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We work with businesses and individuals who want to make well produced digital content. DrewVOX Digital helps our clients start, improve, or outsource quality on-line content. We deliver professional podcasting and video how to packages, and voice overs. We coach, train, and provide production services.




We work with businesses and individuals who want to make well produced digital content. DrewVOX Digital helps our clients start, improve, or outsource quality on-line content. We deliver professional podcasting and video how to packages, and voice overs. We coach, train, and provide production services.





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EP7 - the Power of Great Content

Welcome back to DrewVOX Talks. I’m Drew, and today we’ll chat about an amazing marketing superpower. The Power of Great Content. Combined with its sidekick Inbound Marketing, entrepreneurs can say goodbye (mostly) to paid ads. I will be referencing a lot of online tools, don’t worry, I’ll give you all the links. You can read the show notes on your podcast platform, or visit the blog for this episode at drewvox.me. [PODCAST INTRO] Introduction to the Power of Great Content Great content lies at the heart of successful inbound marketing strategies. It attracts, engages, and delights your target audience. It ultimately develops a strong and powerful relationship between them and your business. By consistently delivering valuable and relevant content, you and your brand will be established as a thought leader. Your audience will develop trust with you because you are delivering relevant information they are seeking. Furthermore, if you haven’t already, you will be in a position to solve a problem for them. Today we’ll discuss: OK, let’s dig in. A few years ago, I took a course from a CRM company called HubSpot about Inbound marketing. Their entire platform is built around it. Inbound marketing is an approach that focuses on attracting and nurturing prospects through valuable content and experiences. This is a stark contrast to the interruptive advertising everyone associates with marketing. It aims to provide solutions to customers' problems, and answer their questions. It addresses their needs at every stage of their buyer's journey. By aligning your content with your audience's interests and goals, you can attract qualified leads, build better relationships, and drive conversions. The rubber really hits the road when the power of great content is incorporated with Inbound Marketing. Content plays a crucial role in every stage of the inbound marketing methodology: attract, engage, and delight. In the attract stage, content such as blog posts, videos, and social media content helps draw in your target audience. It raises awareness of your brand because they are searching for, and finding what you put out. In the engage stage, content like ebooks, webinars, and case studies deepens the audience's interest and educates them about your solutions. In the delight stage, content such as customer success stories and exclusive offers keeps your customers engaged, promotes loyalty, and encourages advocacy. I’m sure you can think of online resources you have discovered. Types of Content in Inbound Marketing [3:30] There are various types of content you can leverage in your inbound marketing strategy. Some common formats include blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, ebooks, whitepapers, case studies, webinars, and social media posts. Each format has its own strengths. All can be used strategically to cater to different preferences and consumption habits of your target audience. We’re working toward unleashing the power of great content. How do we create this high-quality and engaging content? Here are 6 important tips to consider: Utilizing Keywords for SEO helps people find you in an ocean of information [5:36] Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for improving the visibility of your content in search engine results. Incorporating relevant keywords, will optimize your content to rank higher and attract organic traffic. Power of great content isn’t just words, video and images. It’s about people finding you. Here are 3 great tips for effectively utilizing keywords: Google Keyword PlannerSEMrushMoz Keyword ExplorerSE RankingI have incorporated a ton of long tail keywords in this podcast and blogs. How else would you find me? I used to think it’s manipulative somehow, then one day the light bulb came on. You have no idea I exist. A like minded person like you will be interested, so I will make it easy for you. Distributing Content through Various Channels[7:44] To maximize the reach and impact of your content,...


