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Elite Expert Insider podcast. Educate, inspire and motivate entrepreneurs, innovators and growth seekers. Hosts Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster, owners of Elite Online Publishing, will bring you conversations from business, personal development to health and fitness. They will chat with special guests, industry leaders, authors, business and marketing experts and just darn interesting people. It’s the show that will up your game!


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Elite Expert Insider podcast. Educate, inspire and motivate entrepreneurs, innovators and growth seekers. Hosts Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster, owners of Elite Online Publishing, will bring you conversations from business, personal development to health and fitness. They will chat with special guests, industry leaders, authors, business and marketing experts and just darn interesting people. It’s the show that will up your game!






Empowering Women Athletes: with Jamie Mittelman Founder of Flame Bearers

Join Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing as they interview Jamie Mittelman, the founder of Flame Bearers. Discover how her dedication led to the creation of Flame Bearers, the first storytelling platform that elevates the voices of women Olympians and Paralympians from over 70 countries. Jamie shares her vision for addressing the gender disparity in sports media coverage and her commitment to providing a platform for unheard voices. Learn More About Jenn & Melanie: https://eliteonlinepublishing.com/about-us/ Learn More About Jamie Mittelman and Flame Bearers: https://flamebearers.com/


Embracing AI and Personal Branding for Business Success

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, explore AI implementation, personal branding, mastering webinars, and innovative marketing strategies. Discover how to embrace new technologies and tell your unique story to elevate your business and brand. Learn More About Jenn & Melanie: https://eliteonlinepublishing.com/about-us/


Behind the Headlines: The Art of Crafting a Compelling Press Release with Mickie Kennedy

Join Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster with guest Mickey Kennedy, the founder of eReleases. Discover the secrets to crafting captivating press releases, making your news stand out in a crowded digital landscape, and leveraging the power of storytelling to connect with your audience. Mickey shares his journey from a background in creative writing to becoming a PR expert and offers valuable insights into the world of media, earned credibility, and the SEO benefits of press releases. If you're a business owner, author, or anyone looking to elevate their brand and reach a wider audience, this episode is a must-listen. Learn More About Jenn & Melanie: https://eliteonlinepublishing.com/about-us/ Learn More About Mickey Kennedy: https://www.ereleases.com/


Maximizing Your Potential: Leadership Insights and Action Plans with Andy Hite

Join hosts Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster as they dive into inspiring conversations on leadership, personal growth, and the art of achieving your maximum potential. In this episode, they're joined by Andy Hite, a leadership expert who shares invaluable insights on overcoming uncertainty, embracing failure, and leading by example. Discover how to create actionable plans, build resilience, and take your journey from fear to success. Tune in for a dose of motivation and practical advice to elevate your leadership skills and unleash your full potential. Learn More: https://www.scalingminds.com/


Champagne, Entrepreneurship, and the Art of Craftsmanship with Matthew Massey

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, interview Matthew Massey, the founder of Champagne Madame Zéro, to learn his journey from his early days in the oil industry to becoming a champagne connoisseur and successful entrepreneur. Learn more about Matthew Massey: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthew-massey-b7618911/ Learn more about Champagne Madame Zéro: https://www.madamezero.com/


