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Getting ready for success

pataskitypublishing.com Pataskity, we understand that the desire to write is more than just a goal, or dream. It is a calling. You are purposed to make available to the world that which is in your heart. We not only have the tools to make you a published author, but also the track record and tenure of producing great quality books, and leaving our clients with joy, enrichment and a great sense of accomplishment. Let us help you!


Under construction

Author Erwin Fowler graces our show with his new book "3 Kids and Self Esteem". Tune in to find out what's next on his agenda. You can find his book on Amazon: Erwin Fowler. Dr. Delene Musielak is a full time physician, super mom of triplets, wife, author and entrepreneur, Dr. Musielak has somehow managed to find time to start her own show, The Dr. Mom Show, in addition to pursuing her dream of writing. http://www.delenemusielak.com/


Dedication is sacrifice

Dream Chasers Radio was born in 2008 by Yaya Diamond™, famed singer and entertainer. From the beginning, Dream Chasers Radio has interviewed award-winning artists, producers, authors, and more. Yaya built the station on the foundation of supporting others by giving them the opportunity to showcase their talents on the show. As the name suggests, the radio show is about helping those with dreams achieve them. Author Erica Clark wrote her first novel which is "Two Hearts In One “ which would...


Making it work for you

We are Gourmet Protein Donuts... You might be asking what exactly is a gourmet protein donut, well, one of our customers said it best "it's a piece of heaven!" Keto Friendly! gourmetproteindonuts.com/a/press-kit kickstarter.com/projects/gpd/gourmet-protein-donuts?ref=1q2n1f


When it absolutely has to be done on time

Author Yury G. Geltser is a well-known entrepreneur and scientist. Our world is a material chain of the interconnected systems. For the first time, the author of this book attempts to describe the economic system at the level of an independent state through the language and methodological principles of General System Theory. www.facebook.com/authorygeltser/


Great things happen when you put your mind to it

Yaya Diamond plays music of pasts guests. When being warned by a random drunk they met in a bar to stay away from there , they still make plans to visit the road, get spooked and have fun. The couple continue their happy adventure until they realize they got into a whirlpool of paranormal activities in the evil woods. www.amityvillemtmiseryroad.com


Remaining strong during trying times

Building on her almost 20 years experience in the marketing industry, Genia has excelled in supporting nonprofit clients with strategic planning, business plan development, marketing strategy development, and community engagement. Genia has provided corporate training and marketing strategy development for clients like Jockey, LPGA, Chicago-Rockford Airport, Nielsen, Equifax, and Whole Foods. http://geniastevens.com/


JJ Kane New season indie music

Tom Walker - Not Giving In Robbie Williams - Best Intentions Marco V+Vampire + Priest - The History Department- Knee Deep Vix 20- Digital Age Kanvas- Been Away Too long Walking on the Sky ft Tracy Lane Max And Min - Black Not Gold- Mountville sessions The Firrenes- Everything Solid melts Into Air Don Kap- Cannot Listen To You Juke-Heartless Ourglasszoo-Shallow Streets 7th District- Wish you were here


Getting started is easier than you think

Join Yaya Diamond as she reveals some of her winners for the Reverbnation contest along with her wisdom to boot. Don't miss out on discovering some great music and inspiration by Yaya Diamond.


Happiness is the goal

Dr. Wendy Hall Sims in The Many Facets of Me shares how she moved From A Heart of Hurt to The Joy of Jesus. She expounds upon how God allowed the facets of her life to build her character and faith. https://www.authorwendyhallsims.com/the-many-facets.html Here at Pataskity, our staff is made up of writers and illustrators who are hardworking people just like you, and we are dedicated to making your publishing dreams come true. We care about you and the goals that you have for your book....


Getting things done on time.

unapologeticallymorenike.com Morenike Coker recently published a book, started a company, and toured Southeast Asia. The book. Something to Show for It follows the journey from the buildup of buying a one-way ticket and the journey throughout Mexico and Guatemala for 10 months. Morenike (mo-reh-knee-keh )Kay)) prefers to be called consciousness after leaving her life in law school to pursue her heart's path. She recognizes that identity is broader than what we do, it is the encapsulation of...