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EP6 - Authenticity and Gratitude

We're back with some great insights on how marketers can truly separate their businesses from any competition. Company culture is what separates a business from their competition. The word culture is a big buzzword in marketing language, but how do you truly show it, as opposed to telling your audience what you think they want to hear? Have a listen to: DrewVOX Talks, Ep. 6 Authenticity and Gratitude Show notes: Welcome back after a 2-year hiatus! Today’s topic is Gratitude and Authenticity. Let’s start with an updated intro, but first a little of the old intro Hey friendly sounding ‘90s radio guy, I love you. But it’s time for something more real... Well, that’s better. Why the long gap between episode 4 & now? Headspace, my friend. The intent of DrewVOX Talks is to do good things, deliver great information, and build a business. A company that is of service to others, and allowed me to make a living. Simple, right? Here’s a little background: I owned a big SCUBA diving shop, there was a lot going on in that business. It needed 3 full-time people with complimentary skill sets. There were never more than 2 of us, so it was a real slog. Then the pandemic came along. The perfect storm hit, and the rest is history. Tri-City SCUBA Centre slipped below the waves for it’s last time in it’s 23rd year. A traumatic loss for the local dive community, clients, and an amazing team of outstanding dive professionals. And I felt like a complete failure. While the shop struggled, I had to pay a mortgage, feed my kids, and keep my truck on the road. We have heard the stories, so I won’t bore you with the rest. My education, first career, and my true love was broadcasting - making visual and audio content. So, DrewVOX Digital was born. Back to headspace: I was burned out, grieving the loss of the shop, and the psychological weight I created didn’t help. My friend, it’s hard to be vulnerable with you, but I have to be completely honest. Otherwise the information I am providing you would be a load of crap. I wouldn’t believe me if I was listening to this. DrewVOX Talks is partly about those hard lessons. Lessons I am so grateful I have learned, and continue to learn. My hope is that they can help you too. HEY BUD, WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH ME? Great question! AUTHENTICITY I have learned that I need to be completely honest with myself in order to be of service to others. Not long after Episode 4-Online Presence and Relationships was published I had to find a job. A very important milestone in my personal growth was working with Luke Bazely and Leanne Shanks at Driverseat Inc. Working shoulder to shoulder with these amazing human beings brought out the best (and worst) in me. I will invite them to join me on future episodes, let’s hope they say yes! (I’m sure they will) Driverseat is a shuttle transportation franchise that moves people in a very simple, but innovative way. They specialize in corporate and leisure transportation using vehicles with capacities of 7 to 24 passengers. Did I mention marketing was one of the hats I wore there? To say the environment is entrepreneurial and dynamic is the biggest understatement in history. Leanne (I like to call her Lorraine or Louise) and Luke’s leadership, plus the collaborative environment they create stands out in my experience. Leanne’s style is the polar opposite of mine, which is why she and I worked so well together. She cuts through BS better than a hot, sharp knife through butter. And I am full of BS. She called me out on a lot of it (all of it). We had many uncomfortable moments together. Many. And I love her for it. Luke and I are like 2 peas in a pod in many ways, but we are also vastly different. He personifies a true entrepreneur, real authenticity, and servant leadership. Very cynical Drew was looking for an angle for the first few months. However, this version of Drew resolved a few years before to be open, honest, and completely vulnerable in all...


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DVT-EP5-I'm Baack

Where have I been the last 2 years? Personal stuff, and loads of other things kept me away, but now I'm back! There's a new theme song, more authentic format, guests, and loads of really useful information.


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EP4 - Online Presence: Relationships