Thought Leadership Unleashed: How Writing a Book Elevates Your Brand

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, dive deep into the world of thought leadership, branding, and personal growth. Explore the power of thought leadership, the journey from CEO to thought leader, and the many ways a book can serve as the cornerstone of your personal and professional growth. What You’ll Learn In This Episode: Quotes: "So I want to say when you create a book, you know, for your company, you're branding yourself number one, making yourself a thought leader, giving yourself extra authority, credibility, making that circle bigger. But what you're also doing is creating miles and miles of content that you can use for social media." (5:00) "How do you stand apart and what do you want to be talking about and services you want to be delivering afterwards? What's that next step in your journey?" (10:34) "I really think that a book is a really good way to brand yourself and really that brings you into your speaking career and brings you into, you know, sharing your knowledge with everyone." (13:15) About Jenn Foster: Jenn is a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and International bestselling author. She is the owner of Elite Online Publishing and Biz Social Boom. Companies dedicated to helping business owners of all sizes thrive in today’s highly technical world of product and service promotion. Jenn owned and operated a successful local chain of retail stores, where she honed her online marketing skills. From local brick-and-mortar stores to online entities, to large international corporations, Jenn’s years of experience and expertise have now helped hundreds of businesses become front-page news on major search engines. She is dedicated to helping businesses use powerful new online and mobile marketing platforms to get visibility, traffic, leads, customers, and raving fans. She is passionate about helping busy entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals to create, publish, and market their books, to build their businesses and brands. She encourages new authors to share their stories, knowledge, and expertise to help others. With her marketing and digital background, Jenn uses the best strategies for her client’s books to boost their sales and marketing platforms and helps them #1 bestselling authors. Learn More Here About Melanie Johnson: Melanie Churella Johnson is a powerhouse media mogul and entrepreneur. She is the owner and founder of Elite Online Publishing, which has published over 3000 books making all of its authors #1 bestsellers. Melanie got her start in the industry by owning and operating two TV stations in Houston and Dallas that grew to be worth over $100 million dollars. Melanie is also a WSJ/USA Today, 16x best-selling author, and TEDx Speaker. Melanie is a co-host of the popular podcast Elite Expert Insider. She started her career as a News Anchor in Detroit after she won the title of Miss Michigan and was the first runner-up to Miss America.In her professional life, Melanie has been involved in many high-profile projects. She built the 25,000 sq.ft. Houston Mansion and the 13,000 sq ft Walloon Lake House - both of which became successful six-figure short-term rentals. She also started Charity Auction Consignments, which helped charities raise over $600,000. Learn More Here


Unboxing Success: How Custom Boxes Can Transform Your Business with Mark Stern

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, interview Mark Stern, the owner of the Custom Box Agency, to uncover the strategies, creativity, and ROI behind customized boxes. What You’ll Learn In This Episode: Quotes: "Typically, Swag is where I see boxes get really expensive but my take on branded versus unbranded at the end of the day, what I care about is a connection point." (04:43) "We like to control the process because it just allows us to provide a more seamless experience for you. So I know we can get better pricing." (13:21) "Make sure you have that baseline for ROI, those numbers should be across the process. But typically what we see is we've had clients that have doubled sales on the front end, and doubled their conversion rates on the back end." (21:18) About Mark Stern: Mark Stern understands the value of time in the world of entrepreneurship. With years of experience in the industry, he's dedicated himself to simplifying the journey for both new and established entrepreneurs. As the founder of Custom Box Central, Mark specializes in teaching entrepreneurs the art of Experience by Design. His mission is clear: help businesses quickly establish authority, generate high-quality leads, boost conversion rates, and successfully launch flagship products. Mark's expertise is your guiding light, whether you're taking your first steps into the world of entrepreneurship or you're a seasoned pro. He knows that the path to success can be overwhelming, and he's here to make it a smoother journey for you. Learn More Here


Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Suzanne Peters

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, Interview Suzanne Peters, the founder of Women to Women Network, about highlighting the importance of overcoming imposter syndrome and supporting fellow women entrepreneurs. What You’ll Learn In This Episode: Quotes: "We give other people so much grace, yet it's one of the last things that we tend to give ourselves." (05:12) "So when you look into the network and get out there, don't just think about what's in it for me. Think about how can I support this business?" (09:50) "My advice is always to find someone who is doing what you want to do. Someone who is where you want to be. But when you find that person, be willing to invest. Make the sacrifice and do whatever it takes so that you can learn from them, learn everything you can from them and apply it to your business and your business is going to explode." (13:59) About Suzanne Peters: Suzanne Peters is a purpose-driven woman, who grew up on the beautiful Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago. After facing the depths of failure, bankruptcy, and despair, Suzanne found hope in an unexpected place. Today, she is an international motivational speaker, best-selling author, and business coach for ambitious women. Her story will inspire you to never give up. Driven by a burning desire to empower other women, Suzanne embarked on a personal development journey. Through sharing her encouraging words and experiences, she uplifts and inspires others to transform their lives. But Suzanne's mission didn't stop there. She believes in the power of storytelling and teaching others what she knows. That's why the Woman To Woman Network was created - to empower women to not only create the life and business they desire but also to share their own stories and knowledge. We are a growth and development company dedicated to helping women worldwide turn their dreams into reality. Learn More Here Leave a Rating & Review: If you found value in this podcast, please support us by leaving a rating and review on iTunes! Each review is read personally, and we would love your feedback! Thank you in advance. Click here to view the podcast! Click “Listen on Apple Podcasts," then "Ratings and Reviews," and you will see the button to "Write a review." Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE on iTunes and YouTube, so you never miss an episode. Video URL: https://youtu.be/0GDFiJCsHsI Website: https://EliteOnlinePublishing.com


