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Entrebrewer is a podcast hosted by Adam McChesney that discusses the journeys and stories of top-performing entrepreneurs across the world.

Entrebrewer is a podcast hosted by Adam McChesney that discusses the journeys and stories of top-performing entrepreneurs across the world.


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Entrebrewer is a podcast hosted by Adam McChesney that discusses the journeys and stories of top-performing entrepreneurs across the world.




Ep #17: Changing the Game with Mindset & Innovation w/Jessie Ladson

Today’s episode features someone that I’m extremely blessed to have met online over the past few months. My guest is Jessie Ladson. He is the Founder & President of Ladson Construction, Partner at Advocate Roofing & Restoration, and Founder of Contractor Con. When I say this is one of the best episodes we have done thus far, I’m not kidding. He’s operating at a high level in all areas of his life, and is setting the example in the contractor space. Jessie is the Founder and President of...


Ep #16: Good to Goalden w/James Golden

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some incredible people since going out on my own in the entrepreneurial world. In today’s episode, you will meet one of those people, James Golden. He is the Founder and CEO of Pavement Management Group, and also a Member of Forbes Business Council. I’ve known him for nearly 2 years now, and we originally met in Apex, and have been connected ever since. Tune into this episode to learn some valuable insights on entrepreneurship, and how to get into a mindset...


Ep #15: Being Your Authentic Self In Everything You Do w/Brad Akers

You’re in for a treat with today’s episode. Adam is joined by fellow Hite Franchisee, and a great friend, Brad Akers. He is the Owner/Partner of Hite Digital Houston and Brad Grows Businesses. Brad is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, and he’s growing his digital marketing agency at a massive rate. I’m excited for you to hear Brad’s journey, and continue to follow all that he’s working on for the future. Roofing supply salesman turned marketer. Brad went from working in SRS...


Ep #14: Becoming Unbreakable and VUCA Trained w/Jose Bolanos

Adam’s mindset and life coach, Jose Bolanos joins the Entrebrewer Podcast today. He is also the VP of Leadership Development at Hite Digital. Adam & Jose have been working together for over a year, and it has dramatically changed his life. Jose has an incredible way of connecting with, and coaching entrepreneurs to live a life that’s backed by a commitment. This commitment is your why for everything that you do, both in business and your personal life. In this episode, Jose discusses his...


Ep #13: What You See, Is What You Get w/Amiee Ball

Amiee Ball, is a leading Entrepreneur and has coached or trained nearly 10,000 business owners and executives worldwide over the last 15 years on how to grow successful businesses in a digital world. Proud Mom, Published Writer, Entrepreneur, Digital Strategist, Speaker, and Business Growth Expert. As the founder of JAB Consulting Group, her focus is on using automation to build trust with customers and within teams to increase loyalty and help her clients create sustainable, successful,...


Ep #12: Never Stop Building w/Sam Kaufman

Sam Kaufman is an entrepreneur, leader, husband and father of 2. Sam is a firm believer that we must never stop building ourselves in our businesses, homes, and self. Sam started out as a sole proprietor cabinet installer in a van and grew to 7 figures in under 3 years. He has operated businesses in multiple cities and is an avid core value implementer, standard operating procedure creator, and team builder. That same cabinet installation business evolved into a kitchen and bath renovation...


Ep #11: Consistency, Discipline & Focus w/Clint Riggin

The Founder/CEO of Limitless coaching, 8 Year Navy Veteran, and Overall Classic Physique Champion. Saylorsburg, PA. I was not always “fit” as people see me now. I competed in the Shawn Ray Hawaiian Classic in 2017 taking 1st place and overall, in classic physique. Four months later my thyroid went under-active and that is when my life changed forever. I gained 45 lbs. which felt like overnight, slept for 17 hours a day, lost my ability to sweat, my vision was blurred, my confidence was at...


Ep #10: Creating A Work-Life Balance That You’re Proud Of w/Tatiana Chamorro

Tatiana’s passion is in marketing and design, focusing on ROI-driven strategies and creating a balance between functionality and aesthetics. In 2020, she started a digital marketing agency mid-pandemic. In 6 months, she had scaled her agency to 6 figures. As a Latina entrepreneur, Tatiana is also committed to supporting women and minorities in business; she mentored students through A&M-Commerce’s Venture College and is an ambassador for her local Chamber of Commerce, and a chair member at...


