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Leadership, Brand, Culture, and Communication Marketing with David Cancel

Today we’re talking with David Cancel, CEO of Drift and an incredible leader who I consider to be a digital mentor. Needless to say – but I'll say it anyways – today's episode is epic. DC talks about life lessons on his journey to success, leadership, entrepreneurship, brand, culture and whole lot more!!! In other words today's episode is jam packed with value. Cheers! Corey ---------- If you enjoyed the show, please Subscribe and leave me an honest Rating and Review in...


The Sales Development Playbook with Trish Bertuzzi

Today we’re talking with Trish Bertuzzi, CEO, President and Chief Strategist at The Bridge Group, Inc... as well as the author of the #1 Amazon Best Selling book "The Sales Development Playbook". Listen in as Trish gives shares with us a power packed episode filled of invaluable leadership, sales, and business growth advice, along with how she's consistently become one of the best in her industry. Cheers! Corey ---------- If you enjoyed the show, please Subscribe and leave me an...


Developing a Winning Culture Through I.M.P.A.C.T Leadership with Shelley Smith

Today we’re talking with Shelley Smith, CEO of Premier Rapport about Company Culture, I.M.P.A.C.T Leadership, and how she built her incredible business consulting and executive coaching business. Cheers! Corey ---------- If you enjoyed the show, please Subscribe and leave me an honest Rating and Review in iTunes. ---------- CONNECT WITH SHELLEY SMITH: Web: https://premierrapport.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShelleySmith.PremierRapport/ LinkedIn:...


[MM] Building a Woman Owned Staffing Agency with a Purpose to Serve Featuring Cathey Botwright

In today’s episode, we're talking with Cathey Botwright, who is the CEO & Owner of Seaside Staffing. Cathey shares what it’s like to move for a job then have that business shut down just a couple of weeks after moving. She also talks about her entrepreneurial journey and how after that job went away she took advantage of an opportunity to start her own business within that same “Staffing Market”. Cathey also tells us what it was like to start a woman-owned business in the male-dominated...


[MM] Empowering Entrepreneurs and Growing A Business That's Changing A City Featuring The Champion of Small Business Zack Miller

Check out today’s episode of Entrepreneurs Living In The Lime Life, featuring the Mayor of Hustle City, a.k.a. The Champion of Small Business, Zack Miller. Today we talk with the Founder & CEO of Hatch, Zack Miller about what it means to empower Entrepreneurs, how it feels to grow a business that's changing the community and the mindset you need to push through obstacles to achieve your goals and pursue your dreams. ---------- Join us as Zack talks about: - Coming from a Blue...


[MM] Passion, Purpose, and Refusing To Give Up Featuring Henry Kaminski Jr.

From achieving financial success very quickly to nearly losing it all. Today’s guest Henry Kaminski Jr. is not only a rock star graphic designer and sales funnel expert but more importantly, he is true testament to how hard work, dedication, humility, and the pursuit of purpose can help you achieve not only financial success but ultimately a life filled with joy, meaning, and gratitude. Join us as Henry talks with us about: • How attracting the wrong clients, will take you down the wrong...


MM] Gracefully Dancing Through Life, Crushing One Dream At A Time Featuring Marquita Bianca Castaño

Today we're speaking with Marquita Bianca Castaño, Founder & Owner of Baila Fuzion (http://www.bailafuzion.com/), which is an incredible dance studio located in Virginia Beach, VA. Marquita talks with us about how her dreams shifted from wanting to become a Veterinarian to developing a passion for dance that ultimately birthed a new dream and direction to start her own dance studio. On top of owning a successful dance studio, she is also a local (Virginia Beach) personality that...


[MM] Building An Incredible Real Estate Empire and Life Through Character, Integrity, and Adding Value To Others With Chantel Ray

Today we’re talking with Chantel Ray Finch, CEO of Chantel Ray Real Estate about how she built her incredible Real Estate empire by having a hear to serve and delivering value to others first. Cheers! Corey ---------- If you enjoyed the show, please Subscribe and leave me an honest Rating and Review in iTunes. Learn how to transform your website's "About Me" page into a client converting machine by going to http://guides.thecoreyshelton.com/about-me-guide and download your FREE...


