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Bedros Keuilian and Craig Ballantyne are on a mission to help you take your passion and build it into a long-lasting, self-sufficient, massively profitable business empire.

Bedros Keuilian and Craig Ballantyne are on a mission to help you take your passion and build it into a long-lasting, self-sufficient, massively profitable business empire.
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Bedros Keuilian and Craig Ballantyne are on a mission to help you take your passion and build it into a long-lasting, self-sufficient, massively profitable business empire.




Twenty Lessons Over My Forty Five Years - 121

Do you want to know the best lessons I’ve learned in my 45 years of life? Let me tell you, I’ve learned a lot of shit! Bad stuff, good stuff, and everything in between. I want to share with you, the most important lessons I’ve learned that have helped me dominate life and excel my business. What are some of the best lessons that you’ve learned? “Say what you mean and mean what you say.” “You have to know your life’s vision.” “Drive change, exceed expectations, and be relentlessly...


Believe in Yourself With Randall Pich REPOST - 120

In this episode on Inside Look, Bedros Keuilian interviews Randall Pich, creator of the international apparel sensation, Live Fit. Like Bedros, Randall came from a place of poverty and massive adversity. Also like Bedros, Randall used these challenges as an opportunity to forge himself into an unstoppable entrepreneur. Watch or listen now to discover how you can thrive in business even when you don’t have the resources and the odds are stacked against you. “Entrepreneurship is about doing...


Jason Capital: Use Your Outside Voice - 119

Were you told to use your inside voice as a kid? This week, one of Craig Ballantynes students, Jason Capital stops by to talk about how he found success in his voice and how others can too. He talks about some of his processes and what helps him stay above the rest. From reading hundreds of books to changing your state, Jason has really honed in on what it takes to be successful at such a young age. “They’re not buying the message as much as they are buying the messenger.” “The more I...


Take The Hard Route - 118

Be conscious of all the micro decisions you make! Pretty soon those micro decisions turn into macro outcomes! Work hard and don’t settle for mediocre. If you want to be successful in the future, you have to do what is hard now, to live easy later! “Take more control of your actions.” “What are you avoiding?” - Bedros Keuilian Here’s what you’ll discover: 03:27 - Find a way to make it happen 13:28 - Why you should choose the hard route every day of your life 16:19 - Think about...


10 Mindset Tips For Success - 117

In this episode of Empire, Craig gives us tips on mindset that will set us up for success! Take advantage of these tips and overcome your personal issues that are holding you back from reaching your fullest potential! “What’s that thing stopping you?” “If I would have stayed in that comfort zone, I wouldn’t have been able to grow to my full potential.” “Your mind is like a garden.” “You have to be your best even on your worst days.” “Do one thing that scares you everyday.” - Craig...


Jim Franco: Be Good to People - 116

In this special episode of Inside Look, “Peter’s” first ever mentor, Jim Franco, stops by for a long awaited reunion. Jim tells about how he started his first couple businesses and walks us through his failures and successes. He tells us to trust the process and to never stop going after your dreams! We also get to hear the secret to being happy! “You can either be fixed minded… or open and growth minded.” “Trust the process.” - Bedros Keuilian Here’s what you’ll discover: 21:02 -...


7 Pillars of 7 Figures - 115

In this episode of Empire, Craig talks about his 7 pillars of 7 figures. He has learned what it takes to take a business to 7 figures and summarizes for you into these 7 pillars that you NEED to implement. You are a leader and if you don’t implement these pillars, you will plateau and eventually fail. Listen and learn how you can scale your business to 7 figures and beyond! “Your values and vision drive every decision.“ “Is this the best use of my time right now?” “Revenue feeds the...


Empire Business Summit Recap and Highlights - 114

In this episode of Empire, Craig and Bedros talk about the highlights from the Empire Business Summit! They both review their favorite parts from the weekend and go over some of the most profound ideas from the inspiration guests who spoke at the summit. Take notes! You don’t want to miss a thing! “Breaking bread and being in proximity of people who are like minded...are the two biggest ways to build a relationship and network with people“ “Proximity is powerful.“ “Make the content, not...


Do You Want to Become A Modern Day Knight? - 113

Are you a man who knows he’s not living up to his full potential? Are you suffering in silence, white knuckling through life, and know you can be operating at a higher potential? Lucky for you, Bedros created a 75 hour “walk through Hell” that will guarantee any man who attends to come out a whole new person. If you are interested in learning more about this Project visit: https://www.mdkproject.com/get-started31194424 “Things that scare me… I throw myself into” “I learn more about...


Ed Mylett: Finding Yourself and Not Selling Out REPOST - 112

In this episode of Inside Look, Bedros Keuilian interviews the legendary Ed Mylett, creator of #MaxOut and serial entrepreneur. Ed takes us through his journey, from losing his dream of becoming a professional baseball player to finding his new path and purpose in financial services. Along the way, Ed shows us how to find massive wealth and success in life and in business. “Money is a multiplier of service.” “Never peak. The best is yet to come.” - Bedros Keuilian Here’s what you’ll...