EP4 - Online Presence: Relationships Welcome back! I'm Drew Nageleisen this is DrewVOX Talks our topic is Your Online Presence: Relationships. Let's talk about creating. The most fundamental attribute of a successful business is relationships. It's that simple. Businesses are creating mutually beneficial relationships between their customers and themselves. What about sales, marketing, and customer service? All a part of creating and supporting these relationships and managing expectations. When I was a kid, there were 2 hardware stores in my hometown – about a block apart on the main street. My dad always went to the store that was a little further away from our house. We would walk in the door, and the older lady Lucy would say hello and give a big smile. Or maybe it was Larry the owner and the fact he always had time to help. It's been too long, and I don't remember the names of other employees, but they all were generally friendly and helpful. When we went into the other hardware store, we were greeted professionally, but it was a different vibe. We generally went to Larry's store. They both sold basically the same items for similar prices. Dad liked how he felt about "his" store and the employees. Lucy, who immigrated from Germany, always gave us a hard time about the anglicized pronunciation of our last name. We think she was kidding, but she also wasn't. She was a proud German. It was a fun little thing all members of our family experienced with Lucy. In fact, I think almost all of us have memories and similar experiences with companies now. We do businesses with people who make us feel good and avoid organizations that don't. Sometimes those interactions are necessary - think government agencies or hospitals. I ran across an interesting statistic from January 2021 from datareportal.com. It said 3.96 billion people are on social media. Yes, billion with a B - were using social media in July 2020. Furthermore, 1 million people join every day. They state that the most popular platforms currently include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. There is a pretty significant overlap among these platforms. They go on to say that the aim of Social Media posts is changing from trying to reach a new audience to reach existing audiences in new contexts. As the pandemic evolved, digital adoption accelerated as people continue to spend more time doing things on their connected devices. The explosion of home offices, lock downs and home schooling changed people's search behaviours. The numbers are staggering - 51% on the Earth's population is on social media. Almost 60% of the world's population is connected to the Internet and two thirds of us have a mobile phone. Let that sink in - those are huge numbers. One report broke these numbers down to the time the planet was on the Internet in 2020. The entire human species was on-line for a cumulative 1.25 billion years. To put in into perspective, take the number of hours all of humanity was connected in 2020. Add them up and allocate them to one person. That person would have been online for one and a quarter billion years. After the initial wave of lockdowns, people's reliance and use of personal devices continues to increase. About half of us increased our time watching online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, and more than 4 out of 10 of us say they are spending more time on social media and messaging platforms. The habit has already formed and continues to expand. Experts are saying that these new behaviours will continue post-pandemic. Are we in the Matrix? I doubt it, I don't have super cool sunglasses and awesome leather trench coat. But - we are more and more connected to the online world. Marketers are putting that context in mind. They see an opportunity to deliver similar benefits, experiences and outcomes through digital marketing activities and content. So, what does this mean to that hardware store, the little independent shoe...


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EP4-Online Presence-Relationships Coming April 20, 2022

Get ready for the next episode of DrewVOX Talks - your Online presence - Relationships. Most businesses deliver great experiences when someone walks through the front door. However, this atmosphere often is lost in the online realm. The focus is often on selling, promoting and advertising. It's rare that DIY online marketers translate their main point of difference to their online audience. Tune in to start the conversation.


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EP1-10 Steps to Start Podcasting