[MM] Learn How Two Jedi Masters Used Facebook Ads, Sales Funnels, and A Free Plus Shipping Business Model to Build An Online Empire Featuring Jason Tibbets and Joe Barnes

Today we’re talking about what it takes to build a successful online business using Facebook Ads, Sales Funnels, and a Free Plus Shipping business model to develop and build a crazy successful eCommerce business. Throughout our conversation, today's guests, Jason Tibbets and Joe Barnes, help us better understand merchant accounts, product sourcing, chargebacks vs refunds, and what you need to know and be mindful of when starting and building your free plus shipping eCommerce...


[FF] Give Up or Get Up

In today's Freestyle Friday of #ELITLL, I want to talk to you about one vitally important aspect of being able to reach, achieve, and attain your goals. There is a harsh reality that there are going to be instances during that climb, during that journey where you get knocked down, whether it's life, people, friends, family. When that happens and it will happen, you'll have two options. You can either GIVE UP or you can GET UP! I don't know your situation, but what I do know is...


[WW] Simple 3 Step Process To Building Your Email List Using Your Website

In today’s #WorkshopWednesday of #ELITLL I’m sharing one simple, yet effective 3-step automated process you can deploy through your website to help you grow your email list and start earning the trust of prospective clients and customers. Here’s a quick summary of the process and what we’re diving into today… Simple 3 Step Process To Building Your Email List Using Your Website: - Step 1: Landing Page - Step 2: Lead Magnet (Offer) - Step 3: Email Nurture Sequence


From Correctional Officer To Successful Online Entrepreneur – Overcoming Fears and Achieving Success With Nicole Holland

In today’s episode of #ELITLL I'm talking with the Founder & Owner of InterviewsThatConvert.com Nicole Holland about her journey from correctional officer to successful online Entrepreneur. Listen in as she also shares a few tips to help you grow your business, overcome your self-doubts, and achieve the success you working towards. ---------- [00:02:45] Nicole – It’s been a pretty wild ride. I’ve done all kinds of different things, like a lot of entrepreneurs have, square peg round hole...


How Treating Everyone Like They Matter Can Change Both Your Business and Life

In today’s episode of #ELITLL I'm talking about how treating everyone you interact with on a daily basis like they matter will not only change you're business but also your life. Living with a heart of gratitude that acknowledges and encourages those around you will not only change the lives of others for the better but it will also completely change yours for the better too! Cheers! Corey ---------- If you enjoyed the show, please Subscribe and leave me an honest Rating and Review...


Understanding Your Customer Lifetime Value: Learn How To Calculate It and Improve Your Marketing

In today's episode of Workshop Wednesday, we're going over an important client acquisition and marketing strategy metric that you need to clearly understand to make the most effective and impactful decisions for your business. This metric is called your CUSTOMER LIFETIME VALUE (CLV). So let me ask you, do you know what your CUSTOMER LIFETIME VALUE is? Do you know how to quantify or calculate your Customer Lifetime Value? If you’re answer is a resounding no, it's all good because you're...


Transforming Your Dreams Into An Actionable Vision To Achieve Your Life's Purpose

KEY POINTS: - DREAMS can come and go with the night and/or be created on a whim BUT a VISION is an intentional thought out place in the future where you not only want to be BUT more importantly where you actually see yourself standing. - TRANSFORMING YOUR DREAMS INTO THE VISION FOR YOUR LIFE enables you to create real and actionable steps to follow. In turn this puts you in a position where you can actually achieve your goals and walk in the fullness of the vision that you've created...


7 Steps To Creating An Epic "About Me" Page

KEY POINT: Your “About Me” isn’t to necessarily “make a sale” that just happens to be a great byproduct, instead your “About Me” is meant to draw your listeners in and act as a bridge that connects their mission with your purpose. ————— 1. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE One of the biggest mistakes Entrepreneurs and Business Owners make when writing their “About Me” page or section is that they start with the WHY and end up completely forgetting the WHO. This means that before you even hit your...


Welcome To The Journey, About Corey and The Show

Welcome to the very first episode of "Entrepreneurs Living in the Lime Life". I’m your host Corey Shelton and today I’m going over what this show is and who it’s for, as well as who I am and why I created the show. The goal of the show is to help you as an Entrepreneur learn how to overcome fears, self-doubts, and daily challenges to crush your goals and win in both business and life. Entrepreneurs Living in the L.I.M.E Life is an Entrepreneurship and Personal Development podcast that...