Ep #9: Having a Vision for the Life You Want to Live w/Winston Davis

Winston is the owner of MoveUp Consulting, a recruiting and consulting agency who works with moving & storage companies on solving hiring problems. He and his wife Rebecca live in Winchester, VA, at the top of the Shenandoah Valley just 80 miles west of Washington D.C. Winston is an industry expert in everything related to recruiting, hiring, retention & culture building. Currently, they service over 50 moving companies nationwide and are on a mission to help 500 moving companies over the...


Ep #8: Love Yourself & Take Ownership of your Life w/Sebastian Rusk

Sebastian Rusk helps people START A PODCAST in 90 days or less. He is the Founder of Podcast Launch Lab, and has some of his own podcasts as well that he produces episodes for consistently. His book Podcasts Suck, If You Don’t Have One! offers a step-by-step guide to launching your podcast. With his help, he can take you from “idea to iTunes”.


Ep #7: Using Processes & Systems to Scale w/Matt Bowler

Matt started his career in information technology as a linux system administrator in 2002, eventually becoming a consultant working for global clients in both the private and public sector. In 2011 he co-founded a full service pet-care company with Kristen, providing boarding, daycare, grooming, and other services. By 2014 he retired from consulting to focus 100% on the pet business, which he and Kristen still operate today. In his free-time he is a private pilot, plays golf, and spends time...


Ep #6: Being Consistent & Intentional With Everything You Do - Kyle Reed

Kyle Reed is the Owner of Timberline Marketing. He is a husband and dad of two dogs who pushes himself to break through the obstacles (the Timberline) and keep climbing. From a small farm town, to engineer in a fortune 100 company, to management in that company and another fortune 500 company, to now owning multiple companies, he has truly defined going from the bottom to the top and then starting all over again. His marketing company, Timberline Marketing, specializes in reputation...


Ep #5: Every Day He’s Hustlin’ w/Kyle Landwehr

Kyle Landwher is the Owner of Slam Dunkin’ Junk, a locally owned and operated junk removal company here in St. Louis. The company launched in 2020, and has grown exponentially since then, and will crush the $1 million/year mark here soon. Slam Dunkin’ Junk offers a variety of residential and commercial junk removal services to its clients, and Kyle has a vision for the business to become a franchise, and expand to 48 states. Kyle’s work ethic and content creation is something unheard of for...


Ep #4: Givers Gain & Serving Customers with Adam Niec, Rate Tracker

Adam Niec is best known for his success in the Payments Industry. He started off doing direct sales serving Small Business Owners and creating customized payment solutions for them. Adam recently launched a FREE tool for Business Owners called Rate Tracker. Rate Tracker helps business owners easily and AUTOMATICALLY keep track of their out-the-door Credit Card Processing rate. Each month, Rate Tracker users receive a text and an email that tells them their: 1) Total Credit Card Sales 2)...


Ep #3: Disrupting the Digital Marketing World Through Commitment and People with JC Hite

JC Hite is the CEO and Founder of Hite Digital. Hite went from being a whitelabel fulfillment company for marketing agencies to transitioning to a franchise model that is changing the industry. His commitment is to be a leader worthy of leading a 1000 people, and in doing so, he will literally change the landscape of Nicaragua. JC and his team have created a culture where the focus is on family and faith, while growing people and delivering excellence results for clients. JC Bio: JC Hite is...


Ep #2: Overcoming Obstacles/Rising Above with Tom Cougan, Owner of Renewal Solutions

Tom is the Owner/President of Renewal Solutions, a home improvement company based in Hazlet, NJ. He also happens to still be a New York City firefighter, but has been pouring into Renewal Solutions since the pandemic to create an empire and life that he has always dreamed of. Throughout his journey he has battled and overcame addiction and struggles personally, to become the man he is today. In entrepreneurship there is no easy route, and Tom's story will have you motivated to tackle any...


Ep #1: Introduction to the Entrebrewer Podcast

Adam has this thought process that "entrepreneurs aren't born, they are brewed". Everyone has a different story, comes from a different background, and has had different obstacles to get to where they are today. In this podcast, we are relating the entrepreneurial journey to that of the brewing process. He will be interviewing some of the most successful entrepreneurs in his network and allowing them to share their Entrebrewer Process.


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