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We are on a roll!!!

In December 2016, Trinisha Browne released her first solo EP Freewrite, which was featured on the website of VOIR Magazine. In March 2017, Trinisha released her second solo EP Thought You Should Know, which led to her being interviewed by VICE Quebec. instagram.com/trinishabrowne/ http://www.trinishabrowne.net/ Rod Holmes brings his unique sty and outlook to us all. Twitter.com/Rodholmes1784


Special Guest Host Tony Smith interviews Ruby Woo

Some would say she’s an old soul with a gift of song. Others might describe her sound as a combination of Amy Winehouse and Janelle Monae with a side of Adele. No matter how you try to define her, Pittsburg, California native Ruby Woo is a woman who walks to the beat of her own drum and is determined to have the world watch. https://www.reverbnation.com/rubywoo


JJ Kane New music Friday

Queen--The Great Pretender Kelea settle --This is me Miss Tun pickney--Every decision Dingazz Music Dejhare--About Us- Toby TomTom - Born 2 Be Free ft. APZee Gyptian--perfectly with you Derrick Pitter --"Give Dem What Dem Want Jon Scott--Summer Kaya Kenyatta--The Intro Amy Winehouse--Rehab Lilly James--When I kissed the teacher Ace The General--Unordinary Andrew Reed--If All The World Were Right dancing queen--Abba Alicia and acacia--shutdown


Winners and winners

Simply put if you are working on it you are a winner! Let's talk about how we are winning! With relentless determination, MiKE OH!O™ has persevered through unfavorable odds. Defying Pop Culture's status quo & altering the perception of Mainstream Media's ideal "Rapper", he has managed to create a unique & timeless sound unlike anything else before him. Staying hungry & humble, he has used to become one of the most promising, up & coming, multifaceted Hip Hop/Pop Artists & Entertainers of his...


Yaya Diamonds Reverbnation 2018 Winners

We love our Reverbnation winners!!! Tune in and discover new talent. Boston’s Best Not Broken has built a reputation for high energy shows and catchy, power pop/rock original songs. As a 2016 New England Music Awards winner, Best Not Broken has earned radio airplay with “Tell Me That You Want Me” and “I Won’t Stop Loving You”, as well as the recently released “Faster”. https://www.reverbnation.com/bestnotbrokenband


There is no time like the present to get started

Hello all! We are moving right along as we get started with new adventures and endevors. Talina, is an actress, presenter, fashion influencer and lover of all things maximalist! As well as a bunch of articles and colourful photos, you’ll also find videos from the YGSF TV channel. There are a handful on the website but you can also visit the YGSF TV YouTube channel to get the full monty! https://brandfuge.com/upcoming-fashion-star-talina-naviede/


Inspiration and Motivation to go after it

Going after your goals can be challenging. Find out how our guests did it. MoneyHngryLoc Unsigned rapper and song writer born and raised in Paris Tx and has now relocated to Atlanta Georgia currently. Instagram @ (Bornaking107) Dr. Kathy Stewart Having taken the book of Hebrews as one of her religion courses while working on her Master's degree at Liberty University, the author became captivated by the subject. Dr. Kathy Stewart KathyStewartHebrews.com Checking in from Coralville, Iowa is...


2018 Reverbnation winners Yayas Pick

Join Yaya Diamond as she interviews our 2018 Reverbnation winners!!! RJ Martin, Funk/Rock Canadian, of Joyslam shares his ups and downs of his journey of becoming a ROCK STAR! Joyslam.com Bianca Jazmine is releasing her first EP of her career on 2/16! Join us in congradulating her! BiancaJazmine.com Rochelle Harper starting performing at the age of 31 as an Americana group with her husband. This beautiful couple love working together and not have it any other way!...


JJ Kane Indie Music show

Miss Tun Pickney feat.Ramize Yardsoul-- Every Decision Don Mescall ft Stella Parsons-- you don't have to love me right now A G E N T--STOP TALKING Rob Green--I'm a Baller Eastertown--A Thousand Times Angelo v--Butterfly Audio apes--Till It Hurts Pablo Mercedes--Bourbon and dirty whores Nicole Cross--Castle on the hill Olivia Newton John-Physical Elton John-The Bitch is back Griffin Tucker--Beautiful Disaster Steven Sciarra-- Steven Sciarra-- 3 great tracks taken from his Album EP


