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Episode 18 - R&D with R&D

This week @HDanhai & @RTRowe sit after a long break and chat about a whole lot of stocks (including $Mailpac.ja) and other market happenings (including JSE's new system). They give a beginner explanation for the JTrader trading platform, list the brokers on it, talk strategy, discuss the details in a bunch of company financials and give a nice update on how the podcast has been doing plus a whole lot more... Bonus: One of us gets to say "#BakeIt" 👨🏾‍🍳, and is very happy for the...


Earnings Season: Episode 17 - Seeking to Understand w/@Kalilahrey

This week @HDabhai & @RTRowe sit with the one and only Kalilah Reynolds; Executive Producer of Taking Stock & #MoneyMondaysJa, Business Editor at Nationwide News Network. Listen as she details a little bit of her journey so far and paints the picture for the road ahead. Bonus you can hear @RTRowe being a man and realizing how much women go through while pregnant and building an empire🤦🏾‍♂️. Not sure if that counts as gems, but it certainly was a slap upside his head 🤣. Enjoy! Follow...


Earnings Season: Episode 16 - Forex and Other Stories w/ Kwame and Kerry

This week @RTRowe & @HDanhai have a long, deep chat with two people from $JMMBGL.ja, Kerry-ann Stimpson, Group Chief Marketing Officer (http://bit.ly/2qAgaXM) and market expert Kwame Brooks (http://bit.ly/2XRThvA). We originally intended to speak about Forex but Kwame really brought a strong industry view to this episode so we touched on LOTS of investing matters...and also Forex. Kwame did a great job explaining pretty much everything he mentions & even delves into different trading...


Earnings Season: Episode 15 - Half Tangents (Part 2 of 2)

So that long episode from last week? Here's part 2. Show notes to follow.


Earnings Season: Episode 14 - Half Tangents (Part 1 of 2)

Electricity went out while the guys were about to record this episode (JPS and load shedding, looks like $WIG.ja definitely has increased demand from JPS to fill in the future 🤔). While waiting on the electricity to return, they started talking and when the power came back, they just hit record and continued speaking. The conversation went pretty long (over 3 hours), so they decided to split the this one over 2 episodes. This is Part 1. They cover a bunch of companies, their internals, how...


Earnings Season: Episode 13 - I Create Value w/@CallTyrone_W

Some might know him as CEO & Founder of the eMedia Group of Companies, others may just know him as the CEO of the JSE listed company iCreate, a few others may just know him as @CallTyrone_W. However you know him or whatever you know him as, this week he plays guest to hosts Randy (@RTRowe) and Danhai (@HDanhai) on Earnings Season. Sit back and enjoy this chat between Tyrone Wilson Founder, President & CEO of eMedia Interactive Group & its two subsidiaries - iCreate Limited & Vertical...


Earning Season: Episode 12 - The Gem-filled Chilled-Out Chat

Danhai (@HDanhai) & Randy (@RTRowe) chill out and have a wide ranging chat this episode, touching a whole lot. They talk about money, life, poverty and of course, weaving a lot about the market in between in all. They end with both of them making a few 2 year stock bets. Listen to this one and give us some feedback on Twitter at www.twitter.com/Earnings_Season @kalilahrey's Taking Stock - http://bit.ly/331U9Q9 (SUBSCRIBE!!!! 👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾) $NCBFG.ja's AGIC Sale - http://bit.ly/2NprT3b...


Earning Season: Episode 11 - The JMMB Episode

All about JMMB's APO and more! Hosts Randy (@RTRowe) & Danhai (@HDanhai) get joined on this episode by two JMMB Executives, Kerry-Ann Stimpson - Group Chief Marketing Officer (http://bit.ly/2qAgaXM) & Damion Brown - Group Chief Investments Officer (http://bit.ly/2Pi2paw). They discuss the JMMB APO and a bunch more things JMMB related (yes, including the cussings 🤣). Listen for the love and check out the show notes below. (BTW, I made a mistake when I asked Damion about the upsizing of the...


Earnings Season: Episode 10 - The New JSE Index (MDI)

This week Randy (@RTRowe) and Danhai (@HDanhai) cover the latest announced Index from the $JSE.ja; the Manufacturing and Distribution Index. They cover a few other things like the TransJA IPO, $PJX.ja's results, $BPOW.ja's Lumber IPO explanation and a whole lot more. Show Notes: What's an Index? - http://bit.ly/2FXxX0b $JSE.ja's MDI Announcement - http://bit.ly/32iB8se $JSE.ja's MDI - http://bit.ly/2Bh1A9N $JSE.ja's MDI (Oct 16th, 2019) - https://imgur.com/86qEMjQ $JSE.ja's Financial Index...


