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49: The Life Of A Full-time Artist ft. Actor, Writer & Director Yolonda Ross

The life of a working creative can be difficult, but yet deeply fulfilling. In this episode we chat with writer, actor, and director Yolonda Ross - best known for her work in Stranger Inside, Antwone Fisher, and most recently as Ms. Green on the NETFLIX series The Get Down. Yolonda discusses her career journey as an actress and the successes and challenges she's faced along the way. She talks moving to New York from Nebraska to pursue fashion and eventually falling into acting, navigating...


44: (Minisode)7 Ways To Be More Productive

In this minisode, host Rana Campbell shares seven productivity tricks that you can implement in your life to help keep you on track and more efficient as you work towards your goals. if you're looking for ways to be more efficient in your work or need help maximizing your time, listen in as we talk tools, strategies, stories, and books that you can start using today! SHOW NOTES: www.dreamsindrive.com/productivity-tricks SUBSCRIBE: www.dreamsindrive.com/join Follow Dreams In Drive on...


43: Goal Setting & Creating Your Roadmap For Success w/ Ericka Perry

What's the key to creating a roadmap for your success? Creating GOALS and having a plan to execute against! On this episode, we chat with Ericka Perry, CEO/ Founder of The Stork Bag®, a leading pregnancy subscription bag, Ericka discusses how the balancing struggles of motherhood launched her into entrepreneurship - and she hasn't looked back since. Since launching The Stork Bag in 2014, the company has garnered customers domestically and internationally. Ericka discusses how finding her...


37: Perseverance, Prayer & Persistence: Lessons from 16 Years of Entrepreneurship w/ Dawn Fitch

Sometimes the entrepreneurial journey can be extremely challenging, so finding what keeps you going is key. On this episode, we chat with Dawn Fitch, the President of Pooka Pure and Simple - a company she started after she got sick and began to experiment with making natural beauty products in her kitchen. We talk about how - over the years - Dawn's realization that she is "stronger than she thinks" has helped her navigate the ups and downs of running her own business. From battling a...

24: Own Your Journey: My #DREAMSINDRIVE Story w/ host Rana Campbell

On this episode, I (Rana), the Dreams In Drive host, get put on the hot spot by one of our previous guests - my friend, Anuj Patel (from episode 23). For the past 23 episodes, I've been the one asking the questions but haven't taken the time to go in-depth about my own #dreamdriving story. Anuj and I go in depth into what #dreamsindrive means to me and more details on my own growth story + lessons I've learned over the past seven months. We discuss: What inspired me to launch Dreams In...

23: From Ideation To Execution: Growing & Scaling Your Brand w/ Anuj Patel of Daily Beat Media

What does it take to grow your idea into something tangible? In episode 23, we chat with Anuj Patel, COO and Co-Founder of Daily Beat Media about how he and his co-founder launched Daily Beat Media and grew it from one site to being the premiere digital media network for electronic dance music. The network now consists of multiple editorial platforms, a virtual reality studio, and online radio show. What started out as an idea that his team saw had "legs" has now grown into an entity that...

21: How To Build A Strong Network w/ Quain Bevans of College Shirt Tour

On this episode of Dreams In Drive, Quain Bevans, CEO and Co-Founder of College Shirt Tour shares his journey to building a successful social networking program that allows college students and business professionals to communicate through the use of face to face interaction and dialogue. Quain talks about his road to entrepreneurship and some of the lessons he has learned along the way - both about himself and how to help others reach their inner potential. Most importantly, he shares the...

18: From An Honest Place: How To Find Your True Voice w/ Morgan Jerkins

"As a woman of color, when you become honest with what you want and what you will and will not take, that's a form of resistance. That is what art is about." On today's episode we chat with Morgan Jerkins, a freelance writer living and working in Harlem. Her work has been featured in The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Guardian, BuzzFeed, and The Atlantic, among many others. I've admired all that Morgan has produced since college, but especially am proud of her nonfiction and personal...

17: Creating Opportunities For Yourself ft. Tia James

Personal branding strategist Tia James shares how to build better brands and start creating more opportunities. Tia shares some of her favorite tips for lifestyle entrepreneurs (intrapreneurs or side hustlers) who want to start building better personal brands and setting themselves up for greater opportunities. She also discusses what inspired her personal journey, lessons she's learned along the way, juggling school +business, and what keeps her going during tough times. Show notes:...

16: Making It To The Writer's Room w/ Damilare Sonoiki

What does it take to make it as TV show writer? On this episode of Dreams In Drive, Damilare Sonoiki shares how he made it to the writer's room. From his current role as a staff writer on the ABC show Black-ish to launching the viral Youtube trailer for African Booty Scratcher, Damiiare is putting his footprint is slowly building his own writing legacy. He talks about his road to Cali, some of the lessons he's learned, and the challenges and epiphanies he's experienced along the way. Check...

15: How To Get People Excited About Your Brand w/ Teri Johnson

What do you have to do to get people excited about brand and its mission? In this episode of Dreams In Drive , we chat with Teri Johnson - travel and lifestyle expert at travelistateri.com and the founder of luxury fragrance brand Harlem Candle Company. Her passion for adventure and storytelling has taken her to 66 countries where she has produced over 200 videos for destinations,hotels, chains and car companies. After launching Harlem Candle Company in 2014, she immersed herself into...

14: Defining Success On Your Own Terms w/ L'Oreal Thompson Payton

When’s the last time you sat down and defined what success looks like for you? We chat with L’Oreal Thompson Payton, a Chicago-based media and marketing professional, who shares her journey of eventually feeling burned out as an editor for Jet magazine and the life shift she made that eventually landed her in a media relations position at Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana. She chats how she embraced defining success on her OWN terms. This podcast is especially useful for...

13: Starting Over & Creating Your Own Lane w/ Lana Boone

Ever feel like nothing is going right in your life? That rejection after rejection keeps coming your way and you don't know want to do?! What about if I told you that sometimes you have to be willing to let go so that new opportunities can come your way and drastically change your life? Meet Lana Boone, the founder of Kurly Klips - the world's first natural hair clip-in extensions brand. When she first started Kurly Klips she had NO business experience but In just three years, Kurly Klips...

12: How To Unleash Your Inner Boss w/ Amira Onibudo

What's holding you back from reaching your dreams? In this week's podcast episode, we chat with Amira Onibudo, a television media and marketing specialist, who is passionate about guiding and leading others. She is the founder of Unleash Yourself, which is an inspirational blog dedicated to empowering young professionals to unleash their inner boss. Amira shares her personal dream driving story and tools/strategies you can use to come of your shell and be the best version of yourself....

10: How To Become A Full-Time Blogger w/ Christina Brown

Are you a blogger who is currently struggling to grow your brand? On today's episode of No Parking we spoke with lifestyle blogger & digital media expert Christina Brown. Christina is the creator of the popular blog lovebrownsugar.com, babybrownsugar.com, and the new digital empowerment community #browngirlslove. Christina shares her personal blogging story and how she was able to transition from working in editorial and beauty/fashion PR into being a full-time blogger. For show notes...

6: Making The Sell & Monetizing Your Service-Based Business w/ Sakita Holley

Have you ever struggled with finding clients and figuring out how to monetize your service-based business? On today's episode, we chat with Sakita Holley - the founder and CEO of NY-based beauty and lifestyle PR firm House of Success PR. Sakita shares tips and advice from her experiencing growing her business and dishes on how you can find clients, close deals, and start monetizing your service-based business. Get the show notes + some extra goodies here:...