There is nothing like living the dream

Tune in to be inspired. Our guests know what it's like to grind, let us inspire you to make your dreams a reality. Author Jacob Blasher is releasing his book "Cup of Coffee" on Feb. 21, 2019. Join him on Facebook: Facebook.com/jacoblasherauthor


How others are making it

Big Jurn has been grinding in the Hip Hop genre for 4 years. Join him on his Youtube youtube.com/channel/UC5FX9f7cFnwMI3rbSJPdxoA Interview with Young Prophit Instagram.com/youngprophit G Nichele, Author of "Maker of Sunshine: Only for Love", Dallas, TX born and raised, knew she wanted to make a difference in the city that made a difference in her. "My reason for writing is simple, I want people to smile." bit.ly/GNichelleBook FLAW Releases His New Single Titled “Crank Me Up” Alabama’s own...


Yaya Diamond showcases Reverbnation talent

Unlocking the Truth Following years of media excitement, breakouts at Coachella and Bonnaroo, buzzy late-night TV appearances—and more than a few industry-related bumps along the way—the Brooklyn metal trio is finally ready to unleash their debut CD, dubbed (no surprise here) Chaos. reverbnation.com/UTTBand Julia Sommer is a female Pop/Rock Vocalist from the Lehigh Valley, PA area. ulia Sommer, an up and coming young talent in the Lehigh Valley region of PA, is a multi-award winner indie...


JJ Kane Indie Music Show

ABBA- Dancing Queen Alex Dutty--No Games ft Chrissieanna Emma Heesters--Fake love John Clark --Unchain my mind (Single) Brown Kid "La Farra" Swigg-- FT Jon Hanz & Less Than 3 Selena Gomez--Back to you The Valents"--"Trouble-- Jonah Melvon--"Rain Water Project" "What's Good for You" Robbie Williams--Go Gentle JJ Kane--The picture Trippel X-Sad Ray Davies--Broken heno--album called F.O.A.M--Fragments of a memory


When the road becomes your friend

When hitting the road becomes neccesary to get your goals and dreams off the ground


No more faking it till we make it

Have you ever heard the phrase "Fake it till you make it"? Well that is out the door here on dream chasers. We don't fake anything here, all our guests are doing it!! Tune in for your motivation. Lila Pfefferle and is a triple threat. She is a singer, actor, and dancer. www.lilapfefferle.com/ Jock Jam Jesus. Crazy gothic hillbilly white rapper who performs many different genres of music including shock rap, comedy rap, straightforward rap, rock/rap, industrial rock/metal, synth folk & spoken...


The love of the dream

Tune in and join us on Facebook.com/dreamchasersradio Fidem Beats just popped up early around January 2019 as a Hip Hop/Trap/EDM music producer from America after he inked a distribution deal with “Infinite Elements” (An Indie Label out of Canada). Fidembeats.com Interracial dating is not as Black and White as you may think. Welcome to Mix Amore, the most exciting Interracial and Multicultural dating app for singles who are open-minded to finding love. It doesn’t matter if you are Black,...


JJ Kane new music show

Join JJ Kane every Friday at 7pm EST for new and upcoming artists. Enjoy!


Getting the yes you want

We all want to get that first yes right away after starting our new journey, but that yes can be illusive! Do we give up? Do we keep the faith and keep moving? Do we let it get the best of us? Tune in to this awesome episode with Yaya Diamond and guests as they go over the answers in this episode "Getting the Yes you want". A word from Yaya Diamond leads to inspirational music and a clip from The Gary Vee show featuring Wyclef Jean about the music industry today. Kay P is a new Hip Hop and...


JJ Kane New music show

Queen--Another one bites the dust 2 cello's--OH Well Swigg-I can See Stephan Weber & Oliver Soerup--Dream on James Gilroy Kane--Hallelujah passed my way DISTURBED--The Sound of silence Grandview Station--where I'm not wanted Kingly T--Give me strength Ryzoo and the sugar sprung Elephant Band --When I was Young The Cravens--Message The Breeways-- Answered Prayers Paul Simon--Still Crazy After All These Years George Daniel Long--What makes A man ?


Go get that Dream!!

We have so many opportunites in this day and age that excuses are becoming shallow. Let's go for the goal and without appoligy. Join Yaya Diamond and guests as they tell you how they got started and why they are still going strong. New recording artist and rapper Jay Cruz Debuts his first single "Off the island". off the island is a song speaking on my dreams and wants of making it off my hometown Staten Island. Instagram : @_jaycruz21_ E. Morgan is an American recording artist based in...