Mastering Time Management and Speaking Success with Jones Loflin

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, Interview Jones Loflin a seasoned speaker and author with nearly three decades of experience. Jones shares invaluable insights on how to juggle the demands of life effectively, prioritize your time, and become a successful speaker. What You’ll Learn In This Episode: Quotes: "It's not about balance. It's really about knowing where your time and energy need to be focused on in the moment?" (05:31) "I think you have to give yourself some grace. Remember, as a ringmaster, you're going to take control of discretionary time you have. It doesn't mean you control everything. You're going to have fires, animals get out in the circus or you know, something breaks and they have to stop and fix that." (07:35) "You know, there's nothing like creating a little sense of urgency and accountability but it takes time. And yes, social media and the internet have accelerated it, but it still takes time. It takes time to hone your message. It takes time to build that following." (14:44) About Jones Loflin: Jones Loflin has made it his life’s work to deliver powerful ideas and practical solutions to individuals around the world so they can achieve more of what is most important to them. His books are described as “illuminating” and his presentations as “unforgettable.” In his 28 years as a speaker and coach, he has helped countless people regain confidence in their ability to achieve greater success in work and life. Jones’ “3P Approach” of Powerful Ideas connected to Practical Solutions delivered with a Personal Approach has attracted the attention of organizations around the world. His client list includes Federal Express, Wal-Mart, Choice Hotels, Toyota, Bridgestone, and Tractor Supply as well as the United States military. Looking for ways to expand the reach of his message, Jones chose to become an author. His book, Always Growing, is a fresh approach to leadership and offers powerfully practical strategies for individuals who have been leading for two days or two decades. Juggling Elephants is a witty and profound parable about one man’s search for solutions for the struggle of too much to do. The book is available in the US and over 14 countries. He is also the author of Getting The Blue Ribbon, a unique story offering simple strategies to get better results in your work and life. Getting to It is considered a field guide to accomplishing what is most important. Learn More Here


Profit with Purpose: Navigating the Business of Justice with Lisa Wise

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, Interview Lisa Wise about her captivating story of growing up in challenging circumstances, her early experiences as a relentless entrepreneur, and her transition into the realm of property management with a unique and compassionate approach. What You’ll Learn In This Episode: Quotes: "When you're not thinking about creative consumption and creative procurement, that's a very practical and tangible way of saying, can I do good and save money at the same time and time you can, there are so many ways of looking at things that can impact your business favorably and impact the world favorably." (07:42) "You can get places faster by being curious yourself about who's done things well and reteach yourself how to lead in a way that makes sense and feels fulfilling to you and to the people you're leading and a well led organization will always be more attractive." (14:10) "So that diversity, authentic diversity, where you have. Young people, older people from different kinds of backgrounds. It really does break down those binary assumptions that we make about each other and feeling like you're boxed in." (19:45) About Lisa Wise: Lisa is the founder + chief strategist of flock dc, a family of real estate management companies in Washington, D.C. flock is a purpose-driven, values-based company that offers a new model for business in a world that will increasingly depend on companies to contribute to stronger and more sustainable communities. Lisa’s passion for the hands-on work of “landladying” took shape 25 years ago when she purchased a little historic adobe duplex in Tucson, Arizona. Property management had always been her side hustle, but in 2008, landladying for a living started to sound good, so she gave up her nonprofit political work knowing she could deliver real managing homes. Today, flock keeps 65 folks employed and aggregates over 6.5 million in business annually. All told all together, they manage over two billion dollars in real estate, and with her team, she built the companies one door at a time. Learn More Here


Mastering Modern Advertising Strategies with Mary Ann Pruitt

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, Interview Mary Ann Pruitt about the keys to crafting compelling video content, navigating the complexities of AI in marketing, and ensuring a memorable and valuable experience for your target audience. What You’ll Learn In This Episode: Quotes: "Traditional marketing is not dead. We have to use each tactic and its strength, but we do have to start using them together. We have to look at the strengths in traditional, and the strengths in digital." (04:17) "Each generation consumes media differently, and also expects something different out of their media." (11:07) "We've been forward focused on AI for years, but I like to say human driven AI, because your AI is only as good as the information you're giving it." (17:16) About Mary Ann Pruitt: Mary Ann started her career in media by working as a senior sales executive for some of the nation’s largest media outlets. After discovering her talent and love for all things media strategy, she founded Mosaic as a way to provide niche expert experience to agencies and marketing departments across the country. Her hard work and savvy strategy skills have led Mosaic to year-over-year growth, and has expanded her impact as an industry leader in all things traditional, digital, and everything in between. Reflecting this is a 2020 award from Cynopsis Media naming her as a Top Woman in Media. Mary Ann’s hands-on approach ensures she understands the moving parts of Mosaic at all times, allowing her to provide tailored insight and guidance to the Mosaic team and her clients. Client success is her number one priority and how she measures her own accomplishments, all of which is apparent in her tireless drive and strategic approach to every project. Learn More Here


