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The Ecommerce Uncovered podcast is a behind-the-scenes look at what makes ecommerce a success in today's ever-growing and continually changing online world

The Ecommerce Uncovered podcast is a behind-the-scenes look at what makes ecommerce a success in today's ever-growing and continually changing online world


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The Ecommerce Uncovered podcast is a behind-the-scenes look at what makes ecommerce a success in today's ever-growing and continually changing online world




#015 - If it Moves, Barcode it!

Welcome To The E-commerce Uncovered Podcast In this episode of the Ecommerce Uncovered Podcast, your host Jeremy discusses the need for barcodes in your eCommerce business and how they can improve speed, efficiency and help your business grow. Jeremy begins by explaining how introducing barcodes into your business helps to make products easier to be tracked, processed and stored and why you need to think ahead with barcoding when scaling. Learn the technical side of barcoding what...


#014 - 15 Key Things to Consider for Peak Season Planning

Welcome To The Ecommerce Uncovered Podcast In this episode of the Ecommerce Uncovered Podcast Jeremy welcomes back co-host Paul to discuss the 15 key things to consider for your online business for peak season. For Jeremy and Paul peak season is Q4 from Cyber Week to Christmas and the season is expanding. Jeremy and Paul discuss why planning early is essential to success and why speaking to your customers and carriers prior to peak can give you a headstart in the industry. Understand that...


#013 - Interview with Neville Wright: Discover How a Customer-Centric Business Model Can Make You £100 Million (Part 2)

Just how exactly did Neville Wright manage to build his business up from nothing to employing over 120 people and turning over around £40million per year? Find out in Part 2 of the interview! KEY TAKEAWAYS Kiddicare’s customer-centric approach was achieved face to face and needed to be transferred to the internet. The first Kiddicare website took 2.5 years to get up and running and was launched on Christmas day in the late 90’s. Dealing with people's objections to putting credit card...


#012 - Interview with Neville Wright: Discover How a Customer-Centric Business Model Can Make You £100 Million (Part 1).

Uncover the secrets behind e-Commerce success! A Behind the scenes look at what makes e-Commerce a success in today's ever-growing and continually changing online world. Learn and apply these lessons, techniques and strategies to your own online business. An interview with businessman Neville Wright. Neville sold Kiddicare business to Morrison’s in 2011 after building it up to be the largest independent nursery business in Europe! KEY TAKEAWAYS Neville left mainstream employment at the...


#011 - Coffee Shop Chat: with "eCommerce Rockstar and Visionary”, Chloë Thomas

What makes E-Commerce a success in this ever growing and ever-changing online world? In this episode Jeremy Vernon interviews Chloe Thomas, the founder of E-Commerce Masterplan. Chloe is a best-selling author, keynote speaker and host of the E-Commerce Masterplan Podcast, all of which are built on her expertise and experience in E-Commerce strategy and marketing. KEY TAKEAWAYS Why Podcast? Getting your message out, being organised, booking interviewees, generate traffic, generate...


#010 - Quick Tip: How to improve your customer returns process with this simple and free process

Product returns obviously, is that part of the customer’s experience. Jeremy brings to online retailers, a quick tip and a great way in using the Royal Mail Tracked Returns, which will improve the return process and make the return process easier and more convenient for the customers. However, there are also some restraints to using the Royal Mail Tracked Returns, whcih includes it being confined only for UK base returns, not international


#009 GDPR Special interview with Andrew Wisedale, a GDPR Practitioner

Andrew Wisedale gives an expert overview on the General Data Protection Regulation detailing what is coming, its implications for businesses, the misunderstanding that arises concerning this regulation and what is embedded in it.


#008 - Interview with Co-Founders of Lusty Chic, the trend-setting and reputable, one-stop online women’s clothing boutique shop

Esther and Julius Malik, Co-Founders of Lusty Chic shares how they got started in the business of women’s street style fashion with a shop in the London High Street and successfully transit that onto online business, that is able to stand toe to toe with some of the most well-known online fashion retailers. They share some useful tips on how to stay niche in the fashion and online retail business


#007 - Delivery: The BIG Role in Enhancing Your Customer Service and Boost Your Ecommerce Business: Part 2

Jeremy Vernon continues to share in detail on the final part of the delivery component in ecommerce, which affects customer services, looking into the packaging, where it plays an important role for brands to make the transition from the past retail relationship into this new world of e-commerce; the integrations with the couriers for best delivery service for your customers and your business, innovations in delivery that drives your ecommerce performance to serve your customers and gorw...


#006 - Delivery Plays A BIG Part in Your Ecommerce Business and for Your Customers, Part 1

Jeremy Vernon shares on the vital essential delivery component in ecommerce, which affects customer services. He goes through the various delivery courier options offering speed and standard of delivery, the different elements of delivery, what you should look for, who the couriers are and other elements in setting up a business, changing courier for the existing business or just looking at other options out there for your customers that will result in a great job done with absolute minimum...


#001 10 common basic mistakes we see from online retailers

Wonderful tips from Jeremy Vernon and Paul Burns to avoid pitfalls when starting an online retail business or integrating with other online retail businesses. Years of business failures and techniques can help you avoid these pitfalls and anticipate for shortcomings with your clients.


#003 Helena Hills from TRUESTART Coffee

Paul and Jeremy head down to Bristol to interview Helen Hills, co-founder of TrueStart Coffee, a young business disrupting both the coffee and the sports nutrition industry. Helen reveals how far recognising a gap in the market and a passion can take you. A fascinating insight into building an iconic brand in a market dominated by massive brands and remember - if you don't make mistakes, you don't make anything.


#002 SO Technology with Steven Oddy

Paul and Jeremy are joined by Steven Oddy, Founder and CEO of Sotechnology, an award-winning Design and Technology company. Steve shares his insight on the pros and cons of different E-Commerce platforms; which platforms are best suited to your enterprise, systems and processes, making use of free tools, the value of creating your own digital assets, systems and processes, structuring as you grow, when to upgrade and dealing with external agencies.


#004 Our visit to the Mega Ecommerce M&S warehouse

Discover how Marks & Spencer are working towards achieving 30% of sales through E-Commerce by 2020. Paul and Jeremy pay a visit to the M&S Castle Donnington Deployment Centre, an E-Commerce warehouse large enough to store 12 Jumbo Jets. They are showed around by Nathan Seaburn, the Operations Manager for the site, who talks high end foods, on-off clothing battles, how such a large company pivots, structures, automation, deployments, demand, influential factors, customers and communication.


#005 Stuart Semple & Culture Hustle

Critically acclaimed contemporary British artist and curator, Stuart Semple, joins the podcast on the first anniversary of releasing his innovative range of art materials. Stuart reveals what started out as a bit of a joke accidentally becoming a huge E-Commerce success, driven by passion. He discusses finding himself out of his depth, how it affected him as an artist, the story behind his conflict over paint rights with Anish Kapoor, the trials involved with innovating products, production...