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Keeping seniors and their families informed and up to date on estate planning, elder law and other matters. We help seniors navigate the legal maze of aging in America.

Keeping seniors and their families informed and up to date on estate planning, elder law and other matters. We help seniors navigate the legal maze of aging in America.


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Keeping seniors and their families informed and up to date on estate planning, elder law and other matters. We help seniors navigate the legal maze of aging in America.








Why are life’s best decisions the toughest?

Greg is really struggling with some tough decisions with growing the firm and his role. All of life’s best decisions are the toughest and that includes estate planning. In this Elder Law Report we examine the value of not holding on too tight. If we can help with your tough decisions let us know: mcelderlaw.com.


How to Fund a Trust

Let’s dispel the myth that a trust when drafted automatically controls or holds property. It must be funded. Brenton and Greg talk about how to fund a trust with many types of property and assets.


2020 Elder Law Debates!!!

A rough & tumble format between 2 cantankerous candidates, Rex Rational and Erny Irrational. These 2 face off for your vote of planning versus spontaneity. Which one wins? You decided. For your Free Consult call: 704-749-9244 or at mcelderlaw.com. And remember... This vote is all about you and your future!


4 Signs It Is Time To Consider A Trust

- One or more pieces of real estate. Substantial retirement assets. - Aging & Health Problems. - No Long Term Care Insurance. - Blended Family.


DANGER!!! Should I Sign a Nursing Home Contract?

Maybe, but you need to be aware of the dangers of doing so and a disturbing trend within the industry. Watch this informative Elder Law Report.


Charlotte Today Show: Building Your Legacy!

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Stef and Greg discuss how they built the firm and their family in this episode. Many families work hard to grow, do the right thing and build their careers, businesses and families. You won’t want to miss this NEW short Charlotte Today Show episode!


The Good Things In Life Are Hard!

The biggest irony in life is the fact that it is human nature to avoid hard things. Are you avoiding estate planning even though you know you need to do it? Brenton and Greg talk about overcoming this fear and planning made easy. Schedule your Free Consult today. Call: 704-749-9244 or online at: mcelderlaw.com/bookfreeconsult.


Estate Planning Around Elections!

How will the election effect your estate plan? Brenton & Greg discuss in this week’s Elder Law Report. Schedule your FREE CONSULT today to get your affairs in order. Call: 704-749-9244 or online at mcelderlaw.com/bookfreeconsult.


Crabby Old Lady

Hayden sent me this poem this morning and I wanted to share it with everyone. Let’s treat everyone with the respect they deserve. A long life well lived is full of ups and downs and love and loss. If we can help you are your family please give us a call at: 704-749-9244 or book your FREE Consult online at: mcelderlaw.com/bookfreeconsult.


Life Insurance Beneficiary Fraud

Brenton and Greg talk about this hot topic in this week's episode of the Elder Law Report. Schedule your Free Consultation today by calling 704-749-9244 or online at mcelderlaw.com/bookfreeconsult.


IRA to Trust Conversion

I want to talk to you today about a problem many of my clients are facing. They want to protect their assets, including retirement funds, in a trust like an irrevocable or convertible trust. Many Americans have much of their savings tied up in traditional Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) or 401ks painting an asset picture that is “Qualified Fund Heavy”. That means their funds are locked in tax qualified funds like traditional IRAs or 401ks. These retirement savings products seem like a...


Charlotte Today Show: Pros & Cons of Estate Planning

✅Pros & Cons of Estate Planning: 🤷‍♀️Why haven't I protected my hard earned money and property with an estate plan? Eugene and Greg explore that question as they go step-by-step over the pros and cons of estate planning. In this episode learn: ⚜️The high costs of waiting. ⚜️How planning can be very affordable. Schedule your FREE CONSULT today! Call: 704-749-9244 or online at: mcelderlaw.com/bookfreeconsult.


Our Services

I wanted to RAVE about our services for a minute if you will allow: 3 Departments: - Estate Planning (Pre-Planning) - Benefits Planning (Medicaid and VA) - Probate Sign up for your FREE conversation today!


Client-Side Scheduling

POWER TO THE CLIENT!!! Cool technology here that is EASY to use. We think you will love being able to book your own FREE conversations with our offices and attorneys right from your phone or computer. Try it out! Schedule your FREE conversation today! mcelderlaw.com/bookfreeconsult Book: - In Person - Phone - Video We look forward to serving you!


⏱Estate Planning Seminar in 10 Minutes

⏱Estate Planning Seminar in 10 Minutes. What you will learn: ✅ Why Start with Foundational Planning? ✅ Can Protective Deeds Save My Home? ✅ Are Trusts Right For Me? ❗️FREE OFFER: FREE CONSULT FOR YOU❗️ ‼️SCHEDULE TODAY‼️ 💻 mcelderlaw.com/bookfreeconsult 📞 704-749-9244


$$$ Is price your concern?

$$$ Is price your concern? We are flexible. Taylor explains our pricing plans and the cool 😎 services our clients enjoy for FREE. Speaking of FREE. Schedule your FREE consult today: mcelderlaw.com/freeconsult.


Special Needs and Estate Planning

Greg & Colleen chat about the importance of planning for special needs family members.


Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Happy Anniversary to my wife of 21 years, Stefanie! I love this evening. Perfect! Good weather, good food and great company. Our lives have changed over the years. Yours will too. Let us know if we can help you and your family. Schedule your FREE CONSULT today. mcelderlaw.com/freeconsult.


Drive-In Seminar

🍿 WE DID IT!!! We just finished our 📽 DRIVE-IN SEMINAR‼️ and we RECORDED IT just for you and your family. I am extremely excited to bring you our FREE, recorded ESTATE PLANNING & ELDER LAW seminar. Just for watching you will receive this 🔥🔥🔥SPECIAL OFFER: FREE CONSULT: mcelderlaw.com/freeconsult ✅ In this FREE VIDEO you will learn: 🔅 How to protect your money and property. 🔅 How to avoid a Medicaid Spend Down. 🔅 How to get your affairs in order. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 We hope you and your...



SPECIAL OFFER: FREE CONSULT: Have you gotten your affairs in order? Is your family taken care of during this time? We are offering FREE CONSULTS for estate planning and elder law legal issues to individuals and families during this time. We are here for you. To take advantage of this SPECIAL OFFER call: 704-749-9244 or go to mcelderlaw.com/freeconsult.