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Rahul Walawalkar shares his experience of Tesla Australia energy storage project

Tesla commissioned a 129MWh project in Southern Australia in a record 100 days. Rahul Walawalkar who visited the site recently shares his experience from the visit on this week’s episode.


Neelima Jain on how EESL is enabling large scale adoption of emerging technologies (Rebroadcast)

After the success of driving down the LED prices and scaling up its manufacturing in India, Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) is now looking to create a market trigger in Electric Vehicles (EV) and energy storage. Neelima Jain shares the story of EESL and its plans for the future with Girish Shivakumar. If you liked the episode subscribe, rate and review the podcast.


Mohua Mukherjee on a new approach for measuring global energy access (Rebroadcast)

In recent weeks, the Indian government’s ambitious electrification programme, Saubhagya has been in news, especially after the budget. The Indian government aims to electrify all households by end of 2018. So what does electrifying a household mean? Does it imply that households have reliable electricity? These are questions that are not unique to India. Energy access for all is now a global campaign especially after the United Nations emphasized it in the Sustainable Development Goals, SDG...


The paradox of electricity surplus co-existing with access deficit in India featuring Prayas Energy Group

On this week’s episode, we feature the discussion on ‘The paradox of electricity surplus co-existing with access deficit in India: Implications and way forward’ hosted by the Prayas Energy Group at the Girish Sant Memorial event.


Urj Moto: John Mathew shares the story of the electric two-wheeler startup

Urj Moto differentiates itself from the competition by focusing on delivering electric mobility solutions for fleet operations and claims to have a reliable battery temperature management unit as its USP. It was one of the finalists at the Startup event held at Energy Storage India conference earlier this year. On this episode Dr John Mathew from Urj Moto joins Girish Shivakumar for a conversation. If you liked the episode, subscribe, rate and review the podcast.


Dr Chetan Singh Solanki on empowering the local community through SoULS initiative

Dr Solanki is the brainchild behind the Million Solar Lamp initiative. He currently runs the Solar Urja through Localisation for Sustainability (SoULS) programme. On this podcast, you’ll listen to Girish Shivakumar interviewing Dr Solanki who shares the success story of million lamps programme and more. If you liked the episode, let your friends and colleagues know about it. A new podcast is released every week.


Manuj Khurana shares his views on the EV roll out plan and the role of Invest India in the space

Make in India is one of the flagship programmes of the current Indian government and there is an increased emphasis to roll out electric vehicles manufactured in India. The government agency which is the implementing arm of the Make in India program is Invest India and on today’s show Manuj Khurana from Invest India shares his views and experience in dealing with different stakeholders who are in the transition towards the roll out of electric mobility on a freewheeling chat with Girish...


Sunil Jain talks about India’s first solar-wind hybrid project, HFE’s future plans and his outlook on the sector

Hero Future Energies (HFE) is one of India’s leading renewable energy project developers with over a GW of solar and wind assets. Girish Shivakumar interviews Sunil Jain, CEO of HFE and discusses the company’s future plans, building India’s first solar-wind hybrid project and his outlook on India’s RE sector and its targets. If you liked the episode, let your friends and colleagues know about it. A new podcast is released every week.


Applying AI to reduce power consumption: Saurabh Vij shares the story of Curie Labs

Artificial intelligence is definitely an emerging technology and AI in energy systems is catching on. On this episode, we are featuring an interesting startup that is using sensors and AI to reduce energy consumption in commercial spaces. Saurabh Vij shares the Curie Labs story with Girish Shivakumar. If you liked the episode make sure to rate it and subscribe to get next week’s episode directly in your podcast stream.


Awadhesh Kumar Jha discusses the challenges in setting up EV charging stations across Indian cities

The Ministry of Power has finally clarified that Electric Vehicle (EV) charging is a service and not a resale of electricity. The Dept. of Heavy Industries has amended the charging infrastructure note permitting private charging infrastructure providers to opt for other standards in addition to Bharat Charger. However, as Awadhesh Kumar Jha explains to Girish Shivakumar, an even bigger problem in Indian cities is securing land/parking space on long term contracts to setup charging...


Bitcoins and Blockchain: Shivkumar Kalyanaraman explains the concept and the possibilities

Bitcoins and blockchain have been touted to be the next big thing in the business world. While, there is a lot of hype and truth in both, there is certainly a blur when it comes to differentiating them, understanding how it works and talking of their potential applications. Shivkumar Kalyanaraman breaks down the jargon and its possible clean-tech applications with Girish Shivakumar. Shiv’s research article on the same subject can be found at https://bit.ly/2JrLBsv If you liked the episode,...


Deva Seetharam on how Dataglen’s SAAS model and energy analytics is addressing the solar O&M issues

Dataglen technologies, a Bangalore based energy analytics startup won the award for best startup at Energy Storage India, 2018. Deva Seetharam, Co-Founder and CEO of Dataglen shares insights on how their solutions is solving solar operation issues for utility scale and rooftop projects with Girish Shivakumar. If you liked the episode, subscribe, rate and review the podcast.


Indian cities to rollout electric buses: Nikhil Dhamankar shares details about this plan

The Ministry of Heavy Industries, Govt. of India sanctioned procurement of over 350 buses across 11 cities in 2017. 10 Cities have already placed orders to procure electric buses which is expected to be rolled out by end of this year. Nikhil Dhamankar from Sun Mobility speaks to Girish Shivakumar and explains the finer details of how the State Transport Utilities went ahead with this plan in a short time frame. If you liked the episode, give it a rating and subscribe to this weekly podcast.


Shivkumar Kalyanaraman explains the declining solar tariffs in India

Ever since the 2.44/kWh solar tariff was discovered in May last year, solar tariffs have stabilised around 2.5-2.7/kWh which has made their levelized cost lower than thermal power plants. Shivkumar Kalyanaraman discusses the reasons behind this trend with Girish Shivakumar. Shiv’s research article on the same subject can be found at https://goo.gl/zr53TV If you liked the episode, subscribe, rate and write a review on a platform of your choice.


India Shining: World’s largest solar farm, International Solar Alliance and more by Girish Shivakumar

Girish Shivakumar summarises major developments from the Indian Clean-tech space with the commissioning of world’s largest solar farm and the formal launch of International Solar Alliance. Also updates from the recent projects in Wind, Solar and Electric Mobility. If you liked the episode, subscribe to the weekly podcast on a platform of your choice.


Future of Energy Storage: Chris Thompson talks about Microtron’s Graphene Battery

Microtron technologies, a developer of advanced storage technologies made a successful pitch at Energy Storage India event recently. The company claims to have a 10x performance increase from the present Lithium-Ion technologies. On this episode, Chris from Microtron joins Girish Shivakumar to talk about the product and its applications. If you liked the episode, subscribe rate and review the podcast on a platform of your choice.