Thanks for starting at the beginning with me! The first episode of DrewVOX Talks is a checklist for the items you need to get started podcasting. Lots to consider and think about. This is an overview list - much more information and resources are available in our Podcast Starter Packs. Show Notes I’m Drew Nageleisen, welcome to the first episode of DrewVOX Talks. Our first topic is the “10 Steps to Start Podcasting”. Let’s talk about creating. Since this is the first episode ever, here’s a synopsis of my journey to this point. While I am fairly new to podcasting, I have worked in radio, TV, and as a freelancer since 1988. Podcasting has a lot of similarities to radio, and it’s also very different. I discovered I had the opportunity to deliver so much more to my listener. My first podcast, “Kevin Costner was a Corpse” was a completely self-indulgent exercise that arose out of need when the COVID pandemic wasn’t going to be over in a few weeks. It is a fun, creative outlet. We just did it. We didn’t care if anyone listened – actually, we hoped for 2 listeners. On like Dave and one like me - I know it’s odd. Anyway, it was and still is a lot of fun. I asked myself, “What if I were to take my expertise and knowledge of radio performance and production, my technical capabilities, the stupid amount of equipment I already own from years in bands, my voice studio, producing online content for my business, and documented my process?” So here we are! So, you are thinking about getting started with an awesome podcast. You have guests and even some scripts (or at least great ideas). You can Google all over the place to see where to get started – it’s overwhelming. I know - I did it too. My advantage was lots of experience with audio equipment, being a musician and a professional broadcaster. The how-to part was easy, the rest was a pretty steep learning curve. Now I’m here to help guide you – be a mentor possibly, or at least a resource that you can call on when you need some help or information. I wanted someone to give me good advice or a nudge in the right direction. I am stubborn and like to figure stuff out for myself, but don’t want to reinvent the wheel, either. Here are the 10 steps to get started. I will give you suggestions based on my experiences, mistakes, research, and advice received. No – I am not a definitive authority, but I know more than many so called experts online. My philosophy is to start with good foundational gear that will grow with you and save money in the long run, paired with broadcasting techniques and industry best practices. The following 10 steps are an overview – there are 10 documents, podcasts and videos that match each point that goes into detail on what to buy, what not to buy, and how to obtain a setup that will work well for you. Whatever level of experience. The worst thing is to buy something that seems to be everything in a package for an unbelievable price online. When you start using it, you realize that “this piece of crap was a waste of 80 bucks!” Yes, I have done this – and I knew better! Full disclosure - and here’s the sales pitch, our podcast starter packages are crammed full of more details. Each step is unpacked and full of detail. Packages include forms, documents, podcasts, gear lists, links, instructions, and videos to make sure you have all the information you need to get started. I am also available for a free 30-minute consultation at drewvox.me as well as a myriad of paid services. Like I said, I am building a business that I would hire. Let’s get the ball rolling. Wow, a professional voice! Cool. Step 1: Pick a Topic Well, you are here, so my guess is you already have a topic. Businesses who realize the value of a podcast will have a wealth of information to start with – from products and services to the business itself. You know how to talk to customers and prospects, how you do what you do and why. Once you figure out your focus, do a little research to see who...


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EP2-10 Reasons Businesses Podcast

DrewVOX Talks: EP2-10 Reasons Businesses Podcast Welcome back! I'm Drew Nageleisen this is DrewVOX Talks our topic for today is the Top 10 Reasons Businesses Podcast. Let's talk about creating. These points are in no specific order - well, except for one. It is my number one, hopefully it will be yours. Some are more important than others to different people, so I am not giving any point more weight than the others. So, let's get rolling! Firstly, Podcast Listeners are Engaged - listen to these statistics. NPRs National Public Media division say 75% of podcast listeners will take action from commercial messaging. They will click on affiliate links, ads, buy merchandise and download additional content. These listeners also have more disposable income. In 2017, the average listener earned over US$75,000 per year. Whether your business is business to business, or you deal with customers directly, this is an important fact. Podcast listeners are generally more affluent and are engaged. This results in a great opportunity to develop a unique, personal connection with them. More on that later. Our next point? Creating a podcast gives you more content to post. Creating a podcast is an efficient way to create content for multiple information and marketing channels at the same time. Businesses are all trying to get more with the same resources – mostly time. Time is money! Our clients tell us they were initially resistant to starting a podcast because they were concerned yet another activity would take too much time. Now we hear that they should have done it sooner! The time cost to produce one episode pays back many times over. For example, one podcast becomes: Show Notes and Articles – the topic synopsis and key points of the episode become useful show notes for your listeners that are published with the episode. Great for search engine optimization. When you ensure the key words in your show notes line up with your website and other online activities, you are creating more data points for search engines - and for your site rankings. The links between your podcast host and website also help those rankings! Your podcasts can become the basis for a great article and blog posts. You can take that script and publish it with minimal editing. This saves you time and adds to your online presence. Again, with little time invested, highlights from your episodes can become social media posts – one or many. They can be accompanied by stand-out images related to your topic and link back to other channels. Videos in the form of quotes or music with titles appearing over the image are great posts. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok have these creation features built in. The next point is video teasers and Audiograms. Again, clips or highlights from your podcast, combined with an image or slide show make excellent, short social media posts. We can help show you how. Just think, with an app like Hootsuite to schedule and automatically post your content, your feeds will have a steady supply of fresh, interesting posts. If you record yourself as you lay down your podcast tracks. You can post those files on YouTube or any other video platform. Publish to your web site, social media pages and feeds. If you are camera shy, it's not a problem! Combine those highlights from your podcast episode with images or video related to your topic to create a trailer. You can also promote your podcast as a live video and record it. You can promote a live discussion with your audience around your podcast topic on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or a live webinar to engage your audience. The key word is ENGAGE. See? We are hinting at that relationship thing again! Let's touch on email marketing. Your script and show notes become content for your newsletter, or as a stand-alone email. You can edit them to fit your purposes - again saving lots of time, and if you are like me, can be a life saver when you are staring at a newsletter deadline. There is...


