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Enterprise NOW! is a business talk show that seeks to educate, motivate, and inspire current business owners as well as aspiring entrepreneurs on a variety of business related topics. Enterprise NOW! features entrepreneurs and business leaders from various industries and fields.

Enterprise NOW! is a business talk show that seeks to educate, motivate, and inspire current business owners as well as aspiring entrepreneurs on a variety of business related topics. Enterprise NOW! features entrepreneurs and business leaders from various industries and fields.


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Enterprise NOW! is a business talk show that seeks to educate, motivate, and inspire current business owners as well as aspiring entrepreneurs on a variety of business related topics. Enterprise NOW! features entrepreneurs and business leaders from various industries and fields.






Ep 181: The Three Sassy Commandments With James Mulvaney

On this episode Elzie talks to fellow James Mulvaney, a fellow podcaster, entrepreneur and Founder of Radio.co, Podcast.co & MatchMaker.fm. They talk about podcasting, developing and launching new products, competition and connecting. If you’re in podcasting, or you’re planning to be, expect lots of useful information from this one. If not, you’ll still receive great advice for running a successful business. Enjoy! Key points 08:30 - Perseverance leads to the goal 09:30 - 3 commandments...


Ep 178: The Process of Letting Go with Thom King

On this episode Elzie talks to Thom King, Founder and CEO of Icon Foods, about music industry, food industry and most importantly, mindset. In this deep conversation Thom explains how to shift your mindset quickly and how to let go of fear and anxiety - two nemeses of the present. Don’t miss this one! Key points 02:40 - Working on any job position, no matter how bad it is and how much you hate it, can be useful to develop a good work ethic which will help you later in your career. 04:30 -...


Ep 182: Now, That’s Perseverance! with Patrick Powers

On this episode Elzie talks to Patrick Powers, a serial entrepreneur from Denmark, Europe, Copyrighter and Founder of VIPDiners.com. They talk about the importance of social skills, marketing, copyrighting and being committed. Patrick started 14 businesses and failed at all of them before he built a very successful business, which he regrettably sold recently. Now, that’s perseverance! Listen to his story and learn which skills are useful to succeed in your own business. Key points 03:10 -...


Ep 186: Oh Yeah? Watch This! (Finale) with Paul M Neuberger

On this very last episode of Enterprise NOW! Elzie talks to Paul M Neuberger, a speaker and a trainer, who believes in making the impossible possible. In this awesome conversation full of golden nuggets the two of them are talking about pros and cons of entrepreneurship, about success, fears, drives and mindset. Do not miss this final episode of your favorite podcast! Key points 09:30 - Never satisfied = success 11:45 - If you do what you love, you can never call it work 13:30 - The best...


Ep 179: The Body and the Mind with Lee Chambers

On this episode Elzie talks to Lee Chambers, Environmental Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant, about mental toughness and how to overcome extremely hard life circumstances. Lee has lost the ability to walk at the age of 29 and after he had time to self-reflect, he realized what’s important to him. Finally, he built the mindset of a champion so he could learn how to walk again. Join us on this journey. Key points 03:56 - In times of struggle, don’t isolate yourself. Talk to other people,...


Ep 184: You Can do it Too! with Scott Aaron

On this episode Elzie talks to Scott Aaron, a fellow podcaster, business coach and LinkedIn Expert. They talk about the mindset and how to shift it, setting your goals and believing in yourself. Scott’s life story has taught him to strive to do something he wants to and not what he needs to do, which is a huge mindset shift. Check out this awesome conversation full of golden nuggets! Key points 06:05 - Life is full ups and downs. You may get knocked down, but if you look up, you can get up...


Ep 180: Stay Positive with Adam Mendler

On this episode Elzie talks to Adam Mendler, Chief Executive Officer of The Veloz Group, where he runs multiple businesses. They talk about the importance of having a positive mindset, success, leadership, dedication and podcasting. Also, Adam is a fellow podcaster interviewing successful and famous people, so he draws his inspiration from them. Key points 05:37 - In order to run successful businesses surround yourself with team of experts and manage your time effectively 09:35 - Success...


Ep 177: Be resilient with Maureen Metcalf

On this episode Elzie talks to Maureen Metcalf, Founder and CEO of the Innovative Leadership Institute, about effective leadership, organization changes and resilience. Maureen is helping leaders innovate how they lead during disruptive times and she wants to help Enterprisers lead their organization during this pandemic by sharing lots of golden nuggets in this episode. Key points 05:15 - Implementing system’s change and shifting cultures are two different things. 08:40 - Effective leaders...


Ep 183: Be the Guide with David Saltzman

On this episode Elzie talks to David Saltzman, a Director of Marketing for Borislow Insurance, and Captivated Health. David is also a fellow podcast host of weekly “ShiftShapers” podcast showcasing insurance industry leaders transforming their business models. Elzie and David talk about marketing, mindset, sales, as well as difficult life experiences and how they shape you. Enjoy! Key points 04:30 - Some great learning experiences can be painful at the time 09:25 - Focus on things that make...


