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On a mission to end lives of mediocrity....

On a mission to end lives of mediocrity....
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On a mission to end lives of mediocrity....




Dream Should Be Real Book Review

https://www.amazon.com/dp/1645700518?ref_=pe_3052080_397514860 I went to a good school, bought a house, had a good job, and all of the other stuff tied to the American Dream. I followed the system and I still felt empty and if I had to guess you are reading this book because you are searching for answers. You are reading this book because you know there is something wrong. Have you asked yourself, “Is there more?” Have you witnessed a small child talk about all of the amazing things they...


It Takes a Village - Clark Harrison

In this episode Clark takes us on his journey of building an empire, reinventing himself after the Great recession and how the Village is giving families a hand up. We dive into some of the techniques he has used to gain mentors and sponsors as well as the importance of perseverance. This talk is amazing for anyone who is seeking significance instead of financial gain.


Best Ever Real Estate Interview

Jerome has worked on other peoples’ deals, as well as his own. He and Joe will talk specifics on a 23 unit heavy value add deal that Jerome is still working on. What problems has he ran into, how did he find the deal, and how does he plan on going from no tenants to fully leased? Best Ever Tweet: “I’ve watched people buy bad deals just because they wanted to get a deal” - Jerome Myers Jerome Myers Real Estate Background: Serves as an executive coach, real estate investor, and business...


Do it for Maggie - Melody Simpson

In this episode Melody takes us on her journey of going from not being able to walk one mile to finishing a half marathon. We dive in to the impact of unhealthy relationships, how her miscarriage impacted her outlook on life and she breaks down how adjusting her habits allowed her to lose close to 100 pounds. This talk is amazing for anyone who uses food to deal with their grief and provides encouragement for anyone who has been struggling to reach their goals


Everything You Want is on the Other Side of Fear - Cass Smith

Episode 14 – In this episode Cass discusses how our subconscious can hold us back from catching our dreams, the importance of overcoming our limiting beliefs and the importance of self development every day. This is a great talk for anyone who is thinking about making a major shift in their life but concerned about whether or not they can be successful at it. We also cover the secrets to finding a mentor.


What is Dreamcatchers...

In this episode James, Duron, Ray and Jerome explain the origins of Dreamcatchers and do some vision casting for where it will go. During the discussion the group provides clarity on the importance of collaborating with like-minded people and how Dreamcatchers is helping people make their dreams real in the areas of prosperity, health, relationships, career, significance, and self image.


The Future of Bespoke - Omar Kinnebrew

In this episode Omar explains how he escaped corporate America, the importance of exposing children to the idea of being an entrepreneur, clients not knowing what they want and being a gatekeeper of your time. He also shares how a pocket square holder has grown into a full-service custom garment and shoe company known as Bespokuture (www.bespokuture.com). Towards the end of the call we dive into the moral responsibilities of clothiers and how he is combating the ills of the system.


A Mission Worth Investing In

In this episode Devan, James and Jerome discuss their multifamily journey and why they are on a mission that is worth investing in. Contact information for the panelist are Devan – Instagram @mr_did_dat facebook – Devan Paige, James email - jameswb2@gmail.com and Jerome – 757.207.0529


The Ultimate Sacrifice- Greg Washington

In this episode Greg discusses why he gave up on his dream of being in the NFL, gives us tools for dealing with grief, explains why failure often starts out as a “good time,” that money is a force multiplier, and touches on how suicide doesn’t ever solve the problem


1,000 doors and 100 people

In this episode J. Myers explains the mission he is on to acquire 1,000 apartment units and free 100 people from work they are dispassionate about. He takes a deep dive on how important it is to make a positive impact on others, finding your tribe and the reality of struggle being a part of progress.


Are You Your Own Hero - Deshawn Chapman

Are you the hero of your story? In this episode Deshawn discusses the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people, how to be the best version of yourself, and how to break the prolonged state of stress most of us experience. To conclude this conversation Deshawn takes a tribe member through an exercise that breaks a negative thought pattern immediately!


Mastering Yourself - Shaka Singleton

In this episode Shaka discusses self mastery, the power of choice and monogamy in western society.


Anything is Possible - Larry Spriggs

In this episode Larry discusses his transition into entrepreneurship, the most important lessons he's learned with finance and how his belief in anything being possible has fostered his success.


Conquering the 1% - James Bryant

In this episode James discusses how he is getting out of the rat race through investment in multifamily real estate (apartment complexes), what early retirement looks like, how the 1% can get in the way, being your true self in every environment and the importance of having a positive impact on the lives of others.


They Bet on Me - Devan Paige

In this episode Devan discusses his journey in catching his dream of becoming a multifamily investor. A little less than 6 months ago he expressed his interest in earning passive income as an owner of residential real estate and today he closed on a 26 unit community in central Greensboro with approximately $400,000 in instant equity. In this call we will discuss the steps he took to get comfortable making such a large investment, how he was able to join the general partnership group and how...


Build My Own - Josh King

In this episode Josh discusses three key lessons - You are either getting better or getting worst - Change or die - Get yours because I’m going to get mine…


Discipline and Consistency - Rick Lewis

In this episode Rick discusses his escape plan from corporate america, adjusting to life as an entrepreneur and how discipline & consistency are the foundation of his success.


Do You Really Want To Win or Look Good Losing? - Duron Chandler

This morning as I was reviewing my notes from Duron’s call last night I realized how fortunate I am to be a part of a community committed to helping people live their best lives. Duron made mention of how important his network’s support was in him smashing his goals. The conversation gave me confirmation that our movement is a necessary one. Helping people attain their dreams is our sole purpose and we are so happy that he has allowed us to go on this journey with him. It is so hard to...