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Those who live a high-performance life have figured out how to consistently bring their best...Their A-Game...To the most important areas of life. On The A-Game Advantage Podcast you’ll get to peek inside the mind of the world’s highest performing individuals so you can learn and model the mindsets and systems that allow them to bring their A-Game everyday.

Those who live a high-performance life have figured out how to consistently bring their best...Their A-Game...To the most important areas of life. On The A-Game Advantage Podcast you’ll get to peek inside the mind of the world’s highest performing individuals so you can learn and model the mindsets and systems that allow them to bring their A-Game everyday.
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Those who live a high-performance life have figured out how to consistently bring their best...Their A-Game...To the most important areas of life. On The A-Game Advantage Podcast you’ll get to peek inside the mind of the world’s highest performing individuals so you can learn and model the mindsets and systems that allow them to bring their A-Game everyday.




030 - Jeff Banman - Bringing Your A-Game To High-Stress Situations

In this episode, I speak with Jeff Banman, an army ranger and fire captain who participated in the fire rescue and emergency response at the Pentagon during the 9/11 terrorist attacks and worked for the CIA. Elliot and Jeff discuss what separates high performers from the rest in terms of their key behaviors and ability to cope with stress. Listen in to hear the three things Jeff uses to measure mindset strength – and find out how The Primal Journey transforms weak points into performance...


029 - Kayvon Kay - How to Become a Closer

In this episode, Kayvon Kay, sales master and creator of the One Call Closer methodology, reveals the mindset difference between a salesperson and a closer. Elliot and Kayvon discuss the importance of listening, asking the right questions, and being empathetic towards a prospect’s personal pain. He’ll explain the three “C’s” – Certainty, Clarity, and Conviction – and why they are critical for closing success. Listen in to hear an expert share how to change lives by selling what you truly...


028 - Steve Sims - How To Stop Dreaming Small And Start Making Things Happen

In this episode, Steve Sims, founder of Bluefish and expert at making things happen, reveals how he went from poor bricklayer to Oscar party host. Elliot and Steve discuss how he built his company from nothing and the mindset required to achieve the impossible. Listen in to hear why people don’t dream big enough, how Steve built a process to fulfill the dreams people didn’t know they had, and what he’s doing now to keep the dreams alive. Click here to access the full show notes & extra...


027 - Michael Naylor - Nutritional Strategies to Gain a Competitive Edge

In this episode, Michael Naylor, the Head of Performance Nutrition at the English Institute of Sport, reveals what nutritional strategies really work to increase your performance and gain a competitive edge in any area of life. Elliot and Michael discuss how he works backward to create nutritional plans that fit his client’s individual needs while optimizing their performance. Listen in to hear an expert share the truth about popular diets – and learn the best way to fuel your own life’s...


026 - Alexandra Stockwell - Using Strong Relationships As The Foundation Of High-Performance

In this episode, Alexandra Stockwell, MD, a relationship and intimacy coach, reveals what high-achievers typically lack within their personal life. Elliot and Alexandra discuss the common concerns she hears from couples and why her work is so important for future generations. Listen in to hear a relationship expert share some tips to improve your own relationship – and find out what it really means to be good in bed. Visit A-Game Advantage or find us on iTunes to subscribe, visit previous...


025 - AJ Yager & Meaghan Connell - Using Data to Create Leverage in Life and Business

In this episode, AJ Yager and Meaghan Connell, owners of the data agency Praxis Metrics, reveal why using data is critical when companies want to acquire, convert, and retain more customers. Elliot, AJ, and Meaghan discuss how data sets you apart from the competition and why data provides relief instead of overwhelm. Listen in to hear a data-nerd power-couple share how anyone – at any level – can begin using data to leverage their efforts in business and in life. Visit A-Game Advantage or...


024 - Amy Morin - How to Turnaround Your Mental State

In this episode, Amy Morin, a psychotherapist turned “accidental” author, reveals the struggles in her life that caused her to turnaround her mental state. Elliot and Amy discuss how, when you cut bad habits, your good habits become that much more effective. Listen in to hear a world-renowned author and speaker share what not to do to become mentally strong and live a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life. Visit A-Game Advantage or find us on iTunes to subscribe, visit previous episodes, and...


023 - Matt Mullenweg - The Evolution of Wordpress & Democratizing Publishing

In today’s episode, Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress, CEO of Automattic, photographer, and world traveler, explains why he believes open-source is the only moral way for software to continue. Matt has witnessed the rapid advancement of open-source through his work with WordPress and has dedicated his life to democratizing publishing on the entire web. Although his lifelong mission is lofty to say the least, he maintains a balanced life with meditation, disconnected breaks, and travel....


022 - Ben Greenfield - Mastering Endurance, Health & Life

In today’s episode, Ben Greenfield, a world-renowned expert in health and fitness, explains how his lifestyle and business evolved into what it is today. Ben is a wildly successful speaker, entrepreneur, and expert on human optimization, and he attributes his ability to operate at such a high level to his purposeful, self-sustaining, and relaxed home life. He also tells us his thoughts on homeschooling, “health” foods, and how he has chosen to raise his kids. Listen in as Ben reveals the...