Mastering Business Acquisitions: Strategies for Buying and Selling Businesses with Jonathan Jay

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, Interview Jonathan Jay about finding motivated sellers, leveraging other people's money for acquisitions, and setting up businesses to be sold profitably. What You’ll Learn In This Episode: Quotes: "You are buying a business, not a job. Go for larger businesses that can support a management team, so you don't end up just operating the business day to day." (03:30) "The earlier you start the planning process, the better. And it's all about systemizing your business to make it easier for someone to buy it." (11:06) "You need to know how to buy a business, so you can control the deal and make it very much your deal." (17:42) About Jonathan Jay: Jonathan Jay has been an entrepreneur since dropping out of university at age 19. Now 50 years old, he has built businesses in publishing, digital marketing, adult education and coaching, and preschool education and sold each of them. During the pandemic, he made 48 business acquisitions to create the 4th largest group in his sector in under three years. One notable deal was buying a £5m annual revenue digital marketing company from its Private Equity owner for just £1 and selling it for £1.3m just eleven months later. He is an advocate of a healthy work-life balance, suffering mental and physical burnout, and believes you can achieve success without business taking over your life! He now helps other people buy businesses and helps them avoid the expensive mistakes - as he says he has made them all! Learn More Here


Unlocking Work-Life Harmony and Empowering Teens with Marla Albertie

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, interview Marla Albertie, the founder of Truth Speaks Group, about achieving work-life integration, breaking free from the traditional concept of balance, and finding harmony in our everyday lives. What You’ll Learn In This Episode: Quotes: "Change your mindset. When you balance something, you are having to learn to think differently about your life." (05:15) "Start small and be consistent. Dedicate just a few minutes each day to your goals, and you'll be amazed at the progress you can achieve over time." (07:39) You have to believe in your idea first. Before you get on the bandwagon. You have to first believe that you need that coaching." (15:47) About Marla Albertie: Marla J. Albertie, has lived on board a United States carrier therefore, she feels she is unstoppable. As a native of Jacksonville, Florida she loves to read, travel, and shop. Many of her travels have been on cruises as she has taken 11 thus far. Marla believes life is a journey and we all can create the life we want so why not; you only live this life once. As an energetic visionary, she is the owner and founder of the TruthSpeaksGroup LLC, a multi-media coaching company that creates strategies and solutions for work-life integration/harmony (WLI/H). Learn More Here


Empowering Moms to Achieve Freedom and Success with Lauren Golden

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, interview Lauren Golden about identifying your unique skillset, finding the low-hanging fruit of freelance opportunities, and building a thriving freelance business from the ground up. What You’ll Learn In This Episode: Quotes: "Robots aren't humans. They don't have the emotional intelligence that a human can bring to the table, however, you can actually train AI to understand your client's voice." (11:56) "Confidence isn't what you need. You need courage. You are gonna feel afraid. I feel afraid all the time. I've just now got eight years of getting my reps in, and doing it anyway." (12:47) "Take that first courageous step. I promise you everybody who's already gone before you probably was scared too." (13:41) About Lauren Golden: Lauren Golden loves helping mamas free themselves from the 9-5 grind. She launched The Free Mama Movement to show working moms that they don't have to choose between family and financial stability. Hundreds of families today are happier and more fulfilled thanks to Lauren and her online programs. Whether you're a single mom, a military mom, or a mom in a two-parent family who doesn't want to sacrifice your time with your babies in order to provide for them, Lauren wants you to know that you don't have to. Today, as the fearless leader of The Free Mama Movement and a thriving community of tens of thousands of women, Lauren is passionate about showing other moms how to start and run a successful freelancing business from home. In The Free Mama: How To Work From Home, Control Your Schedule and Make More Money, she shares her own story - along with plenty of practical advice for anyone looking to leave the 9-5 behind and make a real living from home.In addition to her self-paced program, Lauren also works one-on-one with motivated mamas who want to get their businesses up and running fast. Her talks on freelancing, building a business and making over your mindset, and other relevant topics resonate with women around the world. Learn More Here