When is the right time to start?

Author Carey V. Azzara debutes his new book "Kaitlins's Mooring." Check it out on Amazon: Carey V. Azzara or Facebook: Carey.Azzara.Author As an executive coach, Paul Larsen partners with leaders across all industries and within all types of organizations to help leaders find their own unique voice. paulnlarsen.com/book/


What do we do now? The obvious answer is...

Known as the “Prince of Paleo-fiction”, Max Hawthorne was born in Brooklyn and attended school in Philadelphia, where he graduated from the University of the Arts. He is the author of the award-winning KRONOS RISING novel series, as well as MEMOIRS OF A GYM RAT, an outrageous exposé of the health club industry. www.kronosrising.com/the-author/ Sola Togun-Butler “Where Do You Keep The Lions? An African Girl’s First Day of School in America is loosely based on her own experience as a young...


No time like the present

E. S. Columbine is a Greensboro based author that released Handle With Care in September of 2018. Over five years in the making, this book of poetry was compiled with the intention of bringing awareness to loss. https://escolumbine.com/ Gibby Booth Jasper is a dyslexic entrepreneur, confidence coach for dyslexic children, speaker, author, and host of the Dyslexia Is Our Superpower Podcast. https://gibbybooth.com/ Dr. Grace Lee has a 21-Day Career Intensive program...


Making the time to succeed

Joseph Brisben has been writing fiction for more than four decades, mostly short studies. He has wanted to be an author since he was in the third grade in Adams Grade School in his hometown, Enid, Oklahoma. https://www.facebook.com/AuthorJosephBrisben/ 3 rappers Lil J and Whirlwind from Indiana. Lil J has a Ep out called smoking up the studio while whirlwind has a 12 song album out called that's that with new music out shortly. Sound cloud: Lil J or Whirlwind


JJ Kane Music Show

Marc Stout ft Jessica Sulta- Our Song Comes On Robbie Williams-Worlds Most Handsome Man ED Sheeran-Cross Me Jimmy Armstrong-King when I am with You Theo-Stay Global tones-give a smile to anyone FUREA-Voice Of A Wind dynamic deluxe - Computer Natural - 3d.ream - 2019-Purchase cassette Herb Barclay-Breathe Ovianno-I Do Matt Warren-How do I love thee-FROM ALBUM: MUSIC IS MY LIFE: LABEL : WAKE UP! MUSIC GROUP Jake Wesley Rogers-Jacob From The bible Lil Nas X-Old Town Road Karma Dealers-Vedanta


5 ways to succeed

“What happens when class and culture collide and two teens are forced to face the reality of what life would have been if they were born to different surroundings?” A story by Author Martin Jon Bertolette http://www.adoptedtoo.com/


JJ Kane New music Friday

P!nk-Hey Why ( I Miss You sometimes Jacques Nilrac-Be My Freak Jacques Nilac-Relentless Love Juke-Contraband Matt Warren - Get on up Echo Lair-G Green MelXdie-Voulez Vous-Marcus Kane Production NSS-Use Me- Rinsky Moonlight-Red Girl Rich Cambino-Same ole Sh**-- Lil Nas X Ft Billy Cyrus- Old Town Road Ruti-Swan Elton John-Tonight JJ says Good Bye


Moving in a positive direction

Think outside the lines with a game that boosts creativity, reduces stress and strengthens storytelling and problem solving skills! Help relieve stress, PTSD aid, alzheimer's and much more! Support this Kickstarter now. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thedoodlechallenge/the-doodle-challenge Yaya Diamond speaks about herself and her musical journey. YayaDiamond.com Dakota is a female rap artist she is a First Nations Oneida and German mix from London Ontario. Dakota now brings her...


Getting motivated within your dream

Kamron Bahani brings his music and great tips on how to keep your dream funded. Check out his new mixtape at https://bit.ly/2VCZRTV Ken, K Money, founder of www.KMoneyGroup.com, has been trading stocks in the financial market for many years for himself and clients. Interested in investments for your future? KMoneyGroup.com FB: Kmoneytrading Dr. Mary Jo Podgurski’s life work is serving young people and their families. She also has authored 30 plus books, including The Nonnie Series, for...