021 - Oli Billson - Moving the Needle In Your Business

In this episode, Oli Billson, a marketing and business growth expert who specializes in direct response and marketing automation, reveals the key ways to move the needle in business – and keep it moving. Elliot and Oli discuss how the lessons learned through competitive sport can be both beneficial and challenging when utilized in entrepreneurship. Listen in to hear a highly sought-after business consultant share why working on yourself, maintaining a routine, and focusing on your goals is...


020 - Ed Latimore - Fighting the Resistance

In this episode, Ed Latimore, 13-1 professional boxer, author, speaker, and former alcoholic, reveals what is necessary to create true and lasting change. Elliot and Ed discuss how boxing taught him the grit and resistance he needed in the real world when getting sober, going back to school, and joining the military. Listen in to hear someone who has learned things the hard way share the truth about limitations, making money, and living a fulfilling life. Visit A-Game Advantage or find us...


019 - George Bryant - Owning Your Story

In today’s episode, George Bryant, US Marine, author, and marketing consultant, shares his incredible journey from a very difficult upbringing to using his story to build successful businesses. George had a childhood that involved physical, sexual, and emotional abuse that led him to develop some unhealthy coping mechanisms. He decided to take control of his story, share it, and use it to grow both as a persona and an entrepreneur. Listen in as George explains why owning your story is so...


018 - Scott deMoulin - Creating Sustainable Success

In this episode, Scott deMoulin, business consultant, speaking coach, and CEO of Destiny Training Systems International, shares some tips to communicate more effectively and propel your business to the next level. Elliot and Scott discuss why most people fail in business and, surprisingly, it’s not what they do or don’t do: It’s how they think. Listen in to hear a true expert in the realm of personal development reveal what all leaders have in common and why mastering your message is crucial...


017 - Dr. Kayvon K - Mindset, Accountability & Momentum

In today’s episode, Dr. Kayvon K, productivity and mindset coach for entrepreneurs, shares some of the biggest stumbling blocks that high-performing entrepreneurs face. Dr. Kayvon started off his career as a doctor but was soon presented with a fork in the road when he found it too difficult to push his empathy aside. After an interesting journey, Dr. Kayvon now helps entrepreneurs and CEOs get out of their own way so they can continue to grow. Listen in as Dr. Kayvon explains how resistance...


016 - Ray Higdon - Overcoming Your Obstacles

Ray Higdon had a high-paying, stable, comfortable corporate job, but when the bosses pushed him to work extended hours and give up his weekends, he had enough. He left the corporate world and got into real estate, where he had quick success, at least until the housing bubble popped. In a blink of an eye, he was seven figures in debt and struggling to pay his bills. In this episode of The A-Game Advantage Podcast, Elliot and Ray discuss how Ray was able to get out of that hole and become one...


015 - Robert Drysdale - An Obsession With Perfection

In today’s episode, Robert Drysdale, Brazilian JJiu-Jitsu black belt and world champion, explains why he attributes his success to his deep emotional investment in competition and winning. Robert’s frustrating childhood and obsession with perfection led him to understand how we achieve success and, surprisingly, it’s not by being happy and content. He is now focused on being a father, getting his degree in history, and teaching students of the sport at his own school and seminars around the...


014 - Audley Harrison - Gold Medal Mindset

In today’s episode, Audley Harrison, public figure, speaker, presenter, and boxer, explains why visualization and mindset was key to turning his life around and winning an Olympic gold medal. Audley has experienced the result of when your mindset is 100% ready – and when it isn’t – and gives insights so that we may learn from his accomplishments and struggles. He now inspires others to stay positive and align their dreams with the mindset to attain them. Listen in as Audley recounts what...


013 - Gerald Rogers - The Impact of Identity

Today we’re discussing a topic that cannot be ignored if you truly want lasting success in all aspects of life: Identity. In today’s episode, Gerald Rogers, author, speaker and coach, explains why addressing identity is key to creating lasting positive change. Gerald has seen massive transformations and an evolving coaching industry but one thing remains the same: His passion to help others spread their message, find freedom, and live their purpose. Tune in to hear Gerald explain why true...


012 - Haralabos Voulgaris - Beating an "Unbeatable" Game

Haralabos Voulgaris is one of the most accomplished professional gamblers in history. Focusing solely on the NBA, his edge early in his career came from a keen understanding of match-ups, mapping the tendencies of head coaches, and exploiting mistakes in the lines set by the sportsbooks. This approach was profitable for years, so much so that Haralabos regular wagered $1,000,000 per day on games. Around 2004 the sports books caught on to his strategies and made adjustments to kill his edge....


011 - Dr. Stephen Barrie - Improving Performance By Optimizing Your Microbiome

Gut health is one of the hottest topics in the medical industry right now, as research is revealing the critical role it plays in all aspects of health. Dr. Stephen Barrie is executive with Viome – which is a company that tests and tracks the exact composition of your microbiome. Chronic illnesses caused by an imbalance in the microbiome are a huge hindrance to performing to your full potential, and Dr. Barrie shares how Viome maps your gut and shows you the foods you need to eat (and...