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Yaya Diamond interviews Artie Fletcher

Artie is one of the Entertainment Industry’s most talked-about “must-see” performers. No stranger to Film and Television, Commercials, Voice-overs, Print and Live Stand-up Comedy, Artie is taking the entertainment industry by storm. Artie has been seen on Law and Order, Conan O’Brien, David Letterman and The Tonight Show just to name a few! He has performed his dynamic act in such places as Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Radio City Music Hall, Westbury Music Fair, The Toyota Comedy Festival, The...


Determination and progress.

Tune in to this special kick off show of the season. Tinashe aka Tina on stage, an RnB,Soul and Afro Jazz singer based in Moscow Russia, originally from Zimbabwe, she currently has an EP out and now available in musical stores called "Stranger at my door". She writes and sings her own songs and has two videos to some of the songs also available on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpvT7sCLFqY


JJ Kane new music show

Robbie Williams-Let me entertain you > Jordan Sleed- ChildLike > Bleachers-Sad > Daria Black-Not That Girl > Daryll Morris-California Blue > The cravens-Road to reason > James Gilroy Kane- You Knew Me Better > Jon Scott-Eyes Like the Sun > Michael Armstrong-Allentown > Guild Of Cats-Summer Skies > Chichino-Every Little Thing > GoldKay-Celebrate > ESP Revolution-Wishing on a falling Star


There is nothing like failure to jump start your success

TODAY IS A GREAT DAY TO START WORKING ON YOUR DREAMS. ARE YOU LOOKING TO BECOME A HOMEOWNER IN 2019? IF SO, OUR GOAL HAS YOU IN MIND. 2598 East Sunrise Boulevard, Set 2104, Sunrise, Florida 33304, United States Office: 954-882-0202 FELICIAOWENS.COM/


JJ Kane New music Show

Robbie Williams-Time on earth Third time Lucky-Love And Violence Lacey Ray-Supernatural Olivia Farr-If You Could Read My Mind Jonny Jack-Give it all The Don Kap-Cannot Listen (Fake Person Diss) Akash-Can't Wait Joe Wheeler-Don't Trip It's Just A song Sonny-Hold up Beenieman-Do it fi mi Ace The General-Unordinary State line Syndicate-The Truth Audio Apes-Till It Hurts Sonic Cartel-Consumed Calling All Astronauts-Are Friends Electric


Getting on the positive side of life

Seeing the positive side of things is where it's at! For sure it is not always easy, and with great expense to our ego at times, but ultimately it pays to stay positive. Tune in to see how our host and guest took the positve side of things and turned it into a career. Ever wanted to know what really happens before, during and after weight loss surgery? Well, look no further. In her second published work, author Tiberia Morris takes readers behind the scenes as she chronicles her decision to...


Yaya speaks

Ranting about things that people say may work that doesn't work. Do your thing and don't worry so much!


JJ Kane new music show

Queen-Radio GaGa Queen-The Show must go on Mac Hagen- it's this Love ImButcherPro Emin Kasapoglu Vancouver, Canada AXDY-Stardom Robbie Williams-Just Want People to Like me Daryll Morris-Hollywood ESP Evolution-Wishing on A falling star The Corridor's-Stop the world I want to get off Beenie Man -Do it for Me Emotional connection Pretty City-Melt Four Non Blonds-What's Up?


Yaya Diamond motivation and inspiration

Why do you need motivation? Why can't we just be motivated within ourselves? When we are for eachother we can accomplish many things. IAMZACCP, is an artist originally from Orlando, Florida. His new song "More than Sex" can be heard on spotify at https://spoti.fi/2UhMPzn. Insta: IamZaccp BossHogg is a indie artist from Kentucky. apping is also one of his crafts he mastered. Social media: Instagram: @Bosshoggmusic Twitter: @Bosshogg502


The motivation to keep going

Tune in as Yaya Diamond and guest tell you how they keep the motivation going. Chicago, IL, March 5, 2019; If you’ve been lost and having too many rainy days, let God into your life at your own pace with Deborah Jones’, “Rainy Days to Reigning Days.” Open up the shutters and reign over your life. This guide will crosswalk you through any of your day to day struggles; learning how to embrace your enemies, what is there to do when the odds are against you, or what is truly the power of your...