From Guinness Records to Lifelong E-Learning with James Cluskey

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, interview James Cluskey a former professional tennis player about his inspiring journey from the court to eLearning, a groundbreaking platform focused on personal growth and soft skills. What You’ll Learn In This Episode: Quotes: "So my vision was that a user will come to a class, they invest in their personal professional development. They're doing good for themselves, but then they're doing good for someone else somewhere else. And really that's what we're building out. So this community around performance, around soft skill development." (03:16) "People want to be invested in, they want to make a difference. They wanna have a positive impact in the world. So I really believe they want to learn and crave to be better" (06:49) "It's difficult to do things alone. I think I know that better than anyone in terms of, me being a professional tennis player, it's an individual sport, but you have a team behind you of people that are in your corner." (09:04) About James Cluskey: A graduate of LSU James played professional tennis from 2010 to 2015, He had a career high ranking of 145 ATP and played Davis Cup for Ireland from 2006 to 2015. He is a Guinness World Record holder for the longest doubles match playing for 60 hours continuous tennis. He is the founder of HC Collective. James believes in human interaction whether that’s in person or remotely. He is passionate connecting people in order to develop their life and career. Learn More Here


Beyond Marketing Basics: Exploring Demand Generation with Deanna Shimota

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, interview Deanna Shimota about mastering B2B and B2C marketing with a focus on demand generation and content automation. What You’ll Learn In This Episode: Quotes: "The way I look at it, lead generation and demand generation are actually very different marketing strategies. With lead generation, your marketing programs are only focusing on capturing the companies that are in market to buy right now. Demand generation has a focus in driving value, including consumers who are not looking to buy right now." (04:42) "If you've got this unique point of view in the story and it's very targeted to your ideal customer profile, You start to resonate more with them and you give them a reason to want to follow along." (11:21) "Sometimes we just have to pick a few things and do them really well and have the patience to let them work." (21:34) About Deanna Shimota: Deanna is the CEO of GrowthMode Marketing. At GrowthMode, they are a team of seasoned B2B marketers with a shared love for all things marketing. They blend the art and science of marketing to align with client goals and focus on achieving the results businesses need. She has made it her mission to know everything about B2B marketing. Deanna is on the top of every tech trend and social media modulation. While she skates on the cutting edge of marketing innovation, she stays grounded in a foundation of solid marketing principles. She has used her skills and expertise to catapult multiple technology companies into high-growth mode. Now, she leads GrowthMode Marketing with the goal to help other organizations travel down this same path of success. Learn More Here


Mastering the Selling Staircase: A Guide to Closing Conversions with Nikki Rausch

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, interview Nikki Rausch about some of the biggest challenges in business including sales, leads, and conversions. What You’ll Learn In This Episode: Quotes: "Speech, for instance. This is a really simple one everybody can do, is when you're in a conversation with somebody as you listen, are they a fast talker or do they really take their time? Being willing to adjust your rate of speech just a little bit, allows them to be more comfortable in the conversation." (03:51) "A proposal is where you start to sell because you now understand what their need is, and now what you're gonna do is you're gonna really step into your place of authority and you are gonna recommend a solution to meet the need or solve the problem." (10:44) "Now, they might not know the answer, but when you can ask a really direct question like that, oftentimes our brains are like Google. And if you give our brain a really direct question, oftentimes an answer will bubble to the surface that we don't even know is there yet. (15:33) About Nikki Rausch: Nikki Rausch integrates her 25+ years of experience selling to such prestigious organizations as The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Hewlett-Packard, and NASA, sharing with her clients the same approaches that led to her shattering sales records in her industry and receiving multiple “top producer” awards along the way. Nikki has received numerous sales awards, shattered sales records across industries, and was featured in Female Entrepreneur Magazine. A sought-after speaker, she regularly shares the results of success through illuminating keynote addresses and business-changing workshops. Her robust Sales Maven Society ignites game-changing outcomes for clients. Many of whom have also reaped the benefits of her immersive VIP consultations. Learn More Here


Unleashing the Champion Within: Transforming Your Life with Jim Harshaw Jr.