Ep 185: Leverage their Infrastructure with Paul Zelizer

On this episode Elzie talks to Paul Zelizer, a fellow podcaster and host of Awarepreneurs Podcast, about the importance of podcasting and conversation, leveraging someone else’s infrastructure and benefits of being a podcast guest. Paul’s core beliefs are if an action is not making the world a better place, it’s not worth doing. Enjoy this awesome conversation! - 04:19 - Podcasting is a pivotal part of having conversations, creating dialogues and helping people communicate Key points 05:30 -...


Ep 176: Closing The Wealth Gap with Calvin Williams Jr.

On this episode Elzie talks to Calvin Williams, Jr. (CEO & Founder of Freeman Capital), a tech-savvy entrepreneur about finances, technology, how to start earning big numbers, challenges and how to overcome them. Calvin uses his experience from multiple areas to close the wealth gap and he invites you, the Enterprisers, for a free consulting session on his automated wealth management platform. Key Points 07:25 - Overcoming a challenge can be taken in two phases. First step is to understand...


Ep 175: Leading Without A Title with Michael Colburn

On this episode Elzie talks to Michael J. Colburn, PhD, an industrial engineer, manager, consultant and a former teacher, about leadership, self-management and work ethics. Michael’s wisdom is evident right from the start so you can expect to receive lots of golden nuggets from this one. Key Points: 03:32 - Leadership on all organizational levels is a key to success in making the strategy work 06:15 - Change your mindset by taking one action that changes your entire perspective 11:50 - Be...


Ep 174: Get That Podcast Out There with Colin Gray

On this episode Elzie talks to a fellow podcaster Colin Gray about what else, but podcasting? Colin is a Speaker, Teacher and Founder of The Podcast Host, an online platform teaching how to launch, run and grow a successful podcast. Key Points: Podcasters love the feeling of the intimacy where you get to speak with guests and to the audience like you’re their friend In coaching, when you learn something, you might think that’s the way it worked for me so that’s the way I’ll be able to teach...


Ep 173: Growing your Business Through Leadership with Kim Bohr

On this episode Elzie talks to Kim Bohr, CEO of The Innovare Group, about leadership and mindset. Kim described herself as a terrible leader in her early career, but with the right mindset, she managed to become a successful woman in the business world. This episode is full of inspirational stories and tangible actions Enterprisers can take to grow their business and career. Key points: Find your inspiration to push forward and achieve your goals in career and life Having or being a really...


Ep 172: Be Passionate And Do What You Love with Emily Gilders

Emily Gilders is a 'Tosa native and the director of sales at the Serendipity Labs Wauwatosa, WI location. She is the self proclaimed "Director of fun" and an overall good human being. Key points: Be passionate and do what you love Be a good human being Connect with Emily emily.gilders@serendipitylabs.com https://serendipitylabs.com/us/wi/milwaukee-wauwatosa/ (https://serendipitylabs.com/us/wi/milwaukee-wauwatosa/)


Live: Understanding The Concept Of Having Systems, with Rocky Lalvani

In this episode, we have with us Rocky Lalvani, a certified Profit First Adviser. Rocky has an MBA and is a well-known wealth coach. What we talk about: “Once you have a life plan, life becomes easy” Why some business owners don’t look at the numbers Prioritizing automation for business owners Rewarding yourself with time What we mention: Living Forward (https://www.amazon.com/Living-Forward-Proven-Plan-Drifting/dp/080101882X) Profit First...


Ep 171: What Is Artificial Intelligence with Neil Sahota

Neil Sahota is an IBM Master Inventor, United Nations Artificial Intelligence subject matter expert, and Professor at UC Irvine. With 20+ years of business experience, Neil works to inspire clients and business partners to foster innovation and develop next-generation products/solutions powered by AI. In this episode, Neil shares his insights about technology and gives us his tips to improve our businesses. 1.) Connecting the dots 2.) Staying calm 3.) Strong desire to help Connect with Neil...


Ep 170: The Inner Drive with Alicia Butler Pierre

Alicia Butler Pierre is a CEO, speaker, author, podcaster and consultant with a background in engineering. She’s very spontaneous, loves to travel and describes herself as outgoing and adventurous. Alicia believes a fresh start is a huge advantage and you should always be comfortable in your own skin. Like many other entrepreneurs, she’s inspired by books like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. In this episode, Alicia provides three exercises which will help entrepreneurs and their...


Ep 169: Defy the Odds with Kerry Heaps

Kerry Heaps is an entrepreneur, podcaster and a former model inspired by people who defy the odds. She loves photography, reading and is currently learning French. Things that motivate her the most are praise and gratitude she receives from others. Kerry provides enterprisers with lots of tips in this episode. One of those tips is to get interviewed as much as possible because it builds credibility. 1.) Kerry a simple southern girl 2.) Kerry into photography 3.) The Modeling journey Connect...


Ep 168: Aspirations Meet Achievements with Paul Powers

Paul Powers is a CEO, workaholic and an accomplished serial entrepreneur. With his impressive education at prestigious universities in US and Europe, Paul was able to make most of it and was awarded Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2018. He had strong ambition from an early age as he was inspired by Albert Einstein, Newton and other great scientists. With high life goals, Paul wants to leave a mark. We believe he will leave a mark on our enterprisers and inspire them in this episode. 1.) From Law to...