JJ Kane new music show

Robbie Williams-Bruce lee Elton John- The Bitch is back Queen- Who Wants to live forever Amy Wadge-Thinking out loud Rick Astley-Try Derek Pitter-Give dem What dem Want Clinark-unite Mister Marilyn-Love or Money Boy George-Nice and slow Japan based Rock Band “LOKA-Gods gone to Vegas El'b the Ronin -Endure What we Must ACE DIAMOND -Rockabilly Man Alysia Brown-what's done is done Elton John- Dreamboat


Overcoming obstacles to manifest your dreams

This coloring book by Rada Eivind, you can use these sacred circles to calm your mind, relieve stress, and manage anxiety in a therapeutic way. https://amzn.to/2HWL17D Dr. Stewart presents her first book. KathyStewertHebrews.com Emazin' talks about his ups and downs, and how he changed his life to end up on this road of success. facebook/soundcloud/Insta: @Emazing Linda Washington breast cancer survivor, a single mother of four, and has been working in the health field for over 20 years. Her...


Special pop up show

Special guest star calling in today! Author Aisha Isreal has been on iHeartRADIO and her book launches April 30, 2019. The book is called End of Silent Suffering. Listeners can email her marketing team team@starteamagency.com for updates on the release she will also be at the Windy City Job Fair in Chicago on March 30, 2019. With a bachelor's degree in Psychology, a master's degree in Education, and over 20- years' experience working with families, Aisha Pounds is an author, speaker, family...


Manifesting the Dream

Alize Safari is an Female recording artist who is different from the rest. Coming from a family of musical artists, she has come out with her own style. Instagram: @alize_safari YouTube AlizeSafari10 Ugo Obinka’s new release “Only Trying” is true to its afro-beat home, the song cuts right to the chase. Immediately, your body is seized by a pulsating rhythm, upheld by a club-friendly bassline, kicks, and Afro-beat percussions. https://open.spotify.com/album/4yiUvmxByqId9HMksEXQWP#_=_ Insta:...


JJ Kane New indie music show

Timbuk 3-The Future's so bright I got to wear shades Cohenovich (Roy Cohen)-seven worlds Jerrold Whiting-Endure What We Must Pay No Attention-Drinking to forget Hitchkokk.-The World is yours Beverly Craven-Joey Fletcher Christian-Don't want to think about you Lacey Ray-Super natural-Supernatural-Treasured by you Lil Pump-Drop Out Metro Boom ft Offset & Drake-No complaints The Corridors-Stop the world Ree Nay-Have I seen you before The Used Notes-Scream Please Jacob Seeger- call me Matt...


Coming full circle

Chino from Atlanta GA the inner city zone 3. He grew up in the projects called Englewood Manor where lyfe was pain and pain was lyfe. He started rapping in my teenage years round about when He was 15 and 16. instagram.com/chiinoloe/ Temperance Lancecouncil is a singer-songwriter in L.A. Cali. who originally hails from the Carolina, Virginia line. Overcoming the odds she has become the light, positivity, and self confidence. Check out her song at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5kr-rhiD14...


When you know it's not enough

Michelle Areaux (A-rue) is a young adult fiction writer whos works include historical thrillers that brings readers back to the world of the paranormal with a new twist. https://www.shadyoaksbooks.com/ And all social media under the Michelle Areaux. Charu has been playing the piano since the age of five, and performing since the age of nine. She won an international piano competition at the age of 15. Their debut album, “Lollipops for Breakfast," launched in November, with original music...


Yaya Diamond interviews Italian recording artist Manu

All around the world music is a universal language. Italy has been known for it's house and dance music across the globe, but what about up and coming artists like Manu? Today Yaya Diamond has received her answers from this up and coming star all the way from Italy and would like to share it with you. This is going to be a treat. Sit back and relax while we introduce you to international recording artist "Manu". amazon,deezer,spotify,tidal,google play, Facebook.com/fairymusic


JJ Kane new music show

Beverly Craven-Promise me Alice Cooper-Only Women Bleed Robbie Williams-Handsome man Jacob Seeger--Call Me Matt Jaffe-Something in your eyes The Specials-The Lunatics The Cravens-Road To Reason Axdy--Stardom Fletcher Christian-Don't want to think about you IB.A feat. Maverick-Spectre- Lacey Ray-(Supernatural) Treasured By You Momoi ALLU-Ya Nose Miss Tun Pickney--Every Decision Golan-Rocket Love Nicholas Wells- God Only Knows Daniel Long-What makes A Man


Getting back to basics

Dr. Diane Thompson is a triple board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Brain Injury Medicine, and Lifestyle Medicine, Certified Health Coach, a Complete Health Improvement Program facilitator, Personal Development and Behavior Change Psychology. www.drdianethompson.com/ Vocal Coach/Singer/Songwriter Angelia Williams she has performed, toured and recorded with many well-known gospel groups, performed in concert with mainstream gospel artist such as Men of Standard, Kim...