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Ep 037: 4 Ways to 'Spring Clean' Your Business and Relationships with Karen Christensen

Today on the Podcast, Time to Clean House. With Summer just around the bend, and before all those mid-year reflections start rolling in, this week is an ideal time to talk about how to 'Spring Clean' your business and your relationships. Declutter any victim mindset, rethink your approach, and engage with your projects (and your people) more intentionally. So that you can look at what's working, what's not, and give yourself the space you need to go about doing things differently. Doing...


Ep 036: The 5 Things I'd Tell My 19 Year Old Self with Karen Christensen

Today on the Podcast, Lessons Learned + Our Future Selves. Hard to believe but it was exactly 19 years ago (this month) that I moved from small town NH (grew up in a tiny town of just 10,000 people) to big city La La Land. Wilder still? Those 19 years ago? I was exactly 19 years old. And, I gotta tell you, there’s something kind of full circle about that. Given so many of our recent episodes have been about how to get mentors, how to pitch influencers, how to find your tribe, and how to...


Ep 035: Pitch Influencers, Find Your Tribe, Surrender with Nitika Chopra, Wellness Entrepreneur

Today on the Podcast, The Knocking on Your Heart. You know when you're at one of those huge conferences and you're meeting all kinds of creative entrepreneurial folks from all kinds of places? You're chatting quickly here and there between speakers. Passing by briefly between bathroom breaks. Wishing you could chat with influencers but find yourself seated with the friends you came with cuz there's barely time to eat and pee — let alone introduce yourself in a non crazy-person way. You...


Ep 034: Travel Tips for Speakers, Retreat Hosts & Digital Nomads with Journalist Jeannette Ceja

Today on the Podcast, Face off with Yourself and Fly. There's that saying, "wherever you go, there you are." And if you've ever thrown your hands up in the air and spontaneously moved across country, quit a job, ended a relationship or swan dived into a last minute Bali Yoga Retreat (ha! I get it!) — you may have learned just how true that statement really is. Turns out? Almost as soon as we get "there" we realize we're still "here." Like trying to shake your own shadow, you may soon...


Ep 033: Why is Change So Hard? (+ The 4 Phases of Transformation) with Karen Christensen

Today on the Podcast, Discover Which Phase of Transformation You're In. One of the things I hear so often from coaching clients, workshop attendees, even colleagues and friends is how much they "love" surprises. That, in fact, they actually crave MORE of them. Turns out? The day-to-day banal operations, the 24-7 hustle, and the pressure of working behind a screen has got them bored to pieces. They'll say, "it's so redundant" or "it's so lonely" and that they're absolutely desperate for...


Ep 032: Tips to Find Mentors, Market Authentically, Meditate Easier with Ben Decker

Today on the Podcast, Finding Your Path. If you find yourself feeling disconnected, replaying past events, dress rehearsing worst case scenarios or routinely questioning, "What is my purpose?" — this is the episode for you. If you have a love / hate relationship with marketing, with sales, with pitching yourself or launching your offerings — this is the episode for you. If you want to find a mentor but you've got absolutely no idea how it works or where to start or if it's paid — this...


Ep 031: How One Micro-Influencer is Changing the Conversation, guest Happily Hafsa

Today on the Podcast, Why Women Need Women to Check In. Radical honesty hour: When's the last time you asked a woman how she was doing ... AND really asked? You know, as if you truly cared. As if you weren't trying merely to be polite. But as if you truly wanted to know? Not so that you could fix her but so that you could witness: The hurt.The overwhelm.The exhaustion.The pressure. Feelings that, frankly, TOO MANY WOMEN are secretly shouldering day in and day out. And, more...


Ep 030: How Committed Are You? (Test Your Grit in 8 Reflections) with Karen Christensen

Today on the Podcast, How Badly Do You Want It? You know what I'm talking about. That big dream you've been fantasizing about for weeks, months, (dare I say) years? That lifelong vision, which now keeps you up at night but at one time (not so long ago) had you bursting outta-your-body excited and ready to do whatever it took? Yeah, that SCARY goal. The one with more soul, more heart, more truth than anything else — that one! How committed are you? ... REALLY? When you hit an upper...


Ep 029: Pivot Your Business, Uplevel Your Beliefs, Evolve Your Brand with Kay Fabella

Today on the Podcast, Does your life no longer fit? One of the things I see over and over again? When smart, talented, high performing, creative women in their 30's suddenly realize: "Oh, no. I built the wrong castle." Despite having done everything "right," they're left feeling like everything's wrong. And while no one would ever know it — because, heck, they've made the 6 figures and they've built a beautiful brand and they look great online — they're secretly feeling embarrassed and...


Ep 028: The Simplest (hardest) Practice to Attracting More Abundance with Karen Christensen

Today on the Podcast, Are You Blocking Miracles? If you've been catching yourself feeling judgmental, frustrated, resentful, dissatisfied — like nothing is going right, nothing feels easy, and no one is helping — than this is the episode for you. WARNING: it may be the exact opposite of what you want to hear. It may sound so simple-stupid that you'll want to dismiss it. (I know I've definitely had those moments before; robbing myself of the power of the practice). Here's the...