Tom Bilyeu: Use Your Pain to Build Your Empire (Part II) REPOST - 111

Tom Bilyeu is the founder and host of the viral talk show Impact Theory, where he sits down with some of the world’s most influential and inspiring individuals. In part two of his episode, Tom shares how to build credibility with yourself so that you can adapt to new levels of success. Watch or listen now to discover why your success as an entrepreneur will multiply once you learn how to embrace your pain...and use it to fuel your growth. “I have a chip on my shoulder, rage in my eyes,...


Tom Bilyeu: Powerful Entrepreneurs Bet on Themselves (Part I) REPOST - 110

Tom Bilyeu quit a comfortable job in software...in the midst of a recession. A few years later, he had co-founded Quest Nutrition and grew it by an astounding 57,000% (not a typo)! In this episode, Tom reveals when you should pivot industries, how he structured manufacturing around his product, and how he kept up with his business’s unbelievable scaling rate. Watch or listen now to also discover the most critical thing entrepreneurs forget when trying to sell their businesses. “Copy and...


Manny Khoshbin: Curiosity Will Bring Prosperity - 109

In this episode of Inside Look, Manny Khoshbin lets us in on his roller coaster of a life. Manny went back and forth from being broke to having money, more than just a couple of times before he finally found his footing in real estate. We also get to hear about Manny turning his passion for cars into unique investments! “Success leaves clues.” “The best entrepreneurs I know, have been curious.” “Most of you are going into debt to keep up with your neighbors.” - Bedros...


Cody Sperber: Your Idea of Money is Wrong - 108

In this episode of Inside Look, Cody Sperber comes back to Empire for his “1st” time and tells us about his journey to become a real estate guru. Cody has been through hell and back but has undoubtedly found his reigns! He explains creative real estate investing and how he has leveraged his social media along the way. Cody and Bedros also connect on taking their armor off at the end of the day. “Financial literacy is at an all time low.“ “Revenue feeds the ego. Profits feed the...


Vince Del Monte: Insecurity, Growth and Crushing it in Business - 107

In this episode of Inside Look, Vince Del Monte tell us how he went from Skinny Vinny to personal trainer to online fitness business coach. We learn why being broke down and buried can result in profit and growth. Vince breaks what you’re really selling and why you need to be a marketer first! “Someone is always watching you.” “Phases of broke lead to growth.” “You’re not being buried. You’re being planted.“ - Bedros Keuilian Here’s what you’ll discover: 02:10 - How Vince got rid...


Larry Broughton: Stop Seeking Success - 106

In this episode of Inside Look, Larry Broughton - found of Broughton Hotels, drops his knowledge of being of entrepreneurs. Bedors and Larry touch on fatherhood, the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, and leadership. Watch or listen now to discover what it means to stop seeking success, and what it means to actually be successful. “Entrepreneurs suffer in silence” “I’m a forever optimist” - Bedros Keuilian Here’s what you’ll discover: 2:40 - What piece of advice Larry would give...


Jen Esquer: How to STAND OUT on Social Media as an Entrepreneur - 105

In this episode of Inside Look, Jen Esquer - physical therapist and entrepreneur, talks about how she was able to leverage her social media account into a source of income! Most people use Instagram as a place to post or look at the pretty pictures, but Jen was able to turn a passion of exercise and the human body into a business, and a page of half a million followers! “Friends making money with friends” “You created content that was worthy of being shared” “The human body is a...


The Secrets to Becoming a Millionaire - 104

What would your annual income be if you made $114 per hour? The answer is not enough. In this episode of Empire Show Bedros and Criag breakdown what it takes to become a millionaire, and what you can do to reach your financial goals. Don’t forget to get your tickets to The Empire Business Summit to get one step closer to reaching your financial goals @ https://theempiresummit.com/! “Put the focus on solving problems and serving people” “I would rather sell to less people, with a higher...


Danny Morel: Someone Has to Do It, so Why Not You? - 103

In this episode of Inside Look, Danny Morel - real estate coaching extraordinaire, has a lot to say about the pressures in entrepreneurships. Even if you are running your empire and making 7+ figures, or if you are as low as you can be, you should always feel pressure to level up and reach that next level. Watch or listen now to discover why there is no room for excuses in business, and how pressure is a daunting force. “I love when people come from adversity” “Pressure is a...


Is College Outdated? - 102

Did you go to college? In this day and time, college is almost a standard. We all have been told that we will never be successful or get good jobs without a college degree, but is that true? In this episode of Empire, Bedros and Craig express their opinions on college and universities and their opinions on what you should do to gain that knowledge and experience to excel in the career of your choice! “$167k is the average doubt that students come out with” “82% of people who come out of...