Earnings Season: Episode 9 - Money Talk 2 w/ @5Solae

This week Randy (@RTRowe) and Danhai (@HDanhai) bring back the crowd favorite Ryan Strachan (@5Solae). They cover loads of topics including $QWI.ja's IPO response, JSE Bubble?, $SCIJMD.ja, $SJ.ja, $PULS.ja, @NNBoogie's AGM Challenge, investing using borrowed money, Market Sentiment, Investor Fear, a practical understanding of bonds, and a whole other host of things and as usual, the picks they're liking..oh and Ryan explains the meaning of his username. Listen for the entertainment, stay for...


Earnings Season: Episode 8 - The Path of the Maverick w/ @BrandoAttacks

This week Randy (@RTRowe) and Danhai (@HDanhai) have a chat with the former CEO of Muse360 Andre Burnett (@BrandoAttacks). Muse360 was one of the 3 original companies that Venture Capital company $SSLV.ja invested in. Since that initial launch and investment, Muse360 has gone through multiple changes, including Andre's resignation as CEO. We touch on this, his history, his overall time there, and more importantly his next steps with his new company Fren and Company Ltd in this interview....


Earnings Season: Episode 7 - Privilege and Profit

This week Randy (@RTRowe) & Danhai (@HDanhai) discuss some the the recent happenings in the market including $JMMB.ja's Right's Issue, $Proven.ja's Sale of 25% of Access Financial ($AFS.ja), QWI, AlignVest and its implications, $JETCON.ja's best steps, the Access Financial Buyout Scenario, Sagicor Select Funds and the impact of its members along with its suitability as a long term 😲 investment option and a whole host of other things including (of course) Privilege. Detail list and episode...


Earnings Season: Episode 6 - The "Missing" Episode

This week Randy (@RTRowe) drops an old “hidden” episode; the very first Earnings Season. He and Danhai (@HDanhai) speak about their first investment and whole lot more including; the first GRWR Workshop, Value, Why Invest, The JSE’s Growth in Popularity, What they look for when picking a stock. Check out the show notes for a few more details and follow us on Twitter at @Earnings_Season. #GRWR Workshop Info - http://bit.ly/2krtU4D #GRWR Workshop Signup - http://bit.ly/2kHh2ri Mayberry’s...


Earnings Season: Episode 5 - Money Talk with @5Solae

This week Randy and Danhai speak to popular Investor Ryan Strachan, Assistant Vice President of Investor Relations at GK Capital. Follow Ryan on Twitter at @5Solae (his personal account) and of course our hosts @RTRowe & @HDanhai. We cover a lot, including; MPCCEL Prospectus - http://bit.ly/2zlJQcT MPCCEL Dividends - http://bit.ly/2mdx8Jx Kremi Prospectus - http://bit.ly/2kcyPpX Junior Market Closing - http://bit.ly/2lONQig - http://bit.ly/2lPeEyy Junior Market Reopening -...


Earnings Season: Episode 4 - Stocks on the Rocks

Earnings Season - Episode 4 Show Notes This week @RTRowe and @HDanhai cover some of the week's Financial Happenings; Stocks on the Rocks, @JCKnight's Event. They also talk about listener feedback, correct some info from last week on $WIG.ja & John Jackson's article and speak on a whole host of other things like $JAMT.ja's Directors selling shares, the JSE Stock Game, $SSLVC.ja's wonky unaudited Financials, Bull/Bear markets, $CPJ.ja's troubles and a bunch more. Listen in! (Apologies for the...


Earnings Season: Episode 3 - The Tangent

Stock Talk this week... Randy and Danhai touch on many a stock, everything from Barita ($BIL.ja) to Wigton ($Wig.ja)... Give it a listen and let us know how you like it...


Earnings Season: Episode 2 - Not Less Than 20%

On Wednesdays, find our hosts Randy Rowe & Danhai Hall sharing their thoughts on the Jamaican stock market, Finance and General Business. Find Randy on Twitter at @rtrowe and Danhai at @HDanhai. Earnings Season is an Everymickle.com product and a part of #TheJamaicaPodcastNetwork


Earnings Season: Episode 1

On Wednesdays, find our hosts Randy Rowe & Danhai Hall sharing their thoughts on the Jamaican stock market, Finance and General Business. Find Randy on Twitter at @rtrowe and Danhai at @HDanhai. Earnings Season is an Everymickle.com product and a part of #TheJamaicaPodcastNetwork