Ep 027: Reframe Your Story & Find the Funny in Fear with Writer Suzanne Keilly

Today on the Podcast, Memo to Your Future Self! We've all heard that saying, "The best time to start was yesterday. The next best time is today." But you know who reallllly feels the weight of that quote? Our future selves. The version of you (and me) who will wake up one year from now; wishing that the YOU of today had ... Just gotten started Just asked for help Just pushed through the fear of "looking dumb" or "doing it wrong" or "missing the boat" because "it's all been done...


Ep 026: How to Dance with Doubt (3 Types + Practices) with Karen Christensen

Today on the Podcast, When Doubt is Helping or Hurting You. This week we’re talking how to dance with doubt SO THAT you can feel the feelings, love honor and accept where you are, and still turn all that distraction around before self-sabatage sets in and derails your best laid plans. Better yet? We're helping you discern which category of doubt (I believe there are 3) you may be facing off with at any given time. This way you can practice specific responses for each varying type as well...


Ep 025: Side Hustles with Intrapreneur & The Driven Yogi founder, Keisha Courtney

Today on the Podcast, Embracing the Process. If you're anything like most highly ambitious and multi-passionate Creative Entrepreneurial women then you, too, likely want to be "the best" on day one (or at least the top 10)! And if everything could happen, yesterday, you'd be OK with that as well. Don't lie. (I know you AND I got you! Heck, I AM you. So, HELLO, sister-friend.) Cuz all you're life you've known you were meant for something more. Chomping at the bit, you're hungry with...


Ep 024: Feeling Lonely & Distracted? Answer These Questions with Karen Christensen

Today on the Podcast, When Your Inner Critic is Loudest This week, we’re talking about a fairly unpopular topic; one I would say is the dirty little secret of online business. And that is … loneliness … the single emotional state killing your beliefs, body, and business. Especially for those of you who are Creative Entrepreneurs (like me) working predominantly from home, leading small virtual teams, maybe only in the field with clients on occasion and working mostly over Skype —...


Ep 023: Truth Telling, Boundaries & Business with Wild Soul Elizabeth DiAlto

Today on the Podcast, Building Trust in Life & Biz You know those women who just tell it like it is? The ones who command attention and respect simply by walking in the room; without ever having to say a word? That's today's guest. As funny as she is fierce, Elizabeth is my favorite kinda woman. Like so many of our Dreamcatchers, this gal is the full expression of what it is to be an integrated right and left brain; masculine and feminine energy; Creative and Entrepreneur; student and...


Ep 022: Combine Passion & Purpose with My Big Story Host, Christopher Swan

Today on the Podcast, The Messy Middle We've all been there. At that intersection of Not Yet and No Longer — where everything feels a bit off, a bit clunky, and you're fighting to make things "fit." When you know your strengths, you've got a bazillion BIG ideas, no shortage of passion or causes — but you just don't know how to make it all come together — what then? Know You're in the Creative Cocoon ... For some? It can be one of the most stressful, disorienting, and lonely places to...


Ep 021: From Corporate to Creative Entrepreneur with Brand Stylist, Designer, Kristen Poissant

Today on the Podcast, Rebranding: Inside & Out! If you're an ambitious, creative, woman (or feminist bloke) in your 30's — whose done everything "right" only to discover you've built the wrong castle — than this is the episode for you. Maybe this is you ... You're an overachiever whose climbed the corporate ladder in Advertising, Entertainment, or Tech. (Maybe you still are ... and you're questioning why). And you HAD IT with ... Working too many hours, with too many on-call days, too...


Ep 020: 5 Steps to Beat Overwhelm & Prioritize Goals with Karen Christensen

Today on the Podcast, Giving Your Goals Mental Whitespace + Vision: Today I’m so grateful to be back, coming off our our extended holiday break where we took a hiatus from the poddy-pod and all its corresponding social media rabbit holes. And I cannot TELL YOU how sweet it feels to feel rested! Refocused and ready to roll! Not gonna lie ... I feel like a million bucks. (More on how I spent my hiatus and my own personal goal, which I'm proudly 4 weeks into achieving, in an upcoming...


Ep 019: 2017 Reflections + Guided Meditation with Karen Christensen

Today on the Podcast, Rest and Reflection: As we close out 2017, before taking several weeks off for holidays, I thought I'd share one of my favorite morning rituals. It's a mantra meditation for you to use, on demand, whenever you find yourself feeling a little behind, a little alone, a little lost, a little scarce or a whole-lotta "not good enough." Cuz we've all been there! In fact, given where we were about this time last year (and ALL that's transpired since), I can't imagine anyone...


Ep 018: Getting to the Root with Naturopathic Doctor Emily FitzGerald

Today on the Podcast, Getting to the Root: My mama likes to joke that of all her three children, I was the one who couldn't stop asking questions. She'd answer one and I'd roll right in with another ... and another ... and another. "But, why? What then? How come? Who, mama? Where? When?" On and on it would go. Gotta love kids! Turns out that curiosity would serve me well later on in life, although my husband would tell you our first date (thanks to Match.com, believe it or not) was like...