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, interview Jim Harshaw Jr. about inspiring others to unlock their full potential. What You’ll Learn In This Episode: Quotes: "When you look at the highest performers in the world who I've had a chance to interview on my podcast, whether it's in business or navy seals or athletics or you name it, failure is a necessary ingredient of success." (05:32) "This version of hitting the pause button, stepping back, working with the coach, journaling, taking a retreat annually with their spouse or with their company. It was this version of hitting the pause button. And so I've coined a term for this concept, and I call it the productive pause, and this is the secret." (11:07 "That's why we need this person outside of us. That's why we need this coach who's saying, wait a second, I think you're biting off a little more than you can chew here." (16:00) About Jim Harshaw Jr: Failure, struggle and setbacks are not only an inevitable part of life but a necessary step on the path to success. Jim Harshaw has learned many life lessons on the wrestling mat. Having won three ACC Championships for the University of Virginia, trained at the Olympic Training Center and competed overseas for Team USA he has experienced significant triumph and devastating defeat. He shares those powerful lessons of failure, struggle and setback to empower his audiences to overcome their own challenges and achieve success despite their inevitable failures. Jim has consulted with businesses, non-profits and athletic programs nationwide in regards to marketing, fundraising, lead generation, communications, and brand building. He has presented at over a dozen state and national conventions on the topics of fundraising, donor relations and marketing. Jim's entrepreneurial experience is broad from having raised angel capital to develop a web based software to founding a Charlottesville-based service business that he sold that is still in operation. Learn More Here


Reinventing Yourself and Embracing Career Change with Lary Barton

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, interview Lary Barton about career transitioning and finding your business success. What You’ll Learn In This Episode: Quotes: "If you will just shut up long enough, everybody's got a story, but you've gotta shut up long enough for them to tell you. Those words ring in my head all the time." (11:13) "If you don't invest in yourself, then how do you invest in others? How do you build others up? How do you be the best? Whatever you do, how do you live your best life if you don't actually know who you are?" (13:33) "Success in life is watching other people become successful and knowing you had a part in it. Not telling the world that you had a part in it, but just actually knowing it in here." (16:43) About Lary Barton: Lary Barton is committed to excellence, he listens and guides his buyers to a purchase that suits their needs and assists sellers in “hitting the mark” with pricing. Lary has a proven record of over 40 years of exceptional customer service and knows the client always comes first. He relishes the opportunity to employ his impressive sales experience to achieve the goal of making his client’s dreams come true. As a native of Houston, Lary is an expert in the Houston area home market. Whether you or someone you know are looking for a single-family home or high-rise, Lary can open the right doors today. Lary believes that honesty, integrity, humility and an eye for detail are qualities that make him an asset to all his clients at Martha Turner Sotheby’s International Realty. Trust is the foundation for any great relationship, so establishing trust is key to Lary’s sales approach. He helps with the staging of his listings, recognizing the importance of presentation in making the sale. Learn More Here


Investing for Success: Strategies and Tips for Financial Growth with Lynda Paul

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, interview Lynda Paul about the world of finance, investments, and financial planning. Including strategies for achieving work-life balance. What You’ll Learn In This Episode: Quotes: "There are lot of moving parts and the only thing that's constant is change. The tax law changes. We change as individuals. Our plans change. And so, and life throws in a few curve balls as we go. So yeah, financial planning is is a moving target." (05:03) "With a financial advisor, you have a partner and I review these things once a year with my clients. Now if nothing has changed, I just say, you know what, nothing has changed. But it's always a good idea to keep eyes on your estate plan because things do change. Tax law changes." (15:36) "The bank is an intermediary, right? So there's the third party, they facilitate the transaction, but with cryptocurrency and the blockchain and all those things. They are trying to remove the middle guy and have you go to the two parties to communicate yourself and eliminate the middleman." (22:46) About Lynda Paul: Lynda Paul is the owner, founder, and chief investment advisor of Sound Money Management, Inc., RIA, an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm in San Antonio, Texas. She is a Certified Financial Planner® professional and an inactive CPA. With an undergraduate degree in corporate finance from Ball State University and a master’s degree in finance and marketing from Keller Graduate School of Management, Lynda is celebrating 28 years serving the needs of her clients in a spectacular way, operating her firm as a fiduciary. Lynda believes that when it comes to choosing a financial planner, independence, trust, and competence are foundational virtues. She has helped more than 500 clients achieve their financial goals and manages millions of dollars for her clients around the country. Learn More Here