AmberLDrake.org dogbehaviorblog.org Facebook.com/specialistamberdrake Memphis, Tennessee- Dav Da Franchise recently released a single that...


Seeing things for what they really are

As you heard and see in the Streets of Atlanta is, The hottest Upcoming Artist, “24Kay”. If you haven’t been on top of his every move, you’ll miss him in the blink of an eye. He is well-known to be the “Internet Hustla”. Being all over Earth’s social media page. He’s also suggested to be one of the next to have a check on his Instagram Page. Also the known “Zaytoven” shot a movie called #BirdsOfAFeathersPart2 coming out this Thanksgiving and “Zaytoven” called “24kay” out to the event....


Loving when a plan comes together

Tune in to the best of the best.


Using the Law of attraction

Demaka Management Inc.focuses on the topics of technology, innovation and business. (business interviews and Live streaming). Youtube-Interviews with entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, dreamers, doers, business professionals and startup professionals. To show case your business email James@DemakaManagement.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS-sPrrY8m53XEKhDzStKtA Can you really say you know how to get what you want out of life? Do you know that you are already using the law of...


Making the right moves

“Too Much Love Is Not Enough: A Memoir of Silence About Childhood Sexual Abuse” Rosenna Bakari - author A new voice is entering the national discussion to make sure that adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse can be heard Dr. Rosanna Bakari is launching her remarkable memoir about living in silence along with a new We2 mission to bring survivors and listeners Together


Coming full circle

Frank Wollenbecker - self published the Jackson wood chronicle at 35 which never caught on but the few people who read it liked it enough to encourage him to try again. "A dance in the shadows" by F.E. Wollenbecker. Amazon IMAJ released a plethora of songs on his own until he caught the attention of Rudy “Coach” Flores, a Grammy-nominated CEO & Dallas Tastemaker “Spank” G. Debuts his song "Tell me" on Dream Chasers Management: M A N A G E M E N T @ R S V P L . C O M. www.realimaj.com Debut...


Lets talk about credit!

Latrice Douglas is the CEO of Wealthy Rise- Keep your credit on the rise. She started with a career in banking at the tender age of 19 working as a financial consultant for 7 years. Latrice then moved into an HR career as a recruiter helping others find jobs. She received her certificate in credit repair in May 2016 after working on and rebuilding her own credit successfully and decided to help everyone! Her passion has always been about helping others succeed in life. ” I believe we all...


Reading between the lines

The importance of conferencing is major to the success of a business. Yaya goes through a couple options available to you as a dream chasers. Get your pen out, you are going to be needing it.


It's all about technology

Abisola Togunde is an enthusiastic technology and marketing entrepreneur, hailing from the city of Ithaca, New York. classy-technology.com


Getting past your own imperfections

Krysie K was born in Salisbury, Maryland. Krysie K’s musical influences are Brandy, Aaliyah,and Monica. Krysie K also writes stories and one day will publish a best selling novel. Instagram: KrysieKBaby


Getting past the plateau

Award winning Recording artist BKPaystyle debuts his hit song "No Pain". itunes.apple.com/us/album/no-pain-single/id1155790042 Jeff Hall is the Founder and CEO of Overflow Cafe. Need an SEO upgrade? www.OverflowCafe.com Paul Golden M.D. Since retirement he has written “An Insider’s View of Bipolar Disease: How to Recognize the Symptoms, Understand the Treatments and Solve the Challenges to Life, Relationships and Career” with the invaluable help of Gail Woodard of Dudley Court Press. A...


Special interview and insight

Abisola Togunde is an enthusiastic technology and marketing entrepreneur, hailing from the city of Ithaca, New York. She holds a bachelor's degree in the field of Information Assurance Security and Management from Eastern Michigan University. She has over 5 years of experience in the technology industry, and is also a proud owner of a technologybased business called Classy Technology. Abisola uses her experience and vast knowledge of business technology to consult, guide, and coach new and...


When the vision becomes reality

Tune in as Yaya Diamond puts the law of attraction to work. Yet another fabulous production by Red Hot Reality Ent LLC. Sa3ed is a rapper,songwriter, and producer coming out of Toronto’s gritty west-end neighbourhood, Rexdale. Instagram: Sa3ed. Don Robinson co-founder and President of NJXX LLC, a database-driven research, and analytics company. The Earth Soldier book, authored by Don Robinson, is a book that encourages readers to raise their awareness and consider living a sustainable...


Just being who you

Gemini P is a Pop/EDM artist, he blends Pop and EDM with his unique mix of R&B. With influences ranging from Ne-Yo, Bruno Mars, Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Zedd, Marshmello to J Cole Kendrick Lamar and Drake, he offers a soulful take on the modern club sound, creating a new sonic landscape that's equal parts fun and groundbreaking. He hails from Detroit, Michigan and is the founder of his technology company Pmpire Tech. After creating a number of mobile applications in recent years, he now aims...


How to make that change

Have you ever wanted to make a change, but just couldn't? Either you didn't have the guts to tell your boss or partner, or you just didn't have the means to make the change at the moment. Tune in and get some helpful tips on how to make that change. Another Red Hot Reality Ent. Production with host Yaya Diamond™. Tune in to the Best Selling Author on Amazon Kindle J.M.Pozon today at 2pm EST. Settingfiretothedarkness.com for more info!


How to keep moving forward

Tune in as Yaya Diamond interviews key people who know how to keep the forward movement. Another Red Hot Reality Ent. LLC production. Life, Business & Law of Attraction Coach for those in Arts & Entertainment Emily Correa. InnovaXarts.com Obelia is a “true life poet.” Heart of Crystal is her first in a series of novels amazon.com/dp/B079WNV7NR Angello Black has three tunes he wrote and produced “Rap Don”,“Chapulin” and “Cumpleaños” and his current hit "Copa". Twitter: @angelloblack1


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