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EP3-10 Ways to Grow Your Podcast

DrewVOX Talks, EP3-10 Ways to Grow Your Podcast Welcome back! I'm Drew Nageleisen this is DrewVOX Talks our topic for today is 10 Ways to Grow Your Podcast. Let's talk about creating. As the title says, we'll touch on the 10 important things you can do to grow your podcast's audience. We'll talk about scheduling your time, engaging with your audience, organic networking, guests, marketing, and many extras most podcasters just don't do. Haha. Listen to that guy, he must be expensive! It's really important to schedule 20-30 minutes a day to engage with your audience on your social media feeds and email. They don't just listen to you for the content, but also how you present it. When they return for that second episode, they are already developing a relationship with you and see you more as a friend. Think about that for a minute. They found your podcast, listened to an entire episode, then listened to at least one more. You are now in their "circle". When they make the effort to reach out and make a comment, like or subscribe, they are telling you that you are "in". It is as simple as responding to Instagram and Facebook comments or starting conversations on Twitter. Many successful podcasters make a point of responding to every comment on their social media accounts. Any marketer will tell you that a referral is the best form of advertising. The same goes here. Unlike the old days of radio, your audience has many ways to interact with you because it' so easy. Back in the dinosaur days, I ran a request show, "AM109's All Request Saturday Night with Drew Thomas." Yeah, I was Drew Thomas then. The only instant feedback I received on my show were telephone calls. We only had 6 lines, so not may people could actually get a hold of me. They could also send mail - real letters in envelopes or faxes. Now we are in a completely different world from a technology perspective. That almost instant access gives you valuable feedback. By responding to your audience and interacting, you reinforce that relationship. It helps you keep a loyal listener base, and you will grow organically when your faithful listener tells like-minded people about their experience with you. We spoke about this just a few seconds ago, so let's unpack this one. You are getting valuable feedback when you engage with your audience. Sometimes those comments are going to be hard to hear. The "negative" comments are what you need for growth. A standard statistic (or at least one that my college professor, Gary told me) was that 1-in-10 listeners will give you negative feedback, while 1-in-100 will give positive feedback. We all love to hear how awesome we are, that our listener sees rainbows and unicorns the second our podcast intro hits their ears. We are not as excited when someone tells us we suck. I want to know why they think I suck. When you pay attention to what your listener is telling you, there is an opportunity to improve your podcast. A customer in my dive shop once told me that their "negative" comment didn't require a response from me. They explained their opinion was how things appeared from their perspective. The optics if you will. That was a huge shift in perspective for me (thanks Karen). They went from being a cranky complainer to a source of valuable feedback. When the "complainer" sees that you have asked what their perspective was, listened to the feedback, then acted on their comments, they will be happy. You may earn a faithful listener for life, and more importantly, a loyal customer. Many podcasters will not do this, this is mostly an artifact of ego or pride. Remember that this point is one of the best ways to earn loyal listeners. It's easy to preach to the choir but doesn't fill seats in the auditorium. It' one of the more important points in our 10 Ways to Grow Your Podcast list. Podcasters are a friendly group for the most part. Like minded individuals with shared interests pre-qualify you, you are one of the "cool kids"....


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DrewVOX Talks Outro

More tasting of the audio smorgasboard coming your way!


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DrewVOX Talks Intro

People are asking for a bigger taste of what's to come, so here is the produced intro for DrewVOX Talks.